Unlocking the Mio C230 – Version 3.3 with Route & Settings Management; no BananaPC!

[UPDATE]  Version 3.5  Released Feb 1, 2008 


OK, I’m done tweaking my Mio C230 for now.   This update includes the latest combination of drivers I could find to give you the best performance and screen displays thus far.   I’ve gotten programs that have never worked before in my C230 to run with this build.

Like Amida with his Version 3 release, my new version depends on replacing the BananaPC exit option with the data.zip modification to unhide the Exit Door button.


I must say I like his iPhone desktop look,  and it will be very easy for you to use his main.ini icon settings and his icons with my build if you so desire, but my build continues to diverge from his with my menu approach to allow easy and quick changes of SYS.TXT (the MioMap “ini” file) settings which also has the advantage of being able to change flyover and street settings as often as you wish (you can add your own as well if you find a setting that you toggle often).   The largest advantage however is the ability to pre-plan upcoming vacation trips, business trips, delivery routes, etc., save those routes, and activate them at your convenience.   Many blog readers are stating that this is their main reason for unlocking, not for the desktop access of other programs.

I’ve gone through a lot of coffee on this release ( the best one yet! ) and if you are pleased with the results, kindly consider a small donation to my coffee fund.   My next project is investigating how to delete individual items in the Route History list which is part of the SQLite 3.0 database file iGo.db, since right now it’s Clear All or nothing.

Route Management

Someday, there could well be built-in MioMap screens (I’m available, Mio) either in alternative skins or adopted by iGo or Mio in an update, to do these same functions using the logic strategy contained in my menus (with thanks to Xania for the initial work), but for now the menus seem like an excellent alternative, especially now that the Exit button functions so nicely.  I’ve updated the menu to Version 3.3 as well to include automatic entries to the SYS.TXT file needed for this menu to function.  You no longer need to run through the setup process.


Unlock Version NXT-R3.3


Installation procedure

  1. Turn on C230 and connect it to the computer using a 5-pin Mini-B USB 2.0 cable (not included in the package).
  2. C230 will show up as a flash drive in My Computer as Mio Device. Mine is assigned as F drive. I’ll use F drive in the following steps. Substitute it with the actual drive letter of your system.  If you have a SD card in the slot, it shows up as well – in my case as G drive.
  3. Rename the folder F:\MioMap\MioMap to F:\MioMap\MioMap2.
  4. In order not to get the message ”destination full”, you may need to free up some space on your flash disk.  See Note3.    
  5. Download MioC230_NXT_R3_3.zip  
  6. USA MioC230 users –  download the modified MioC230 data.zip file with the Exit Door button restored.    Owners of the European C230, please review this page and Note 4, before Unlocking for information on using this Unlock on your units.   You can modify the file yourself – See Note 4
  7. Extract the files from your Unlock download ONLY and find the two folders MioMap and  Script 
  8. Copy MioMap to F:\MioMap\ and copy Script to F:\ as in the screenshot.  Don’t speed through this step – it’s got to be done as described!
  9. Copy the data.zip file AS IS (don’t unzip it) to the MioMap2 folder after copying the original file to your PC or to the Storage Card as a backup. 
  10. Disconnect Mio C230 and do a hard reset by sliding the switch on the rear of your C230 to OFF and back to ON again.
  11. After calibrating the touch screen, the initial Unlock script will automatically run AUTOPATCHER (no menu selection necessary), soft reset and present you with a simple clock screen with two faint icons to proceed into either the main desktop screen or into the MioMap Route Management screen, that each become more visible when pressed. 

Note 1: If you wish to undo the enhancements and return the Mio C230 back to factory condition:

  1. Turn on C230 and connect it to the computer using a USB cable.
  2. Rename the folder F:\MioMap\MioMap to F:\MioMap\MioMap3 (or delete) and rename the folder F:\MioMap\MioMap2 to F:\MioMap\MioMap
  3. Copy back any map files you may have deleted or moved to your SD card and restore your data.zip file.  The SYS.TXT file shouldn’t need to be restored.
  4. Disconnect the cable and hard reset C230 using the switch on the back of the unit.

Note 2: Remember, every time you disconnect the USB cable linked to your PC, you will need to do atleast a soft reset, although in most cases you really should do a hard reset.  The time and date will need to be reset, unless you are going right into MioMap with Time Autosync enabled.   This is why you might consider using a SD card in conjunction with a USB card reader for adding programs and storing media files once you’re happy with your unlocked Mio setup.

Note 3: In order not to get the message “destination full”, you’ll need to free up some space on your flash disk by moving at-least 12MB of map files to your SD card by creating a MioMap folder and within that folder a maps folder so that the path appears as G:\MioMap\maps.   Choose a combination of map file(s) you’re not accessing every day (in case your SD card isn’t always inserted) from F:\MioMap\MioMap2\maps and move them to the maps folder on your SD card.  MioMap will see them after a hard reset as if nothing happened.  Or you could delete them (or copy to your PC) if you choose not to use a SD card at this time, since it’s easy to explore your MioMap DVD and copy them back to the original folder or a SD card later, if needed.
Note 4:  Instructions to Modify your DATA.ZIP file yourself  (from Amida’s Hack #2)

  1. Make a backup of your original DATA.ZIP file. The file is F:\MioMap\MioMap2\DATA.ZIP .
  2. Unzip the original DATA.ZIP to your local hard drive.
  3. Edit the file mio\common\ui\default_setup.ui in the uncompressed files.
  4. Find the following line and delete it. Note that this is for C230 only. You might need to edit/delete other line for other models.
    runif vDeviceType “MIOC230″ ‘btn_exit_app.hide’
  5. Compress the files back into DATA.ZIP again.
  6. Copy the DATA.ZIP from step 6 to the F:\MioMap\MioMap2\ directory.
  7. If you get a ctype.dat error as has happenned with some users, either try again or download the file instead.  When it comes to zipping the file back up, it has been learned that WinZip version 11 (10 is OK though) is not compatible with MioMap.   I use WinRAR and I choose “best” compression but I’m not sure if that really matters. 

And now the manual:  Using your unlocked C230

Default Screen


You’ll note that the MioMap icon and the Next Screen icons are dimmed, so that the initial screen might serve as a simple, unclutterd clock screen in your RV or automobile.

  • The MioMap icon will take you directly to my new menu with options to either proceed into the MioMap program, Save / Delete / Rename / Load routes, View / Update MioMap settings in SYS.TXT, view a brief  Help screen on Exiting MioMap, and quickly be able to turn off the taskbar before running MioMap.
  • The Next Screen icon will take you to the regular Desktop screen which was the Main screen in former releases.  (I’ve included instructions in SysInfoSettings.ini if you would rather this be your default screen)

I’ve provided an alternate clock screen in the Sysinfo folder, so that you have an example on how to change to your liking.  In the /script/sysinfo folder, rename clock.ini to clock_orig.ini and then rename clock_alt.ini to clock.ini if you wish to use the alternate screen.  A secondary text line is already set-up for you if you wish to add your name or a short message.


