CarLocator 1.49 Skin with Audio File Player (TCPMP skin) built-in!

Version 1.49b has just been made available on 5/27/2008 that incorporates hak’s code to make the large target street font selection permanent, rather than reverting back to the small font after starting each new segment of the trip.


Play your music files with this skin &

a stylus is not required!! 

The WordPress editor has messed up the original post to the point where I was unable to even add one sentence, so thanks to Google cached pages, I have recreated the Blog page and pasted the 35 comments that were attributed to that Blog page into this page so that they wouldn’t be deleted.  My apologies to those that had problems getting the player buttons to function, as the editor had deleted a portion of the instructions.  I hope WordPress either goes back to the original editor, or fixes the present one, as garbage is entered into the code each time the author edits his Blog, and I do a whole lot of that. 🙂

Note that I’ve included instructions and a folder containing just the skin files that have changed for those that might wish to add the Media Player feature to their own skins.

 Enjoy, and if you appreciate the hack, consider a donation to my Coffee Fund   

Please know that playing TCPMP files from within MioMap is intended for audio files only, and will not function for video files, which might suffer in performance with MioMap running concurrently anyways. 

(The title screen artwork is by Art Fitzpatrick and can be purchased here.   I just felt that a link would be the right thing to do, in return for borrowing part of this great painting – ’69 Pontiac GTO at Hydra Island   )


Best Quicksilver skin yet!!

Newest EXCLUSIVE feature of the CarLocator skin…

Well, I knew it could be done, and it seems to work flawlessly.   As far as I am aware, I may have the first TCPMP skin, at least for MioMap.  

Whether your media files are DivX, XviD, MP3, wma, Matroska or MP4, The Core Pocket Media Player” (TCPMP)” is the best open source media player to provide a solution for playing all your digital media on a wide range of mobile operating systems and devices. Possibly the best media player for the Mio GPS units!!  

Clicking on the Media Player button…  

brings up the Media Player “skin


The File button brings up the TCPMP menus in case you want to set-up playlists, options, etc.    You can adjust the Player volume here as well, independent of the Master Volume and other MioMapvolumes, so that the music can be in the background, or the foreground.  Once you are done, just Exit out of TCPMP normally (without hitting Play, as will just stop again anyways) and you will be returned to MioMap.

All of the other buttons should be obvious – 

  • Play / Pause
  • Fast Forward / Normal
  • Next (applies to Audio books, playlists, etc)
  • Previous (applies to Audio books, playlists, etc)
  • Stop

and they will flash the Player on for 1 second and return back to MioMap automatically.

You can return back to Navigation screens with your music in the background!

Another EXCLUSIVE feature of the CarLocator skin…

Clicking on the Save Car Location button saves 4 clicks…

and takes you right to this screen…

Click on Coordinates, then Done, and your Car’s present parked location is in memory.

To locate your parked car…




Just to review some of the QuickSilver CarLocator Version 1.48 revisions…

(see the 1.48 Blog for a complete review of that version)

  • Right third of Navigation bar changed from Speak Last Command to Large Target Street font
  • Middle third of Navigation bar remains as Speak Last Command
  • Left third of Navigation bar no longer serves as shortcut to Route screen

  • Added “Clear Pins” button to History screen, and changed Clear button text to “Clear All” 
  • Settings button added for quick access to Cockpit Settings


This skin by default names the two favorites Home and Car, and the main screen has a new button to program your current location and assigns it to Car, the intent being that it will facilitate finding your Car later.

This is a skin alternative, not an Unlock package, and can be used as a new skin without unlocking – just don’t use the Exit button.

To avoid a lot of confusion when doing Route preplanning, stay in the Browse Map mode (with Auto-Recalculation turned off), since Cockpit mode is always focused on your current location and will appear to be ignoring your route.


   Version Log…

QuickSilver Reborn – A MioMap 3.3 Skin
Created By Ashwin Wavde
Inspired by Quicksilver for MioMap 3.2 by Matt Mullins (roscoe)

QuickSilver Reborn 1.0
* QuickSilver 1.0 for MioMap 3.2 modded for MioMap 3.3
* Added Cockpit Bar transparency
* Fixed turn distance guide visibility
* Various other improvements

QuickSilver Reborn 1.1
2:56 PM 4/08/2007

*Adding compatability for split-screen

QuickSilver Reborn 1.3

*Added simple static car over arrow

Quicksilver ‘66 for C230
*Icons redone by CD
*GTO car over cockpit arrow –  CD
*added toggle buttons cockpit view <-> browse map view – CD
*config folder fixed for C230 (roundabouts weren’t being announced) – ameridan

Quicksilver CarLocator for C230 1.45
6:00 PM 2/15/2008

*2nd favorite tailored to Car location, rather than Work – ameridan
*All Favorite icons redone – ameridan
*New shortcut button on Main Screen to input location coordinates of parked car – ameridan

Quicksilver CarLocator for C230 1.46
7:30 PM 2/27/2008

*added the the Binocular (Fit Route view on screen) and Route calculator (Recalculate toggling method each time) from the Olivercp Skin to the Browse Map screen – OP
*added POI button to cockpit screen – OP
*redid POI button to match others – ameridan

Quicksilver CarLocator 1.47
12:00 PM 3/6/2008
– ameridan
*toggle for displaying POI button added to Map Settings – OP
*redid flyover button – ameridan
*added pin/unpin button to browse_map cursor popup – ameridan

