Unlocking the Mio C230 – Version 3.3 LITE

NOTE that this is not an UPDATE – it is a new LITE Version of my Unlock without the desktop and miscellaneous programs you might be expecting.  The FULL version is here.


OK, by special request, I’m making available this LITE version, which is half the size of the regular version because it doesn’t have the regular desktop screen nor all of the miscellaneous programs.   Just the simple Clock screen, a simple Tools screen and my Route Management Menu that includes MioMap access.  It will reportedly fit into the free space of a brand new Mio C230’s flash disk, but don’t hold me to it as I’m unable to verify that claim.  (see Note 3)

Like the regular Unlock Version 3.3 release, this brand new LITE version depends on the data.zip modification to unhide the Exit button.  (see Note 4)

This build allows quick changes of SYS.TXT (the MioMap “ini” file) settings which also has the advantage of being able to change flyover and street settings as often as you wish (you can add your own as well if you find a setting that you toggle often).   The largest advantage however is the ability to pre-plan upcoming vacation trips, business trips, delivery routes, etc., save those routes, and activate them at your convenience.   Many blog readers are stating that this is their main reason for unlocking, not for the desktop access of other programs.

I’ve gone through a lot of coffee on the 3.3 Regular and LITE releases ( the best ones yet! ) and if you are pleased with the results, kindly consider a small donation to my coffee fund.   My next project is investigating how to delete individual items in the Route History list which is part of the SQLite 3.0 database file iGo.db, since right now it’s Clear All or nothing.

Route Management

Someday, there could well be built-in MioMap screens (I’m available, Mio) either in alternative skins or adopted by iGo or Mio in an update, to do these same functions using the logic strategy contained in my menus (with thanks to Xania for the initial work), but for now the menus seem like an excellent alternative, especially now that the Exit button functions so nicely.  [added 1/12/08]  With the Route Management menu, you can not only preplan your routes, but by

  • Exiting
  • Saving your route with a descriptive name  
  • Restarting MioMap back up again with that route still in memory or loading that route into memory at a later time
  • Using the Edit Route screen and reversing the order of your waypoints
  • Exiting and Saving once again with a different name representing the  return trip
  •  – Voila – you’ve got your return trip available in the menu without reinputing all of your waypoints.

I’ve updated the menu to Version 3.3 as well to include automatic entries to the SYS.TXT file needed for this menu to function.  You no longer need to run through the setup process.  This version does not have the Toggle Taskbar option, as there is no taskbar.



 Oh, and don’t forget to check out my Mio-C230 StickiNotes in the right column where blog items and other tidbits readers provide will be easy to find.


Unlock Version NXT-R3.3 LITE


Installation procedure

  1. Turn on C230 and connect it to the computer using a 5-pin Mini-B USB 2.0 cable (not included in the package).
  2. C230 will show up as a flash drive in My Computer as Mio Device. Mine is assigned as F drive. I’ll use F drive in the following steps. Substitute it with the actual drive letter of your system.  If you have a SD card in the slot, it shows up as well – in my case as G drive.
  3. Rename the folder F:\MioMap\MioMap to F:\MioMap\MioMap2.
  4. According to one user, this LITE version is small enough to fit onto your flash disk  without making room, but I’d atleast set aside one map file (perhaps Puerto Rico?).   (see Note 3
  5. Download MioC230_NXT_R3_3LITE.zip 
  6. USA MioC230 users –  download the modified MioC230 data.zip file with the Exit Door button restored.    Owners of the European C230, please review this page and Note 4, before Unlocking for information on using this Unlock on your units.   You can modify the file yourself – See Note 4.  
  7. Extract the files from the Unlock download ONLY and find the two folders MioMap and  Script 
  8. Copy MioMap to F:\MioMap\ and copy Script to F:\ as in the screenshot.  Don’t speed through this step – it’s got to be done as described!
  9. Copy the data.zip file AS IS (don’t unzip it) to the MioMap2 folder after copying the original file to your PC or to the Storage Card as a backup . 
  10. Disconnect Mio C230 and do a hard reset by sliding the switch on the rear of your C230 to OFF and back to ON again.
  11. After calibrating the touch screen, the initial Unlock script will automatically run AUTOPATCHER (no menu selection necessary), soft reset and present you with a simple clock screen with two icons to proceed into either a Tools screen or into the MioMap Route Management screen. 