Route Management


^ From either the clock screen or the desktop screen, click on the MioMap icon (the GPS unit in the upper left)

Prior to unlocking your Mio GPS, you would be unable to save multiple routes and the default route.dat file normally saved in \My Documents\MioMap folder would be erased during a hard reset, making the Route Management menu feature a substantial add-on to your Mio C230!

Normally you don’t need to save a route on your Mio, since you can just create a POI for the destination and regenerate the route dynamically when you want to go there.   If you want to see where you actually drove along the way, you can record a track log.   However, there could be times when you have created a more complex route with multiple waypoints, and you want to save it.   This could be because:

  • you’ve imported the route as a set of waypoints from an online route planning site, and you don’t want to lose the effort of setting it up on the Mio
  • vacation pre-planning – you’ve set up a complex route for a vacation trip that doesn’t start from “home” and you want to load it into memory once you’ve arrived at the start point
  • you want to share your route with another Mio user. 

NOTE:  When planning routes that start from a location different from your present location (Vacation pre-planning), the Off-Route Recalculation option has a habit of interfering.  You have a couple of options here: 

  • The first leg of your trip can be from your present location to the intended starting point.  Just keep setting your route up and when you’re finished, remove the first Waypoint (using the second button on the bottom of the Edit Route screen) which deletes that first segment of the Route.   It seems that once you’re in the Edit Route screens /Fit to screen/ etc., that the GPS doesn’t recalculate from your present position.  It’s when you are in Map or Cockpit where that happens.  With the Route Management Menu, you just exit and Save your Route for future viewing or navigating. 
  • The bottom selection on the General Settings page is Off-Route Recalculation. Switch this from Automatic to Disabled.  This doesn’t actually turn off the GPS receiver, but it keeps the C230 from messing up your Route planning.  Just don’t forget to switch it back to Automatic when your done with your Route planning.

Sample pre-loaded route to view


^ click on “Load a Saved Route…” and select this sample file and it should copy itself as route.dat and open up in MioMap.  To visualize this Route, select Cockpit > Menu > Routes icon (third in bottom row) > Info > Fit to screen.  When you edit or delete route from within MioMap, you are impacting route.dat file, not the saved file you selected from the menu, so if you want to save changes you’ve made, you’ll have to do so after you exit MioMap and return to the Route Management menu.

Creating Routes

  • We’ll make an example up > Go to History or Address and select a destination,  Mio will create a route, click in the area of the 3 green rectangles, Select Fit to Screen to see route.   Your route has already been autosaved as route.dat.
  • Now we’re going to save it with another name so it doesn’t get erased > Menu, Home, Exit, go to Route Management Menu, select Save, select a Name and you’re done.
  • If we go back into MioMap, it always resumes with the route.dat file (if it exists) so if you wan’t to work on a different saved route, you need to load it into memory using that option in the Route Management menu.
  • If you create a new route in MioMap now, that route replaces route.dat with this new information, but since you’ve saved the former route with another name, you can just load that saved route in to replace route.dat again.

SYS.TXT Options

iGo calls the two flyover modes: Lifelike simulation mode  which runs real-time (at speed-limit rate) and includes voice instructions – mainly used by retail stores with looping turned ON as DEMO mode, and for the user to become familiar with it’s routing functioning.   Fast-flyover mode runs 10 times faster (10X the speed-limit rate) and voice instructions are not played in this mode, but I find that it is much more useful for reviewing a planned route.


^ your choice.  Mio’s default is YES (demo mode).


 ^ the script reads your current SLOWSIM value (slow simulation – which is the inverse of fast flyover) entry in the file and allows you to keep the value (YES) or change it (NO).   For fast flyover, slowsim=1 is changed to slowsim=0.  


 ^ the script reads your current entry in the file and allows you to keep the value (YES) or change it (NO).

Main Desktop Screen


You’ll note that the MioMap icon and the Media Player are larger than the rest.  My reasoning for this is that they will probably be your favorites and you are likely to access these without a stylus.   The other icons…

  • MioTool – hitting the small “ab” box in the top left corner with your stylus will reveal a virtual keyboard for entering data.  To turn the keyboard off again, just hit the icon again.  Another method of engaging the keyboard is hitting the keyboard icon on the taskbar (2nd from the right).
  • MioMap – Starts my new menu with options to either proceed into the MioMap program, Save / Delete / Rename / Load routes, View / Update MioMap settings in SYS.TXT, view a brief  Help screen on Exiting MioMap, and quickly be able to turn off the taskbar before running MioMap.   Exit and Cancel both take you back to the desktop screen.  You can either select your option and hit OK, or simply double-click your option.
  • TCPMP Media PlayerCore Pocket Media Player is loaded with features and options that aren’t realized until you click Options\Settings\Select Page and explore around.  The current version in this build is TCPMP version 0.72RC1 with all of the available extra drivers and it will play many audio and video formats, as well as photo files and flash videos.   By running the program once, you will associate all of the supported file types, so that you will then be able to click on a .wav file, as an example, in File Manager and play the file.

Shortcuts 2nd row-from-bottom across:

  • Clock – returns to the (default) clock screen for that uncluttered look. 
  • Windows Explorer – my primary reason for using this shortcut is to fix file icon associations in File Manager and to  resolve the Show Toolbar performance.  It should be noted that the first time you select Windows Explorer, you are likely to get the Mio orange screen with a minimized taskbar at the bottom.  You just need to use your stylus in the right corner of the hidden taskbar (the narrow gray stripe at the bottom edge – this is why it is important to carefully calibrate your screen with a stylus!) and choose Desktop (don’t click on MainShell).  At this point, the taskbar and Windows Explorer will behave better, and the icon associations in File Explorer will work, and other programs that seem to be missing menus, like exit, folder selection, etc. will display their own taskbar (see the Freecell screenshot).
  • Pocket Notepad – viewing txt files and for creating quick txt files with the virtual keyboard.  Comes in handy for quick editing ini, mscr and other text files.
  • Volume Control – graphic volume control display
  • Pocket-G Freecell – so you can have a little fun.  Stylus recommended though (not a pen).


