Link to current Mio-C230 Manuals

Here is a link to the most recent version of the hardware manual from Mio’s website: 

and the most recent version of the MioMap software manual:

This isn’t a Mio manual, but rather an iGo manual that may help when you can’t find your answer: 


  1. robb1 said

    On my C230 DVD ROM the MioMap v3.3 manual, in .pdf format, is a protected file that cannot be printed out! The printer icon is GREYED out! What a screw up. I wrote Mio support about this and they gave me the same link to the US Mio Map v3.2 manual for C310.

    Now what if a user bought the C230 and does not have a computer? Then they will have no device or miomap manuals. And with the Mio Map manual being print protected you can only read it on your computer. I also noticed a lot of the files on the DVD ROM are dated year 2010. To me this DVD ROM is very sloppy.

  2. c230 said

    I agree robb1. The DVD could have been a great resource tool at no additional cost to Mio, rather than a means to Restore your unit, which I hear doesn’t work properly anyways. Perhaps someone that has done a DVD restore can comment, but from what I hear, you are better off exploring the DVD and copying the files manually.

    For instance, the state map files with more POIs as well as the Canada map file (which the North America license already covers) could have been made available for those wanting to boost their units capabilities. If you do most of your driving in Michigan as an example, you’d then be able to substitute the sub-standard Michigan map file with the “enhanced” file (which used to be the standard in the C220 and other models).

  3. robb1 said

    If your license is N. America then, to me, all countries in N. America that your license covers should be included on the DVD. I live 25 miles from Canada and although I don’t go there often the Canada maps would be nice if and when I do. The enhanced maps should be on the DVD too as mentioned. As a matter of fact, I am using the enhanced Michigan maps. I don’t travel out of MI so I deleted just about every map except MI, OH, IN in my flashrom. I do have them all on SD if I want to use them I just put the SD in.

    Oh, I have the canada maps too, from a link a gracious user posted.

  4. Brandon said

    I just received one of these as a gift… your comments about adding the maps with enhanced POIs for certain states has me curious. Are there enhanced maps available for states I am likely to visit more often that I could substitute in (at the expense of deleting some other maps?

    Where would I get these and is this something I can swap out?

  5. c230 said

    If you google 2007.1 Mio maps, you should find them. I prefer not to post the link(s) as other newer versions are also available on these sites with cracked (illegal) license files to get them to function. I can not offer any assistance with these substitutions, as I have no experience with these downloads 🙂 since if a restaurant I’m looking for isn’t a POI, I can always enter the address.

  6. c230 said

    I noticed the 2010 file dates awhile back too, and thought that might be a form of modification protection, but with all the skin changing going on, I guess that isn’t why.

  7. Larry Day said

    I just purchased the C230 but havn’t received it yet. I want to print the software manual but noticed that it is the England version. Are the USA and England software manual the same? If not where can I down load the USA version? What is the difference between the C230 and the C230s?

  8. c230 said

    C230s is the smaller memory version for Canada (maybe UK too?) but as far as I know, the manuals shouldn’t be much different. Go to Mio’s site if you want to look for the USA version, but it wasn’t available when I added the link to my site. It may be now though.

  9. CD said

    The c220 manual covers things in even better detail. Most of the features are similar, but Mio cheaped-out when issuing the c230 book. I have been able to find the answers to many of my c230 questions in the c220 manual. If I can remember, I’ll send it to Dan when I get home and maybe he can post it.

  10. appleorange said

    Anyone know how to set Mio C230 POI?

  11. Larry Day said

    How do you setup multiple routes and start the route order one after the other from your courent location?

  12. Larry Day said

    anyone know how to set up muptiple routes with optimized routing on the mio c230?

  13. FRD said

    3 questions from a newbie please…US model, V3.3 Miomap, not a programmer
    1) can the C230 automatically read/use maps moved onto the SD card, and if so how do I make this happen?

    2) does the unit allow me to create some customized POI by entering the address, or some other way, and then saving these POIs into folders I created in My POI, and if so how do I do this ?

