Increasing Samantha’s TTS volume

I know, we normally don’t ask the ladies to be louder  )  , but when you are on the highway in a vehicle that doesn’t qualify as “Luxury Class”, or perhaps you’ve adaped your Mio C230 for motorcycle cruises, Samantha could be a little louder.   This blog will hopefully remedy that issue for you.   In fact, I found myself turning down the Master Volume from 100% down to about 80% for normal usage, which just about returns the voice command volume to where it was before the change.   Now, however you will have an additional 6dB of volume in reserve, which equates to two times (2x) louder than normal!    That’s worth another cup of coffee you say?   I agree…. 

You can edit the lines in your commands.csv* to boost Samantha’s speech volume to 100 (100%, which is the loudest value you can use), since the default value of the volume is 80 (80%).   If there are certain expressions that are too loud or bothersome (recalculating comes to mind), as you are normally not at highway speeds when they are announced, you might edit those expression(s) to a lesser value.

*  located here in your Unlocked C230:

“template turn”,,,”turn”
,”100[then2,X=1]*turn_next_then_turn_next “,”\vol=100\ \pause=50\ …


  1. opop said

    Nice work . I drive a big rig. Don’t hear much but the ding. Now its much better. 🙂

    P.S Any work done on activesnyc ??? I would love to get that working.
    i made icons 😉

  2. c230 said


    Good to hear real-world positive feedback! Never thought about a big rig being noisy (inside), but you are sittin’ right next to a BIG diesel, aren’t ya’. So I suppose the captain’s quarters in back aren’t that quiet either, since you probably have your engine idling the whole time you’re napping.

    Question: Is the primary noise level attributed to the engine, or speed-relative road / wind noise (like cars)?
    Reason: Just wondering if dynamic volume might actually help you out now?

    ActiveSync – no that doesn’t look promising right now, but then again neither did the Exit Door button back in November. We’ll keep trying.

  3. Bulldog said

    Great job. Now, if the snow would melt I could try it out on the motorcycle. I’m currently building a holder for the C230 using Ram Mount parts. They don’t make anything for the C230 and the power port requires me to be creative. Don’t want the bugger falling off. When I get something finished, I’ll post pictures to my website at

  4. Mike said

    Do you know what the “pause” is for?

    I haven’t looked at the file but the only voice I want louder is the one when I am near the turn. I don’t need “prepare to turn right in point nine miles” to be loud. She talks too much for me as it is. Is it possible to change only certain commands?

    I guess I should just take a look at the file.

  5. amida168 said

    I always thought the volume is not loud enough. I gotta try this out. Thanks!. I remember that you complained about Mio announces too many times before the turn. If you modify the file and delete some entries, wouldn’t that achieve what you want?

  6. c230 said

    Yes, individual entries can be edited for volume and / or statements (like a different word for roundabout) but Amida, I’m not sure which is best approach to reduce her nagging – to delete / comment certain phrases OR find the sys.txt command to override the TTS (like supress_straight=1 and supress_highway_enter=1 which both sound like good parameters to add!)

    Someone refresh my memory – can you comment expressions in Excel so they’re ignored?

  7. mioc230_11 said

    i downloaded your commands.csv file. how do i compress it into the\config\? i downloaded winzip. newbie

  8. mioc230_11 said

    or how can i make the square so i can edit it myself? i copied and paste this ( \vol=100\ ) b

    but \vol=100\ that pasted only

  9. CD said


    HA HA! “She talks too much for me as it is”. I agree. Isn’t it funny how the Mio seems to mirror life… the female voice using 3 times as many words to say the same thing as the guy? That’s why I use Jason. Sometimes I wish there was a voice like “Lou” or “Al” that just said “Left”, “Right”, “Straight” or “Turn Around”. 🙂

  10. c230 said


    In Excel, there is a insert symbol function, but i couldn’t find that particular symbol. The  symbol does exist elsewhere in the file though, so copy and paste it into a blank cell, add on \vol=100\ and the cut that cell and paste away.


    Pull the TTS folder out to your desktop
    Backup the file somewhere
    Edit to suit your needs
    Copy the desktop TTS folder back into your Mio folder from which it originated


    Yeah a “Tony” version – “When you get ta Main, hang a right.”

    “Hey Paulie, ya’ better be low on d’fuel, cuz turnin’ into da gas station fer directions ain’t allowed.” 😉

  11. Andrew said

    On a side tangent, I am wondering if it is a simple operation to REDUCE the number of times Samantha or whoever reminds you that a turn/maneuver is forthcoming. It looked like everything revolves around that commands.csv document, but I wouldn’t chance deleting things before I knew for sure what I was doing. Basically I don’t want to be reminded that I need to turn onto X Street when there is 800 yards left, 500 yards left, 300 yards left, etc. It’s not the end of the world if one can’t change this, but it seems like a good idea if one can manipulate these settings. Thanks!