  • An empty spot for a shortcut of your own (plus room for another 8 shortcuts above this row and as many more pages full of icons as you wish) *
  • GQ Photo Viewer – GQ is easier to use for viewing multiple photos than media player, and it has a zoom function
  • Restart – soft reset button

Shortcuts 1st row-from-bottom across:

  • MioUtility – quick access to adjust Backlight, Volume, Screen calibrate, Power, Date/Time and Language.  This is the program that older units like the Mio C220 used to exit from MioMap into, but MioMap 3.3 has been written such that these choices are all available from within the program now and in fact the Volume Control appears to be non-functional.   You’ll find that setting the date and time is much easier by clicking on the clock on the toolbar, unless you like the 24-hour format.


  • Taskbar toggle – toggles the taskbar on and off in whatever state it is in (hidden or revealed)  The taskbar area of the main desktop screen is also programmed to trigger this function.
  • FileManCE2 – Two-pane File Manager application alternative to Windows Explorer.
  • Another empty spot for a shortcut of your own * 
  • More Tools Screen – <described below> an animated slide to another Desktop screen with additional tool programs that may not be used as frequently.  This will serve as an example for you to come up with alternative screens if you install many other programs onto your Mio C230 and wish to group them onto their own screens. 
  • WR-Tooks ResInfo – Quick access to status info on battery, program memory, storage memory, Flash Disk useage, Storage Card useage, tasks and processes currently running, system information and settings.  Most of this information is also available from Control Panel as well.
  • capscr0019.jpg

  • My Calculator – a scientific calculator that is large enough to use without a stylus.  To exit, click on the About tab, then on the X on the right side
  • CapScrUtil – a screen capture utility. Remember to store the .bmp images to either Storage Card or My Flash Disk for easy access to the screenshots.  (This utility was used to create all of the images in this blog page)

More Tools

  • ScreenRotate – gives you the ability to rotate the screen counterclockwise 90° with each tap
  • DPMS – puts your screen to sleep while everything else continues to run.  This could save battery consumption while recording GPS track logs or playing an audio book, etc.
  • Suspend – suspends the C230 in sleep mode, using some power though – so don’t use this in place of the actual orange power button.
  • Taskbar toggle – toggles the taskbar on and off in whatever state it is in (hidden or revealed)
  • Move Any Window – the mouse icon, is used when you anticipate needing to move windows around (those that drag properly can just be slid over with your finger) or gaining access to the right mouse function by opening this program window beforehand
  • RegEditor – TRE Registry Editor ver 0.82    Only use this to view entries though until you are confident that you are not going to end up with a C230 “brick” (Not really since a hard reset wipes out all of your changes)
  • ITaskMgr – Another tool to allow you to view CPU usage, as well as view and manage processes and tasks that are currently running
  • Restart – soft reset button


The registry tweaks introduced with version 3.1 should help tame the taskbar performance.  The default setting for “Always on Top” has been deactivated.   Try to remember to toggle the taskbar OFF prior to using MioMap though.   Want the day and date?  Press and hold the clock on the screen.  Want to minimize the taskbar?  Start/Settings/Taskbar Properties/OK.

Adding your own programs and icons

Add any additional programs (.exe files, not .cab files) you’re interested in to the script folder, try them, and if you decide to keep them and want a desktop shortcut to them, add your own icon (.ico file) to the script folder and add the data to main.ini, also in the script folder.

 The two “empty” icons on the desktop screen are in fact not empty, but the icons are “dimmed” to zero (actually 1).    Otherwise the go.ico would show with no program associated with it and people would complain about the error message and ask why the icon doesn’t work.    I doubt that you’ll find this documented anywhere else on the web – but just change the ScaleAlpha parameter to 100, and wala, the icon will shine thru at full “brightness”.    That is how I “dimmed” the two icons on the default clock desktop screen  – I set the ScaleAlpha to 25.   You could dim those icons to 1 if you wanted to hide them completely, but they would still function.

X = 121
Y = 175
Command = \My Flash Disk\Script\(your program.exe)
SizeNormal = 32
SizePushed = 32
ScaleAlpha = 1 (change to 100)
IconNormal = \My Flash Disk\Script\(your icon file name).ico
ScaleAlpha = 100
IconPushed = \My Flash Disk\Script\go.ico

Registry tweaks that are included

  • The 2007 changes for DST work correctly now for the EST time zone*
  • The default time zone is GMT-5 (EST)*
  • Key clicks and screen tap sounds are enabled
  • Volume level in Windows CE, which is independent of the volume settings within MioMap, is cranked up
  • File Manager font is Tahoma 7, which works much better on the 3.5″ screen
  • The default folder for GQ Viewer media is \Storage Card
  • The default ALWAYS ON TOP behavior for the taskbar is disabled, although the setting seems to sneak back in once in awhile
  • The automatic tutorial during startup of the Calculator is disabled


* Added instructions in the script file so that using my code as an example, you can adapt the script to a time zone other than EST.

To return to the desktop screens or the Route Management Menu from within MioMap, simply click on the Exit Door.




  1. robb1 said

    Wow, nice job C230! I can’t wait to try it out tonight. Thanks for your continued endeavors with the C230.

  2. Jim Rose said

    Great job!! took me about 5 minutes to get it going with your clear instructions. Thanks.

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  6. Mike said

    Can’t wait to check it out, will do so when I get settled after Christmas.

    I do have a question, it might be part of the show one-way street option. During my travels I saw a symbol on the screen that looked like a “Do Not Enter” sign. Red circle with a small white horizontal bar in the center. It was about the same size as the one-way icons, however this icon was in the middle of the city golf course. There is a gated road that runs through the course but I am sure that isn’t one way and the icon wasn’t near the road. The gate was closed for the winter, but that shouldn’t make a difference unless that was a suppose to be a seasonal road icon.
    The only other thing I could think of was that there was a golf cart path there and it was a symbol saying do not enter the golf cart path. With the snow on the ground I couldn’t see if there was a golf cart path in this area.

    Has anyone else noticed a floating “Do Not Enter” type icon?

  7. c230 said

    I recalled reading that your experience is part of show_oneway. I see in this thread http://forum.cindyenguy.be/index.php?topic=468.0;topicseen where you not only see one-way arrows, but “stop signs for forbidden roads”, which a golf course cart trail would be.