Quicksilver CarLocator 1.48
Compiled 4/1/2008 – ameridan
*fixed the Stop Recording Track Log button on the map screen that resulted in an error – ameridan
*flyover button tweaked – ameridan
*right third of Destination bar changed from Speak Last Command to Large Target Street font – OP
*middle third of Destination bar remains as Speak Last Command
*left third of Destination bar no longer serves as shortcut to Route screen – ameridan
*digital font used for Clock, Speed, and Altimeter – OP and ameridan
*Set FavPOI script written to choose MyPOI group as favorite -OP
*cursor button text changes from “Cursor” to “Close” when menu bar is opened – ameridan
*back button changed from small pale green arrow to larger yellow arrow – ameridan
*added “Clear Pins” button to History screen, and changed Clear button text to “Clear All” – ameridan
*Cockpit screen & Map screen menu bars – back button changed from down arrow to left arrow – ameridan
*Settings button added for quick access to Cockpit Settings
*display/hide toggle button in Cockpit settings menu (in place of zoombar display/hide) for both FavPOI and Cockpit Settings buttons
*added toggle option in Cockpit settings for auto day/nite in double-button with manual toggle
*added toggle option for Cursor menu popup in double-button with Info show/hide toggle
*added track recording start/stop button  in double-button with Manage track logs button – also serves as latge indicator   that track logs are RECORDING.

Quicksilver CarLocator 1.49
– ameridan
*added Media Player skin into the CarLocator skin to allow playing AudioBooks, music, etc. from within MioMap.




Contents of download package:

<>This folder contains a complete CarLocator skin (ver 1.49) which features the TCPMP skin.

<Changed Skin files only>This folder contain only the skin files that changed for the Medai Player feature, in case you want to add the TCPMP feature to your own skin.  All references to “\My Flash Disk\Script\Player.exe” may need to be changed to fit your build.  The actual hidden button I’m using is “zoom_in_trans.bmp”, which is part of the Quicksilver skins.  If your skin doesn’t contain this bmp file, you’ll need to copy it as well from the file or use something similar.  The buttons are hidden because of the z=0 parameter.  If youwish to view them for debugging purposes or to relocate on a different background, change to z=2 instead.

<Script folder files>This folder contains the actual MortScript files needed to interface with the Player.  They were written with the C230 in mind, which is 320 x 240 format.  Other formats may need to be tweaked to function properly.  Again, all references to “\My Flash Disk\Script\Player.exe” may need to be changed to fit your build.  I’ve written them in such a way as to not cause any issues if the Player is already running or playing or if the Player is not actually on, when the scripts assume it is.



Installation Instructions:

Version 1.49 download is available HERE (may not be compatible with EU units; intended for US & Can units only)

1.   The file DATA.ZIP   should simply replace (after backing up your original) AS-IS (don’t unzip):


  • \My Flash Disk\MioMap\MioMap2\DATA.ZIP, if C230 is unlocked
  • \My Flash Disk\MioMap\MioMap\DATA.ZIP, if C230 is locked 
  • or if you are using a Skin Changer (my Routes Menu contains this feature), just drop the DATA.ZIP into \Storage Card\Skins\QuickSilver CarLocator 1_49\ 

2.   All of the files in the Script folder need to be extracted into \My Flash Disk\Script along with Player.exe (which is the executable for TCPMP), which should already be there.

As an alternative, Greg has already converted the TCPMP links from \My Flash Disk\Script\Player.exe to \Storage Card\Script\Player.exe and made his work available for others that have a SD Card Unlock (like Amida’s Ver 4), rather than a Flash Disk Unlock like mine.   His converted DATA.ZIP is available here and the converted scripts are available here.   Thank you Greg!!

3.   An updated DATA.ZIP for Version 1.49b is available here with the additional code that hak wrote to make the large target street font selection permanent, rather than reverting back to the small font after starting the next segment of the trip.   Instructions are the same as step #1.

After installing DATA.ZIP, you should set a Favorite POI group before clicking on the FavPOI button on the Cockpit screen or you may get an error message that ends the program and requires you to start it up again. 

As an option to try out Dominique’s Skins trick in an unlocked C230, copy the “SKIN” folder from the  Version 1.46  download into \My Flash Disk\MioMap\MioMap2  (or the contents of DATA.ZIP within should be added into  \My Flash Disk\MioMap\MioMap2\SKIN\DATA.ZIP).    See the Blog on Version 1.46 for more on this.


35 Comments (attributed to the original post)

  1. Andrew said,

    May 1, 2008 @ 11:04 pm ·

    Such a great job on the skin! I just have a couple of issues that may or may not be something on my end. I switch the player on, use the Open File button and pick something from my flash card and it plays full screen. Now, in order to get back to the Nav part, I have to exit out of there, and it returns me to the Media player. If I hit the play button, I see the video I had open before for one second, and then it stops completely and shoots me right back to the Media player screen. I thought maybe the video audio would start up when I went to Cockpit/Map view and it didn’t seem to do that either. I understand the video won’t be playing in those views, but I know you made it so the audio could – just not sure why it won’t on mine. Also I am wondering why hitting the Play button doesn’t leave the movie/song playing for more than 1 second.

    Amazing job of even getting it integrated – didn’t even think it was possible!

  2. Lords said,

    May 2, 2008 @ 2:35 am ·

    hi… thanks for this new version…!!!
    but… my error message:

    Window “TCPMP” could not be found
    Show (”TCPMP” ;)


  3. gutierrez said,

    May 2, 2008 @ 9:52 am ·

    New version!!!! great!!!
    my error msg:

    There is no application associated with “PlayerTCPMP_start”. Run the application first, then open this file from within the application.


  4. c230 said,

    May 2, 2008 @ 1:12 pm ·


    I had never tried video files, but it makes sense that TCPMP would need to be the active window to work properly. My skin was designed with AUDIO only in mind anyways. And if you’ve already been playing songs, you wouldn’t need to use the File button. The File button does come in very handy as a means to change playlists, songs, volume, etc., but as you say – you do need to exit out after and hit the play button from the Media Player skin to resume.

    If playing an audio file from the Media Player skin, play should work as expected. I intentionally flash the player for a second, but the audio should keep playing as the screen reverts back to the Media Player skin (but only for audio files)

    I’ve clarified the Blog to indicate that the Media Player skin is designed for audio files only:

    My skin will probably only work with audio files though. If you are going to watch video files, you probably wouldn’t want MioMap running at the same time anyways.