Note 1: If you wish to undo the enhancements and return the Mio C230 back to factory condition:

  1. Turn on C230 and connect it to the computer using a USB cable.
  2. Rename the folder F:\MioMap\MioMap to F:\MioMap\MioMap3 (or delete) and rename the folder F:\MioMap\MioMap2 to F:\MioMap\MioMap
  3. Copy back any map files you may have deleted or moved to your SD card and restore your data.zip file.  The SYS.TXT file shouldn’t need to be restored.
  4. Disconnect the cable and hard reset C230 using the switch on the back of the unit.

Note 2: Remember, every time you disconnect the USB cable linked to your PC, you will need to do atleast a soft reset, although in most cases you really should do a hard reset.  The time and date will need to be reset, unless you are going right into MioMap with Time Autosync enabled. 

Note 3: Since this LITE version is a lot smaller, I don’t have experience as to how much space needs to be freed up in order not to get the message “destination full”.   Create a MioMap folder in the root of of your SD card and within that folder a maps folder so that the path appears as G:\MioMap\maps.   Choose a combination of map file(s) you’re not accessing every day (in case your SD card isn’t always inserted) from F:\MioMap\MioMap2\maps and move them to the maps folder on your SD card.  MioMap will see them after a hard reset as if nothing happened.  Or you could delete them (or copy to your PC) if you choose not to use a SD card at this time, since it’s easy to explore your MioMap DVD and copy them back to the original folder or a SD card later, if needed. 

Note 4:   USA MioC230 users –  you can download an already modified MioC230 data.zip file with the Exit Door button restored  or…
Instructions to Modify your DATA.ZIP file yourself  (from Amida’s Hack #2)
  1. Make a backup of your original DATA.ZIP file. The file is F:\MioMap\MioMap2\DATA.ZIP .
  2. Unzip the original DATA.ZIP to your local hard drive.
  3. Edit the file mio\common\ui\default_setup.ui in the uncompressed files.
  4. Find the following line and delete it. Note that this is for C230 only. You might need to edit/delete other line for other models.
    runif vDeviceType "MIOC230" 'btn_exit_app.hide'
  5. Compress the files back into DATA.ZIP again.
  6. Copy the DATA.ZIP from step 6 to the F:\MioMap\MioMap2\ directory.
  7. If you get a ctype.dat error as has happenned with some users, either try again or download the file instead.  When it comes to zipping the file back up, it has been learned that WinZip version 11 (10 is OK though) is not compatible with MioMap.   I use WinRAR and I choose “best” compression but I’m not sure if that really matters. 

And now the manual:  Using your unlocked C230 LITE

Default Screen


  • The MioMap icon will take you directly to my new menu with options to either proceed into the MioMap program, Save / Delete / Rename / Load routes, View / Update MioMap settings in SYS.TXT, view a brief  Help screen on Exiting MioMap.
  • The Next Screen icon will take you to a Tools screen so that you can do a soft reset or the Mio Utility program for quick access to adjust Backlight, Volume, Screen calibrate, Power, Date/Time and Language.

I’ve provided an alternate clock screen in the Sysinfo folder, so that you have an example on how to change to your liking.  In the /script/sysinfo folder, rename clock.ini to clock_orig.ini and then rename clock_alt.ini to clock.ini if you wish to use the alternate screen.  A secondary text line is already set-up for you if you wish to add your name or a short message.


Route Management

From the clock screen, click on the MioMap icon (the GPS unit in the upper left)

Prior to unlocking your Mio GPS, you would be unable to save multiple routes and the default route.dat file normally saved in \My Documents\MioMap folder would be erased during a hard reset, making the Route Management menu feature a substantial add-on to your Mio C230!

Normally you don’t need to save a route on your Mio, since you can just create a POI for the destination and regenerate the route dynamically when you want to go there.   If you want to see where you actually drove along the way, you can record a track log.   However, there could be times when you have created a more complex route with multiple waypoints, and you want to save it.   This could be because:

  • you’ve imported the route as a set of waypoints from an online route planning site, and you don’t want to lose the effort of setting it up on the Mio
  • vacation pre-planning – you’ve set up a complex route for a vacation trip that doesn’t start from “home” and you want to load it into memory once you’ve arrived at the start point
  • you want to share your route with another Mio user. 

