Unlocking the Mio C230 – Version 3.6 with Storage Memory Enhancer & Route, Theme, Screen, Settings and Skins Management

Screen choices


The long-awaited Version 3.6 update to Ameridan’s (that’s me) Mio C230 Unlock includes many refinements since Version 3.5 was released.   Thanks go out to all who’ve contributed to this release (even if I unintentionally forgot to give credit to you), including hak for submitting the script changes for the large target street font that “sticks”, wildbill for redoing all of the icons, and tim rude for providing the new, improved Launcher program and the storage memory enhancer.

Amida’s Version 4 Unlock may indeed be easier to install (and Undo), but not having ever tried it, I will not attempt to compare the new version of my Unlock to his, other than to state that they each have their own pluses and minuses over the other, depending on your needs.   I simply like this Unlock and appreciate that I too have a loyal group of users that have encouraged me to keep updating and sharing the results.

  1. The new C230 Launcher that Tim Rude provided so that Registry settings work, Backlight and Taskbar settings behave, Windows Explorer doesn’t require special handling after a hard reset, and normally, neither a soft or hard reset are required after a USB connection of your Mio to your PC.
  2. My CAB installer package is included so that you can install compatible programs that are distributed via CAB file.
  3. Storage Memory enhancer is included so that your allocation will be 4MB, rather than the default 500KB, resulting in reliable performance since you should no longer be running out of memory.
  4. DST fixes so that you no longer need to manually set your time and date after a hard reset, if the auto-sync option is enabled in MioMap.  After a hard reset, the time may be off by one hour until the second time you have acquired a GPS signal with MioMap or BeeLine.
  5. New screens to accomodate additional programs.  Games, Tools, and Apps. along with a Screen Choices” menu that has been further refined to allow you to select a theme that will be applied to all of these desktop screens in unison.   The Clock screens remain, but the font size of the AM / PM indicators have been reduced.
  6. My BeeLineGPS package is included for straight-line navigation and Geocaching.   This is provided on a 30-day evaluation basis, so I encourage you to register your copy here if you like the program. 
  7. I’ve also included Metro,  a great non-GPS program that provides you with public transportation schedules and guides for all major cities of the world.
  8. My version of a Skins Choices” menu (based on Mike FFI’s) to manage your favorite skins saved on your SD card and be able to choose them on the fly to further personalize your C230! 
  9. A Settings Choices” menu that now allows you to choose the menu text font size and suppress upcoming cities and communities in the navigation bar.
  10. The latest version of Ameridan’s (me) C230 skin (an enhanced Mio factory skin) and my QuickSilver CarLocator skin (1.49b1) that has a “Media Player” screen built-in to play audio files from within MioMap (using TCPMP)  (and the large-font feature for target street that has been repeatedly requested) is also included..   These will be installed in the Skins folder of your SD card.    You can add your own additional favorites to this folder as well.

  11. A set of document viewers so that you’ll be able to peruse just about any common document type out there.   The set includes:  a PDF document viewer , another Image viewer, a Powerpoint presentation viewer, an Excel document viewer and a Word document viewer.

From any of the desktop screens, you’ll be able to access the ”Tools” screen, the “Games” screen, the new “Apps” screen  or your chosen “Clock” screen.   You might also choose a clock or desktop default screen and never access the others.    All served the way you like it!

The largest advantage is the ability to pre-plan upcoming vacation trips, business trips, delivery routes, etc., save those routes, and activate them at your convenience.

Games  Wink [;)]

In addition to Solitaire, Freecell, Klondike, LightsOn, Tetris, Chess, and Shift which are new in this release, the games included in Version 3.5 are all available from the Games screen.

Aquellaballis a JezzBall-like game for PocketPC.Mini View

Just draw a line with the stylus to have a vertical or horizontal line spread across the whole screen. If a ball touches the line while it is being drawn, it will be cancelled and you&ecute;ll loose alife.

Cover over 75% of the screen and make it to the next level, with 1 more ball.

 Mini ViewTest out your reflexes and Stylus control with BallBreaker !All the balls are shooting strait at you, and you just can’t touch them…   The only solution is to explode them against the grey squares…The more balls you break, the more you’ll have coming at you.

 Mini ViewCaissesis a Sokoban clone that includes 500 levels and 14 different backgrounds and themes.   The original version of Caisses is Caisses DS, a Nintendo DS homebrew coded by Kukulcan.In this game, you are a warehouse keeper, and your mission consists in arranging boxes by pushing them onto their designated locations…Boxes can be pushed, but not pulled, and the controls are simple : either point to the spot to move to with the stylus, or use the directional pad !

 Mini ViewPipes is a classic in the puzzle world.Select one of the 6 difficulty levels (actually 12 as for each you can activate wrap mode, making it MUCH harder…) and try to light up all the flowers…Turn the pipes by clicking on them, and try to bring water throughout the whole board in as little time as possible.

 Mini ViewSkinz Sudokuis a Sudoku game which combines good looks and ease of use…It offers beautiful graphs by Daydream, with 4 different skins depending on the difficulty level.
The game’s particularity is that it offers 4 different input methods for you to select from, to fit everyone’s needs…
– Wheel : Select a number from the number wheel around the tile you touched. You can also set a hint by touching one of the corners…
– Square : Same thing, but in a simplier/more compact layout…
– Bar : Select first which number to plot, and then touch the grid to put it anywhere…
– Writing : In this mode, touch a tile to have it zoom, and just write down the number you want !   You can also add small number hints at anytime, with every input method, using the top right button, or undo if you make an error…All the levels are randomly generated, so don’t expect to finish the game soon

Additional Games are available here.

Route Management

iGo 8 is reported as having this feature built-in, but I was the first to make this feature available in the C230 (with thanks to Xania for the initial work), by allowing routes to be saved and loaded by menu selection.


With the Route Management menu, you can not only preplan your routes, but by

  • Exiting
  • Saving your route with a descriptive name
  • Restarting MioMap back up again with that route still in memory or loading that route into memory at a later time
  • Using the Edit Route screen and reversing the order of your waypoints
  • Exiting and Saving once again with a different name representing the return trip
  • – Voila – you’ve got your return trip available in the menu without inputing all of your way-points once again.

Use the GPS power button now available in the enhanced skins to temporarily turn off the GPS chip, so that when pre-planning routes not having anything to do with your present location, the Route recalculation will not mess you up your itinerary.

The Ameridan skin (included) for the C230 includes all of the tweaks mentioned in this blog including:

  • Exit Door button needed if you are unlocking your C230.
  • Revised start screen identifying the source of the modified file.
  • Export Track button allowing you to export the track log into a gpx file directly.
  • Easy Route option described here.
  • GPS Screen with the globe rotated such that North America is proudly shownand the GPS Power button needed for uninterrupted general map viewing and Route preplanning without Auto Route Recalculation kicking in.

Starting with Version 3.3, the menu script creates automatic  entries to the SYS.TXT file needed for this menu to function. You no longer need to run through the setup process prior to using the menu.

I’ve gone through a lot of coffee again on this release ( the best one yet! ) and if you are pleased with the results and haven’t already done so, kindly consider a small donation to my coffee fund.


Oh, and don’t forget to check out my Mio-C230 StickiNotes in the right column where blog items and other tidbits readers provide will be easy to find.




Unlock Version NXT-R3.6


Installation procedure

  1. Turn on C230 and connect it to the computer using a 5-pin Mini-B USB 2.0 cable (not included in the package) like this Belkin USB cable.
  2. C230 will show up as a flash drive in My Computer as Mio Device. Mine is assigned as F drive. I’ll use F drive in the following steps. Substitute it with the actual drive letter of your system. If you have a SD card in the slot, it shows up as well – in my case as G drive.
  3. Rename the folder F:\MioMap\MioMap to F:\MioMap\MioMap2.
  4. In order not to get the message ”destination full”, you may need to free up some space on your flash disk – See Note 2.   Also, it might be a good idea to now make a backup copy of the original DATA.ZIP file in F:\MioMap\MioMap2 (as well as your Routes folder in F:\MioMap\MioMap) to your PC or Storage Card.
  5. Download MioC230_NXT_R3_6.zip
  6. USA MioC230 users – The enhanced C230 skin as well as Version 1.49 of the Quicksilver CarLocator skin are included in the download.   Owners of the European C230, please review this page and Note 4, before Unlocking for information on using this Unlock on your units. You can modify your DATA.ZIP file yourself – See Note 3.
  7. Extract the files from your Unlock download and find the three folders MioMap,  Script,  and Storage Card folders. 
  8. Copy MioMap to F:\MioMap\ and copy Script to F:\ as in the screenshot. Don’t speed through this step – it’s got to be done as described!
  9. Copy the five folders within Storage Card folders which are: BeeLineGPS, Metro, Skins, uBook and Games to the root of your SD card.   If you backed up your Routes, copy them back into  F:\MioMap\MioMap\Routes.
  10. If you would rather use the “iPhone-look” icons without the English sub-text, then replace the icons in  \My Flash Disk\Script\Icons  with alternate icons, some of which are available here and within the comments for the Version 3.4 Blog.
  11. Disconnect Mio C230 and do a hard reset by sliding the switch on the rear of your C230 to OFF and back to ON again.
  12. After calibrating the touch screen, the initial Unlock script will automatically run AUTOPATCHER (no menu selection necessary), soft reset and present you with a desktop screen.   It is important that you select a skin that has an Exit button before launching MioMap, so go into the MioMap Management Menu (first large icon in top left corner) and choose an enhanced MioMap skin (Ameridan C230 is suggested initially), unless you are manually modifying DATA.ZIP per Note 3 below because you are unlocking a MioC230 that isn’t the USA or Canada version.    