    We’ve got much to learn about all the hidden gems possible in SYS.TXT as you can see below. That is why I like having a menu option to be able to toggle the good ones. If any users find others among this list, let us know and I’ll add them to the menu. I think these are from MioMap 3.2, so they don’t all function for version 3.3 and these are just some possibilities from the [debug] section.

    value: 0,1 – Turns on Smart 2D – need explanation of this

    value: 0,1 – Whether ‘flyover’ should be quick or normal speed

    value: 0,1 – Whether ‘flyover’ should be loop at end

    value: 0,1 – Whether to show segmented directions with arrow (one-way filter lanes)

    value: 0,1 – Whether to show one-way roads with arrow

    value: 0,1 – Whether to show road where u-turns allowed (highlight whole road)

    value: 0,1 – Whether to highlight private roads (highlight whole road)

    value: 0,1 – Whether to show dot where real gps position is

    value: 0,1 – Whether to highlight country borders

    value: 0,1 – Whether to highlight country borders

    value: 0,1 – Whether to show additional info on route (work planned, change of the road… Is this tmc info???)

    value: 0,1 – Whether to show speed limit

    value: 0,1 – Whether to disable tmc or not

    show_pedestrian, show_lights, show_frc – See below

    Don’t know what these are:

  8. c230 said

    Thanks Rob & Jim. I’m really pleased with this version!

    Now all we need is a SQLite expert to help us with a iGo.db tool to atleast be able to review the history entries and be able to delete individual items. I’m going to take a stab at it.

  9. Mike said

    Thanks C230, I am looking forward to going through those when I can. I did see [that iGo.db] is an SQL file. I wanted to try and use the SQL tools that I have to see if I can access the file, but just haven’t have the chance. I started to but thought there might be a small amount of encryption in the file. When I get back I will give it a try again.

  10. Mike said

    I want to mention I was able to get a Missile Command clone working on the GPS under the hack, stylus also recommended.

  11. Gato Lives said

    Thank you very much for all the work in your releases, it has greatly enhanced the already great PNA that is the C230. I have followed your instructions to the letter and have had much success, however, I am a bit stuck when it comes to adding my own programs on the desktop. I too found a Missile Command clone that works well with the C230, but am not able to get the correct icon file to show on the desktop. In other words, the space is blank even though I have associated an icon file to the correct parameter, in the main.ini file and the file does open, yet no icon… Does the icon have to be a set format, size, etc in order for it to be shown on your desktop? I am placing them in the F:\Scripts folder, the executable and the .ico file. Thanks in advance!

  12. c230 said


    Thank you for the feedback. You’ve probably done everything correctly, but I didn’t explain the ScaleAlpha parameter, so I’ll do that now, as well as add it to the instructions. I just recently learned about it myself and doubt you’ll find it documented anywhere else.

    The two “empty” icons on the desktop screen are in fact not empty, but the icons are dimmed to zero (actually 1). Otherwise the go.ico would show with no program associated with it. Just change that parameter to 100, and wala, the icon will shine thru. You’ll note that the two icons on the clock screen are dimmed – I set the ScaleAlpha to 25 to achieve this.

    X = 121
    Y = 175
    Command = (your program file path and name)
    SizeNormal = 32
    SizePushed = 32
    ScaleAlpha = 1 (change to 100)
    IconNormal = \My Flash Disk\Script\(your icon file name).ico
    ScaleAlpha = 100
    IconPushed = \My Flash Disk\Script\go.ico

    Hope that solves the issue for you 🙂

    -Ameridan, the C230 man.

  13. tim said

    I followed the steps here, and now what it does is boot up and say the countdown screen, it then soft resets, than it once again brings up the countdown screen, but it freezes on the # 1

    It is possible I did something wrong, but I followed the steps very, very carefully. I just bought this yesterday, is it possible I have a different firmware or something (I don’t really understand these things)

    I cannot connect it to the PC while it’s like this.

    Any ideas?

  14. Gato Lives said

    Hello again Dan, and thank you for the quick response!

    Actually, when editing the main.ini file, I followed the same conventions you utilized for your other icons on the desktop screen, therefore, the ScaleAlpha was set to 100. (Thanks for the explanation on what that does!)

    I noticed that your icons are 16×16 and are 158kb, is that the size my icon should be as well? Does SizeNormal, SizePushed display them at 32 regardless of their size? I am still unable to get an icon displayed, (States “no icon” in its place; however, the application DOES work when pressed, showing the Go icon briefly when pressed.

    Here is what I have modified in the main.ini:

    X = 195
    Y = 135
    Command = \My Flash Disk\Script\ICBM.exe
    SizeNormal = 32
    SizePushed = 32
    ScaleAlpha = 100
    IconNormal = \My Flash Disk\Script\icbm.ico
    ScaleAlpha = 100
    IconPushed = \My Flash Disk\Script\go.ico

    Link to the file is here:


    (BTW, this game works great so far, was wondering if it is the same game Mike was referring to earlier?) This is from the same gentleman that created the LightsOn app on Amida’s revision! That is how I got to this app, I wanted to add LightsOn but wanted to keep your desktop. It loaded, just as ICBM however, no icon on the desktop… Hopefully I am just flubbing something easy like syntax etc… 🙂

    Thank you again for you efforts and responses!

  15. c230 said


    Yes, the size 32 controls the size of the icon on the desktop, no matter what the native size is. Sounds as simple as icbm.ico isn’t compatible with Windows CE (where did you get the icon file from?) Since we are working with a psuedo desktop, not a Windows desktop, the shortcut doesn’t use the icon image built into the execute file; one must be provided. For now try go.ico in its place, until you find an icon that you like better (Amida’s icon should work).


    Sounds to me like you didn’t put the Script folder in the root of Flash Disk, so your GPS can’t find any files.

    Hopefully you can hard reset the unit with it plugged into your PC, so that you can fix the install. Good luck – I’m pretty sure it is procedure related (Amida and I have both tried to stress that this is the most important step, even adding an illustration to show how it needs to be done).

    Good luck!

  16. James said

    I’m very interested in being able to plan a route in advance and then load it instantly (especially for using the C230 on my motorcycle).

    Stupid question: How do you plan a route in advance? I use Microsoft Streets and Trips to plan trips, and it would be AWESOME to be able to load (or convert and load) a file from Streets and Trips into my Mio. A friend can do this on her Garmin. Can it be done? I can export small portions of my maps into Pocket Streets format, or the whole trip in Streets and Trips (*.est) format or map template (*.stt) format.

    Any help or comments on planning trips on the Mio would be appreciated.

  17. c230 said

    Other than planning the route in advance using the MioMap software, I know of no way to import a route yet. I know many would like this capability.

    I may be wrong here, but what Garmin calls a route is actually a track (a linked set of POIs), isn’t it? If so, they can be imported and I think there are conversion tools out there that will work with M-soft Streets, Google Earth, Google Maps, etc., but I have no experience with that yet.

  18. Gadgetguy said

    This is great!!!

    I have just ordered the Canadian version of the C230.

    As far as I know, the Canadian version does not have a full US map. Where could I download the US maps?

  19. OP said

    Just would like to say great job on this unlocking .