    3) are there easy ways to get POIs, like find something on Google Maps, or Google Earth, and then suck them into the unit as usuable POIs and can create a name for them type approach ?

    Thanks for the help…FRD

  14. c230 said


    All of these questions are answered in the blog, but they’re not easy to find, are they? 🙂

    1. Note 2: In order not to get the message “destination full”, you’ll need to free up some space on your flash disk by moving at-least 12MB of map files to your SD card by creating a MioMap folder and within that folder a maps folder so that the path appears as G:\MioMap\maps. Choose a combination of map file(s) you’re not accessing every day (in case your SD card isn’t always inserted) from F:\MioMap\MioMap2\maps and move them to the maps folder on your SD card. MioMap will see them after a hard reset as if nothing happened. Or you could delete them (or copy to your PC) if you choose not to use a SD card at this time, since it’s easy to explore your MioMap DVD and copy them back to the original folder or a SD card later, if needed.

    2. Yes

    3. Yes, but importing too many of them will really slow the performance of your unit. If the POI’s you are interested in are contained on the enhanced (12 Million POIs) map files, I’d recommend upgrading those files instead. See

  15. FRD said

    Great help, and yes I was afraid the answers were buried in there, prob years ago, and I could not ID them….a few more questions please, does the above mean that I should rename the internal maps folder to MioMap2 (today there is no 2 on it) or does it matter if the SD card is named MioMap2 and leave the internal file alone (except for sucking out some files to the computer, or to the SD card) ? Does it matter if I have other folders/files on the SD card…will it make it even slower, or jam it up somehow, or best to just leave it clean except for the map folders/files as u mentioned above? For the FEW special or hard to find POI that I want to dump in, since I have space now on the internal, can I just find the place (say a SMALL college, or a local store) on Google and somehow grab a “POI” file from them (how?) and insert it …this is related to my Q2 in the first post. I have read the MioMap stuff on the DVD and do not see anywhere how to do this? I did make a few folders in My POI, but how to populate them with real POI is a mystery to me…if listed somewhere that I can just read how, please direct me…thanks again.


  16. FRD said

    UPDATE…OK, I changed the SD file to straight MioMap/Maps (took off the 2) and it works fine…now fewer ?? 1) I have a downloaded file of college/univ POIs for the midwest and it looks like it is from Goog Earth with KML files and only 196K so it will fit on either the SD card (H), or the internal (G)…do I have to do anything to it so it will be read ? 2) Where should I place it , 3) how can I get it to be “found” in the My POI folder called VB Places that I created ? Still from above, how can I get acceptable POI files for other smaller colleges which are not in the batch I downloaded, nor the enhanced I have in there now, and how do I place them, with a name, in this same VB Places folder ? Thank You !


  17. c230 said

    You might do a search for Mio POI loader.

    If you place your different categories into separate folders they will show up as separate poi selections in your “My POI” section of your Mio230

  18. FRD said

    Thanks again..are the preloaded POI files actually in the FBL/FLB map files for each state? Should I place my own POI files, folders, into the Maps directory for them to open in My POI, or into the POI folder?…Only thing in the POI folder now is the safety cameras or something like that….just not sure where to place them… And are either the Google Earth or the xls files OK to be read by the C230 ? Thanks. I get the feeling you must have your C230 doing everything except getting live cable TV feeds !


  19. c230 said

    Yes, the POIs are part of the map files, which is why the performance doesn’t suffer – only those in close proximity to your location are loaded into memory. When you work with a large file of your own POIs, they ALL have to be sorted through. Only map files go into the Maps folder. I actually have very little experience with custom POIs, as the enhanced map files serve my needs well, even though they are 2 or 3 years old now.

  20. FRD said

    OK, understood c230….I only have a handfull of custom ones that I want to add, so will try adding in the POI directory on the unit, in their own folder, and will try to do so thru the POI Loader or other method found on POI sites. I appreciate your help. FRD

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