QuickSilver CarLocator for C230~Version 1.46 update

Revised About screen available in General Settings
note the relocation of the zoom out button to make room for the new buttons on the left side
hit the calculator button…
…and the route recalculates in a different mode
note the addition of a POI button on the cockpit screen

QuickSilver CarLocator for C230 ~ Version 1.46 update

  1. OP’s incorporation of the Binocular button (Fit Route view on screen) and the Route calculator button (Recalculate toggling method each time, also known as the trip computer) borrowed from the Olivercp Skin (GREAT JOB OP!!) in the Browse Map screen
  2. OP’s incorporation of the POI button in the Cockpit screen
  3. I took the liberty of upgrading OP’s POI button so that it matches the other POI buttons in this package
  4. CD’s improved Browse Map and Cockpit View icons, with matching toggle buttons while in Map View and Cockpit View
  5. I’ve also revised screens and icons to give this skin it’s own look (Version 1.42 was CD’s Quicksilver ’66 skin) and tweaked some of the original code that basically named the favorites Home and Work on some of the screens, regardless of any renaming you may have done, so that they reflect your changes as much as possible.

This skin by default names the two favorites Home and Car, and the main screen has a new button to program your current location and assigns it to Car, the intent being that it will facilitate finding your Car later.

This is a skin alternative, not an Unlock package.   The instructions are aimed at those using my Unlock menu with Skin Management, but can be used as an alternative skin without unlocking – just don’t use the Exit button.

new icons introduced in ver 1.45

Clicking on the Save Car Location button saves 4 clicks…


and takes you right to this screen…


Click on Coordinates, then Done, and your Car’s present parked location is in memory.


Then, as an option, adding my “Favorite” icons and buttons with Dominique’s Skin Trick results in consistent display in other skins as well…

Sorry, but you won’t see all those heart icons for Favorites anymore if you incorporate this portion of the package.  )


Version 1.46 download available here.    Note that there are two folders that should each be copied to their respective locations:

  • The “Quicksilver CarLocator for C230″ folder should be placed in your SD card’s Skins folder
    OR the DATA.ZIP within should replace:
    •    My Flash DiskMioMapMioMap2DATA.ZIP, if C230 is unlocked
    •    My Flash DiskMioMapMioMapDATA.ZIP, if C230 is locked
  • As an option to try out Dominique’s Skins trick in an unlocked C230, copy the “SKIN” folder into My Flash DiskMioMapMioMap2  (or the contents of DATA.ZIP within should be added into  My Flash DiskMioMapMioMap2SKINDATA.ZIP).     Otherwise, just disregard this folder.

In  General Settings, you can rename Favorite#2 from Car back to Work if you like, but chances are you won’t be changing that location too much.

Another possible use for my modification?   Rename Car to Delivery.   Instead of creating POIs  each time a (Pizza) delivery person gets an order, just tap the Save Delivery Location button, input the address, and you are ready to Find your way to that location.

The main reason for stating that this version is for the C230 is that the config file is from a MioC230 and the mods/changes/updates were only applied to the 320X240 folders.  Having said that, this package could very well work for other Mio models with MioMap 3.3 and 320X240 screens in landscape mode.

Proposals for next revision  (1.47 – which may be the last for CarLocator):    

  1. Name change to “Quicksilver CarLocator”    DONE
  2. OP’s toggle “POI button in Cockpit view” script    DONE
  3. Perhaps the pinpoint script if OP figures it out 🙂   DONE
  4. I like the factory message panel better    DONEcarlocator27.jpg
  5. Routes screen flyover button? (instead of the fly)     DONE
I’m planning to continue learning about, and working with skins, but depending on fellow Blog reader’s input, the CarLocator, which I’m quite happy with by the way, might not advance much further beyond the pending release of 1.47. 
Perhaps it will be the Quicksilver ’66 that resumes where we left off and advances by borrowing the best of various other skins already developed / being developed.


  1. opop said

    Love the matching icon. great release.

    What are we working on next ???

  2. Andrew said

    Something else from the Olivercp skin — on the fly street avoidance! You tap the street you are headed towards next (in Cockpit view) and a menu pops up that lets you avoid that street. My other suggestion would be a way to hide buttons such as those three on the right side. I have been an Olivercp skin fan this whole time, but if a few more tweaks are made, I might convert over here!

  3. Paul said

    I love this skin..its so freakin nice but there is one problem that I have still noticed not fixed. When you go to change your time zone it never saves it. Mine is set to london and I live in Ohio yet it change it and when I go back it’s still London. Please look to fix this in next release. Thanks for all you do!