    I did a little color tweaking. Could not have done it with out you.
    thanks OP


    P.S looks better on my mio then in the jpeg 😉

  20. c230 said


    Hopefully a Canadian will answer, eh? I’m not sure whether the Canadian license file is Canada only or North Anerican. Anyways Google alaska.fbl 2007.1 and see what you come up with. In USA we only have to find one file to add you guys. You’ll have to download atleast 50 files.

  21. Dana Hartsock said

    This is all very cool. I appreciate in the newest version how you have hidden the complexity of your unlock from some of us “whiners” (me) who just are not comfortable with that many changes to the Mio C230. I find the whole thing quite amazing and a testimony to the ingenuity of the users who say, ” I can do better than that,” and then just do it.

    And yet I just can’t keep from asking, How much coffee money would it take to get this unlock pared down to the routing utilities, and whatever is needed to support them? A smaller hack for small minded “whiners” (people like myself).

    Dana Hartsock

  22. c230 said


    If your Mio is still a brick, before returning it to the store try this:

    I found this thread this morning http://www.gpspassion.com/forumsen/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=103699

    which basically proposes: Copy FileManCE.exe to root of SD Card and renaming it MioAutoRun.exe then hard resetiing the Mio with the SD card inserted.

    Don’t know if you will need any dlls with it or not (like aygshell.dll or all the FM*.dlls) but it should allow you in to fix the folders.

    Meanwhile, I think I’ll build in a few safety measures into the script similiar to the menu in Version 3.2 for instances like yours where file install locations aren’t kosher.

    Let us know what happens.

  23. c230 said


    UNLOCK Ver 3.3 Lite

    How about atleast $15 or so for the three+ hours I’ve already put in? I’ve got the package done, but now I’ll have to write-up instructions and if released, maintain two different packages. Perhaps a few others will kick in too. 🙂

    It’s actually pretty nice, half the size and could actually prove to be choosen as more desireable than the “full” unlock!

    It’s the clock screen and a simple, modified two-item Tools screen ( so that you can soft reset and set the time/date for the clock screen. Then the normal Route Management Screen but without the Taskbar Toggle, since there is no Taskbar nor any other Programs (other than the virtual keyboard when saving / renaming a route file). Won’t be able to do any screen shots, since that program is gone too, but I’ve undimmed the two icons on the clock screen (you can dim them again if that is your preference).

    Sound fair?

  24. Gato Lives said

    Thanks for the information Dan…

    I followed your advice and left the Go.ico file for the 2 programs I installed, better than having an empty space there! Does anyone know of an icon creation package, utility, library, etc that will work with this OS? I vaguely remember using Microangelo a while back but never for Windows CE devices…

    I also took advantage of your Text parameter on the clock.ini section to add two lines under the date on the Main Clock screen, to include my name, number and email with a smaller font, something like:

    Name Cell : 111-222-3333
    Email: your_email@whatever.com

    If someone steals it, chances are they will not return it (may dissuade them from keeping it, who knows, psych warfare! 😉 but at least it is branded with my info should an honest person recover it!

  25. chris583 said

    I have version 3.2 on my mioc230, I think i already know the answer to this but to update to 3.3, do i only need to copy overwrite the old files to update?

  26. Dana Hartsock said

    Definitely going to buy you some coffee for your efforts. I would hope the lite version would prove popular too. The Tech Head in me wants to go ahead with the full unlock package (and I did download it just in case), but the more practical side of me wants to keep it more simple since I really want the Mio to excel at what it was designed for. I do appreciate the efforts you have made to improve and expand the Mio capabilities.


  27. c230 said


    That may work? but it is always better to delete all the files in the folder (other than routes you may be saving), and then copy and paste in the new ones. Otherwise old drivers get left around that sometimes clash with newer ones. Probably other advantages too, but none come to mind right now – Gotta get some more coffee…


    I have had good luck with most of these icon files: http://www.iconarchive.com/category/computer-icons.html

  28. chris583 said

    you can disregard my first question, cause it definitely works after i overwrote the files,

    another question i have though is when I changed mio to am/pm 12hr format the main unlocked start up screen with clock has the PM partly cut off by the right hand side of the screen, is there a way to fix this?

  29. chris583 said

    also the GUI of the iPhone like-one that amida created is more appealing imho (especially cause icons are labelled with txt too!) and you say it is compatible with your mod.

    You said its very easy to use his main.ini icon settings and icons with your build.
    Would you mind perhaps elaborating on this? Do i just need to edit a file and replace icon images? or is there a way to get it look almost identical to the amida icon set with GPS, MEDIA, EXPLORER, etc. on the bottom?


  30. c230 said

    I hope that it turns out to be “Very Easy”.

    In theory, since I haven’t actually downloaded his Ver 3 package, you should be able to rename my main.ini to main_orig.ini then copy into your script folder all of his .ico files and his main.ini and any program like LightsOn that aren’t in my script folder and probably be almost done but for some tweaking. You are on your own though, so don’t ask me a lot of questions about it. 🙂 Experimenting like this is exactly how I learned all this stuff; if you get it and want to share it with others, I’ll help you publish it! (and try it out) Personally, I think I’d like it better if the entire background was black without that gray stripe.

    I know that it doesn’t work the other way around though – You can’t just drop my menu into his program because of the order I engage the programs.

    If you go to another screen and then go back, your time display will clear up. Actually, it will fix itself after a minute or so.

  31. […] December 30, 2007 at 5:23 pm · Filed under mio c230 NOTE that this is not an UPDATE – it is a new LITE Version of my Unlock without the desktop and miscellaneous programs you might be expecting.  The FULL version is here. […]

  32. robb1 said

    $15.00 for 3 hours…thats less than minimum wage. What a bargain! Please find my donation to your coffee fund for $20.00. The route management itself is well worth that! And thanks for your continued interest and sharing of your C230 packages, this blog, and all the valuable information that keeps growing here. I hope others will show their appreciation too.

  33. c230 said

    I thank you Rob! Actually, I spent most of the day on this blog! It’s actually fun for me though. I want to take some of what I’m learning and work on a few Android apps for the new Google phone soon.

    That’ll be a whole ‘notha BLOG!

  34. Jonathan said

    I tried to do the update twice but it always locks up. It gets stuck on “Your Mio C230 is about to be UNLOCKED to allow you to take full advantage of it’s capabilities.” It counts down then resets then does the same thing again but on the second time around it sticks at that screen. Hope someone can help. I am good with computer and doing exactly what the instructions say but no luck.


  35. c230 said


    I’m sorry to hear of your unsuccessful Unlock. I haven’t heard back from Tim yet (he too experienced the same thing), but if you’ll read my responses to him, I suspect that you didn’t put the Script folder in the root of Flash Disk as specified in Step 8, so your GPS can’t find any files.