Note 1: If you wish to undo the enhancements and return the Mio C230 back to factory condition:

  1. Turn on C230 and connect it to the computer using a USB cable.
  2. Rename the folder F:\MioMap\MioMap to F:\MioMap\MioMap3 (or delete) and rename the folder F:\MioMap\MioMap2 to F:\MioMap\MioMap
  3. Copy back any map files you may have deleted or moved to your SD card and restore your DATA.ZIP file.   The SYS.TXT file shouldn’t need to be restored.
  4. Disconnect the cable and hard reset C230 using the switch on the back of the unit.

Note 2: In order not to get the message “destination full”, you’ll need to free up some space on your flash disk by moving at-least 12MB of map files to your SD card by creating a MioMap folder and within that folder a maps folder so that the path appears as G:\MioMap\maps. Choose a combination of map file(s) you’re not accessing every day (in case your SD card isn’t always inserted) from F:\MioMap\MioMap2\maps and move them to the maps folder on your SD card. MioMap will see them after a hard reset as if nothing happened. Or you could delete them (or copy to your PC) if you choose not to use a SD card at this time, since it’s easy to explore your MioMap DVD and copy them back to the original folder or a SD card later, if needed.

Note 3: Instructions to modify your DATA.ZIP file yourself (from Amida’s Hack #2). 
[Not normally applicable for US and Canada units any longer, because Skins Management will allow you to choose Skins that already incorporate the needed revisions]

  1. Make a backup of your original DATA.ZIP file. The file is F:\MioMap\MioMap2\DATA.ZIP .
  2. Unzip the original DATA.ZIP to your local hard drive.
  3. Edit the file mio\common\ui\default_setup.ui in the uncompressed files.
  4. Find the following line and delete it. Note that this is for C230 only. You might need to edit/delete other line for other models.
    runif vDeviceType “MIOC230″ ‘btn_exit_app.hide’
  5. Compress the files back into DATA.ZIP again.
  6. Copy the DATA.ZIP from step 6 to the F:\MioMap\MioMap2\ directory.
  7. If you get a ctype.dat error as has happened with some users, either try again or download the file instead. When it comes to zipping the file back up, it has been learned that WinZip version 11 (10 is OK though) is not compatible with MioMap. I use WinRAR and I choose “best” compression but I’m not sure if that really matters.

Note 4:  A modified version of my autopatcher.mscr file is available here (simply copy over the original file in your MioMap folder) http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?dioqutml3ji   that will eliminate the loud Windows startup sounds.

The first (quiet) windows startup sound after a hard reset can’t be changed, but the subsequent loud ones will no longer occur during the second bootup and after soft resets.

For now, please refer to the Version 3.5 instructions here (which shouldn’t be too much different), as well as the Metro guide here, and the CarLocator manual here.


  1. c230 said

    For those having exit issues with Tetris, I’ve found that the taskbar is interfering. If you add these 2 lines into tetris.mscr just before Rotate 90, you should be all set. This will force the taskbar to disappear. If you use the copy and paste method, retype the quotes ( ” ) manually, as they get messed up in these postings.

    Run( “My Flash Disk\Script\ShowTaskbar.exe” )
    Run( “My Flash Disk\Script\Taskbar.exe” )

    This may help out in other programs that seem to be missing their menu bar as well.

  2. Henry said

    Hi… how are you? Please tell me:
    Its possible install Pocket Stars (http://www.nomadelectronics.com/) in Mio C230? If yes, how???
    Thanks for your Version 3.6. Its great!

  3. c230 said


    My trials thus far haven’t been successful. The website never mentions compatibility with Windows CE, only Windows Mobile. I would register on Amida”s site @ http://kombitz.com/forum/index.php?board=2.0 and ask him to try it with his Version 4.1 though

  4. Steve Rappaport said

    The unlock works great, but I’m having difficulty exiting from some of the games, like Tetris. The only way I can is to do a hard reset. Is there an easier way? Thanks!

  5. c230 said


    See the first comment above.

  6. John said

    Is anyone else having issues with dynamic volume? I lost it around the same time I started using this unlock and front end and attributed it to something else that I couldn’t track down…

    But I have recently installed igo8 on my 230 to tinker with and despite running totally off a mem car it has the same issue… dynamic volume doesn’t work. It makes me think the launcher somehow overrides volume control and igo can’t change it as needs be…

    So has anyone else come across this?

  7. c230 said


    Afraid I don’t know the answer without trying it out, as I always want full volume to make up for my Rock’nRoll hearing loss. I do know that my Unlock cranks up the volume to 200 (out of 255) for programs other than MioMap, which is controlled on it’s own and that I am not aware of any other manipulation of the volume.

  8. John said

    Thanks for the reply. Maybe it didn’t have to do with the loader either. But at this point it would almost seem that its a hardware failure or something as 2 versions of igo fully located in different spots have the same issue… I just can’t fathom how that might come about.

    Oh well… I keep searching!

  9. c230 said


    Do you notice whether the behavior is only with the Quicksilver CarLocator skin, or also with the Ameridan C230 skin (which is just the factory skin with a few tweaks like the Exit door,etc. added)?

  10. Ari said

    Great to see that this site is still going strong and helping people out. Meanwhile I’ve sold my C230 and gotten a Nuvi 650. Keep up the good work Ameridan!

  11. c230 said

    Thank you Ari,

    I got another toy recently as well, a Fujitsu LOOX N560 that has a 640×480 VGA screen, GPS Sirf III, WiFi, Bluetooth, and runs on Windows Mobile 5.

    GPSimply runs on it. Seems superior to Mio C230, except that the audio speaker isn’t very powerful for TTS, though I could pump it out the stereo audio or Bluetooth. I think I’ll stay with the Mio for now, but for Internet browsing on the go, it “Loox” like the Loox will be my choice.

    Bought a woodturning lathe over the weekend, so I’ve got another hobby as well.

  12. Dude!

    I let my machine go for a while with the what…3.4?, and I stop by to find you have a whole NEW package available since 3.5, COOL!
    (I need to stay in touch here, obviously!)

    Wow! Very nice work.
    I just finished setting everything up and it works VERY well.

    -and is it just me, or is my Mio acquiring a sat signal faster now?
    (probably just me)

    That coffee is probably getting cold after all this time too…

  13. Looks like the only thing I need help with is bringing up the TCPMP screen within MioMap using Ameridan’s skin.

    How do I do that?

  14. c230 said


    I thank you very much for both forms of support!!

    The acquisition time probably wasn’t actually improved – it is quicker at certain times of the day, especially if you’ve recently been using the GPS such that it can predict which satellites should be available.

    The CarLocator skin that came with your Ver 3.6 package should bring up TCPMP. The easiest method would be to bring up TCPMP prior to launching MioMap and setting up your playlist, Save it, and then hitting Play. Then launch MioMap and click on the Media Player button, and you should be good to go. That playlist will remain in place until you do a hard reset.

  15. Ahh wrong skin! Thanks!
    I was aware of the multitasking trick. That works quite well, and is probably the easiest, as you say.

    I’ve had a little more time to tinker and I’m still really impressed with the new package.
    Very snappy operating and slick looking all the way through.

    EVERY GPS should be this well featured and cool.
    What better excuse to have it with you all the time?

    I was already carrying mine daily. This is just gravy for the goose!

  16. Dan said

    How do you get the view of files shown in step 8 of “Unlock Version NXT-R3.6”? I am running xp home edition.

  17. c230 said


    Copy MioMap to F:\MioMap\ and copy Script to F:\ as in the screenshot. Don’t speed through this step – it’s got to be done as described!

    only refers to the structure of the files. Actually, the screenshot is courtesy of Amida and I think he might have been using CE emulator or another File Manager for that frame.