NOTE:  When planning routes that start from a location different from your present location (Vacation pre-planning), the Off-Route Recalculation option has a habit of interfering.  You have a couple of options here: 

  • The first leg of your trip can be from your present location to the intended starting point.  Just keep setting your route up and when you’re finished, remove the first Waypoint (using the second button on the bottom of the Edit Route screen) which deletes that first segment of the Route.   It seems that once you’re in the Edit Route screens /Fit to screen/ etc., that the GPS doesn’t recalculate from your present position.  It’s when you are in Map or Cockpit where that happens.  With the Route Management Menu, you just exit and Save your Route for future viewing or navigating. 
  • The bottom selection on the General Settings page is Off-Route Recalculation. Switch this from Automatic to Disabled.  This doesn’t actually turn off the GPS receiver, but it keeps the C230 from messing up your Route planning.  Just don’t forget to switch it back to Automatic when your done with your Route planning.

Sample pre-loaded route to view


^ click on “Load a Saved Route…” and select this sample file and it should copy itself as route.dat and open up in MioMap.  To visualize this Route, select Cockpit > Menu > Routes icon (third in bottom row) > Info > Fit to screen.  When you edit or delete route from within MioMap, you are impacting route.dat file, not the saved file you selected from the menu, so if you want to save changes you’ve made, you’ll have to do so after you exit MioMap and return to the Route Management menu.

Creating Routes

  • We’ll make an example up > Go to History or Address and select a destination,  Mio will create a route, click in the area of the 3 green rectangles, Select Fit to Screen to see route.   Your route has already been autosaved as route.dat.
  • Now we’re going to save it with another name so it doesn’t get erased > Menu, Home, Exit, go to Route Management Menu, select Save, select a Name and you’re done.
  • If we go back into MioMap, it always resumes with the route.dat file (if it exists) so if you wan’t to work on a different saved route, you need to load it into memory using that option in the Route Management menu.
  • If you create a new route in MioMap now, that route replaces route.dat with this new information, but since you’ve saved the former route with another name, you can just load that saved route in to replace route.dat again.

SYS.TXT Options

iGo calls the two flyover modes: Lifelike simulation mode  which runs real-time (at speed-limit rate) and includes voice instructions – mainly used by retail stores with looping turned ON as DEMO mode, and for the user to become familiar with it’s routing functioning.   Fast-flyover mode runs 10 times faster (10X the speed-limit rate) and voice instructions are not played in this mode, but I find that it is much more useful for reviewing a planned route.

(Screen captures are from the FULL version and are for illustrative purposes only)


^ your choice.  Mio’s default is YES (demo mode).


 ^ the script reads your current SLOWSIM value (slow simulation – which is the inverse of fast flyover) entry in the file and allows you to keep the value (YES) or change it (NO).   For fast flyover, slowsim=1 is changed to slowsim=0.  


 ^ the script reads your current entry in the file and allows you to keep the value (YES) or change it (NO).

Registry tweaks that are included

  • The 2007 changes for DST work correctly now for the EST time zone*
  • The default time zone is GMT-5 (EST)*
  • Key clicks and screen tap sounds are enabled
  • Volume level in Windows CE, which is independent of the volume settings within MioMap, is cranked up a little


* Added instructions in the script file so that using my code as an example, you can adapt the script to a time zone other than EST.

To return to the Clock Screen or Route Management Menu from within MioMap, simply click on the Exit Door.




  1. Dana Hartsock said


    If someone brought a new Mio home with this unlock they might not even realize it wasn’t a stock device. In my brief exploration I did not find anything that I did not like. Experimenting with the included route I found it was calculating the route from my home… auto recalc was on. Bad on me.

    I moved a few maps to my SD card though I do not believe it was necessary. It was about 12Mb of maps and there appears now to be about 20Mb free on the flash drive. So if I move the maps back, the room remaining on the flash drive should be roughly the same as with the Mio without the unlock if memory serves?

    There are a couple little things that bug me about the C230, unrelated to the unlock and unlock lite. When navigating a route I wish it would label the cities/towns along, but not directly on the route. I see the towns slide by but do not know the names.

    I wish when looking at a route itinerary I could click to show a waypoint and then have fast flyover start from that point in the route, rather than from my starting location. As it is if you want to do fast flyover for a trip from Iowa to California, it is not very practical. I suppose you have to build a route out of route elements to get around this.