  12. c230 said


    I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a SYS.TXT command to easily alter the distance parameter. Dominique seems to really have a handle on the (unpublished) MioMap commands; perhaps he’ll respond.

  13. opop said

    All of those thing are a factor. Big truck = big noise. I have all of the volume setting to max .

    I have made some changes to the themes (just can’t stop tweaking this thing).
    And would like to share them with you. I hope you like them.

  14. Mike said

    I found some new TTS voices and would like to add the increase volume to those as well – but it appears they each use different commands.csv files (people modded them in different ways). I am using the one you made for Samantha, c230, but when I go to add the symbol in Excel I run into similar problems as described above. I copied the symbol + \vol=100\from a cell in your csv file and paste that in an empty cell and it all looks alright, but when I go to paste the same thing in front of text that was already there, all that comes out is an empty space + \vol=100\. Either it is fine like that and the symbol is not visible but exists, or I need to find another way to add the text other than adding it in the command line or in the box itself. You obviously did it so maybe the symbol didn’t show for you when pasted it in front of other text. I do have Office 2007 so maybe that has something to do with it, but most likely not. I guess I could just try and see, but it is somewhat tedious and would rather not until I know it will work like this.


  15. K Sankara Rao said

    Samantha rells me to turn into Nebraska 163 rd Avenue; How to make her tell me that it is North East 163rd Avenue

  16. murphyfields said


    I think you will have to just deal with the fact that Samantha is just not that bright. Live with her and laugh, but I don’t think you are going to change what she thinks the abbreviations stand for.

  17. c230 said

    Actually “NE” could be changed in one of the .csv files, but then the state NE would be pronounced incorrectly, so you’ll have to decide which condition you are more likely to run into.

  18. Jeff said

    I’m having TTS problems on my C230 after I loaded the 12M maps from Canada and the USA. Is it possible they are not compatible with the C230 or could they have changed some setting? The commands still work, but they no longer announce the name of the street. Sounds just like a C220 now.

  19. c230 said

    Sorry, but I don’t know why the maps would affect TTS. My initial guess might be that in making room for the maps, you’ve perhaps deleted a portion (or all) of the TTS folder on your flash drive.

  20. spamoi said

    How to apply this tweak on iGO8 ??


  21. K Sankara Rao said

    I was asking about changing Samantha’s “Nebraska 163rd Avenue to N E 163rd Avenue” and C230 said the change can be made in one of the csv files in the voices directory. I am not able to see any entry like this in any of the thee csv files in Voice\v_tts_nu_eng_us_f3 zip/.

    Can you direct me to the appropriate file.

    Thank You

  22. c230 said

    Well, I was close, but it’s an ini file rather than a csv file. You’ll see a Config folder in that ZIP and there is a file rules.ini that will take care of that for you. If you don’t have an entry like

    /(.*\s)?\bNE\b/i/–>”$1North-East “

    , add that.

    Perhaps you’ll need

    /(.*\s)?\bN.E.\b/i/–>”$1North-East “

    as well.

    Let us know if this resolves the issue for you.

  23. K Sankara Rao said

    Thanks c230. It is a bit late to testdrive now; I am changing the file and will check it tomorrow. Thanks again.

    Sankara Rao

  24. K Sankara Rao said

    The issue of (Nebraska for North East) did not get resolved. Map data may have some peculiarity. For example, North East 65th Street gets spoken correctly (in fact, all street numbers with NE have no problem). It is the Avenues where this problem is occurring.

    Another situation – nothing to do with the miomap software, but to do with the unlocked c230. I am trying the demo version of IGO 8; its backlight is not bright and it looks completely washed out in day light. Is there anything in the unlocking code which can take care of it?

  25. c230 said

    I copied your former comment into Notepad and see that you think the street is N E, not NE or N.E., so try changing the code for N.E. accordingly. That may do the trick.

    Regarding the backlight issue, my new Unlock 3.6 package coming out very soon will resolve that issue. Thanks to Tim Rude who has tweaked the C230 Launcher, that and many other quirks will be resolved. It is being beta tested by a couple of blog readers as of today. As amida pointed out, the Launcher in previous unlocks was for the C220 and it’s amazing that it worked as well as it does. (I had to tweak the startup scripts to work with the new Launcher; you can’t just replace that file)

    Even though the new Unlock package “looks” the same as 3.5, there are MANY improvements that will be included, thanks to the contributions of many.

  26. K Sankara Rao said

    I may be using an unlocking scheme which is not from c230. Does c230 have an unlock which is sd card based? and which release is that?

  27. c230 said

    No, my Unlocks thus far are all Flash Drive based, made possible by deleting (or moving to the SD card) 2 or 3 map files.

  28. kleptodathief said

    has anyone been able to edit it to tell if your destination is on the right or the left? impossible with miomaps? major props if anyone can do this lol

  29. c230 said


    I think you will find that if you zoom in enough, you will be able to distinguish which side of the street an address is on. MioMap shows the even and odd addresses on the correct side of my street.

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