    – Dan (c230)

  18. Dan said

    Staples is selling these at $150.00 here

  19. Just wondering…
    Can this stuff be done with the Mio Moov 200 or 300?

    Not that I’m ditching my C230 anytime soon, they just seem very similar, and that wide screen on the 300 might make for some nice video watching!

  20. strider_mt2k said

    Good ghod.
    After a little reading I retract my question above.
    It might not be worth it.

    Sure does make me appreciate how well things work on my C230.

    BTW, I noticed a map update is available from Radio Schmack.

    The one review isn’t glowing, but at least it’s out there.
    I’ll just wait a bit to try and get it cheaper. 😉

  21. strider_mt2k said

    (Wish I could edit)

    Looks like they have the c320 update shown on the picture. :\

  22. f6ggy said

    Sorry for my bad english, this mail is translate by google
    Good morning
    Bravo for this script, it takes place without problem
    on a MIO C 250, and I have two questions:
    1 – A reset each time s’incremente of 1H (ex: it is 12:10 it will be reset after 13H10 Why?
    2 – windocsCE of MIOC250 is not complete and lacks most explorer windows and installing CAB files In your opinion yat (a solution to run word, so thank you ..

    best regards.

  23. c230 said


    I too wonder if that is a “typo” on Radio Shack’s site, especially when an update is unavailable anywhere else for the C230 as far as I’m aware.

  24. Vater Araignee said

    The map update is legit, I found it more places than the afore mentioned rip off store.
    On to me, I know nothing about hand held other then I did your soft mod the day after I got my c230 and it went flawless.
    The reason I did it was because of BeeLineGPS.
    Now having plenty of time to do geo caching with this unit using both Beeline and MioMap. So far concerning geocaching MioMap is the winner when it comes to finding but after investigating I see that Beeline can do better if some issues are resolved.
    1. Needs a joystick emulator or soft joystick or what ever it is called, because if I’m within 300 feet of my target I cant zoom in to get a better idea of its relative location.
    2. How do I force it to update location as fast as MioMap does? If I could get it to do that then I could just use the compass. I tried “Autodetect GPS” to try forcing an update but if I where to lay the receiver down and autodetect 20 times I get 20 different headings and distances to waypoint.

    So right now I’m using Miomaps to get me there and then switching to Beeline to log the find so I am using less paper.

    And thanks for the great softmod! More questions coming soon.

  25. c230 said


    Apparently the map update takes you from 2007.1 to 2007.7, which is sometimes disputed as being an upgrade. I thought we were talking about some 2008 update.

    Thank you for your complements. I’m not sure what your question #2 is though. Are you saying that autodetect zeroes in on a setting other than COM2 at 38400 baud? If so, change your autopatcher.mscr to match your settings (perhaps your baud setting is 9600) so that you won’t have to force the GPS port detection in BeeLine.

    # Initialize BeeLineGPS
    RegWriteDword (“HKCU” , “Software\VGPS\BeeLineGPS\Serial Port Commmunications” , “Auto Reconnect” , 1)
    RegWriteDword (“HKCU” , “Software\VGPS\BeeLineGPS\Serial Port Commmunications” , “Baud” , 38400)
    RegWriteDword (“HKCU” , “Software\VGPS\BeeLineGPS\Serial Port Commmunications” , “”Port” , 2)
    RegWriteDword (“HKCU” , “Software\VGPS\BeeLineGPS\Settings” , “NoDisclaimer”, 1)
    RegWriteDword (“HKCU” , “Software\VGPS\BeeLineGPS\Settings” , “First Time Communication Setup” , 0)
    RegWriteDword (“HKCU” , “Software\VGPS\BeeLineGPS\Settings” , “NoDisclaimer” , 1)
    RegWriteString (“HKCU” , “Software\VGPS\BeeLineGPS\Settings” , “AppDir” , “\Storage Card\BeeLineGPS” )
    RegWriteString (“HKCU” , “Software\VGPS\BeeLineGPS\Settings” , “Database File” , “\Storage Card\Tracks\waypoints.wpt” )
    RegWriteString (“HKLM” , “SOFTWARE\Apps\VisualGPS – BeeLineGPS” , “InstlDir” , “\Storage Card\BeeLineGPS” )
    RegWriteString (“HKLM” , “SOFTWARE\Apps\VisualGPS – BeeLineGPS” , “InstallDir” , “\Storage Card\BeeLineGPS” )
    RegWriteString (“HKLM” , “SOFTWARE\Apps\VisualGPS – BeeLineGPS” , “CmdFile” , “\Storage Card\BeeLineGPS\VisualGPS – BeeLineGPS.DAT” )
    RegWriteString (“HKLM” , “SOFTWARE\Apps\VisualGPS – BeeLineGPS” , “ShellExecuteEx” , “””\Storage Card\uBook\uBook.exe”” “”%1″”” )

  26. Wild Bill said


    For directions on using BeeLine’s zoom in feature see cWest post of April 29, 2008 in the April archives under the BeeLine section. It’s a little awkward but you can zoom to 12.9 feet.

  27. Vater Araignee said

    Wild Bill,

    Thanks for the info, worked like a charm!


    I just dawned on me that the zoom factor may have been my problem, at 1289.9′ I’m not going to see a positional update (a position update was what I was trying to force) as often, but I’m going back out into the field today and I will know for sure.
    If my problem has not been resolved I’ll be sure to be as detailed as possible.

    Very appreciative,
    Vater Araignee

    P.S. any recommendations on a cheap antenna for the c230?

  28. c230 said

    This is the antenna I recommend. It has to hava a MMCX connector.

    external antenna for C230

  29. Vater Araignee said

    Thanks for that info, what does MMCX stand for? I might want to try making a Helix Antenna to wear on my head, 🙂
    Now that I know how to zoom I have been practically tripping over caches.

    I also field tested a rechargeable battery pack. Very easy to make.
    I made a battery case to hold 10 NI-MH 1.25v D cells and connected a socket from a car socket splitter. I was out a good 6 hours with the back light at full and playing the occasional mp3 when I wasn’t getting on to the kids. I don’t have a clue how long I could have gone but when I disconnected after getting back to the car I was at 100% charge on the internal.

  30. Paul said

    I have loaded the 3.6 unlock on my Mio, I get the first screen indicating that the mio is unlocking and then it restarts. When the unit restarts it goes to a bank screen. I can tap on the screen and hear the taps but no icons or desk top. Does anybody have any ideas?

  31. c230 said

    Sounds like Step 8 needs to be redone correctly if it can’t find anything in the Scripts folder.

    [from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia]
    MMCX connectors are coaxial RF connectors developed in the 1990s . They are similar to MCX but smaller. MMCX connectors conform to the European CECC 22 000 specification.

  32. Paul said


    I checked that my scripts folder in in the correct directory, under the mio device I have scripts folder, miomaps folder and under the miomaps folder I have miomaps folder and miomaps2 folder.

    Any idea where else it could be getting hung up?

  33. c230 said


    Sorry it isn’t working, and I don’t know what to suggest, but I feel pretty confident that the package has no bugs, as it came off my unit and others have successfully installed with no issues. One other suggestion – move one more map file to your SD card and reload all of the files again. Perhaps there wasn’t quite enough room for everything on your Flash Disk.

  34. Vater Araignee said


    I too messed up on my first attempt, rather then attempt to figure out what I did wrong (a good admin always assumes it is the users fault first) I completely wiped and restored MioMaps from the CD.
    The next thing I did was to delete every map except Michigan and then followed the instructions for the soft mod. Bingo it worked!
    My next step was to make a complete backup of the flash drive.
    Then I went to Biglots and picked up a 1gig sd card and proceeded to hack my way through configuring and balance.
    If I ever need maps other than Michigan I’ll load them on a card.

  35. Gary said

    I was wondering if their was any plans for a Lite Version, like 3.3 lite


  36. c230 said


    https://c230.wordpress.com/2007/12/30/unlocking-the-mio-c230-version-33-lite/ is the LITE version I released late last year. I think you’re asking if there is a newer LITE version. SInce other apps aren’t typically run in the LITE version, I didn’t see much need to update. If you substitute the Routes.mscr from my Version 3.6, you’d pretty much be there. Also you could copy the Skins folder in the Storage Card folders section to your Storage Card if you’re interested in changing the MioMap skins.

  37. sowhoe said

    Is there an SD installation version (aka mio brick proof) available?