    Oh, one thing. In the instructions for NXT-R3.3 Lite, you refer to Amida’s Exit Door hack, either downloading his DATA.ZIP, or manually doing the hack. I used the Hack #2 method. Amida instructs one to comment out RESET in \script\MioNav.mscr. That does not need to be done with your unlock. It caused me a brief moment of uncertainty on how to proceed. But since there is no RESET in the file I ignored that instruction.

    Thanks so much for doing the Lite version. I hesitated to ask but thought it might be a more comfortable solution for some. Now, about the coffee, are you drinking the good stuff?


  2. c230 said

    Thank you for the compliments Dana,

    I’m really glad you tried it and like it. Most of the items you’ve mentioned as wishes are already on the iGo software wishlist at GpsPasSion.com http://www.gpspassion.com/forumsen/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=96388

    Unless you overwrite your saved Route, it is still there, so simply turn off recalc, exit, and load the route in again. The menu works great!

    I’ve incorporated your recommendations regarding the Hack #2 instructions.

    and I’ve vowed to myself to forward half of your donation to Amida as my appreciation of his work that kicked off this C230 Unlock activity, so I hope you come through 🙂

  3. Robby said

    Nice job on lite version c230! So just to confirm, if we use the lite version we don’t have to move any maps off of the device first?

  4. c230 said

    Until someone tells me otherwise, that’s correct. My unit is no longer like the factory config, so it is hard for me to verify that though.

  5. Robby said

    Thanks for the info, I need to pickup a usb cable first to try this and I’ll see how it works. I’m hoping that Mio releases an update soon w/ more POI’s as was mentioned at gpspassion since that’s the one thing I wish was improved on this unit.

  6. Robby said

    c230 – do you know if there is a setting to increase the TTS volume? Would like to make mine louder if possible.

  7. c230 said

    The three Volume Controls (Master Vol, Voice Vol, Keys Vol) within MioMap / Settings / Sound are all that you can adjust unless the Skin Doctors know how to boost the preamp volume as you can do in the Media Player.

  8. benblue said

    Really like the Lite version. Just what I need. I would like to add one more tool, which is the Explorer on Amida’s desktop. Are the instuctions on how to add that fairly simple?


  9. c230 said

    The previous versions have the FileManCE and all the FM_____.dll files that you just need to dump back into the script folder. You might want to uncomment the reg tweaks I commented out for FileManCE in autopatcher.mscr file also. If memory serves, I left all of the other dlls alone.

  10. Dana Hartsock said

    Is there anything unusual going on with power management?

    I was up late last night unlocking my Mio with the lite version, then playing around to gain familiarity with the changes. It was fully charged then. Early this morning I turned the Mio on and immediately saw a low battery warning.

    One fault of the C230 design is the power button is very easy to activate accidentally, when putting it in or taking it out of a case for instance. Even if I accidentally pushed the power I would not have expected to have “any” power at all after 5 hours on in the case. In the clock screen is the power consumption much lower than if in the MioMap software? I guess I could see this might be the case.


  11. c230 said


    On my 2nd day after first unlocking my Mio, the same thing happenned to me and I remember that I used the software “Suspend” icon, thinking it did the same thing as the physical orange power suspend button – it doesn’t. The next morning, my battery was LOW. I really don’t know why we keep that one around. DPMS to deactivate the screen can be useful though.

    Amida may have gotten rid of Suspend in his version 3, and unless someone can think of a good use for it, my next rev may get rid of it too. I’m thinking that in a handheld PC, that function is used so that alarms and appointment reminders can “wake-up” the unit and sound off.

    Still waitin’ for that coffee you promised me 🙂 (of which I’m donating half of to Amida!)

  12. Noah said

    What do you do if your c230 is OFF? Meaning, I arrive at a destination and it tells me I still have to drive 300meters….

    My c220 was always dead on.

    Also, all the maps and extras I download come up as locked. So is this a unlock or just a hack?

  13. c230 said


    When I sit in my house, MioMap 3.3 mis-computes my address. The way I understand it, it knows the beginning and ending address numbers of your street and just divies that up and guesses. I really doubt that your C220 (MioMap 3.2) was that much better.

    Don’t forget that the Dept of Defense is in charge of the satellites and builds in an error factor known only to them for obvious reasons.