    Lords and Gutierrez,

    Apparently, you are not using my Unlock package. Thanks for pointing out that the scripts will result in an error message if Player.exe isn’t found in \My Flash Disk\Script\. I’ve added more clarification to my Blog regarding this requirement as well. If you are using MioPocket or some other SD card Unlock, the path statements all need to be modified to accomodate. As I told amida in the previous Blog, I’d need some fancy generic code that would find TCPMP in the registry and use those settings, particularly since TCPMP isn’t in the registry until you run it once after each hard reset.

  5. Greg said,

    May 2, 2008 @ 3:46 pm ·


    Your QuickSilver CarLocator 1.49 with the Media player works fine for me. I had to like you said to tweak all references to “\My Flash Disk\Script\Player.exe to “\Storage Card\Script\Player.exe because of me running your unlock package from by storage card which is 8gb. Great work. Can you put more in detail on your “Changed Skin files only” folder. If I want to modify other Mio skins, step for step.

  6. c230 said,

    May 2, 2008 @ 4:00 pm ·


    48 downloads in the first day! If you (or another Blog reader that’s already done the same) could package up your version of the and the Script files (and perhaps upload to MediaFire), I would be happy to publish the link on my Blog. I could then have two links to the download that a reader would select depending on the location of their Player.exe (TCPMP).

    This would save many using Amida’s SD card Unlock (as an example) from having to convert all the links, as you just did. And thank you for the positive feedback!

    Your second suggestion isn’t easily doable, because you usually can’t simply replace ui files, unless the skins are pretty compatible (like other Quicksilver skins). To simplify however, the last third of the Main_Menu.ui is the Media Player code you’ll need to copy and paste into some ui of another skin (some skins don’t even have a main menu) and you’ll need a button somewhere to invoke the Media Player skin [BUTTON xxx x=20 y=180 bmp=”mio/320_240/map_player.bmp#2″ onRelease=’NEXTSTATE ST_PLAYER’ text=”Media Player” w=106 fonttype=mio_main_font font=”tahoma” fontsize=16 align=”LEFT+75″ valign=”BOTTOM-18″ twolineoffset=6]

  7. Greg said,

    May 2, 2008 @ 6:34 pm ·


    Sounds indepth with adding the media player to skins. I wanted to add the TCPMP media player to the Olivercpskin. Can this be done?

  8. c230 said,

    May 2, 2008 @ 6:42 pm ·

    As skin changes go, this one would not be too bad, but it is not a “beginner” project. Why don’t we give it a few days to see if someone else takes it on. If not, I could take a stab at it. The main new graphic file we’d have to come up with is a compatible button to link to the Media Player page.

    Three months ago, I remember being leery about adding the Exit Door option to the stock skin and now I’ve got a unique skin published, so take a stab at it. The worst that happens is you revert to your backup / original file.

  9. Greg said,

    May 2, 2008 @ 8:13 pm ·


    This is the link to modified for sd card use with TCPMP and this is for the Script file for use with sd card

    (\storage card\script\player.exe)

  10. c230 said,

    May 2, 2008 @ 9:43 pm ·

    Thank you for sharing Greg! I’m sure many others, including perhaps Lords and Gutierrez might appreciate the revisions. I’ve also added those links into the Blog download instructions.

  11. Lords said,

    May 3, 2008 @ 1:38 am ·

    Its perfect now!!!!!!! THanks!!!!!

  12. hulckrcontl said,

    May 3, 2008 @ 1:32 pm ·

    my “speed limit” option always revert back to ON and “turn distance guide” always reverts to OFF after logoff…

    what’s wrong?

    thanks for this new version.

  13. c230 said,

    May 3, 2008 @ 6:21 pm ·

    If you are using my Routes Menu, this section controls the Speed Limit behavior,and all you need to do is uncomment it (you could also add the line to your autopatcher, or directly into your SYS.TXT:

    # The next line updates SYS.TXT to hide the speed-limit (mostly for Europeans, since 2007.1 North American maps don’t have speed limit data)

    #IniWrite (SYSFILE, “debug”, “show_speed_limit”, “0″ )

  14. Carlos said,

    May 5, 2008 @ 5:06 pm ·

    Hi friend… how are you?
    Please tell me: how to show the letters “AM” and “PM” in my clock?
    In my C230, 01:00 and 13:00 are same things…


  15. c230 said,

    May 5, 2008 @ 8:26 pm ·

    Fine, thank you, Carlos.

    Go to Settings, Language, Set Date & Time format and select under Time Format: 12 hours with AM/PM. I agree, you wouldn’t expect clock setings to be under “Language” ) but I guess someone figured there’s no more room on the General Settings page…

  16. Andrew said,

    May 8, 2008 @ 1:19 am ·

    Was the bigger font for the next street name on the top bar something that you were able to look into or was that someone else’s area of expertise? I find myself squinting and needing to lean really far forward to see what street is forthcoming and would rather just set the street to be shown in a bigger font and leave off that other info.

  17. c230 said,

    May 8, 2008 @ 10:44 am ·

    It has been resolved since my version 1.48, but you have to tap the right side of the green bar to activate it. The hidden button hides the other info just as happens when you approach that intersection and displays the street in the larger font. Nobody is increasing the font size any further on the 320×240 displays because longer street names will get cropped off.

    Unfortunately though, the setting doesn’t stick, and I don’t know that we want to permanently hide the other data, so the code isn’t changing for now.

  18. opop said,

    May 8, 2008 @ 9:37 pm ·

    very nice update. nice job. ;)

  19. c230 said,

    May 8, 2008 @ 10:16 pm ·

    thanks OP. have you done any tweaking lately?