  38. c230 said

    Not for my Unlock, but amida’s got one at http://www.kombitz.com/2008/05/06/how-to-unlock-mio-c230-release-41/

  39. IKE said

    first and foremost : what an amazing job you are doing !!!!
    really, thanks!
    what do i need to do if i am not using an sd card ( for example games wont work ) ??
    any other modifications ( like changing paths etc’ ?)
    thanks again

  40. c230 said


    Thanks for the kind words. Off the top of my head, as to not using a SD card with this release as packaged, you may not have all the USA and Canada maps available, BeeLIneGPS won’t work, most Games won’t work, Metro won’t work, no uBook viewer, and the Skin Changer with a selection of MioMap skins won’t work. You may not have enough room for many audio/MP3 and movie files either.

  41. Vater Araignee said

    OK, it has been some time and I have been trying to figure out things on my own.
    Now I have to admit I need to be pointed toward a tutorial on installing extra programs. I would like to try out wheigo or how ever it is spelled and check out the Beta version of BeeLine.

  42. Once you’ve seen how great TCMP works you’re going to want a large memory card for storing music and movies.

    My C230 is the coolest little personal media player I’ve ever owned!
    I recommend an 8GB Class 6 card, as they are becoming less expensive almost daily.
    I’m almost ready to get another one at this point.

  43. John said


    In the past weeks I’ve noticed the restarts itself with fatal error. This happens when there are 4 or 5 recalculations to the current route.

    I set a route using “Find Location” from home menu. Then while travelling through the route if I drive off the route couple of times (4 some times 5) and let the system recalculates itself, then after a while the unit restarts.

    I am using the 12M POI map files. Could this be a problem?

    Thanks for your help.

  44. c230 said


    I just got back from Chicago last week and I had the same annoying reboots, but I’m going to propose a different theory.

    I was fine for hours until I got close to the city along the Ryan Ford Xway which runs parallel to the Metra RR tracks, when the reboots kept occurring (and since I stayed on the proposed route, there were no recalculations occurring). Thinking that the unit was getting hot or undergoing a memory issue, I did hard resets and switched from the CarLocator skin to the factory skin, which happened to coincide to the timeframe where I got on 55 away from the city.

    So I thought those might be the reason(s). When I was in the same area going home however, the reboots reoccurred leading me to believe that the problem was EMI related instead (electomagnetic interference) from the strong cellular signals or other electrical energy in the air (the shield around the processor may be insufficient in metro areas). So having regained confidence in the CarLocator skin (my favorite), I swapped back to it, and sure enough as I got on I-90 towards Indianna, the reboots stopped for the rest of the trip home (5 hours).

    I don’t think the problem is related to your maps / software / skins / recalculations, but rather EMC interference. Were you close to a lot of cell towers or antennas at the time?

  45. Brad said

    I have been having the same rebooting (fatal error) problem. I am also using the 12 M POI maps. The rebooting tends to happen when recalculating route, but has also happened several times when just driving on the route. I live and drive quite a bit in rural areas without any EMI interference and still encounter the same problem. I have tried reinstalling everything again still with the 12M POI maps and have had the same problem. I also made sure I had freed up plenty of the internal memory, thinking that might be the problem. I hate to loose the 12M POI maps, but fear that me be the problem.


  46. c230 said


    I only experienced this in Illinois, and in my case, that map is the original 1M POI version, so I still maintain that it is not the map file. I was thinking that perhaps if it is processing too may POIs, the burden is causing the reboot, but you are experiencing this in rural areas, so again, it is a tough issue to pin down. I’m sticking to my theory for now, but will sway to a better theory or explanation if I come across one. 🙂

    The main point though is that I’m of the opinion that a C230 right out of the box will reboot under the same conditions, but you don’t hear the windows startup sound and don’t have to invoke MioMap from the desktop menu – it just reboots and resumes into MioMap directly.

  47. Ilan said

    First congrats on the unlock it works great. My question is on adding additional maps for use. I have also a Mio 310x works great with Canada and many European countries maps and keyboards.

    I added some of the maps and I get a message when i turn on the MioMap gps that some of my maps are locked…how do I open those maps too?


  48. c230 said


    Thank you for your complements. Regarding the unlocking of maps – that discussion is forbidden in this (and most other) forum(s).

  49. Vivek said


    Excellent work! I installed your unlock utility and it is great – flawless.

    One small problem, I cannot exit from tetris game. I tried your solution in the first comment, but still no menu bar on the bottom for exiting. Same problem with the calculator app. Any idea?

  50. c230 said


    If typed exactly as I stated, it should work (don’t copy and paste). The calculator has an exit button in the about screen (not typical windows style, I know).


  51. death_eater said

    I just wished to thank you for your hard work on this unlock. When I have the resources I fully intend to make a small donation to your coffee fund. I sincerely hope you will continue development of this unlock, as I have found it an essential ingredient to the usage of the c230. Best wishes.


  52. c230 said


    Thank you for your appreciative thoughts. And others like Tim Rude and WIld Bill are also continuing development and adding to the great unlock as well.

  53. death_eater said

    I hope you will include the next latest and greatest version of Beeline GPS when you do release an update. I found it very useful for not only Geocaching, but other activities such as hiking. I purchased a license for it, and am grateful for your inclusion of this program on the C230.



  54. Smill said

    I installed this package in my Mio C220 and I have the same result of Paul: the screen is all black, but I can listen when I tag the screen.

    The USB connection is not working, so I can’t correct any file at this moment. Can someone help me? I’m afraid that I just lost my C220.


  55. c230 said

    Although the older versions were originally tweaked from the C220 Unlock package, this latest version is specifically for the C230, as stated in the blog. You should be able to restore your unit though using the DVD that came with your unit.

  56. Smill said

    For my happiness, I make the USB work and restored the original configuration.

    Thank you.

  57. Warren said

    Maybe I’m just a noob, but I’m not sure I truly understand your installation instructions. You say to rename F:\MioMap\MioMap to F:\MioMap\MioMap2. If this is done, there would no longer be F:\MioMap\MioMap. But that folder is shown in your screen shot, and you mention backing up and restoring the Routes from F:\MioMap\Miomap. But there is no F:\MioMap\MioMap anymore, right?

    Is it me?

  58. c230 said

    In order to do Step 8, you’ve got to do Step 3. If the instructions are followed, the Unlock process will go smoothly and work perfectly. The few individuals that have reported problems are trying to rethink / shortcut the instructions and copy the contents of my MioMap folder into the existing folder of the same name, and THIS WILL NOT WORK!

    So Warren, I commend you for atleast taking the time to clarify before proceeding. Step 8 recreates F:\MioMap\MioMap.

    You see, the program is hard coded into your C230, and what you are doing is pointing to the Unlock scripts instead of the MioMap program. Then if we want to run the actual MioMap program we have a new shortcut to it in the relocated MioMap2 folder.

  59. Mtran1978 said

    Mio c230 and iGo8/OCN8

    Every time I hit the power button when running iGo8 the device turns off and when I hit it again it restarts the device and goes back to the “Desktop” this only happens when I use iGo8. MioMap, games and other apps work fine. i.e. Power button puts device in “sleep” mode, hit power again and map,games,apps wake up. I have iGo8 on an SD Card Thanks in Advance for any help.

  60. gchen9 said

    I have tested the “easy” option several times. It gave the hardest way, more turns. And the roads is narrow, more slower. One time, It make me crazy.

    Anyway to set less turns and broad road?

  61. c230 said

    The algorithms don’t always behave as expected, and none of the skin changes have altered them either. All I can suggest is to review the results of the four routing methods and decide which one you like the best.

    Sounds like “fastest” might give you the favored results.

  62. Brad said

    Not sure if this question has been asked. Since the time change from daylight savings time in EST, the estimated time of arrival on any route I set is an hour later. The actual current clock is correct, but the routes estimated clock time is an hour later than it should be. Is there any update or a way to fix this? Thanks so much for your help!

  63. c230 said

    If you are using my Unlock Brad, you shouldn’t be experiencing the incorrect calculation unless you are in another time zone and have just adjusted the time to fudge your way out of proper configuration. I’ve verified that my unit behaves properly even with automatic time configuration (after a hard reset, you have to run Miomap, await GPS signal acquisition, exit the program, and run it once again – then all should be fine until you hard reset the unit).

    Hope this helps…

  64. Vipersport said

    Firstly, great job on the hack!

    I do over 1000 miles a week in my van, and having the opportunity to watch a film on my Mio (when I’m on a break!) is FANTASTIC! 🙂

    I’ve loaded the 3.5 version onto my EU Mio (which took some tweaking – had to use the c230 skin, ‘cos any others cause the Mio to hang up) now I would like to update to this newer version.
    Is there an easy way of just adding on the new features, or will I need to re-format and start over?
    Reason I’m asking is that I had to mess about quite a lot with the DATA.ZIP file, and I can’t really remember what I did!!
    Can I just save the DATA.ZIP file from the 3.5 version, and add it into the new 3.6 folder?
    Also, when I call up the “Settings”, I get “Cannot find ‘MioUtility’ (or one of its components). Make sure the path and filename are correct…”
    Where, and how, do I fix this?