    I don’t understand the 2nd part of your question, but my Unlock has nothing to do with unlocking illegal maps and software, it just allows access into your OS so you can realize the other capabilities of you great little GPS unit.

  14. Dana Hartsock said

    Coffee money authorized via PayPay this morning. First money spent in the new year, and well spent.

    I always turn the Mio off via the power button. I don’t know anything about power management for the C230. I was speculating that the SirfIII was not drawing power when booting to the clock screen since I cannot explain there being any power remaining if I accidentally left the Mio on for four hours in the gps mode?

    I put the maps I removed prior to unlocking back on the C230 last night. 3.74Mb space remaining on the flash drive after doing this. Less than I expected but not a concern to me, just a data point.

    Do you know if maps for Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico are locked out on the Mio? When I try to route to Anchorage, Alaska I get, “Cannot find path, maps are isolated. First saw this after moving those maps to the SD card. Figured that was why I got that message. If memory serves a hard reset let me access Alaska. But I’m not able to route to Alaska now after returning the maps to the flash drive. \MioMap\MioMap2\Maps

    I had not tried routing to Alaska before doing the unlock lite so not sure what behavior is on a stock Mio. Now I am not planning to drive to Anchorage but I wondered if there was something wrong, or just working as designed. I am a little in the dark here since my trusty Garmin 12 did not have any of these neat capabilities.

    Happy New Year!

  15. benblue said

    Ok, I installed R3 Lite, and added the FileManCE and FM___.dll’s to the SCRIPT folder, but don’t see how to run it. There’s no icon on any of the screens I can find. I did see this section in the Lite autopatcheer.mscr file:

    #The following 2 lines changes font for File Manager
    RegWriteString (“HKLM” , “Software\GedSoft\FileManCE2” , “FontName” , “Tahoma”)
    RegWriteString (“HKLM” , “Software\GedSoft\FileManCE2” , “FontSize” , “7”)
    RegWriteString (“HKLM” , “Explorer\Shell Folders” , “My Documents” , “\Storage Card\”)

    This looks the same to me as in the full R3 version, and I don’t see any lines commented out pertaining to File Manager so I didn’t change anything there.

    Anything else I need to do?

    Thanks again.

  16. c230 said


    OK, now just add an icon file of your choice to the script file, then go into TOOLS.INI and add the button information which specifies where the icon is to appear, how big the icon will be, where and what the icon file is, and where and what the program is.


    I thank you very much! I don’t believe your maps are locked; they are just isolated. If you were to add the Canada map, I’m sure you would be able to plan a route to Anchorage. I haven’t tried it yet for Hawaii, but follow my instructions in Route Management to turn off Off-Route Recalculation and you should be able to plan a tour around Oahu. Just imagine what the North Shore is like right now – teaming with the best surfers from around the globe!

  17. benblue said


    One other issue. I tried saving a route, but when the keyboard comes up to enter the name I can’t see the input as I type.

  18. c230 said

    After bringing up the keyboard, click on the input field first, then back to the keyboard. Windows doesn’t know where you wanted the input to be directed to because keyboard wasn’t active at the time. Play around! that’s how I found out all this stuff.

  19. benblue said

    Ok, got it.

    Thank you.

  20. c230 said


    When answering, I didn’t realize that the menu program is already bringing up the keyboard, so I’ll check it out while I’m doing Robb1’s changes to see if I can change the flow so that the input will work as expected.

  21. Edmond said

    Hi C230, I am newbie with Mio C230, I got problem when I try to find a street named White’s Street yesterday. There is no way for me to input the correct street name with [ ‘ ] symbol from the keyboard. Any advise is appreciated.

  22. c230 said

    My understanding is that the database has no special characters, so in theory that street should be in there as Whites Street.

  23. edmond said

    When I move the map on screen, I can find the White’ Street from the map. It may be a ‘bug’ with k/b design then.

  24. c230 said


    I looked in the MioMap manual and it implied that the database does have special characters, but you don’t need to type them when searching (and can’t since the keyboard doesn’t have those characters, as you said).

  25. Wild Bill said

    Thanks for all your work on improving the C 230. The installation was staightforward and thanks to your clue in another post I now also have the enchanced USA maps with more POI’s. The only suggestion I would make is to increase the size of your keyboard if possible, but the Route Management improvements will outweigh this drawback. Looking forward to your continued journey with the C 230.