  20. 230 italy said,

    May 9, 2008 @ 3:14 am ·

    i have a c 230 unlocked.
    after i put the skin with Routs menu, it tryes to start the gps program but a fatal error occurrs…
    fatal error occurred restarting!!!

    and then i have to use the dvd to restore everything…

    how can i do?
    pls help couse i would like to use your wonderful skin

  21. Andrew said,

    May 9, 2008 @ 5:37 am ·

    Yeah, no I wasn’t suggesting anything permanent as far as the font size goes, just something for those of us who want it bigger most of the time. I understand that it is a question of who coded that part of it to come forward, but I am finding that the voice prompts come too late sometimes with this GPS (either because of MIO or because of something I’ve tweaked somewhere in the voice department) and so to avoid screwing myself up, I have to look at the street name or exit name/number to be sure I don’t miss it. That is why the size of the font is most important to me right now and I do notice that it gets bigger each time you approach that street (that size is what I am looking for by the way) – I just hope we can one day find a way to make that stick longer than just one time so I don’t have to keep tapping that right part of the screen!

  22. c230 said,

    May 9, 2008 @ 7:23 am ·

    230 Italy,

    I know I’ve stated this before, but I’ll check this Blog to make sure it is clear that the EU C230 uses a different format in DATA.ZIP and the US version is not compatible. That is one downfall of having an all inclusive file, rather than an override (supplemental) file that you add to the SKIN folder to coexist with your existing DATA.ZIP.

  23. opop said,

    May 11, 2008 @ 8:30 pm ·

    I have been on the road working hard . but i am working on something.. I keep you posted. )

  24. Brad said,

    May 15, 2008 @ 10:11 pm ·

    Great skin! I am running amida168’s unlock release 4.1 off an sd card and have been unable to get the Media Player to work though. I have tried using the data and script files posted by Greg for the sd card unlock with no luck. Does anyone have this working off of amida’s 4.1 release? Any help on what I need to do to get it to work would be great appreciated.

  25. Guga7 said,

    May 18, 2008 @ 8:09 am ·

    It seems to be great. Sorry for this simple question:

    I’ve unlocked my Mio C230 with the “Unlocking the Mio C230 – Version 3.5 with Route, Theme, Screen, Settings & Skins Management”. Then I’ve installed this “QuickSilver CarLocator ~ ver 1.49 with Media Player skin built-in!” by just copying the file to the MioMap2 folder.

    How do I make sure that TCPMP is installed as \My Flash Disk\Script\Player.exe? Where do I get a TCPMP? There is a player.exe on this folder, is it the TCPMP?

    Every thing is working fine but there are no Media Player and Save Car Location buttons. What have I done wrong? Thank you.

  26. c230 said,

    May 18, 2008 @ 8:55 am ·


    As you may have discovered, yes TCPMP is Player.exe and you should not have had to do anything additional to use the skin.

    Since you are using my Unlock though, it would be much easier to use the Skin Changer feature by copying the DATA.ZIp to the Skins folder in your SD card and then selecting the CarLocator skin.

    It sounds as if you didn’t actually overwrite the existing file or didn’t soft reset after copying the file. I think it might be time for me to release Version 3.6 of my Unlock that will include the CarLocator skin and all of my most recent tweaks, including the new Launcher, DST tweaks, CAB file installer, etc., but you really should be good to go if in fact you did overwrite the DATA.ZIP file with the CarLocator skin.

  27. Guga7 said,

    May 18, 2008 @ 12:23 pm ·

    c230, thank you very much! Now it works! Last question, still simple: after I click on the “Media Player” button and on the “Switch Player On” the message “File and Play/Pause buttons enabled” shows. Then, if I click on any button, nothing happens, I just hear the click sound. Could you please tell me how to choose a song?

  28. Mark said,

    May 18, 2008 @ 12:54 pm ·

    Excellent page! The QuickSilver skins works great! Just one doubt: when I switch from the QuickSilver skin back to the C230 by ameridan skin and click on the Cockpit button the following message appears: Failed to open file mio/320_240/diriconbig.spr exiting application. What’s wrong? Thanks

  29. c230 said,

    May 18, 2008 @ 2:33 pm ·

    Unless you’ve been using TCPMP already, you’ll have to hit the FIle button and load a song or create a playlist and load that. Then just hit exit. Now when you hit Play, there will be something loaded in which to play. The alternative I use is to setup TCPMP with a playlist before running MioMap, so all the buttons have something to work with.

  30. Juliano said,

    May 19, 2008 @ 5:13 pm ·

    Hello! Very nice job, its amazing!!
    But I´m with the same problem of Guga. I had already created an playlist, but when click the play button, nothing happen ( I do not know what I´m doing wrong! Please can anybody help me? Thanks!!!

  31. c230 said,

    May 19, 2008 @ 5:40 pm ·


    Thanks! If you think it’s amazing when it doesn’t work, wait till it works )

    Anyways, try to help me figure this out (in case there really is an issue to resolve). Get the playlist working in TCPMP by itself first, as the Media Player skin is really just accessing the program and then TCPMP is hiding behind MioMap. Once you have it working, start up MioMap and bring up the Media Player screen, then click on the “Switch Player On” , then Play (once only – if you click it twice, it may be Pausing the song). You should see TCPMP appear for one second, then hide again while your music is playing. Also, make sure the files in your playlist are Audio files (not video files that you are hoping to Listen to the audio portion). I reliably play wma and mp3 files all the time now.

    Do you have a US Mio C230? Which Unlock are you using?

  32. Brad said,

    May 20, 2008 @ 6:15 pm ·

    I am having the same problem as Juliano and Guga7. I have a US mio C230 and your unlock version 3.5 and have overwritten the file with Carlocator 1.49. Everything else works great except for the Media Player skin. It will switch on and I hear clicks when I click on stuff, but nothing else happens. I have used the TCPMP player on the main screen and it works great. Got the playlist working and tried what you had suggested, but still the same result with the Media Player skin. Tried overwritting the again to make sure that wasn’t it and still the same result. Any suggestions??