    -Can’t update the speedcams either since the update (using the Speedcams update site that comes with the Mio) device is now unrecognised as being connected to the PC, but only when using the cams utility
    -Originally, while on the move, the camera details were displayed on the screen (speed limit, distance to camera) Now this is gone.

    Sorry for all the questions, I’m still a nOOb when it comes to script editing and stuff 😉

  65. c230 said


    Thank you for the feedback. First of all, let me call attention to the blog page just for EU units https://c230.wordpress.com/unlocking-the-eu-mio-c230-and-the-mio-c230s/ that addresses the MioUtility issue. It also advises that you not replace the data.zip for the reasons you mention.

    Also read the comments on that blog page to see if they help you out. To answer your other question, you can keep your customized data.zip with my newer Unlock – you may wish to refrain from switching skins though.


  66. Danai said

    My Mio C230 (Asia) ROM windows CE in the
    f:/ not have Miomap how can i do and how can i unlock my Mio
    Please help

  67. c230 said


    You’ll have to find an Unlock aimed at the Asia model, or initiate your own using the logic discussed in my initial blog pages.

    Good luck!

  68. daveyboy said

    i am using an older version 3.4 i think. i want to upgrade to this newest one and am wondering whats the best way to do it. should i delete the contents of the folders(miomap and script) on my memory card. or should i start from scratch and format the card?

  69. c230 said


    You shouldn’t need to reformat or delete files; simply follow the directions and the newer files will replace the older.


  70. Hey folks!

    Any plans for a 3.7 update?
    I’ve tried a couple of other unlock packages out there, but I’m re-installing yours right now.
    It gives me exactly what I want and nothing I don’t.

    -of course that doesn’t stop me from asking about developments… 😀

  71. c230 said

    Thanks for the complement!!

    Since 3.6 gives me exactly what I want too, I probably won’t be revising the Unlock. Of course if someone shares some new developments that improve further, then I’ll reconsider.

  72. Happy Holidays!

  73. c230 said

    Yes, Happy Holidays to all of the C230 Blog readers out there! I envision that a good many received a C230 for Christmas this year (not as many as last year though) and will find their way to this Blog.

  74. Tanveer Singh said

    All I can say is Yay!
    I do not own a c230 yet(or any car GPS for that matter), and It was wondering what to buy, and your page has answered my questions.
    I was going to get a no name brand chinese unlocked 80$ thingy, but I guess that won’t be needed.
    Why is mio looking so good?
    Well reason is simple. I am a openstreetmap contributor and user, and I wanted a windows CE PND which could run gosmore etc.,
    I stay in India, and most probably I will be using OSM maps.

    by unlocking this device, I can run any software I want… right?
    So on one SD card I can have gosmore with maps, on another I can have oziexplorer… and so on….

    Do let me know if my thoughts are correct.
    I presume I can keep on saving tracklog as long as I do not run out of disk space on SD card, is it true?
    What is the update interval. Is there an auto option so that I do not save tracklog when I am stationary?

  75. Dudes and dudettes.

    I ordered an upgrade to my C230 today -a Garmin Nuvi 720.

    I’m going to be passing my modified C230 on to my nephew, who does a lot of driving and appreciates this kind of thing otherwise.

    Doing this pretty much ends my reason for keeping up with this site, but I’ve kept the link and will pass it along to any and all interested.

    Thank you a final time for all the really great work you’ve all done to make a so-so GPS really shine as a multiple use device and for giving me a chance to share my opinions and experiences over the last year or two.

    I wish you all the best! 😀

    Michael Thompson

  76. c230 said

    strider (Mike),

    Thank you for your involvement as well! I’m sticking with the C230 for awhile yet because I’m currently a casual GPS user and it fits my needs. This blog is no longer the full-time “job” it was a year ago, but I still enjoy the fruits of OUR endeavors.

  77. earthtonegirl said

    I bought a c230 for my mom, but found it much too clunky for her to figure out (even *I* had trouble) – I ended up swapping her for a new Garmin. That gives me a c230 to play with, and i finally got around to unlocking it.

    The one thing is the startup sound is REALLY loud, and it sounds twice before I can access the volume control. Having NO idea what I’m doing, I couldn’t figure out anywhere to change the default volume in the files. Is there a way I can change the startup volume? If not, maybe I could switch out the sound file with something else?

  78. c230 said


    The volume setting you are looking for is covered in https://c230.wordpress.com/unlocked-volume-and-backlighting-settings/

    The Unlock script presets the default desktop volume to HI in the Unlock script. If you find that is too loud you can lower the volume setting in the script.mscr file. Here is the format:

    SetVolume (value ) where value is from 0 (off) to 255 (loudest).

  79. earthtonegirl said

    Yeah, I tried that. It seems to change the volume only after bootup. Is that the way the script works? (sorry, i really AM a n00b.) My problem here is that I’m mostly using this thing as a gaming device on the bus – and when it starts up, the noise draws a lot of attention from my fellow commuters 😉 I thought maybe I could just remove or replace the sound files but I’m not sure what kind of file I’m looking for – the only wav files i found weren’t the ones.

    And, many thanks for all your work on this – it’s really cool!

  80. c230 said


    You can’t remove the startup.wav file, because it’s in the Windows folder which is “locked”, but one question arises – if you have things set up properly, you should rarely have to reset your unit. You do not need to use the switch on the rear of the unit unless you want to conserve battery drain when the unit will be unused for a few days.

    That being said, I must say that when driving in certain parts of Chicago, the GPS (which must not be shielded very well as I suspect strong RF overloads the chip) soft resets itself and the LOUD startup sound was rather annoying. So after spending a couple of hours on this – I did come up with a fix and I must say it is a BIG improvement.

    Here comes the plug 🙂 – If you buy me a $5 cup of coffee (see link at the top) I’ll upload the revised autopatcher.mscr file that will address your issue (assuming you are using version 3.6).


  81. earthtonegirl said

    Haha, well, I was planning on investing in some coffee, but you sweetened the deal 😉 Thanks for the help.

    I have been hard-resetting more than I should bc I haven’t taken time to make those changes that allow you to exit from a few of the game apps (the taskbar interference) – I should probably get around to that.

    i think this unlock may end up having more practical uses for me than just enabling me to play Aquella on the bus… like keeping track of which brands of food are safe for my Celiac diet, etc. For now tho, I’m just enjoying the silly games 🙂

  82. c230 said


    Thank you for the donation!!!

    As promised, here is the modified autopatcher.mscr file that you will overwrite the one found in your MioMap folder.


    The first (quiet) windows startup sound after a hard reset can’t be changed, but the subsequent loud ones will no longer occur during the second bootup and after soft resets.


  83. I just wanted to say thank you for your hard work! You are very talented. Although I am using amida’s 4.1 unlock, it was your unlock that I started with. You are right. Each version has it’s pluses and minuses in different areas. So, you have to try it out for yourself to see which you like better.

  84. c230 said

    Thanks Tien,

    Amida started the Unlock for the C230 and I learned alot from his blog too.


  85. JOE said





  86. c230 said


    Ask Amida at kombitz.com C230 Forum as that is his Unlock.

  87. Desi Dude said

    Congrats and Thanks for the amazing work, I hate companies holding hostage their products by keeping the stuff locked and complicated.

    My C230 restarts once every hour. I read somewhere this is related to memory issues, some relate it to too many recalc. Does this s/w resolve the restart/crash issue?

    I will be using the 12M POI by deleting unwated states and keeping only MA, CT, RI, NH, ME, NY, NJ. Do i absolutely need an additional SD card?

    i heard keeping map/POI on SD card makes POI search very slow, is it true?

    What size, type and brand SD card would you recommed?
    Is class 6 a must or class 4, 2 will work as well?

    -Desi Dude

  88. c230 said


    My C230 restarts once every hour. I read somewhere this is related to memory issues, some relate it to too many recalc. Does this s/w resolve the restart/crash issue?

    My experience leads me to believe that the restarts are related to heat (shield from sunlight) or strong RF interference, so I don’t anticipate that my Unlock will help in this regard.

    I will be using the 12M POI by deleting unwated states and keeping only MA, CT, RI, NH, ME, NY, NJ. Do i absolutely need an additional SD card?

    No, you may be able to get by without it

    i heard keeping map/POI on SD card makes POI search very slow, is it true?