  26. c230 said

    If the larger keyboard will allow you to see the file name input line, I’ll use it in atleast the Route Management input screens. I’ll try it out this morning – Thanks for the suggestion. This would be good for the LITE version too, as those users should never “have to” use a stylus.

  27. c230 said

    Update: Just about all of the requests were accommodated in version 3.4, except for the keyboard request. JOTKBD did not work in this build, so the keyboard didn’t change yet. If I come across a better one though, we’ll get it in there.

    While saving a route in your car with no stylus, just accept whatever you thumbs come up with and rename it later when a stylus in handy. 🙂

    If this ever gets incorporated into a skin, then you’d have the same input screens that MioMap uses!

  28. benblue said


    Running your Lite version, which is very nice. One issue, I’ve travelled to a different time zone for the first time and notice the Mio isn’t synching to the new time. I do have the GPS time autosych setting enabled. I see where to change the timezone manually, but thought this would happen automatically. Since you did adjust the default timezone I just wanted to check if this is an issue with the unlock code.


  29. c230 said

    Thank you BenBlue. Actually, as I state in the blog, I’ve changed the default time zone to GMT -5, which is Eastern USA and fixed the DST settings for that time zone only, but do include directions to accommodate other time zones. If I recieve donations from overseas users asking that the registry tweaks be more global, I’ll do it.

    I’m not aware of any OS adjusting the timezone automatically, but regardless, no the Mio doesn’t have that feature. If you are relying on your clock screen, you’ll need to manually adjust either the time or the time zone, just like you would your alarm clock or watch.

  30. benblue said

    Ok, thanks. Understand an OS can’t know where I am, but I figured a GPS would be capable of knowing which timezone I’m in. It knows which state, city, and street I’m on, but not which timezone? Seems odd, but so be it.

  31. c230 said

    Without a timezone database, your GPS doesn’t really know what time zone it is in, nor does it care. Unless you unlock your Mio, the time zone is always at GMT.

    You’re right that the GPS does know where it is at geographically, because the map files make up the geo-database.

  32. benblue said

    I accept what you’re saying, I just don’t understand it. How hard could it be to add a timezone DB by country? Most GPS’s have zip codes, and many have waterway DB’s, but leave out timezones? These gizmos are for travellers, right?

  33. c230 said

    I concur buddy, and there’s a chance that I’m mistaken too.

  34. benblue said

    Sorry for the rant. Since you’ll be working for Mio soon 🙂 I thought I’d just make my pitch so you can do the upgrade for them. )

  35. […] these all up for those Unlocking their Mio C230 with my either my Version 3.3, Version 3.4, or Version 3.3 LITE script packages (or Amida’s 3.1 as well) and want all of the tweak improvements that have […]

  36. dominique said

    hi c230,
    i see that the unlock “light” version contains a lot of file remaining from normal unlock (language.tar, some .dll – not sure), do you plan to make it clean?
    have you tried to unlock the c230 with a c230auto.exe/MioAutoRun.exe on a SD-CARD ?
    Thank youy very much for your work as i am playing a lot with my c230 (especialy with eTcl, total commander and emu48 … and … miomap)

  37. c230 said


    Most users installing the LITE version usually want to add “just one app that I gotta have” and having left the drivers there, the versatility is there. After all, the clock screen really is just another simple desktop screen. Just as Mio has left the versatility in MioMap (there are a great many files that could be removed for each individual owner, as reported in other comments), I don’t plan to bare down the package much more.

    Regarding the auto unlock, no I haven’t tried it for 3 reasons: I’ve not been asked to, I’ve had no incentives (donation pledges) to encourage me to do so, and most importantly, the C230 has certain features that are much improved over the older models such as linking with the PC (you don’t need to set up a transfer hack) and always having an available SD card slot. I feel that if you can copy files to the SD card for the auto-unlock, you can just as easily copy the unlock itself directly to the Mio.


    My next upcoming LITE and Regular Unlock releases will include an expanded menu that will allow you to choose map font sizes (anytime you wish – I’ve seen requests from sight-challenged users that they can’t read the street names asking for help), update and choose MioMap skins (DATA.ZIP files), choose desktop screens, choose clock screens, manage routes, and toggle other settings such as flyover simulations looping / speeds and showing one-way streets.

