Windows Media 9 Codecs for TCPMP player

I’ve noted that C230 users occasionally want to play Windows Media version 9 Audio and Video files and get messages to the effect that the codecs aren’t supported by the TCPMP player.   Actually the plugin is probably already present, but the driver file(s) that the plugin is looking for isn’t, even though WinCE higher than 4.2 is supposed to include them (per Microsoft).   Found this question on amida’s site this evening and thought I’d package up the codecs to add into the Script folder of either of our Unlock packages to resolve the issue.

Oh, and bleep55, I’m the one with the Coffee Fund.    If this resolves your problem, I’ll take mine black, thank you.  🙂

Bleep55 said on April 23rd, 2008 at 7:43 pm

I am trying to add a video to the Mio. I am getting the error message : Video codec (Windows Media Video 9) not supported by the player. Is there something that needs to be changed in the Mio or does the video need to be reformatted? I get audio but no video…

…Donation to your coffee fund has been made. Thanks again.

The package is available here.



  1. Bleep55 said

    Your package worked “GREAT”…..I’m not sure that sounded right. Your cup of black coffee is in the mail. Thanks Again

  2. c230 said

    Thank you very much bleep!!! I’m glad to hear that resolved the issues for you. That little player is great program; now if it only integrated with MioMap like the Mio player reportedly does, there would be some happy campers.

    Next project idea – couple of buttons in MioMap skin to toggle TCPMP play/pause and next song.

  3. MioZ said

    Good job. I’ve been looking for a solution for this little problem.
    Thank you!

  4. Giuseppe from ITALY said

    Open the file then edit file settings_main da mio\common\ui find the section and change .hide to . show as the following

    Edit the file sys.txt (within miomap folder) and add the following lines to the sections



    Now you’ll see both the overspeed options appearing on the menu and the limit being displayed on the map on both navigation or simulation mode.

    Have a nice trip to All!!

  5. c230 said

    Giuseppe from ITALY,

    Thank you for the tips. Our 2007.1 US maps don’t have speed limit data in them, so I don’t think it will help us much, but for those blog readers using other maps, it map be very helpful. 🙂

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