    No, what slows down the performance is adding your own POIs manually

    What size, type and brand SD card would you recommed?
    Is class 6 a must or class 4, 2 will work as well?

    Any SD card should work. I personally use a SanDIsk 2 GB card.

    Congrats and Thanks for the amazing work.

    Thank you for the kind words.

  89. Swamperjmb said

    I am not getting on how rename and copy the files to the folders. The image that you have on you page is dead on my screen. I have downloaded the sofware and extracted all files fine, I’m just stuck on the renaming and copying the correct files to the correct places??????
    Here is where I’m stuck, there is no screenshot like as described….I’m sorry maybe I’m missing something???????

    7.Extract the files from your Unlock download and find the three folders MioMap, Script, and Storage Card folders.
    8.Copy MioMap to F:\MioMap\ and copy Script to F:\ as in the screenshot. Don’t speed through this step – it’s got to be done as described!

  90. c230 said

    Sounds like you have a non-USA version of the Mio C230, so you might want to check out this: https://c230.wordpress.com/unlocking-the-eu-mio-c230-and-the-mio-c230s/ to see if it helps you out any. If not, you may have to seek help elsewhere.

  91. Swamperjmb said

    It should be a US version. I purchased it at Circuit City in KC,MO. If I could see the screenshot that you are reffering to in step 8 “seems to be a dead link???” I could probably lick this thing………..Thanks for your help………………………

  92. Swamperjmb said

    Ok I got it. I was a little shakey at first ” kinda like a surgen in his first surgury”. Its on there now ,if I can just get it to find the sats I will be OK. Thanks, I now know what it means to copy files to there destinations.

  93. Swamperjmb said

    This software rocks!!!!! Your donation is on its way. Glad I was able to figure this out. I even read somewhere that I can use an 8Gig SD too. Thanks for the hard work and excellent software……………….

  94. c230 said

    Glad you figured it out – in your original post it sounded like you were seeing nothing like the screen shots. Thanks for the kind words. It’s good to know that the blog and downloads are still useful!!

  95. Alan said

    Hi, I use you system in a c220. It works very well, but i didi some modifications (if you allow me). But I wold like to change same icons. But all icons I try does not works. Is there a special kind of icon you use? How can I make a valid icon to use in your system? Thanks Alan

  96. c230 said


    Adding your own programs and icons

    Add any additional programs (.exe files, not .cab files) you’re interested in to the script folder, try them (try them means not only do they seem to work, but that they don’t cause any issues with the other programs, especially after a hard reset), and if you decide to keep them and want a desktop shortcut to them, add your own icon (.ico file) to the script folder and add the data to main.ini, also in the script folder.

    * Any “empty” icon(s) on the desktop screen are in fact not empty, but the icons are “dimmed” to zero (actually 1). Otherwise the go.ico would show with no program associated with it and people would complain about the error message and ask why the icon doesn’t work. I doubt that you’ll find this documented anywhere else on the web – but just change the ScaleAlpha parameter to 100, and wala, the icon will shine thru at full “brightness”. That is how I “dimmed” the two icons on the default clock desktop screen – I set the ScaleAlpha to 25. You could dim those icons to 1 if you wanted to hide them completely, but they would still function.

    X = 121
    Y = 175
    Command = \My Flash Disk\Script\(your program.exe)
    SizeNormal = 32
    SizePushed = 32
    ScaleAlpha = 1 (change to 100)
    IconNormal = \My Flash Disk\Script\(your icon file name).ico
    ScaleAlpha = 100
    IconPushed = \My Flash Disk\Script\go.ico

    As i recall, at http://fredlynx.info you’ll find an IGO BMP Tool program needed to compress the icons you develop on your own. Hope this all helps.

    ADDED 10/17/2009:
    For icons to work, they must be in 32-bit color. A specific size is not required (I have gotton several to work) although 64×64 is the best for the “iPhone look” desktop icons. This appears to be the case on your other screens (nav.ico, for example)

    I tried several icon editors to accomplish this with many failed results, until I found one called ifoFX (free.) Just make sure you create/save it as 32-bit color!


  97. jtgjr said

    Until this month Mio said there should be an update(Firmware? Maps?) to download “soon”. However, now on the website, I find no update nor any references TO an update?

    In the Mio – I find no “Routes” folder TO backup..? Did the folder go away when I deleted all the previous “routes”? Will it be “reborn” when I put in some new routes?

    Instruction #8 —

    “Copy MioMap to F:\MioMap\ and copy Script to F:\ as in the screenshot. Don’t speed through this step – it’s got to be done as described!
    miodevice.jpg” —

    There is no screen shot here — I found one on an earlier version install page – would it be “the same”?

    I’m having alot of trouble finding all the “folders”? How are they labeled? I see lots of content FROM the folders(Games, etc.), but not all the folders, themselves.

    Like: Instruction #9 “Copy the five folders within Storage Card folders which are: BeeLineGPS, Metro, Skins, uBook and Games to the root of your SD card.” — Again, I don’t see them all and have no card.

    I made 233MB Mio “free” space. When I find the stuff, can I put it in the units own memory? Where?


  98. c230 said


    I don’t have easy access to my Mio unit at the presen time, but let’s see if I can help out.

    The screen shot for Instruction #8 was from Amida’s site and is no longer available – it was a little clearer than the older shot, but not otherwise different, so I’ve pasted the older screenshot in. Yes – it is the same.

    As to the Routes folder, you can create it manually as F:\MioMap\MioMap\Routes but, yes, I think if you save a Route, it should recreate the folder.

    If you don’t follow the instructions regarding the Instruction #9 folders, then you are on your own to make the changes necessary, as the links are written with the Storage Card in mind.

  99. jtgjr said

    Excellent! Thankyou…

    Two more things(Got a chance to think about it last night.).

    1. When I unzip the download I, apparently, get ALL the “files” but no actual file folders? Just individual files – like MioMap.Exe, for instance, followed by MioMap.MSCR, then MortScript.Exe, etc. Might I have Winzip “setup” wrong – may Winzip be opening the folders and displaying all the files?

    Could I makeup my own folders FROM the files? Is there a list of which files are in which folders?

    2. If I find/makeup the folders for and insert MioMap and Script, then replace the Data.Zip folder, which of the “card” folders do I NOT need? BeeLineGPS, Metro, Skins(Skins sounds like I may need it?), uBook and Games – will I still have an “updated, more flexible” GPS? And when I get a card, can I just go back and get any of those items I want(Not worried so much about the games, for example.)?

    Thankx so much for your help!


  100. c230 said


    I just downloaded the zip to insure it worked yet and you end up with 3 folders: MioMap, Script and Storage Card folders – all with their appropriate subfolders and files. I even see the Routes subfolder with a sample route. You need to download again using a good version of WinRAR or WinZip. I wouldn’t proceed until you get your download resolved 🙂


  101. jtgjr said

    Yup! I just downloaded/installed the latest Winzip and all is well – just the 3 yellow folders with their associated + signs(Yes, I see the “Routes” folder in MioMap…)…

    So, again. Can I put the MioMap and Script folders in the GPS, replace the Zip.Data folder and be “running” or must I save my dimes for a card..? Seems like I may need that “skins” thing from the Storage Card Folders, at least?

    Thankx again,

  102. c230 said


    Yes, for the most part. A few game icons might be missing and a few other misc / menu options, but yes I think you’ll be pleased. Now that the install will be proper, you’ll know how to undo as well.

  103. Jesse T. Genevish, Jr. said

    Couldn’t stand it – Bought SDHC card(4GB SanDisk SDHC – Radio Shack $14.95). To someone my age that much memory, in that tiny chip, for that low price doesn’t even seem possible – though I know they can be acquired for even less money……

    Anyway, loaded up the stuff AND IT WORKED! Almost…

    On the “taskbar problem”(Discussed Above):

    Tetris, for example had no .mscr file at all(In it’s proper folder- I think I found it elsewhere, later…). After I made the corrections to the .mscr file from another game and got it to work I made an .mscr file for Tetris then copied/pasted the modified .mscr file into the right folder — then C/P’ed that working .mscr file into all the other games.

    Chess, which also seemed to be suffering(?). I forget what I did, if anything? Not in the games folder, did not have “the same” .mscr, so I hesitated to modify it.

    By the time I finished doing all this I was getting tired, the Mio seemed to be getting tired(Showing about 50% charge and not working well.), so I took the Mio out to the pickup truck – so I would leave it alone for awhile — and plugged it in for a good charge. Now, 24 hours later, so far all I’ve tried seems to work well! The gray bar comes up, I can click it and the options appear in the bar – and function… “X” is also showing up in some games where it did not seem to before(?), so I can “exit” from there, as well… Again, Chess seems to be working fine as well – I have no idea why…..?

