Backup and Restore of Mio C230

When you back up your Mio C230 (saves your POIs, favorites, Recent Cities and other History lists as well as your preferences within the various settings menus) within MioMap 3.3, it saves the data as iGo_backup.db in the root of your SD card so that you are able to restore your settings and data.  You might be interested to know that iGo software is the basis for MioMap, so if you find your Mio C230 manual lacking, you might find answers you’re looking for here, even though there are differences in both the software and hardware.


  1. Susan Carruthers said

    I bought a used C230—it only has maps of Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas and Maine—how do I get the rest of the US on it?

  2. c230 said


    If you got the factory DVD with the GPS, all of the maps are on there and can be copied back. Either do a full restore, or just copy the other map files you want into the maps folder.

  3. Danny Damn Dan said

    If you look at …

    … and you want USA support, that’s where you should go if your machine is iGo based. The maps, are from July 2007 and should be suitable for the C230s.

    If you have a Mio C230s, download those maps and put it in your \MioMap\maps folder.

    If there’s no folders like that on your SD card you’re downloading to… create a MioMap directory, then in the MioMap directory, make a “maps” directory.

    Download all the above maps and put it in that directory and do a cold-restart (switch in the back… toggling from off to on). No registration required or no hacks.

    The best thing about the MIO C230s is that it’s accessible as a mass storage device and even Linux users can update it manually. (Probably other Mio devices are also “done that way”). So if you’re into putting the maps into the ROM area, you can do so without the hassles of ActiveSync which competing devices like Jensen “Nav N Go” forces you to use.

    Make sure you have a 2 gig card too as these maps are detailed.

    The best part, from what I’ve seen, you don’t need to make any mods or hacks into your machine.

    Any feedback or corrections are encouraged as this is my first time in doing things and probably I just had a lucky streak. I know the machine wasn’t modified (from what I’ve seen) as it seemed to be a new unit still in the shrinkwrap box.

  4. c230 said

    Danny Dan,

    Thanks for the informative post that reiterates what I ‘ve been saying in this blog for months now. Your link will benefit Canadian C230 owners the most, as that is the version of their license.

  5. coverland said

    I don’t know how interested I am in ‘hacking’ or otherwise unlocking my MIO C230 but *would* like to know how to add POIs or update maps. I live in Washington State so pretty much would only be interested in the Pacific Northwest to begin with. Any ideas?

  6. c230 said


    The best suggestion I can offer is to search for the 2007.01 w/ 12 million POIs version of Washington’s map to replace your current map. You don’t need to unlock your unit to accomplish this upgrade, but if the links in my blog no longer work, you are on your own. Also, because these files are larger, you may have to delete some other state maps to make room or install onto a SD card instead following the procedures outlined in my blog.

    • coverland said

      Great thread and interesting link by DannyDD. Are there no maps more recent that will work? Be great to get something dated 2011 (or better) into my C230.

  7. Jim-in-Jupiter said

    I was given a Mio GPS DigiWalker. It worked perfectly find until I plugged it into my computers USB port, now I can’t get back to the main menu. The device shows transmission between the unit and computer, how can I get back to the main menu? I turned it off, that didn’t help; I also plugged it into the house current using a voltage reducer, the screen is still the same. Anyone, please help.

  8. michael g stelma sr said

    how do i download my mio digiwalker c230? i cannot get any information for mio on the computer or telephone. appreciate an answer. thank U cactus

  9. Cole said

    Hi Guys.

    I´ve lost the DVD that came with the MIO C230.

    Can someone post a link or upload an image (.iso) of that DVD ?

    Thanks a lot.


  10. eric budai said

    the unlock looks like tremendous fun. Can this be done with a Mac Powerbook ?

  11. c230 said

    Since the unlock is just manipulation of files, I don’t see why not Eric.

  12. Matt Holland said

    I was given a C230 by a friend of mine about a month ago. Actually a pretty good GPS until last week when I turned it on and it will not get past the splash screen. The manual says to “Hard” reboot if the unit freezes and I have but still wont get past the splash. I do not have a software install disk as the person that gave me the unit can not find it. If someone can help me out here I wouild be grateful.

  13. tarkan said

    I lose the sys.txt file….i need the original one.thanks…

    • c230 said

      Look on your Restore DVD. It seems to me that if that particular file is missing, it will restore itself anyways.

  14. leoholynut said

    Hi there,

    I am very keen in tweaking my C230 GPS, I am using a SEA one that comes with maps – Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia. Any idea if the “unlocking” will work.. Which is the latest zip I should install and how do I go about it??? Really appreciate it.


  15. mary larsen said

    I need to upgrade the maps on my C230. Is that possible?

  16. c230 said

    I don’t believe so.

  17. Penny King said




    • ameridan said

      I hope you’re aware that you have to touch those Xs with your stylus for screen alignment in order to proceed. (Don’t use your finger as that produces inaccurate alignment)

  18. Scott said

    Hello, I lost my DVD restore as well as the guy above. I have looked and looked for the past 2 years for the dvd or a way to get it. I have contacted mio and they do not have it anymore. Some of the files on my C230 got deleted and It will no longer work properly. Mio said they could only offer me a trade in since they dont have the dvd. It kills to to have this thing sitting here for this long and its being wasted. Since there seems to be many people who have the dvd there has be be someone that could upload the dvd as an iso. file or just upload a copy of the C230s files in a zip file that I can just put back on mine. Ive spent probably 30 hours online trying to find someone and haven’t found anything.

    Also I would like to add that it turns on but just says “Please use MAP DVD to recover the software”

    Thanks in advance for any help its greatly appreciated!

    • Ron Wells said

      I have the OEM Dvd that will restore the original maps and operating system if needed, MY GPS is broken. I would be willing sell you the DVD for $20 (including shipping) Or the dvd, the broken unit (for Parts ???), and a windshield stand in the origional box for $25 I can send a photo if you want

  19. Having trouble calibrating unit.. Seems to never end!!! Any Advice?

  20. ameridan said


    Using a stylus, rather than your finger will almost guarantee getting it right the first round. If you don’t have a stylus, and use a pencil or pen instead, be very gentle so as to not scratch your screen. Are you forgetting that you have to click the screen one last time to end the cycle (when prompted)?

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