  33. c230 said,

    May 20, 2008 @ 6:40 pm ·


    Can you verify that all of the PlayerTCPMP files are in the \My Flash Disk|Script folder? Those are the scrpts that do the work. If so, from File Manager, double-click on PlayerTCPMP_play.exe and observe whether the current song of your playlist starts playing. (Acknowledge and ignore the error message “Window MioMap could not be found). If TCPMP does not fire up and start playing, then we can zero in on the problem.

    Now that I’m looking at my instructions, I may have been very unclear regarding these scripts and that may be the simple explanation as to why several of you are experiencing this glitch. I’ll take a close look now and revise if needed.

  34. Brad said,

    May 20, 2008 @ 7:10 pm ·

    That was the problem. I did not have all of the PlayerTCPMP files in the script folder. It works great now. Thanks for your help!

  35. c230 said,

    May 20, 2008 @ 7:44 pm ·

    I hate this “new improved” editor that wordpress provides. Every time I edit my Blog, it gets messed up and sections get lost. You probably noticed Brad that the bottom of the blog is a mess right now, and if I try to clean it up, something else will get messed up. GRRRRRR!!!

    That’s the reason Juliano and Guga are having problems – a whole set of instructions just disappeared since Andrew and others installed! My apologies to all.

    Give me good ol’ FrontPage, instead of these WYSIWYG editors. No wonder Amida branched out on his own.

    Anyways, you’re welcome Brad, and thanks for providing your feedback, rather than just thinking it was already reported. You gave me enough clues to zero in on the issue.





















  1. hak said


    what to change in to show street name always in bigger font (all the time, whether approaching turn or not) and have option of making it small by tapping right 1/3 of top bar. (i am asking exactly opposite to what we have right now i.e. normally small street name with route info and have option to make it bigger by taping right 1/3 of top bar and also it becomes bigger when you approach a turn and then again it becomes small)

    thanks in advance.

  2. c230 said

    That was my goal too Hak, but I wasn’t successful. I’ll take another stab at it though. Perhaps OP or washin has figured it out already…

  3. hak said

    thanks for info.

    i have figured it out how to do it. you can have both options for permanent big fonts or small fonts with big fonts at turns. here are instructions:

    [removed by ameridan in hopes that hak will resubmit instructions again; you need to substitute & L T ; and & G T ; everywhere there is a < and > bracket]

    i have tested with my mio220. let me know if it works universally. if anything is wrong, just correct me or if you have better way, just let me know.

    but for now its working. i have not tested extensively, but i tested with flyover and it works. (if you have chosen big font, then for full flyover, big font remains and if you have chosen small font then big font displayed at the turn as like it normally does, then it goes back to small)

  4. hak said

    hi, i have submitted my solution to big font issue, but i think everything is not shown as like i submitted. what should i do to put whole instruction again in correct way.

  5. c230 said


    You would think that this wouldn’t be necessary (especially if within a blockquote), but you need to substitute & L T ; and & G T ; (without the spaces between each character) everywhere there is a < and > bracket.

    (I know it gets to be a PIA 🙂 but WordPress has to have some quirks in the free edition so they can charge a premium for “enhanced” features)

  6. hak said

    Hi, i am resubmitting instructions as per your suggestions. thanks. I changed street name big/small functionality to have it as permanent choice during entire route.

    (1) in mio\320_240\ui\navigate_320_240.ui

    in <header>
    <var vBigStreetShow>

    in <layer ui_navigate_static_head> (changed pointing script to toggle font size – replaced select/deselect to onrelease)
    <PUSHBUTTON btn_next_command2 bmp=”tepsi.spr” x=220 y=4 z=0 onrelease=’run toggle_BigStreet’>

    any where in navigate.ui page
    <script toggle_BigStreet>
    runif vBigStreetShow 0 ‘vBigStreetShow.set 1, run show_guidedist’
    else_run ‘vBigStreetShow.set 0, run hide_guidedist’

    in <script show_guidedist> (just like hide_guidedist script, just before other termination command)
    termif vShowNavCockpitControls 0

    in <script hide_guidedist> (at the end of script)
    runif vBigStreetShow 1 show_guidedist

    (2) in common\navigate.ui

    in <script close_navigate_quickmenu> (at the end of script)
    runif vBigStreetShow 1 show_guidedist

    in <script init> (at the end of script)
    runif vBigStreetShow 1 show_guidedist

    with above changes, you can have both options for permanent big fonts or small fonts with big fonts at turns throughout entire route. (i have tested with flyover and simulation, if you have chosen big font, then for full flyover, big font remains and if you have chosen small font then big font displayed at the turn as like it normally does, then it goes back to small).

    hope this post will not mess up. thanks. hope this instruction will work universally.

  7. hak said

    ahaa…. everything was fine for above post.. but i don’t know how that icon come at the end of “onrelease=’run toggle_BigStreet’”. if you can change that icon to ‘ ) ‘ then it will complete the sentence.

    waiting for reply for above font issue. thanks.

  8. c230 said


    Thanks for the submission! Great idea writing new code rather than trying to adapt existing code. When I get a chance, I’ll try it out myself, but it looks like it should work great. I’ve fixed the post to make it easier to follow and if all goes well it will be in the next version, as I too would rather forego the additional data most of the time in order that the larger target street font dominate the field.

    One other thing to try to make the setting stick…

    in <header>
    <var vBigStreetShow=1 permanent >

  9. hak said

    thanks for reply.

    oops…I forgot to put =1 in header in previous post but as you have corrected me and also suggested even better solution for permanent choice even after restarting miomap.