    Audio files: I have no great knowledge of any Media Player, as I have no “playlists”, etc. I simply download and/or open files and play them with all the “fancy stuff” turned OFF. So, I made up a “music” folder somewhere on the SD card(I think?), pasted a .mp3 in it of my VO demo, opened media player, found my music folder, opened the file in it and it played fine on the media player – very nice!

    Clock. Confusing(Was confusing with the Mio, as well!). Tonight, running fine, correct time, etc. BTW: Clock is one of the places I could not get out of – don’t even remember a gray bar? When I find it I’ll try to get into it and see if I can get out without a HR. If not, I’ll look for an .mscr file for it..?

    So far v-e-r-y cool-o-rooni!

    Even the fixes are fun! I haven’t done this much “programming” in 30 years! NO, I’m kidding – I have done no “programming”(Ha!), but even adding the simple lines brings back memories of waiting for next months BYTE magazine to come out with the “fixes” for the basic programs the always had in them…

    Extra thoughts:

    1. Will it help(Process speed, whatever.) to dump all the maps I don’t need at the moment?

    2. I think I wish “rotate” went to being “just” a “have to look for it” menu item, somehow – instead of having it’s own icon on several screens? Not needed for me and sometimes the icon seems to disappear when I hit it and the screen rotates and I can’t get it to “un-rotate”.

    3. Some of the problems I had seem to occur when the charge goes down on the Mio? Like by 60% “things” just weren’t happening correctly – is this true? That said, will keeping it plugged into a USB cable – even just the one included with the Mio(No good for programming/communicating with the computer) – keep it charged while I am using it?

    http://www.teddygvo.com ……

  104. c230 said

    I think all of your issues were related to the insertion technique of your SD card; the unit didn’t see your card right away. Knowing that the Unlock works perfectly, you might want to start over once more. It’s best to simply leave the SD card in. You can remove a few maps for memory improvement, but performance otherwise isn’t affected.

  105. Jesse T. Genevish, Jr. said

    OK, so just delete all the add-ons, set the Mio back up to “normal” and start over – leaving the SD card “in there” the entire time.

    I think I’ll even re-download everything so as to REALLY start over…

    If all is then well, I may do the battery upgrade/phones jack mods, as well…

    I’m going to try a “chat” with Mio TS, later this morning – asking if there ever were or ever will be any firmware or map updates for the C230. I’ll post the results.


  106. c230 said

    You don’t have to re-download the file, but you get what I meant. I basically meant undoing all of the changes and mscr files you created etc., but it’s good you are learning how they function 🙂

    Regarding the USB cable, yes it should be fine for charging, even if it doesn’t work for file transfer. I think I know the outcome of your firmware update request, but try anyway, there might be a surprise.

  107. jtgjr said

    Now wait a minute – I’m confused again – sorry……?

    You are saying that – using the original download file – all of the .mscr files should be “in there” with the task bar lines, as needed? I can assure you the task bar lines were in none of the .mscr files I examined. The .mscr files, themselves, were in there, and seemed “fine” otherwise – just no taskbar lines(Except the Tetris .mscr being in another folder) AND all seem to work fine now that I have added the lines.

    Again, I ended-up just making one(1) .mscr file for all the games(For my convenience), then I deleted the originals, then C & P’ed “mine”(Named for each game) next to each game file. Sort’ve a semi-manual “batch update” for each game. Seems to work…
    Far as it goes – wouldn’t be the first bad install in my history(Ha!)…

    Again – I will try a re-install(Just to see!) and let you know. Far as re-downloading, my thought is that a re-download might simply and automatically eliminate any changes I may have made to any file without having to go over them manually – that’s all… A fresh start, as it were.

    —– Using Mio C230 with USB cable installed.

    The Mio-supplied USB cable – WHEN plugged into the Mio AND the computer USB port. charges fine, BUT I cannot USE the Mio, when plugged-in, as the “Computer/Mio Communicating” screen comes up and that’s it. Didn’t think, with no pins in it, that the Mio cable would do that – just thought it would charge and allow Mio use while it did..?

    I will try the Mio “car charger” cable in my 12V/7A battery(Here in my studio) that includes a 12V car-type port, with the Mio cable. That should charge and allow me to use the Mio just as in the car. Of course with no other computer involved, the “programming cable” should work fine just for charging, too – if just plugging it into ONLY an external 12V source..


  108. jtgjr said

    Oh, yeah…

    I think we ALL know what the result of talking to Mio about C230 updates will be…

    I am a bit miffed that Mio said there would be one, then dropped all reference from the website… Cannot argue that the C230 is “old tech” now(Things move so fast today.). The latest Magellan Map Update, for my father’s “Roadmate”, cost 50 dollars(Came in the mail on SD card) – almost more than the C230 is worth, today. The latest firmware update was 90 MB! Free but quite a download on his 512kb DSL connection…

    I’ll waste a minute for an Mio online chat, anyway…

    This is great fun for me, Dan!

    Let me know if I’m getting to silly about it and I’ll shut-up.


  109. c230 said

    OK, I understand you now. There is a small taskbar icon at the top, but as I recall Tetris was the only game that didn’t behave properly. Try the other games without modifying the mscr and I think you’ll see [OR mod the files if you wish 🙂 ]. I thought you had actually recreated the mscr files elsewhere.

    Anyways, ENJOY! 🙂

  110. jtgjr said

    There is a “SpeedCam” update for the C230 on the Ireland/UK Mio website, dated 11/10/09… Don’t know if this applies to the US version, but at least it is interesting to note some things are still being posted, supposedly, for the C230.

    There are also alot of very recent comments/questions, apparently with answers from Mio, on the IL/UK site…


  111. ernie said

    I finally figured out my problem. Your “Car Locator” program is excellent.
    I have one more request if you can help me.
    Is it possible to retain the original MioMap program and select between the two?
    Thanks Ernie

  112. ameridan said

    Yes, just select the ameridan skin – that is the original program (with the Exit button added)

  113. Nirapada said

    Hi Ameridan,
    Looks like Tim is not looking at the GPSSyncTime weblog these days, can you please look at couple of my posts on that thread and see if you can help ? I am having trouble with the time-setting with/without the GPSTimeSync feature. With your unlock [this latest one], did you test with any time zone other than “Central”, mine is Pacific and MioMap.exe [any GPS skin for that matter] do not seem to like it. Thanks much, I really appreciate your help.

  114. Nirapada said

    I just noticed your question on you are not able to charge the GPS via computer USB while using it. The trick is, keep the GPS turned off [not the hard switch, use the soft switch on top], connect it and then turn it on, you should be able to use it as you wanted, I do that all the time.

  115. ameridan said


    If you review autopatcher.mscr, you’ll see these 2 sections:

    # The following line changes the default time zone from GMT to GMT-5 (EST); if it doesn’t apply either comment it out or export your register key after manually changing the time zone and replace.
    RegWriteBinary (“HKLM” , “Time”, “TimeZoneInformation”, “2c0100004500610073007400650072006e0020005300740061006e0064006100720064002000540069006d0065000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000b00000001000200000000000000000000004500610073007400650072006e0020004400610079006c0069006700680074002000540069006d0065000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000300000002000200000000000000c4ffffff”)

    # The following line updates the 2007 DST changes for EST zone; see http://support.microsoft.com/kb/923027 for info on updating DST for other time zones.
    RegWriteBinary (“HKLM” , “Time Zones\Eastern Standard Time”, “TZI”, “2c01000000000000c4ffffff00000b0000000100020000000000000000000300000002000200000000000000”)

    If you like the way the locked Mio behaves, comment out the EST registry change, or find the correct one for your time zone. I know it’s hard to find stuff in the blog, but somewhere in an older posting I think I cover that subject 🙂

    Hope this helps.

  116. Nirapada said

    Thank you very very much for the info, I cannot wait to see it work but I have to wait until I go home this afternoon. BTW, the microsoft link has specific info for specific CE version, which version of CE are we using with Mio ?

    Another related question is then, what’s the purpose of using “GPSTimeSync” then if this itself can solve the time problem ? Is that another way to solve the time problem ? What am I a missing here ?

    Your coffee donation is on the way…..

    Thanks much,

  117. Nirapada said

    I just sent you the coffee donation you deserve [ actually you deserve lot more!!], Enjoy your coffee..

    Just curious, I have noticed that this GPS reports the speed limits which are not correct [e.g 29mph instead of 35 mph], Is it because the database is old ? I have never seen this limit on that road for last 10 years at the least. Where is this data coming from ? Mio’s database ? Is there any way to get an update for this ?

    Thanks very much for your help as always.

