Mount your Mio for motorcycle ridin’

Bulldog has got ‘r done.   He’s ready to go cruzin’ without trying to read mangled maps sealed inside a ziplock bag that is somehow attached to the gas tank with Velcro.   (Just guessing 🙂 )

He’s posted what amounts to a great detailed Blog  on the steps to configuring a reliable mount for the Mio C230 so that he’ll never have to stop at a gas station again (not for directions anyways).   Not seeing a comments section on his website, I’ll leave the comments section open for this page so that he can respond to questions and complements, unless he tells me otherwise.

2002 Nomad with 1500 fuel injected cc’s!!! 
1600 cc’s is plenty for my 1965 buggy.
Thanks for sharing, bulldog!


  1. Bulldog said

    Thaks a million Dan. I’m honored that my motorcycle mount mod has been added to this resource. Keep up the good work… I’ll let you know if there are any issues with one of these on a bike.


  2. c230 said


    At RadioShack, the demo setups that I’ve seen are mounted with a right-angle (rearward) USB connector that seems like it would be ideal for bulldog’s mount. I’m not criticizing the great job he did by any means, but I wonder how that connector’s going to hold out or if the wind / vibration will work the connection loose. Seems like he could notch the mounting plate out to almost guarantee that the plug stays in with no side forces with the suggested cable configuration.

    Do you guys sell those wires? Something like this but from a quick look, I would suggest not using their other alternatives (the right-angle or the down-angle as the cable will face the front or cover the SD card slot respectively).

  3. CD said

    RadioShack does sell a 12v to USB Kit that has a variety of attachments, including angled bits. That’s what I have. For my mount, though, I use the straight one as it compliments the loaction of my wire best.

    PS… I love that buggy. Now I want one. What is it called?

  4. c230 said

    Thank you CD,

    The design started out as a Meyer’s Manx but was modified by Steve McQueen for his custom-built buggy to be used during the filming of The Thomas Crown Affair released in 1968. My buggy is a Hunter produced by Universal Fiberglas to closely mimick McQueen’s buggy (minus the marine style windshield) in 1969. and is mated to a shortened 1965 VW Bug chassis.

  5. Bulldog said

    The connector is something that I might look at in the future but for right now it fits the bill. I was not sure it would work at all, so I didn’t want to hunt down a expensive miniUSB cable that I would be cutting apart. The cable I used cost around $2.00 wholesale from a friend who manages a camera store, so cutting it up was not as hard to do as if it cost $19.99 at Radio Shack or so.

    I’ve seen the Radio Shack universal power plug and it is nice but I didn’t want something to turn 12vdc to 5vdc. I already had a 5vdc power lead on the handlebars. All I wanted to do is plug into that line and go. There is a guy on eBay who sells direct power cables with the 12vdc to 5vdc drop-down circuitry already built in but they are around $25 or so with shipping. Might look at that for the car but I didn’t want to spend that on the bike as I didn’t want to put too much into the mounting kit and wiring for a GPS that cost me $150.

    On a lark, as a former manager for Radio Shack I sometimes go in and ask for their recommendations on parts or products. I showed the salesgirl the Mio unit and asked her for a recommendation on power. We were standing right by the universal GPS power supply hanging on the GPS accessories kiosk and she still tried to get me to look at the iGO power adapters, which would have cost me $29.99 had she had her way instead of the $19.99 for the universal GPS mount. Sometimes those who should know don’t know. Unfortunatly, this is usually the case at Radio Shack.

    What I really wanted was a Adaptaplug miniUSB but they don’t carry them (yet). My Sat radio has it’s power run to it using an Adaptaplug and that is what I ended up splicing the miniUSB cable into to run power for the GPS.

    Total cost for the power cable to the Mio gps was around $7 in parts.

    Now that I know that it works, I’ll keep my eye out for a 90degree plug and if found I’ll probably go for it. But the way I have the current set-up run, I’m not worried about the straight plug getting messed with. It is pretty secure as I’ve been playing with motorcycle gadgets for many years and have learned a few things over the years.

  6. c230 said


    I think you did a great job, so I hope you don’t mind that my thoughts triggered these typin’ fingers of mine. That radio setup is pretty neat; I’ve been thinking of adding some audio enhancement to my buggy, but I would want something up under the dash, since there is no room in my dash.

    For most people using the C230 in a car, the right angle connector would actually work against them as the power adapter is probably going to be forward of the GPS unit rather than rearward, as in your case.

    Like you, I’m looking forward trying out my C230 in my dune buggy for some scenic rides – summer can’t arrive soon enough! 🙂

  7. Bulldog said

    With the GPS on the bike now for a few months, I can report that the mount and wiring harness are a 100% success. No problems with vibrations, heat or the placement of the cable.

    The only issues I have to report is that it is not as easy to see in the bright sunlight and of course, I have to pull over and put it away if it looks like it going to rain. Otherwise, it is awesome!!!

    1,000 miles of hard riding with no problems…

  8. c230 said

    Great to hear your project was successful bulldog. I too am very pleased with the performance of my Mio in the dune buggy, although I use it mostly in my camping tow vehicle.

  9. Rick McQuarrie said

    Hi I am looking for a mount to put my mioc230s on my motorcycle. Can I get one and where?

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