    This is my first try to modify for any solution. before this, i had never tried anything on my own in except some copying from amida’s blog at kombitz for export track log button or some minor copying, but as I opened and learned the paths and scripts then I tried for this and posted my first post in this forum, but as you said, I tried to modify existing show or hide_guidedist scripts first and felt that this is difficult to solve, so I tried simple solution to make it easier by just writing new script. So, I am happy that I finally got it to work.

    I have tried it real time today en-route and its working.
    Thanks for suggestion. Is it working for you also?
    Thanks again.

  10. hak said


    Thanks for suggestion to add ‘permanent’ after =1 in header.

    This is my experience:
    (1) with (var vBigStreetShow=1): restarting miomap leads to big street name first time at each restart even if you have exited from small street name
    (2) with (var vBigStreetShow): restarting miomap leads to small street name first time at each restart even if you have exited from big street name
    (3) with (var vBigStreetShow=1 permanent): miomap restarts in small street name if you have exited from small street name and it restarts in big street name if you have exited from big street name (good solution for both choices)


  11. c230 said


    No, I don’t have access to my PC until Tuesday or Wednesday (I’m camping) so I haven’t tried the change yet. I just learned of the “permanent” parameter a week or two ago, so reading #3 of your last post is very encouraging in adding it to few other recently added variables that don’t “stick”. I would have thought that “permanent” would behave more like your #1. Good to know (and document).

    Thanks for the feedback!

  12. c230 said


    hak has provided the code that, if all goes well, will be in Version 1.49b, but it answers the request you asked for earlier. If you want to modify to try it out before I get a chance, just don’t copy and paste, as the quote marks get all messed up in the posting.

    I’m also going to try adding the permanent parameter to the vpopup variable.

  13. c230 said

    I have just released version 1.49b as a supplemental release in this same Blog that incorporates hak’s submission , which seems to do a great job of making the large target street font selection permanent, rather than reverting back to the small font after starting the next segment of the trip. Thank you hak – you’ve earned your name!

  14. hak said

    thanks c230. but all you guys deserve credit for skinning This is just my attempt for solving the issue of bigger street name for which most of you’s were trying.
    Thanks again.

  15. c230 said

    This one didn’t get the usual thorough beta testing, but it’s out there anyways. I tried it out on a trip today, and observed the small fonts reappearing after recalculation cycles, so I’m not so sure we’ve hit on the “permanent” font selection yet, but if not, hopefully we are getting real close. 🙂

  16. hak said

    thanks for testing. If i am not misunderstanding your above post, then it means that if you divert from miomap’s pre-calculated route, then automatic route recalculation gives small font.

    But, i had other solution. As I am new to skinning so I even don’t know where all scripts are located in I had better and short way to do it before i posted above solution. But I had tried that and it didn’t work so I have to post above solution.

    My experience:
    Every script showing navigation bar containing small street name first runs (sc_cockpit_field_update_nav_default).

    So if you put ‘runif vBigStreetShow 1 show_guidedist’ in that script, you don’t even have to modify (script hide_guidedist), (script close_navigate_quickmenu) and (script init) as all these scripts some where run (sc_cockpit_field_update_nav_default).

    Just modify one script and that’s it. I tried that before in mio\common\ui\display_options.ui and it didn’t work. So, i had to rethink and modify other way.

    I thought in three ways as these are the three ways you get small font each time you run them when route info is present:
    (1) from any state (page) or main menu to cockpit: put ‘runif vBigStreetShow 1 show_guidedist’ in (script init)
    (2) when closing quick menu (as opening quick menu hides all cockpit route info parameters and closing it reintroduces them): put ‘runif vBigStreetShow 1 show_guidedist’ in (script close_navigate_quickmenu)
    (3) when turn or next maneuver is approached, automatically show_guidedist runs and as you finish it, automatically hide_guidedist runs: so put ‘runif vBigStreetShow 1 show_guidedist’ in (script hide_guidedist)

    But as you tried and found out the more ways by which small fonts are being introduced, one of them is auto route recalculation.

    After reading your above post I tried again by modifying mio\common\ui\display_options.ui, but it didn’t work. So, I decided to go through common\navigate.ui to see what can be changed.

    Then I accidentally found common\display_options.ui file in common folder which i was previously looking in mio\common\ui\display_options.ui. That’s it. It is this file from which (sc_cockpit_field_update_nav_default) script runs. i modified it and it works even without modifying (script hide_guidedist), (script close_navigate_quickmenu) and (script init). This might solve all potential conditions by which small font is being introduced as per my thinking.

    Sorry for this much long post but as I am learning things, so i wrote my whole idea of solving this font issue.

    [ameridan bolded for emphasis]
    So, Try by modifying just (sc_cockpit_field_update_nav_default) script in common\display_options.ui by adding — runif vBigStreetShow 1 show_guidedist — (just after txt_direction_targetstreet.y 14 line and before termif vNavigatePopupMenuUp 1).
    And you can try even without modifying (script hide_guidedist), (script close_navigate_quickmenu) and (script init).

    So I am writing modifications:(1-4 are same as previous post)
    (1) variable in header
    (2) change pushbutton from select/deselect to on release
    (3) put toggle_BigStreet script in navigate_320_240.ui page
    (4) write termif vShowNavCockpitControls 0 in show_guidedist script
    (5) add runif vBigStreetShow 1 show_guidedist as per above paragraph

    Correct me if I am wrong anywhere. Try and let me know if it works. I usually have less chances to go out and test so some one has to try as you did.

    Thanks again and sorry for long (and confusing ? ) post. hope this time everything works fine and we might have reached our goal.
    Thanks again.

  17. hak said

    Hi, if not for testing but for more safer side, if we also modify mio\common\ui\display_options.ui by adding runif vBigStreetShow 1 show_guidedist in (sc_cockpit_field_update_nav_default). This might also close the door for potential use of this script in case it is really being used. (I don’t know if this script is being used from here also or not used at all).

    waiting for your thoughts. Thanks again.