  38. dominique said

    what was in my mind was to be able to do this :
    – SDcard with a unlock in my mio = unlocked mio
    – no sdcard or sdcard without a unlock = original mio
    I would like to use a sdcard in my mio like i use a cartridge in my NitendoDS…
    so sorry i know it’s far away from the original goal …

  39. c230 said


    I thank you for the feedback, and perhaps that will be an upcoming project, but if you read through the comments, I think you’ll see that once you’ve unlocked your GPS, you never return to the factory build anyways. 😀

    I’d have to agree that the auto-unlock sure was the way to go in the pioneering days of Mio hacking though.

  40. jdc said

    Thanks for all your hard work. I just got my mio yesterday and elected to install 3.3LITE instead of 3.5 to keep things simple. Above you mentioned adding “just one app that I gotta have”. How would I do that? For example, I wanted to add the Metro App and followed the instructions but I don’t know how to access the app. There is no icon on the desktop. There’s a .exe file on my SD card but I don’t know how to run it. Thanks.

  41. c230 said


    As I answered to benblue on 1/1, now just add an icon file of your choice to the script file, then go into TOOLS.INI and add the button information which specifies where the icon is to appear, how big the icon will be, where and what the icon file is, and where and what the program is – using the other shortcuts as an example.

  42. jdc said

    Thanks and sorry I missed that post from 1/1. One issue… Though the device can find the icon which I saved in the flash memory, it does not seem to be able to locate the app which I saved on my SD card. I used the path \MIO_SD\Metro\MetroARMWCE.exe since I named my SD card “MIO_SD”, is it named something else? When I click on the icon I get a “not found” message.

  43. c230 said

    It doesn’t matter what you “name” your SD card, you have to use \Storage Card\Metro… as your path. You’re almost there!

  44. jdc said

    Thanks! Got it.

  45. Madhu said

    I’m really impressed by the efforts you guys are putting. But I’m absolutely a newbee to GPS (wont take much time to play with it though). In the first place, I’m just looking at adding as many possible POIs on a SD card. Whats the easiest way to add POIs ? How many can we add ?

  46. c230 said

    Thank you madhu. Follow this thread as it is basically the same question.


  47. Kostas said

    Can i use Destinator programm with Miodigiwalker , and if yew , how can i put it on to work???

  48. c230 said

    Yes, you can, but I’ve not done it.

  49. JimmyC said

    I was about to give up on my C230 the same day I bought it, but after finding your site and adding the lite version of your software, the unit is just what I was looking for. This will be for my wife and the ability to save routes and the simplicity of the lite software was what made this a keeper! Great work! Let me buy you a cup of coffee!

    I have just one question. When you go to “Start MioMap 3.3” while it is loading there is a background of your alternate clock screen with the convertible. Is it possible to change this background? If so, how does one go about doing such?

    Thanks again!!

  50. c230 said

    Thank you very much Jimmy! As to the graphic, you have to replace the file \Mio\320_240\loading.bmp in your DATA.ZIP using WinZip or WinRAR with a bmp file of your choice scaled to 320 x 240 size.

    Let me know if you run into problems with this, as I can give you a hand.

  51. JimmyC said

    Thanks for the info on changing the background on “Start MioMap 3.3”! Success!!

  52. M230I said

    First – C230 thanks a lot for your help.
    I have few questions:
    Where can I download updated maps for the c230?
    The date & time changed every time I do reset (on/off on the switch in the back), is it normal? Can I change it?

  53. c230 said


    I’m not aware of legal updated maps.
    Your clock settings need to be redone after hard resets, however if you are using my Unlock, all you need to do is activate MioMap until the satellites lock in. If the time is off by an hour, stop MioMap and start it up once more and you should be good to go. That will save you you manually fixing the clock settings, but I ask – why are you doing hard resets so often?

  54. M230I said

    I’m looking for ANY updated map websites that I can download maps from there.

    I switch to off (in the back) if I’m not using the GPS for few days in order to save battery, Should I just push the on/off button and not use the button at the back?

  55. c230 said

    Switching off is a good idea if you are not going to be using for a week or more. I’ve just been using mine so often that I hadn’t considered that reason.

