C230 Specifications

     1.  Mini USB/Power Connector  2.  Power LED Indicator
     3.  SD/MMC Memory Card Slot  4.  3.5″ Touch Screen
     5.  Windshield Mount Connector  6.  Speaker
     7.  Power Switch  8.  Power Suspend Button


CPU Samsung 2443  ~  400MHz
GPS Chipset 20-channel SiRF StarIII
TMC capable Yes
Networks None
Memory / ROM 64MB
Memory / RAM 1GB
Memory / HDD None
Memory Slot SD/MMC/SDHC
Display Type 3.5″ TFT with touchscreen
Display Resolution 320 x 240 Pixels
Display Orientation Landscape
Battery Lithium Ion Battery
Battery Capacity 720 – 1230 mAh, per user reports (800mAh spec’d)
Battery Life 2 – 3.5 hrs, per user reports
Bluetooth® Technology No
Wi-Fi No
Infrared Port No
USB Yes, Ver 2.1
Camera No
Microphone No
Speaker Yes
Earphone Jack No
External Antenna Yes, MMCX connector
Depth 84mm
Width 24mm
Height 90mm
Weight  144g


MioMap and C230 Unlock package from C230.wordpress.com
Operating System Win CE.Net 5.0 (Core = many portions missing)
Navigation Software MioMap v3.3 by iGo
Map License All North American maps by TeleAtlas
Maps Preloaded with 2007.1 U.S. maps
Video Player Yes, but only if Unlocked
Picture Viewer Yes, but only if Unlocked
Audio Player Yes, if using Ameridan’s CarLocator skin (ver 1.49 or higher), or if Unlocked
Microsoft Office Mobile No, but Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Image and PDF  Viewers are available if Unlocked (incl. in Ver 3.5)
Calculator Yes, but only if Unlocked
Calendar No
Clock Yes, but only if Unlocked
Route Management Yes, but only if Unlocked
Contacts Synchronization No
Other Preinstalled Software Yes, but only if Unlocked

(this page courtesy of Mio Technology, edited by Ameridan)


  1. CD said

    That says SDHC. What is the largest SD card the Mio 230 can take?

  2. c230 said

    My 4GB works great and I’ve seen reports that the 8GB works fine too; I’m not sure if there are larger SDHC cards available or not.

  3. strider_mt2k said

    I ordered a PQI branded 8GB SDHC card a few days ago for my unlocked C230.
    When it arrives I’ll certainly be checking it out and letting you know.

  4. strider_mt2k said

    My 8GB card arrived today and works just fine in my C230. 😀
    I dumped the contents of my 2GB card onto there and copied a few movies over to it via my C230.
    I guess I’m going to need an SDHC reader now. Putting my settings back after a hard reset is a pain!

  5. c230 said

    What settings besides the time and date are you referring to? I think autopatcher should be able to accomodate everything else.

  6. strider_mt2k said

    Just settings like how I like TCMP to run, nothing major.
    I picked up a SanDisk MobileMate SD+ reader for just under ten bucks and that’s worked out real well, has a micro SD slot too!

  7. Mike said

    There are viewers available for microsoft office and there are pdf viewers as well so maybe this should be edited to show that.
    I still want an organizer calader etc. If anyone has had any luck getting one to work please let us know.

  8. c230 said


    I’m not sure if you caught the Alarm Clock blog, but my comment on Dec. 20th really applies to any Calendar / Appointment related software.

    Last couple of days, I’ve written and tweaked the Alarm Clock software, only to realize now that since Mio stripped out the Notification applet (Scheduled Tasks) out of the Control Panel, that won’t work because the RunAt command is really just adding to the Tasks Que (that doesn;t exist)

    I tried adding the PHM Power Toy dlls and control panel applets to get the Notification database functioning so the RunAt command will function, but so far no luck

    I tried many programs since then as well, with no luck and I attribute this to the portion of OS that has been removed.

    Regarding Microsoft Office Mobile, I think there’s quite a difference between viewers and the Suite, but I’ll add to the Specs as you suggest. 🙂

  9. dirtdog said

    technology is not my thing but I understand that by unlocking the c230 that you can watch movies downloaded to a flash card. Please someone tell me how this works, and am I risking messing up gps functions by “unlocking” the unit.

  10. c230 said

    As long as the instructions are followed for the Unlock install, TCPMP will play your movies with no effect on your GPS functions. MioMap (the navigation program) controls the GPS chip. If you try other skins out though, be sure not to mess with the GPS Settings screens, because that could mess you up.


  11. murphyfields said

    I really Don’t know where else to post this, but…

    from slickdeals.com

    GI Joes has the Mio C230 GPS for $99 after a $40 Mail In Rebate (front page of current ad).

    The price was too good for me to pass up. It is unlockable.

  12. c230 said

    The Moov 200 will soon replace the C230, since Mio can’t produce units with MioMap any longer, so you’ll probably see good deals everywhere.

  13. leoholynut said

    Hi All

    Any idea if mio C230 has any map updates and where to find them? Also if I do not like the unlocked version can i reset them back to original? I have seen so many cool stuff of the C230 unlocked that I must try hehehe

  14. c230 said

    Instructions are there to reset the unit back to the original configuration. As far as map updates, it looks like we’re pretty much stuck in 2007, unless you use different GPS software.

  15. leoholynut said

    I am using an Asian GPS. Not sure whether this will work…

    Could I find out whether its possible to use Garmin maps in Mio… any idea?

  16. leoholynut said

    BTW which is the latest file I can download to my MIO? Is it self extracting?

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