  18. hak said

    hi, sorry for previous long post.

    But if you have not enough time to read that at first instance then just read last 4 or 5 paragraphs starting from “Then I accidentally found”. It contains my original modifications and new one. [which ameridan bolded for emphasis]


  19. c230 said


    I’ve bolded the newest recommendation of yours and will try it (step #5).

    Your post at 1:21 am is a little confusing to me though; I think you are trying to say that by implementing the noted line of code, you can permanently block the small font display, which contains 3 more fields of information. I do not wish to do that as myself and others want to be able to toggle the option – we just want the setting to behave and “stick” until we choose to toggle it. There have been many Quicksilver users in the gpspassion forums asking for the larger font display setting that sticks, as well.

    thanks for the detailed comments as it may help in resolving the issue.

  20. hak said

    hi, thanks and sorry for confusion.

    New modification will not lead to permanent block of small font, you have choice of toggle between small and large fonts (same like my previous modification), but in a better way.

    If you modify (sc_cockpit_field_update_nav_default) script then you don’t need to modify anything else, —i.e. script init, script hide_guidedist, script close_navigate_quickmenu, or any other script (e.g. auto route recalculation script etc.) which potentially leads to small fonts before starting route or in the middle of route.

    All these scripts first runs (sc_cockpit_field_update_nav_default) before displaying small font and other cockpit fields, so if you modify this single script then it works each time whenever small fonts are being reintroduced.

    In short, by new modification, you have choice of toggle between small and large fonts as well as it will stick to small or large (whatever your choice is) until you toggle.


  21. Lemos said

    Hi C230….
    what you think to create a version for the new Moov series? (moov 200 and 300). will be very very good!


    Adriana Lemos

  22. c230 said


    I incorporated hak’s newest changes and released with a revised link tonight without benefit of the usual beta testing again. To the 11 people that downloaded Quicksilver CarLocator 1.49b, the version is now Quicksilver CarLocator 1.49b1 which hak claims is a “permanent” toggle now 🙂 is available for those not wishing to make the changes themselves. I simply wouldn’t have time to thoroughly test it out until Sunday. My brief testing confirms that it does indeed look promising though.

    Good instructions hak – thanks!

  23. opop said

    nice hak… can it get any better 🙂

  24. opop said

    I’ll give it a good testing 😉

  25. c230 said


    If I get a Moov, I’ll do my best, but the C230 meets my needs for now. If I recall correctly, the Moov 200 hardware is almost exactly the same, it is the software that is different, and since the C230 is unlocked, we could load our own choice of navigation software to replace MioMap if it is deemed to be inadequate at a later date. This seems unlikely with all of the published skins that are constantly being tweaked 🙂

  26. c230 said

    Took the version 1.49b1 for a spin today, and it works just as hak stated – the font behaves as expected now!!!

  27. opop said

    hak mod works great …

    c230 . I have something driving me nuts here .. how did you get the larger digit font ??? cant seem to find the change…

  28. c230 said


    It took me awhile to tweak that font, and I’m having trouble retracing my change, but as I recall, there was a Quicksilver statement that acted as a override to “font2_white” in the Nav bar that I tweaked, rather than where you expect to find the text font and text size in the respective ui.

    I think I hit on that by trying to change properly which resulted in no change, so I used the search in your EditPlus program to find the override.

    Sorry, I can’t pinpoint the tweak right now, but I hope this helps…

    (If not, you might try asking washin, as he’s supposedly dissected and recreated some of our tweaks in his newest Quicksilver Reborn skin, and he later added a switch to toggle the font types.)

  29. Anglophile said

    can it get any better? 🙂

    Anglophile says : I absolutely agree with this !

  30. contact303 said

    hello Ameridan

    been a while :O) and I have not followed all your releases as I have my own version and my own settup (iam a EU model user remember ?)

    BUT now you do the the player incooperated and I would like that too

    can you please let me know how to do this ..
    I want to use the install to install it to my own skin
    I really like Risk so how do i get this into risk ..
    I dloaded your : QuickSilver CarLocator 1.49

    Then I looked into the manaul but it doesnt make sense
    ìt has Script folder and Changed Skin files
    Where do i put these files
    You DONT mention this at all in your How to ..
    the files are all there but where does one put them to …
    Again when i use your i have again the GEODB error and I cannot remember for tofffe how to make this work AND anyway i want to incoorerate the player into my Risk skin ..


  31. c230 said


    I’ve made it as easy as I can by providing the changed files only folder, but you can’t just “put the files” somewhere. I thinks you mean Riks skin (rather than Risk skin), and my changes would only serve as a guideline regarding the haks that you would need to write, since my changes all reference the Quicksilver skin and bmp files already included in that skin.

  32. contact303 said

    Well I tried…
    I modified my main_menu_320_240.ui
    my main_menu.ui

    Then i addded the 2 bmp to the location yu have em in your and lastly I copied all script files to

    \My Flash Disk\Script\PlayerTCPMP_fast.exe

    Unfortunately it doest star up
    I get FFUIError Code =8
    what ever that means

    I guess the Riks skin is nto easy modified ..:(

    Thanks for the help and keep up the great work …

  33. c230 said


    The problem probably has nothing to do with the scripts, but rather the missing bmp files, as I stated before, that are included in the Quicksilver skin:


    try adding those as well.

  34. contact303 said


    Well must be me 🙂 i cant ge this to work on EU model ..
    Thanks for your time though …
    I tried adding these same FFUIERROR

    I guss i dont really …but it propably can be done just not by me

    And unfortunately Quicksilver was always the skin that was buggy on the EU model anyway .. 😀 )

  35. hak said

    Thanks everyone.
    Thanks c230 for trying out font solution and providing feedback and also incorporating in skin for others to download.

    I hope this is the final solution and we will not need anything further regarding larger street name.


