When things go bad…

This is a StickiNote started per BlogReader request to expand on the topic of “bricking” your Mio GPS, not usually because of an unreliable build on Mio’s part ( In my opinion, I think Mio builds a product of excellent quality and reliability as compared to other brands like Nextar), but instead the result of improper placement of sub-directories and files after Unlocking procedures.    Knock on wood, but I’ve yet to experience this condition myself, but then again, it’s the daring that make some of the best discoveries!

Anyways, I’m happy  to oblige Murphy….

murphyfields said,

March 6, 2008

Any chance of a “When things go bad” sticki?

Help others learn from our mistakes (or at least mine).

During the past two weeks, I have probably bricked my mio about 4 times. Sometimes due to my own stupidity, and sometimes due to so freak computer glitches (which may also be due to my own stupidity).

The first time I was afraid I had really messed up (but I figured it I was going to mess up, I better do it while I can still return it to the store rather than worry about warranty repair).

I figured I could just hook up to a computer and use the DVD to fix everything. Only problem…the DVD program told me I did not have enough room to reinstall the system. No problem, go in and delete everything I added. No luck. Somehow I had a 3 GB file in my 1GB memory, and it was not going anywhere. No way to kill it. Finally I reformatted the mio memory and was able to get everything to work. Other than a few moments of panic…no problem.

Not that I would recommend routinely reformatting your GPS (meaning USE ONLY AS A LAST RESORT, AND NOT GUARANTEED EVEN THEN) but it did work for me.

I would like to hear if anyone else has had similar experiences.


  1. David said

    Hi, I´ve bricked my MIO 220… I get the “Your MIO C230 is about to be UNLOCKED…” screen, then reboots and get it again… I did something wrong with the directories. Now, I can´t acces the flash, I just get 2-3 seconds connected, and then link is lost (doing hard resets).
    Any help???

  2. c230 said

    Not having a C220, I’ll have to guess, but it’s usually step 8 that is throwing some people off as they are copying both folders together, rather than following the directions. I would advise linking it back up to your PC and verifying that the folders are in their proper places.

    You haven’t really “bricked” your unit as you can always restore it with your DVD and either start over, or instead Unlock with a package intended for the C220 like MioPocket available on gpspassion.com

    Good luck.

  3. David said

    can´t access the flash, this means that I can´t restore the MIO firmware … cant run the script neither … is there anyway to boot from the SD card? I could copy then a firmware loader, and boot it from the SD …
    thanks for your help,

  4. murphyfields said

    Oh man, that is tricky. Having bricked mine many times, having that sinking feeling even when I am pretty sure I can get it back. Ugh.

    Unfortunately, c220 and c230 are different enough that it is hard to make a suggestion. A few things to consider…

    Go to a c220 forum and post your question.

    Also check here…


    And near the end is a description of how to get a c230 to start up a program from the SD. Don’t know if this will help on a c220.

    Finally, wait around and see if any other suggestions come around.

    Good luck! Keep us informed.

  5. David said

    Tried what u said above, but no luck .. can´t boot from SD card. Looks like C230 is different ….thanks anyway.

  6. Marcal said

    Hello, anyone know how can i install the windows ce back to my gps unit??? cause i was doing some hacks and i did format my unit and now the only thing i got is the first screen . Windows xp do not reconize the gps unit any more even using ActiveSync !!! so i cant use any recovery software !!! any help ??? thanks

  7. murphyfields said

    If you have been using Activesync, then I would guess that you are not using a C230. If you ARE using a c230 please please please tell me how you got it to work.

    What have you tried, and and what has heppened?