    Hopefully you can hard reset the unit with it plugged into your PC, so that you can fix the install. Good luck – I’m pretty sure it is procedure related (Amida and I have both tried to stress that this is the most important step, even adding an illustration to show how it needs to be done).

    P.S. If precedense (sp?) hadn’t been set, I think I would have specified that both the Script and MioMap folders be dropped into the first-tier MioMap folder (as you probably did) rather than in two different spots. Us geeks sometimes get ahead of ourselves and instructions. 🙂

    Good luck!

  36. Jonathan said

    Thank you for your quick response. You were correct. I am more of a visual geek and was looking at the pretty picture example and not reading correctly. It looked to me that the folder was not in the root dir so I didn’t put it there. Now it is working fine.

    Thanks for all your hard work! I will add to the coffee cup fund.


  37. Jonathan said

    Is there a way to activate DPMS so I can put the screen to sleep while using the TCPMP media player? I would like to play a audio file but save battery power by turning off the screen. I can’t find a way to minimize TCPMP in order to activate DPMS in the other screen.


  38. c230 said


    Thank you for the feedback! It may really help others. Yes, you can engage DPMS, but you may have to enable Toolbar/Settings/Always on Top first so you can get to the desktop while your audio is playing.

    Another method – click on the keyboard icon, Control + Escape, to engage Toolbar, Programs, Windows Explorer, DPMS

    One thing the Mio has going for it is decent sound quality; no tinny like the iPaq RX3000 series. You can actually enjoy watching a movie on the Mio.

    And thanx in advance for the coffee!

  39. andro said

    I have three questions.

    To do the unlock you copy/paste a script folder, but if I want to undo the changes it doesn’t mention getting rid of the folder. Do you need to get rid of the folder or is it okay with it still there?

    Second question, in Note 3 you mention making room by moving some unused maps, can you move/delete the speech files instead? Since I only speak english, if I move/delete all the other files, it saves 18mb and I never have to worry about where they are.

    The faster flyover is an improvement. Is it possible to add another speed option to make the flyover even faster, like 60 to 1 (every hour only takes 1 minute), so you could review a 6 hour trip in 6 minutes?

    I like the iPod look with your tools.

    Thanks. Keep up the good work.

  40. c230 said

    Good questions!

    1) Depends on whether you want to remove evidence that you were “unlocking” or whether you may reactivate the unlock later.

    2) I thought about that too, there is a lot of extra in the MioMap2 folder, but I think it best to leave it alone. Depends how daring you are. I’ve not yet had to use the DVD for restoring, because other than data.zip (which is backed up) and SYS.TXT, and a few maps, I’ve left that folder alone.

    3) That is internal to MioMap and I really doubt it; the skin doctors at GpsPasSion.com probably would have found it by now if that possibility was there. They really dig in! Although fast flyover states that you are doing 700 mph (10X the speed limit), I don’t think that’s what you actually experience in flyover mode.

  41. Jonathan said

    Thanks for the tip Dan. I turned off auto-hide so the toolbar always shows on the bottom. Then I click on the far right side of the toolbar on the three folder icon to bring up the running program list. Then I was able to select desktop to turn on DPMS. But after I soft reset the GPS it looses the setting and auto-hides the toolbar again. So I have to turn it back on if I soft reset.

    Also if I hard reset it looses the time and gives me the unlock screen again. Just want to make sure that is normal?

    I just added to your coffee cup. Thanks for all your hard work! Don’t forget to buy Fair Trade coffee which promotes the payment of a fair price as well as social and environmental standards in areas related to the production of a wide variety of goods.


  42. c230 said

    Yes, that is normal for a hard reset, which you shouldn’t have to do very often except when disconnecting from a PC linkup.

    Thank you Jonathan! and the ALways on Top feature of the Toolbar was annoying to me so I disabled it by default in autopatcher.mscr Comment that line out (add a # as 1st character) if you prefer to keep that behavior.

    And yes, the DPMS doesn’t always behave exactly as expected for me either, but it should help you save battery power during a long audio stream.

  43. Jonathan said

    Has anyone tried to build a USB charger that takes batteries? I am going to be doing a lot of walking around NY next month and I know the built in batteries do not last long. I saw online plans to make a two AA USB charger in a Altoids gum tin that would give our GPS a boost of power and you can always change the AA’s if it runs out. Here is a link to the free plans.



  44. Jonathan said

    Sorry if you have trouble with the last link. Try this one.



  45. c230 said

    The maker of MusicPower (linked here – https://c230.wordpress.com/usb-connections-to-your-mio-c230/ ) has a rechargable battery version too the Encore. They are for sale in stores like Walmart and if you are lucky you can pick one up in their end-of-year clearance sale (mine was around $20 with AC charger built-in).

  46. Jonathan said

    That is not a bad deal, at least I wouldn’t need to build it. But it looks like I can’t use it while walking down the street or watching a movie because you can only use it while the GPS is powered off?


  47. robb1 said

    I’m late in getting release 3.3 installed. I have it running now. I have two comments. What is the ROTATE the screen 90 degree’s any good for? I’d also like to see the “OK” button removed what you LOAD and and SAVE a route. Maybe have a 2 second timer for the ROUTE: “Boston to NY” Loaded” and ROUTE: “Boston to NY” SAVED to display then close itself (it saves having to click the OK button, offering more automation and less clicking). I ‘d also prefer the iphone type icons. Its just my opinion and you know what they say about opinions. ;-

  48. c230 said

    Hey, great ideas Rob! OK, I’ll be working on those. The ScreenRotate comes in handy when using an app that is designed for Portrait Mode like SirfTech which gives you total access to the GPS chip.


    Maybe I have to reword what I said. You can use the Mio plugged into any USB port as a power source. You just have to plug it in while powered off to keep USBConnect from activating. After you are hooked-up, you can power it up and down all you want. Just power-down the Mio before disconnecting the USB cable to be safe.

  49. Jim Rose said

    I’m sortta lost, now when I turn the C230 on in the morning, it locates and locks on in a short time, but the touch controls were not working; after 3 or four cold boots (over several days, the target screen acted funny, not always sensitive. I reloaded to the original from the CD, fine, and tried the mod again, fine. This morning it started and again got the frozen controls, cold booted, and now am stuck on the target screen. Of course I can’t connect to the computer. Tried cold boot holding down the top orange button, and the target screen moves when i touch the orange button, but not touch sensitive. Did I turn my C230 into a doorstop? Is there a way to get a USB connection without it bootingup? I did install a screen protector and put some pressure on the screen, but it worked fine for a while. A side issue, Iinstalled PocketXpdf, and modified the menu, it gave me an error about files several times, then worked fine a few times, then the error messages again, but works fine from explorer; of course now thats not a problem till I can boot up. Sorry to be so long winded.

