Unlocked Volume settings

You will eventually notice that settings you make while in MioMap are independent of your settings made via MioUtility from the desktop.   The MioMap settings are saved in \My Flash Disk\settings.ini whereas settings you adjust with desktop tools like Volume Control and MioUtility are not saved but are written to the Registry in HKCU\ControlPanel (which is wiped out during a reset).

This is intentional and we might as well treat this as a “feature”.   MioUtility is the program that older units like the Mio C220 used to exit from MioMap into to adjust Backlight, Volume, Screen calibrate, Power, Date/Time and Language, but MioMap 3.3 has been written such that these choices (other than screen calibration – which is done after hard reset) are all available from within the program now.

The Unlock script presets the default desktop volume to HI in the Unlock script.   If you find that is too loud you can lower the volume setting in the script.mscr file.   You can also change the default desktop backlight brightness in this file. 

Here are the formats:

Regarding the volume of MioMap TTS, refer to this StickiNote.


  1. CD said

    I want the backlight for my desktop/clocks to be full after a restart. However, I have no SetBacklight in my script.mscr. Should I? All I have is Sleep (2000) and SetVolume (255)

  2. c230 said

    That is correct, I never added that parameter (I added it into this blog page as an afterthought to help anyone like yourself wanting to change the backlight behavior), but feel free to add; next line after SetVolume would be a good spot.

    Sleep is not what you think – that is like a pause command so the Mio can catch up. Don’t mess with that one.

    I never actually tried SetBacklight, so let us know here how it goes 🙂

  3. CD said

    So, for example,

    SetBacklight (100, 100)


    Do I need both values?

  4. c230 said

    Yes, that should do it. I’ve got an assistant now 🙂

  5. CD said

    No dice. The Mio sits on the orange mio screen upon restart.

  6. c230 said

    OK. I’m looking at the manual right now.

    …”This command will not work on all devices! Also the value for the highest luminance differs for each device. Could be 10 or 60 as well.”

    So, if you’re OK with it, try 10 and 60; if these don’t work, we both have some deleting to do. Welcome to my world CD.

  7. CD said

    I tried:

    SetBacklight (10, 10) and
    SetBacklight (60, 60)

    with the same results. Do spaces matter?

  8. c230 said

    No, you got it right. I guess the command simply doesn’t work for the C230. I found where the setting is saved in the Registry from MioUtility, but we’ll have to work on this some more.

    I’ll scrub the command from this page.

  9. CD said

    Alright. For the record, I tried altering spaces and entering single numbers, i.e. “SetBacklight (10)”, and got no response.

  10. c230 said

    You might look at some of the script I write and think – that looks simple enough!

    And it is, after you get it working.

    While I was adding the SetBacklight stuff into the post last week, I hadn’t even noticed the statement “might not work on all devices”. The MortScript manual alone is 75 pages long.

    Well it will probably take a registry tweak to override the default setting. If anyone beats me to it figuring it out, I’ll use it. I’ve gotta get caught up on some other things tommorow.

    When the backlight setting is changed in MioUtility, I see the value in \HKCU\ControlPanel\Backlight\CurBrightness follows along from 1 to 8, normal setting is 4, but I think it is actually governed elsewhere.

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