  56. Guy said

    Great and easy unlock proceedure.
    I did encounter one problem.
    I have a USA model.
    I removed all USA maps and put Israel maps instead.
    When I turn the device on (after script has run) I get a message that some of the maps are locked
    What am I missing?

  57. c230 said

    As I state in my blog, the US version is only licensed for US and Canadian maps. That is why you get the “locked” message. My Unlock does not bypass the license, it simply changes the GPS unit from a dedicated GPS -only machine to a versatile pocket PC.

  58. CD said

    Dan, which file do I need to swap from the older skins to add the red directional arrow from the newer skin?

  59. CD said

    Also, while file has to be amended to manually supress the city names? I remember having to set a value to a high number, but I cannot recall where that was.

  60. c230 said


    Good to hear from you again. Not sure which red arrow you mean, but SYS.TXT is the file where you add showcitynamedistance = 100000

  61. cd said

    The direction indicator above the clock and below the map view button.

  62. c230 said

    OK. That is changed by adding compass_type = 2 in the [debug] section of SYS.TXT (default =0 otherwise) as referenced towards the bottom of this blog – https://c230.wordpress.com/2008/03/08/quicksilver-carlocator-for-c230version-147-final-version/


  63. CD said

    Sweet! Thanks!

    Acually, = 1 is the red arrow, and = 2 is a really cool compass needle I’ve never seen before…. awesome!

    Yeah… I’ve been out of the loop for a while, having settled on the unlock prior to your last one. Lately, it has dawned on me that after all the endless hours I spent tweeking this GPS… I really never use it for anything other than a GPS and a media player. (I finally got up the nerve to add the headphone jack.) So I had this hairbrained idea:

    What if I returned the Mio to the way it was out of the box. I would then exchange the data.zip file for my beloved skin. Then, hoping to capitalize on Amida’s launch-from-the-SD-card concept, I would try to create a system where an SD card would contain the media player and all desired media files. Without the SD, the Mio would be just like original (save the data.zip). However, when an SD card is inserted, it would fire up the TCMPE player and you could then play your desired media (also on the SD card.)

    Trouble is, “try” has not equated with “do”. He’s been very helpful and has given me some instructions, so I will continue to try to make it work. I just lack the required knowledge at this time.

    I’ll keep you posted…

  64. c230 said

    Or you could use the data.zip from my latest Car Locator skin that has the media player skin built-in that references the TCPMP files on the SD card and be done. 🙂

  65. cd said

    Does it work for video, too? That’s mainly what I use TCPMP for.

  66. cd said

    From the look of it, I need more than just the data.zip, as all the player and needed files appear to be in the Script folder. No?

  67. c230 said

    I believe someone modified my skin (the link should be in that blog’s comments) so that it pointed to a TCPMP folder on an SD card instead – but you are right – you would only hear the audio portion of video files, as the player is basically in the background.

  68. Asaf said

    When I connect my USB cable to the Mio, my computer doesn’t recognize the folders F:\MioMap\MioMap.
    It recognize F as the memory of the device (and also G as for the SD card) but no MioMap folder exist.

    Any preliminary step needed to be done preliminary to see these folders?

  69. c230 said

    If your unit is a US model, you should indeed see a MioMap folder with no preliminary steps required.

  70. Tony said

    I just got TOMTOM 125 for myself. I am thinking about getting MOI C230 for my mom with concern of the accuracy of map in Southern California. So,I look up on MOI website for the CD map update. However, it is out of stock. Does that make sense?

    Is there anyway for me to get update somewhere else prior my decision to purchase this unit.

  71. c230 said

    If you are looking for a unit that has / will have map updates, then the MIO C230 is not the unit to get.

  72. Wouter said

    Hello. First of all thanks for this unlock. I’ve given it a try to see if it’s something for me. I hava a small problem though. On the startupscreen, when accessing the tools page and the the MioUtility page i get the following message: ‘Cannot find ‘MioUtility (or one of its components). Make sure the path and filename are correct and that all the required libraries are available.’ Any ideas on how to seolve this issue? Thanks in advance.

  73. ameridan said


    Sounds like you might have a European version. If so, see https://c230.wordpress.com/unlocking-the-eu-mio-c230-and-the-mio-c230s/ for additional help. Hope this helps… 🙂

  74. Malenda said

    When I try to start Mio v3.3, it just goes back to the Mio Unlocked screen. I cannot access the original menu. How can I fix that?

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