  36. opop said

    My c230 is screen went bad 😦 … about 2 weeks ago . Was a sad day. So i went out and out and got the new moov 310 🙂 nice unit ..But the mapping software sucks . In fact i hate it . Almost took it back. Then I found out I can unlock it with miopocket. And in install igo8 .<<<<Kick ass software. much faster the navman shit. Although Igo8 works flawlessly there are problems with windows core . No working keyboard( witch makes most apps useless. Some people say they have a problem with the backlight thats to dark and soft reset button not working. i know this is not the forum for a moov I guess what in saying here is ….C230 I need your help !! If you can drop me a line at . I bet i can get igo8 running on your c230 easily.

    thanks, OP

  37. murphyfields said

    Anyone know anything about the different icon files in various skins? I see 6×6 that appear to be just dots, 15×15, 20×20, 26×26, 30,30, and 50×50. Some for day, some for night, and some for day, all red, all blue, color. Some with only 1 icon (the 6×6 ones), and from 55 to 79 icons.

    Not sure where to post this, but with all your experience with the skins, you may know…

    Does this mean we can add custom icons by just changing these files? Or do we need to modify other entries? If we add different dimensions, will it display at different zoom levels?

    I am working on a way to display different icons for custom poi’s not just the “i” icon, and have it sort of figured out, but not quite sure how these files enter into it.

    I will also post this on c230’s site.

    Thanks for any help.

  38. c230 said

    Specifically regarding the POI icons, yes you can customize them, but it may be far easier to try other files from other skins that have already been developed. I don’t think you should change the dimensions though. If you’d like the POI icons to appear as you zoom out, rather than the blue dots, there are threads on gpspassion with instructions (it could get messy though depending on how many are displayed in a given region).

  39. murphyfields said


    Do you have a link or keyword. gpspassion is huge!

  40. c230 said

    I agree murphy. That is why I didn’t provide a link – I too would have to search for awhile.

  41. murphyfields said

    Understood. Thanks for the lead. If I find anything, I’ll post it here.

  42. murphyfields said


    Well, I never did quite find what I was looking for, but have figured a few things out own…lots more to do but getting closer

    First, if you like poiloader but don’t like the fact that all POIs show up as the information “i” symbol, it is pretty easy to change the icon. Simply go into the kml file generated by poiloader, and you will find a group of lines that looks like

    Note: if using Google Earth instead, you will need to add these lines for each POI

    Simply change the values to pretty much any multiple of 30 and you will get new icons. If you use 0 or 1680, you still get the “i” but others will give you different icons.

    Now the bad news…is starts counting from the 58th icon, so
    30 will give you the 58th icon (the house),
    120 will give you the 55th icon (the tank), and
    1680 will give you the 3rd icon (the information “i”

    So far I have found no way to get the 59th icon…the balloons, and also cannot reach the 1st icon.

    Also, I have found that it is possible to change icons by editing the poi26x26 files in the gfx directory of, and you can add more icons by appending icons to these files as well. However, I cannot yet reach any of these new icons using this technique.

    I am sure that somewhere the mio knows there should be 59 icons, and would love to know where. If anyone has suggestions, please let me know.

    Thank you

  43. murphyfields said

    Lets see if I can figure out how to format this better…

    Simply change the values to pretty much any multiple of 30 and you will get new icons. If you use 0 or 1680, you still get the "i" but others will give you different icons.

    Now the bad starts counting from the 58th icon, so
    30 will give you the 58th icon (the house),
    120 will give you the 55th icon (the tank), and
    1680 will give you the 3rd icon (the information "i"

  44. murphyfields said


    Any way you can fix my previous post so it shows all the xml coding??

  45. c230 said


    I can’t find any of the missing code.

  46. Wild Bill said


    I to got as far as changing one of the poi 50×50 icons with the same results. I was thinking the poi.spr file also has something to do with the poi displayed, but I could not figure out how to access the file.

  47. murphyfields said


    I tried to post this:


    but with “.lt.” replaced with “<”

    Unfortunately, things did not come out that way

    @Wild Bill
    Best I can tell, the spr files describe the dimensions of a single icon (in the Stripe = 30 line) and the transparency of the icons. I need to play with that last one a little, since sometimes icons are a little too transparent. Not positive about this one.

  48. Qfest1 said

    I own a C230 and a Moov 200. The maps on the Moov 200 seems to be more up to date. Is there a way to transfer Moov 200 maps to C230 unit? Also, is it possible to just transfer all Moov 200 software to the C230 and get that unit to function like the Moov 200 ?

  49. c230 said

    Yes it is possible to run with Moov software instead, but I can’t assist you in that regard.

  50. gpsreviews said

    I never known before that gps can play music. it’s new for me ,thanks

  51. Ernie said

    This looks interesting. However, what do I download for just the Car Locator. In addition which file do I need to unlock my Mio c230 in order to use the locator file.
    Thanks for your help.

  52. ameridan said


    If I understand your question, you can just attach your unit to your PC and make a backup copy of the file, afterwards replacing it with the CarLocator skin file, but it was designed to be used with the Unlock package.

    Certain features like the Routes menu, MediaPlayer, and the Exit button will not be compatible as a standalone skin though.

  53. ernest mancinelli said

    Thank you for quick reply. I belive you can tell I’m not very computer smart (just a 70 year old combat veteran). I’m not sure which file to download in order to unlock the unit.
    Please point out which one…thanks Ernie

    • ameridan said

      Sorry Ernie,
      I can’t elaborate any more than the extensive instructions in my blog, so if you don’t feel you can follow the instructions, then you best seek help (a grandchild perhaps?) or just enjoy your GPS unit as-is.

  54. ernest mancinelli said

    Thank you for your help and the grandson advice.

  55. ameridan said


    I just realized that this thread’s instructions don’t really apply to installing the Unlock. The thread I had in mind is which truly does have detailed instructions. ENJOY!

  56. great article, thanks for sharing.

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