C-Series Map Update for North America is now available!

The new North America map update for Mio C-series models (C220/S, C320, C520 and C720t) is now available! The new maps are available directly from Mio on DVD (due to the large file size). Please call Mio Customer Support at 1-866-646-4477 (Monday~Friday 9:00am~6:00pm CST) for more details. The new map update is designed around a new user interface called Mio More Express (MME).

Just got this announcement today from Mio, but it doesn’t seem to be intended for the C230 and it probably wouldn’t be compatible with the Unlock package based on the iGo software anyways.   Those of you that have been requesting map updates might be interested in this anyways, and since it is compatible with the C220, it may work with the C230, but you are on your own should you wish to try it out.

[UPDATE] Here is a  link  to details on the Map update.  It doesn’t seem to be of much use to us Mio C230 owners after all  😦


  1. Jim said

    I understand the map upgrade (and I think it includes a firmware change) is $59.99. Can anyone confirm. Mio’s “hot”line is busy.

  2. ameridan said

    After reviewing the MioBuzz group ( http://www.facebook.com/miobuzz ), it appears that you are correct Jim, and not only that, but the map are “updated” to sometime in 2008, the link doesn’t work, and it probably won’t work for the C230.

    I’m sticking with my Unlocked unit as-is until the unit truly feels outdated.

  3. ep said

    Why is there no maps for c230?

  4. ameridan said

    Because the C230 is a discontinued model based on iGo software which suddenly stopped doing business with Mio.

  5. mark haaseth said


    I admit it. I screwed up.
    I was working on putting in what i was hoping to be enhanced maps and instead. Locked maps.
    I am ok except for Illinois.
    I “accidentally” deleted that one.
    I can’t find my restore cd and I was wondering if I could either get a ISO of the cd or the Illinois file or the enhanced file or something/anything.
    I live in Michigan and get out to Chicago a good bit and this is really going to be a bugger.
    Before anyone says it, YES! I DO FEEL STUPID!

    Thank you,

    casra @ yahoo dot com

  6. ameridan said


    I sent you an email, but since you haven’t responded, I suspect you already found your solution.

    • Mark Haaseth said

      Just found your email in my spam folder.
      Will reply by email.

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