Métro for the C230 – a FREE guide to public transportion systems worldwide (440+ cities covered now)

The ultimate public transport guide
By Patrice Bernard & Frank Van Caenegem

Dreamity submitted this suggested program for those wanting to use their Mio C230 as a digital travel companion to access public transportation system information in most major cities worldwide.   )


Create a Metro folder in the root of your SD card.
Extract only MetroARMWCE.exe to that folder

Extract the “ALL” folder into the Metro folder as well, or your choice of some of the pdb files

Additional file (wininet.dll) needed in the Metro folder:




  1. Ari said

    I just used it! It’s a fantastic program ! Now I am planning to use it in the place of the screen capture utility on the main screen. This is much more appealing to me that the screen capture. Would you be kind enough to solve a couple of problems?

    a) Creating a nice icon for the metro. I tried this but the script could not read my icon. For the time being I have modified the Main.ini so as to run the Metro from my Snapshot utility icon. Now I just need to replace the icon

    b) The Metro program runs 320×240 and as a result covers only half of the screen. How to modify the Main.ini to run metro from the desktop in 240×340?

    Many thanks in advance. Some more coffee for you today !!

  2. c230 said


    Guess I’ll have to download for myself to give you a hand – my pleasure, and I’ll take care of (b) for you with mortscript (just like the games) if the ini method doesn’t work out.

    Perhaps CD will help us out with the icon(s). 🙂

    I am probably the primary user of the screen capture program; can’t do a respectable Blog without it.

  3. dominique said

    it works like a charm with my c230 in landscape mode … Try to put all the metro files in a folder WITHOUT aygshell.dll …
    you just need : metroARMWCE.exe, wininet.dll and some .pdb file in this folder.

  4. c230 said

    I agree, and the space it leaves at the bottom (in either portrait or landscape mode) is for the taskbar, which works great if you don’t have it disabled.

    Here’s the contents of the mscr file if you’re still interested though:

    # written by c230.wordpress.com

    Errorlevel (“off”)

    If (ProcExists (“Keyb.exe”))
    Close (MioTool)

    Rotate 90
    RunWait (“Storage Card\Metro\MetroARMWCE.exe”)
    Run (“\My Flash Disk\Script\Keyb.exe”)
    Rotate 0

    It also turns off the keyboard icon, which apparently isn’t needed; and which you can access via the taskbar anyways. Seems like a great addon to the Mio!

  5. Davvinchi said

    Metro icons for your enjoyment.
    I made a variety based on various personal preferences.

  6. c230 said

    Mike – that was fast! I’m going to add to my Games screen for now.

    Thank you, from all of us!

  7. Ari said

    Thanks Mike ! Lovely icons !!

  8. c230 said


    Haven’t run across any metro.ini file – you may have installed too much. I clarified the directions, now that I’ve run through the install myself.

  9. Ari said

    Thanks Ameridan. Seems like I was trying to think too hard. The gap at the bottom is indeed for the taskbar and it doesn’t look bad with the taskbar enabled. I am gonna keep it simple by using the defult 320×240 setup for Metro and running it from the Storage Card. I will run it from the main screen through a new icon (replacing the screen capture). If anyone is interested, here is a couple of 64×64 icons for Metro that I have created http://www.mediafire.com/?fflusz4ncdd

    The Metro has information about rail transit systems from 441 cities around the world – remarkable !!

  10. measwel said

    I would really like to have a good translation dictionary on the mio. That would complete it as a almost perfect travel companion. Does anybody know of a good application that can used for this?

  11. Peter said

    Is there a way to interface the Merto with the MioMap software. It would be nice to have this software show you also where to go. Any ideas?

  12. c230 said

    Not at this time, and I don’t foresee this ever occurring. The Unlock makes switching from one to the other so easy anyways.

  13. Tony said

    in which folder should I put the mscr file to see in portrait mode or however which steps should I follow to switch between landscape and portrait mode ? How is possible to switch on the taskbar on the bottom. Thank you for your help

  14. c230 said

    Anywhere you like, but the common place for the scripts are in the Script folder. It really doesn’t matter though as long as the shortcut points to it properly and the paths in the script file are correct.

  15. Carlos said

    Hi it works great, but I’d like to know how to put an icon along with the other icons on the main screen, could you help me?

    thank you!

  16. c230 said


    For the online manual on SystemInformation, go to


    This will show you how to revise main.ini which controls the icon layout.

  17. […] found MetroCE, that would be great! >> original Site << >> ported 2 Mio << >> CE2.1 […]

  18. Sari said

    I installed the 5.9.0 version on my Mio C230 GPS. It’s fabulous, but I have some comments: 1) When you select the information button for info on places of interest, any dates are noted in the DD/MM/ format, which as an American could be confusing, since we use MM/DD. I would suggest always use a month’s abbreviation (eg. Apr, Oct, etc.) instead of the numeral format; 2) this is small, but the ticket information to visit the Observation Deck of the Empire State Bldg. in New York is incorrect: it’s no longer $9 for adults–the prices are $18.45 Adult (13-61), $12.92 Child (6-12), and $16.61 Senior (62+).

  19. Sari said

    My comment of Sept 14 is in reference to the METRO program. I sent it to Metro as well, since they’re the ones who would make any changes, if they see fit.

    Does anyone know what the Capture Screen utility would be used for? Also, sometimes programs lock up or even rotate by themselves and the only way to exit the program is to do a hard reset. Any other suggestions? Thanks all.

  20. ameridan said

    That build is a couple of years old, so it is quite possible that a newer version of Metro is available. Hopefully you checked out that website before recommending an update 🙂

    Regarding the screen capture program, I (and others) used that quite often to use as graphics for this blog. When users were having an issue, it came in handy to show what they were talking about.

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