  50. c230 said


    I’ve done a lot of experimenting and other program installs, but I’ve never experienced what you are seeing. I’m leaning towards PocketXpdf though. Unless your program files are self-contained, (one .exe file and maybe some driver files) there are many programs that simply shouldn’t be installed on the C230 with it’s crippled WindowsCE.

    I really wanted to install a straight-line navigation program (GPSimply) onto the Mio since it installed so easily on my iPaq, but you realize after a while that some programs just aren’t compatible.

    I doubt that you’ve turned your unit into a brick though Jim, but you may have to start over again with the unlock and hold off installing your other programs (that seem to behave, until you do your first hard reset).

    Good luck this time.

  51. Jim Rose said

    Dan: I finally got the darn thing to boot, after holding down buttons and struggling, your mod came up, but the touch screen didn’t work, however I restored the original Miomaps, and it’s working fine. The screwing around I did apparently effect the touch screen but that problem seems solved; so much for PocketXpdf.
    Thanks, Jim

  52. CD said


    Two questions:

    1.) How much of this is backward compatable to the Mio 220? My dad has the 220 and bought me the 230. Now that he sees what my 230 is doing (thanks to you!) he’s pretty jealous.

    2.) Can the Track log(s) be turned into routes?

    Scenario: I’m out of town, and a buddy is going to show me a ‘faster’ route to a destination (one that the Mio would not normally plot.) We’re leaving immediately, so there is no time for me to create a multiple-point route. So, I go to Manage Track Logs and hit ‘Record’, capturing it ‘on the fly.’ Later that night, having liked the route, I decide I want that to be my new way to go to that destination. At this point, I can go back and view it all in my Track Logs, but….

    What do I do? Do I have to go back, reviewing the info, and create a via-point by via-point route? Or is there a better way?

  53. c230 said


    1) Not having a C220, I simply do not know. Seems Amida had to change a few things originally to get the Unlock for the C220 to work on the C230. I guess someone will have to be the guinea pig. 🙂 Atleast you won’t have to unhide the Exit button.

    2) I doubt it, but it sure would be nice, especially now that you know how to export track logs.

  54. Doug Wilson said

    All I can say is awesome!
    I received a C230 from my wife for Christmas and thought “great a GPS”. When the kids and I discovered geocaching with it I thought “this is sort of cool”. When I found out what you have done to it I thought … well I said it before…AWESOME!
    Thanks for all the work you have put into this. I’ll definitely send some java your way.

    I have a few questions though if you would be so kind:
    1) Has anybody considered/tried installing a headphone jack so that MP3’s and video sound is not over the speaker?
    2) I added some songs to my SD card and found that when I re-insert the card the unit must be powered up or else the media player will not read the new files.
    3) I have a unit purchased (and used primarily) in Canada and per your install note #3 I moved the USA_Major.fbl (80,018 KB) map off of the flash drive so that there was only the Basemap (4,499 KB) and Canada (111,552 KB). Since I think that there is adequate size to hold all the maps I tried copying the USA_Major back into the same folders as the others. The problem is that I do not get any details of the US other than major thoroughfares (Maybe this is why they call it USA_Major but I believe I had significantly more detail before)
    4) It seems that I sometimes mistakenly change the screen rotation in the media player. (this happened last night by clicking somewhere in the top left corner) When this happens the only way that I could find to rectify it was to do a hard re-set.

    Thanks again for everyones hard work and effort!

    Doug – Niagara-on-the-lake, Canada

  55. c230 said


    I thank you very mych for your donation and feedback!

    1) Has anybody considered/tried installing a headphone jack so that MP3’s and video sound is not over the speaker?

    Good luck!

    2) I added some songs to my SD card and found that when I re-insert the card the unit must be powered up or else the media player will not read the new files.

    That is the best way Doug. a soft reset will do it too.

    3) I have a unit purchased (and used primarily) in Canada and per your install note #3 I moved the USA_Major.fbl (80,018 KB) map off of the flash drive so that there was only the Basemap (4,499 KB) and Canada (111,552 KB). Since I think that there is adequate size to hold all the maps I tried copying the USA_Major back into the same folders as the others. The problem is that I do not get any details of the US other than major thoroughfares (Maybe this is why they call it USA_Major but I believe I had significantly more detail before)

    I doubt that your detail level differed beforehand as the Major file is indeed basically the interstate highways. Unfortunately for the C230s users to include the detailed US maps, it means downloading and installing around 50 files as each state is it’s own file.

    4) It seems that I sometimes mistakenly change the screen rotation in the media player. (this happened last night by clicking somewhere in the top left corner) When this happens the only way that I could find to rectify it was to do a hard re-set.

    This seems unusual in that the Screen-Rotate icon isn;t even on the same screen. If you don’t see yourself using the program, you could just delete it from Script folder – in theory it can’t happen again then.


  56. franz dur said

    Hi Dan,

    I installed your Unlock on my EU C230. Went smooth using manual edit of Data.Zip. It is a real pleasure to see the clock appear and all the nice tools. Thanks a lot for this.

    There are some minor glitches, probably my fault, bu here they are:

    – no exit from Pocket-G Freecell –> hard reset

    – no exit from Calculator –> hard reset

    – No MioUtility -> Cannot find MioUtility or one of its etc..

    There is obviously a path problem. What is the expected one and how can I set it?

    All the best


  57. c230 said

    Bonjour Francis,

    Great to hear that it works for you! OK, Question: Down in the area where the taskbar normally appears, do you see GAME? or is the taskbar in it’s way? (if so, uncheck “always on top” or whatever the French equivalent is.by clicking on the Windows Start button/Settings/Taskbar and Start Menu OR just hide the Toolbar)

    When you click on Game, you should see an Exit option.

    If About is covered by the taskbar when using Calculator – same thing.

    When you click on About, you should see a X on the right side of the screen to Exit.

    If you check the french screens of GpsPasSion, you might learn what Mio name the Settings screen program.

    another alternative: If you use File Manager and look in \Windows tell us what the .exe files are. It is not Launcher.exe or MainShell.exe One of the program file names should sound like a settings type name. If you suspect that you found it, double -click it and try it.

    If you find it, I’ll guide you through editing the ini file to adapt to that new program name.


    P.S. If you would rather the date be in European format, make a backup of CLOCK.INI and the you can experiment with the date section of CLOCK.ini to change to your liking. Maybe this will work:

    Format = ddddddddd’, ‘dd’/’MM’/’yyyy

    After you figure that out, you can do the same for MAIN.INI if you are using the green desktop.

  58. franz dur said

    Bonsoir Dan,

    I am still exploring the thing! so it will take time to identify everything. In the Mio Windows dir there is a Settings. When I tap it twice it opens what seems to be MioUtility that is called “Réglages”. It gives access to rétro-éclairage, alimentation, date/heure etc..