  8. TCKWAN said


    just to share my experiences on my new c230,

    1st thing I did was to find a usable 5pin usb cable…the ones from my Ipaq Classic 110 and Cowon D2 mp3 player did not work, but the ones from my 2 flash card readers did;

    then I copied the entire original/pristine directories and contents from the mio to my computer, so that if I messed up and could not undo my mistakes, I can just simply delete and copy everything back over, and start anew;

    I also found the forums on gps underground and gps passion provided lots of info, including the detailed US state maps (loaded it on a 2G sd card) I needed that matched my 2007.07 NA license;

    then, after using the sd card unlock, and doing a couple of hard resets, everything works fine….total time to get up to speed took almost 10 hrs, but the actual software installation afterwards was about 20 minutes;


  9. Danny (stumped) said


    I’m in Canada and just bought a C230S couple days ago. The Canada map version is 2007.07. The U.S. map is only the major roads version. I’ve been reading all your threads. Since I think I have NA license, I was sure I could download and use the 8-part 2007.01 U.S. detail state map rar file package. When I put a couple of state maps on my flash memory or the SD card (in the right places), those map files would show up as either LOCKED or RIP. I noticed there are a couple of license files in the rar package. When I replaced my license file with those other license files one at a time, each time my device would boot up with HARDWARIDERROR. Restoring my own license file let’s the unit work but still cannot read detail U.S. maps.

    Either my device is hardware locked to my own license file (Is this some new guard from Mio) or those other license files are corrupt.

    Does anyone have U.S. detail map for my specific unit? I appreciate any help on this. Thanks.

  10. c230 said

    Since you are licensed for 2007.07 maps, that is what you’ll need. I thought the instructions were quite clear about the license versions.

  11. shuswap33 said

    I’m also in Canada with a new C230 (no s) from Canadian Tire and the 2007.07 license. Try page 3 from this link for the 2007.07_70813 maps from the States. Works fine for me as these are the American 70813 maps that we’re licensed for. http://www.pda4x.com/read.php?tid=46792&fpage=0&toread=&page=3

  12. Steve said

    OK i need help… My Mio C230 melted in the sun. Only the back panel…. But MIO will not sell the back panel, they want a ridiculous amount of money to replace it. Does anyone have a dead, broken, units etc they will sell me?
    Or any idea where I can find a new or used back panel ??


  13. tony said

    is there ne way that some one could send me a back up copy of mio c230s folders to my emial it would be much appreciated xukornux@yahoo.com

  14. pnugroho said

    i would like to reflashing my C230. i messed up with the internal memory disks, and all i can do now is only boot to the blue screen’s WINCE upgrade.

    would you please share your C230’s winceimg.bin & winceimg.cks , please?

    thanks in advance.

  15. ameridan said

    Doesn’t a hard reset fix the OS? If not, you’ll probably have to send the unit to Mio. The DVD fixes the firmware (MioMap, etc), not the OS.

  16. Bruce Burton said

    I have a Mio C230 ( Windows CE core 5.0 ) that I cannot get to go past the crosshair alignment nor is it recognized by my computer when connected via USB. I probably have the DVD around somewwhere, but so far unable to locate it. It was working fine and then I did not use it for several months so I recharged and now I am at the above mentioned impasse. Any help would be appreciated…

    • ameridan said

      Are you forgetting about the 6th click after touching the center and all four corners? Sounds like you are ignoring the message to “touch the screen one more time”.

      • Bruce Burton said

        There is no message… on hard boot, it flashes the version and whatever else numbers at the top- the logo screen comes up and then the crosshair comes up in the middle with the message ” Carefully press and hold stylus on the center of the target. Repeat as the target moves around the screen.” I touch and hold center target it with my stylus – it goes top left – touch – bottom left – touch- bottom right – touch top right – touch – back to center. It continues in this loop indefinitely. Occassionly, I will get an audible click in the center or at one of the corners when I touch with the stylus, but I never get a message of any kind after the four corner touchs. This thing has just been sitting in a box and I saw all the cool stuff you are doing and thought I would break it back out and tinker, but I can’t get back in the system and I have tried several different mini USB cables and it is not recognized by my computer. Any ideas?

  17. coverland said

    Hi, what is the largest SD card a C230 can take? Seems my local Walmart only has 8 or 16GB. Thanks

  18. coverland said

    Also, will ‘any’ map files work on the C230 ? In the year 2012, I’d like to get the most current map files possible. Don’t know if this site is accurate but it looks pretty easy to just leave my C230 the way it is and update maps. Any thoughts ??? http://www.ehow.com/how_7439205_upload-maps-mio-digiwalker-c230.html

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