  118. ameridan said


    Gotta run off to work, so I’ll look into this more when I get home, but thank you very much for the donation! As I recall, I don’t use the TimeSync program – I simply start up the GPS program and the time takes care of itself in a couple of minutes and stays good until I do a hard reset. The first time is sometimes an hour off, but then that too corrects itself (DST).

  119. ameridan said

    As I suspected, the TimeSync utility is a standalone program that isn’t necessary if you use MioMap. If memory serves, he wanted to get this going for those that are bypassing MioMap to simply use the clock, geocaching, etc. instead. If you truly want to get a hold of Tim, I could email you his email address…

  120. Nirapada said

    Thanks Ameridan, I do not need Tim’s contact at this point, I am guessing the problem will be solved now. If you could, please help me clarify my doubts regarding out-of-date/incorrect data in my Mio [see my post at 12:32 PM — woh, I didn’t notice this time stamp before, which timezone is this ?].

    Thanks again.

  121. ameridan said

    Looks like WordPress time was GMT -5. I see now you can set by city, so that is fixed now with automatic DST correction. Thanx.

    Just curious, I have noticed that this GPS reports the speed limits which are not correct [e.g 29mph instead of 35 mph], Is it because the database is old ? I have never seen this limit on that road for last 10 years at the least. Where is this data coming from ? Mio’s database ? Is there any way to get an update for this ?

    The version of Tele Atlas maps that you have are pretty much it, since iGo is no longer working with Mio and they license the maps along with the MioMap software. Regarding the speed limit, you can go to this page https://c230.wordpress.com/systxt-variables-for-miomap-33/ for help in your decision to display it, but be aware that it isn’t really a speed limit (as you found out)…

    value: 0,1 – Whether to show speed limit. Adds a min/max? speed to road names, not legal speed limit, but routing speed data needed to compute routing time.

  122. Nirapada said

    Thanks much, So, there is not much luck getting an updated maps, right ?

    last one I guess: How do I know which version of CE my Mio is running ?

  123. ameridan said

    Info button > System tab = Windows CE 5.0 (on mine)

    By the way, I wouldn’t try to install the entire update in that link as
    1) it is too big
    2) it is meant for the complete Windows CE, which you don’t have in the Mio – it is a stripped down version. Just try to find the appropriate registry setting(s) for your time zone and substitute them for my EST strings.

    For what it’s worth, I just re-added the search tool for my blog(s), but I find it to be pretty lame – you’re probably better off doing a Google search 🙂

  124. nirapada said

    From the microsoft link you provided, I found the “Time Zone” entry but couldn’t find out “TimeZoneInformation” entry for GMT -8 .
    Could you please help me find out that value ?
    Thanks much,

  125. nirapada said

    I tried with the following values and the time is off by about 13 minutes, I waited for a long time [30 minutes or so], didn’t fix it. But If I connect to computer and unplug it, it is getting corrected. Wondering how/why ?

    RegWriteBinary (“HKLM” , “Time”, “TimeZoneInformation”, “e00100004500610073007400650072006e0020005300740061006e0064006100720064002000540069006d0065000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000b00000001000200000000000000000000004500610073007400650072006e0020004400610079006c0069006700680074002000540069006d0065000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000300000002000200000000000000c4ffffff”)

    RegWriteBinary (“HKLM” , “Time Zones\Pacific Standard Time”, “TZI”, “e001000000000000c4ffffff00000b0000000100020000000000000000000300000002000200000000000000”)

  126. nirapada said

    Never Mind, it is working now.

    Thanks anyways.

  127. ameridan said

    Great! Looks like you were burnin’ the midnight oil figuring that one out!

  128. nirapada said

    Hi Ameridan,

    I just noticed that Mio had a speedCam Syncing utility/update that was released 11/12/2009. Do you know if I can use it with my unlocked GPS ? If not, is there any other way around to get the update ?


  129. ameridan said

    You can, but it is probably worthless in the U.S. konbitz has the procedure on his site, but he came to the same conclusion back in 2007. In fact, it has been outlawed in several European countries, but if you try it, let us know if the 2009 update proves to be of value.

  130. nirapada said

    I had already done this but for the mio update which was released in 2009, there is no speedcam file, Mio’s tool updates the speedcam database, I was wondering if the update tool will work with unlocked device. Do you know ?


  131. ameridan said

    Yes, it would, but the speedcam file is empty for the U.S. as you found out. MioMap is pretty much as good as it will get, so if you want more features, newer maps, etc., you would have to load all new software into the unit.

    I’m just going to enjoy my unit until it seems outdated.

  132. nirapada said

    I think you missed my point. I was saying I do not find a speedcam file in the tool that was released in 2009, but that would be downloaded when I sync with that tool — I hope/guess. I am already enjoying my unlocked GPS but wanted to see if this speedcam update gives me more recent speedcam info. So, I wanted to know if this update can be run successfully on the unlocked GPS ?


  133. ameridan said

    The file you are looking for is POIUpdates.upd and as I recall we’ve had it running on an unlocked C230, but there was no data to process so we just lost interest.

    1) Create a folder: \Storage Card\Miomap\Miotc\pois
    2) Get a GPS signal and create (just for test) a new manual speedcam. Exit miomap and return to check that the new speedcam still exist.

    If you passed this point, than all you have to do is to find a POIUpdates.upd file and put it under the miotc\pois directory.

    SYS.TXT options:

    speedcam_sound=“filename” – Name of sound file from audio folder in data.zip file eg “!alert6″

  134. John said

    Hi all. Just unlocked my C230. Everything works well except for that i cannot get the actual GPS to function at all which i desperately use 100% of the time. Is there some other software that I am not aware of? Or should I simply restore the unit to factory? Any advice welcome!

  135. Gabe said

    How can I build my own car icon for the Mio C230, I did every I thought I should do to make it and it came all write the only thing is that when I replace the old icon with the new one I made after restarting the device when I clicked on the arrow to make the car appear it came up, butt with white around it. like the bitmap file i would like to remove that white but don’t know how….any HELP!

  136. Kolko said

    Is it possible to put the apps that are supposed to be on the sd card on the flash memory of the gps itself? I haven’t got an SD card, so…

  137. Kolko said

    As a complement to the post above, I’m most interested in Beeline.

    • ameridan said

      You should use a SD card, but yes you can install to flash-drive. You are on your own though, because the package has been designed with the card in mind and you’ll need to delete some maps to make room on your flashdrive.

  138. Antonio said

    Dear friend

    I try to install it in mio c320. Although i get the first screen(your mio C230 ia about to be UNLOCKED…) and restart after the restart it stuk. Using an Sd starter i check that autopathcer works well as i can see the registry changes using the regedit. With the sd starter and using file manager i run tha startup.exe file and everything works well afterwards, so should i add a string somewhere so as to begin the startup.exe ? i couldn’t find from what string you run this program.

    Thank you antonio

  139. Alex said

    A little bit offtopic, but I’m sure I can get some help around here. My Mio C230 was all of the sudden unable to get any reception. I used it on my car during a vacation, and the last time it worked fine was while walking on the street. The reception was good. I got on my car and it never got any reception anymore…Back home, using SirfTech I was able to get reception on one single satellite but never locked on it, even after a full day out in the front yard. Again I used SirfTech…only to render it useless. Now the MioMap software tells me the GPS is disconnected (orange light and exclamation mark next to satellite dish). I have tried SirfDemo, SirfTech, a full restore with the original DVD, etc. Nothing seem to work. What can I do to make it work again?

    • Alex said

      I finally solved my European C230 GPS signal problem. I was decided to let the battery drain (again) completely for a few days, to get the GPS back to its factory settings, but I tried yet another solution. I re-unlocked the MioMap using version 3.6 and launched the navigation software via the Quick Silver car locator. I used the options provided by this skin on the satellite reception screen to turn the GPS off. Then I clicked on the “GPS ON” button and “detect”. Amazingly the GPS chip started picking up satellite signals, and after a few hours sitting on the open, the GPS came back to life with full reception. I was amazed by the simplicity of this solution, after having tried specific SIrf software with no luck.

      Thanks again for this great and powerful unlocking software.

  140. Guy said

    Hey, wonderful site you got going on here!

    I have a question and it may be a stupid one but here goes: Seeing this C230 GPS uses a windows based OS, I was wondering if it was possible to hook up a USB network card to it and use it to make a wireless hot spot or extend my WIFI network any other way?

    Love the headset hack by the way!
    I Have also heard rumors of a potential microphone hack as well, any word on that?

    Thanks for all your efforts!

  141. ameridan said

    Sorry, but you won’t have any luck with attaching external devices to the USB port nor will you be able to find a microphone hack.

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