    Something else : I lost once the little a/b icon so I could not get rid of the keyboard, to the contrary it multiplied each time I tapped it!! Had to reset.

    The Game problem is solved sort of : it no longer fills the display but only the leftmost 3/4 of it, so I tap outside and it is seemingly gone. I also see the Game bar at tjhe bottom but there is no Exit button on it.

    ANyway, it is great fun.


  59. c230 said

    I think you found it. You’ll see a section like this in MAIN.INI:

    x = 64
    y = 170
    Command = \Windows\MioUtility.exe
    SizeNormal = 64
    SizePushed = 64
    ScaleAlpha = 100
    IconNormal = \My Flash Disk\Script\icons\settings64.ico
    ScaleAlpha = 100
    IconPushed = \My Flash Disk\Script\icons\settings64.ico

    If it is called Settings.exe, just substitute that for MioUtility.exe

    Yes, there may be programs that don’t behave, but on the other hand, you may get French programs that we aren’t able to run, to work on your unit.


  60. franz dur said

    Yep, that was it!! Now I have “Réglages” at a finger tip…

    The other problems also are solved by using a stylus from my Wacom tablett.

    Voila, have a nice Sunday, et merci


  61. Doug Wilson said

    It is finished. I have installed a headphone jack on my C230 so that I can use it as a personal audio/video player. Yahoo!
    But wait… the extra bonus is that I just got a new Chevy van which has a headphone jack as an auxilliary input for the sterio system. That means I can listen to all my MP3’s as I drive down the road or route the voice navigation through my car sterio.
    The mod was actually quite easy and the jack fit like it was supposed to be there. It looks factory. I took photos os the proceedure and will send them to you to post on the site with a description just let me know how to get these to you.

  62. c230 said

    WOW. that’s great! I suppose the board was designed for it and Mio just elected to eliminate it so that the entry model GPS had something less than the next model retailing for $100 more. Is it stereo?

    I will be happy to post your instructions for you, Doug.

  63. Doug Wilson said

    Only “simulated stereo”. Mono on both speakers since the 230 only has one built in speaker.
    How can I send you these files?

  64. Doug Wilson said

    You can see the final result at

  65. c230 said

    Looks like you did an excellent job! You’ll be able to feed to a FM transmitter, bluetooth transmitter, directly into a MP3 input jack…

    Now you really could enjoy a movie in your vehicle, with your Unlocked GPS unit (while you’re parked of course) 🙂

    Will you be posting some instructions as well? If you’ve got instructions with pictures prepared in Word format, I can import that directly into a post for you. If photos are separate, they should be in jpg (not bmp) format.

  66. Doug Wilson said

    Hey Dan:
    One thing that is a bit of a bummer with my mod is that when I am in the media player app. any touch of the screen stops the media file. 😦
    Is there anything that you can do to change this or is this part and parcel of the app?
    Thanks, Doug

  67. c230 said

    How else would you control it when in full-screen mode, without any buttons to assign hotkeys to? It sure beats having an icon exposed to be able to control it – yes I’m glad it has that feature. 🙂

  68. Doug Wilson said

    Yes, I agree that in full screen mode this could/should be the case but the effect is the same when in normal mode when the buttons are available.
    As soon as I go to put it in my pocket the music stops.

  69. c230 said


    I don’t see an option to change that behavior; looks like you may need a hardshell case my friend.


  70. franz dur said

    Hello Dan,

    I wonder if there is a way to change the maximum delay for screen capture in CapScrUtil? It is set at 20 secondes and this is too short to navigate to the map and capture the display while the map is loaded.


  71. c230 said

    Hi Francis,

    Actually, a better way to handle that situation is to set up Screen Capture (don’t check “Close after capture” yet) and Toolbar, then once you have MioMap set up with your desired map, using Toolbar, select Screen Capture again to capture your map. I know you’ll get extra screen shots, but you should be able to get the desired one(s) as well.

    Hope this helps, as I’m not aware of how to change the 20-second limit. 🙂


  72. franz dur said

    Thank you Dan,

    This works fine, most of the time. Sometimes the CapScUtil refuses to hide when I select the map on the taskbar and takes a snapshot of itself! Talk about narcissism…


  73. CD said

    @ Doug Wilson-

    Here’s how…

    1. Bring up the tool bar
    2. With toolbar up, start TCMPE
    3. Use Open File… to find music
    4. Push play
    5. Click TCMPE in toolbar (now you’re on the desktop, music playing)
    6. Click Screen Off icon (music plays, screen is off)

    Now, you have to push the screen exactly where the screen off icon is to make it come back on. Otherwise, you can touch it all you want and the music will not stop.

  74. gatolives said

    An easier method to bring the screen back on is pressing the orange button… 🙂

  75. CD said

    You’re right. I was just saying that, since he doesn’t want the touching of the screen (turns music off) that with the above method you’d have a much smaller chance of affecting the screen since just that one icon is ‘active’.

  76. gatolives said

    Point taken! The only reason I threw that out there is the first time I used the DPMS button I tried tapping the screen and nothing happened, freaked out for a millisecond and then hit the orange button, which restored the screen; only later did I try hitting the exact icon location of the DPMS icon… LOL

  77. […] it would be nice to package these all up for those Unlocking their Mio C230 with my either my Version 3.3, Version 3.4, or Version 3.3 LITE script packages (or Amida’s 3.1 as well) and want all of […]

  78. Jonathan said

    Does anyone get the “fatal error occured, restarting”? It is nothing I have done because it did it right out of the box before I ever unlocked it. It will happen maybe twice a day.

    Also does anyone know what this TMS subscription is? It says it will expire soon and I just got the GPS in November.


  79. c230 said


    I wouldn’t worry about the TMC message, but the fatal errors should get resolved. No, I don’t personally get those errors; is there substantial extraneous heat involved when this occurs?

  80. Jonathan said

    It seems to happen more often when it is very cold in the car and I first start it up for the day.

    Oh sorry it must be TMC and not TMS. I guess I will tell it not to remind me anymore.


  81. c230 said

    Even though there are no moving parts like hard-drives, perhaps the cold temperatures are the cause of your errors. I’ve seen the reports of rebooting when the unit gets too warm. See if a temperature range is stated in the manual.

  82. rusty said

    I have tried a few times to complete the unlocking procedure. When I do a hard reset, it either does the countdown once, soft resets and does the countdown again and freezes on 1 or it freezes on the orange Mio screen. Any suggestions?

  83. c230 said


    If you read through the comments, you’ll note that this has happened to others who have installed a liitle too quickly, especially at Step 8.

    Try agin and good luck.

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