  4. c230 said


    Thank you for the positive feedback, though many others get the credit as well. Regarding the Time Zone issue, I’m not sure that MioMap (or any skin) addresses this properly, which is why I force the Time Zone & DST changes in the Unlock script instead.


    Why would you want to hide the 3 transparent buttons? They were added to make navigation easier. Regarding the street avoidance, we’ll have to think about that one a little – wouldn’t it be easier to turn down the street you favor and just let route recalculation kick in instead?

  5. Andrew said

    Haha, yeah – that would be easier! I just figured that that would be a bonus feature that would bring it on a level playing field with the Olivercp skin and give some reason to tap on the top street name in Cockpit view.

    The 3 buttons do have a purpose sometimes, but for overall neatness (neatness counts!), I was merely suggesting that one could add a button on the bottom toolbar that allows you to hide them at your leisure.

    The skin is great overall — I was just thinking of what would put it over the top!

  6. c230 said


    As another skin modification exercise, I’ve added a proposed change (for Andrew) to the bottom of the Blog, but I need some help getting it to work.

  7. Andrew said

    Thanks! I had another thought and I am sorry if I sound like I am being critical, because I do really like this skin. Other people can feel free to chime in if they disagree, but I could see moving the POI and Map buttons to where the Up and Down buttons are on the bottom toolbar. Personally, I think that most people wouldn’t look to change the viewing angle all that often and if they liked 2D there is an option for that in the Main Settings. Those two buttons could still be there, but on the next “page”. Zoom in and out are probably used more frequently, but personally I don’t see why you would need them right in front either but they could probably stay where they are. The North button also seems like a good candidate for somewhere on the bottom row. I don’t quite know why you need a North button when you have a GPS, but for those who are interested, they could scroll to the next page and find it there. Just my two cents and if I am way off base in making these suggestions, I apologize. Thus on the bottom row I would have a Map button, POI button, Zoom In, Zoom Out, and no buttons on the actual map/cockpit part. Nothing I have suggested is an emergency, but I am just thinking about neatness and practicality!

    Thanks so much!

  8. c230 said

    The first thing that comes to mind is that a stylus shouldn’t be required for any MioMap skin, so the buttons need to be placed far enough away from each other for finger control.

    The “north” button you refer to is actually a toggle button for the different map display options and the cockpit/browse map toggle button was specifically added to avoid having to go back to the main menu.

    There, that is my 2 cents; we’ll await more feedback.

  9. CD said


    Did we ever get an answer on what lines of code must be added where to add the calc button and binoculars? I would like to add them to what I’m using and see how things look and work. Almost done at the house…. and it’s time to start playing c230 again!

  10. opop said

    Im looking in to the code you posted. Not realy that great with code , but i think there may be a easier way. can you post what you got ?

    All really did was to con pair the code of both skins.
    the code i copied over is in the browse_320_240.

    Note : if you notice on the olivercp skin that the old zoom in and out vanish when you have a route. To make way for the cal button and binoculars. may be a clue there. I had to remove that bit of code in quicksliver because of errors.

    I’m home this weekend and the family is keeping me busy . So ill look in to this more soon . Keep up the good work

  11. opop said

    Hey guys . i notice that the +/- toggle button just over the manage poi button doesn’t do anything on this skin. So I replaced it to toggle the POI button . added new icon.
    works great .


    Let me know what you think.

  12. CD said

    I’m a little frustrated. Does this make any sense?

    At this point, we have three fellows all working and making mods to the same skin; new icons, features, etc. As a result, it seems that things are being pulled in three different directions. Don’t get me wrong, all of the work is GOOD work, but things on my end are beginning to come unraveled. For example, I love OP’s addition of the calc/binoc buttons. But those were added to Ameridan’s car locator skin. If having a dedicated car locator function is not what some one needs (me being one), then it’s either use the car locator skin or do without the calc/binoc buttons (unless I can add the code to QS 66.) Same goes for the POI cockpit button and POI button toggle (which works well, BTW!) In the meantime, I updated some icons that I was unable to send are now not part of the newest work. I have been trying to parallel the changes going on with the CL skin, but I cannot keep up. I even took Ameridan’s advice about just using the CL skin and changing the loading/about skins back, etc. I did that, but then I had the word ‘car’ everywhere and had to fix those to go back to what QS 66 had. Then there’s the issue with the auto recalc that works in 66 but has issues (I’ve read) in the CL skin.

    I feel really out of the loop and am motivated to abandon any further efforts with regards to a skin. Is there a way to consolidate all the work to a skin everyone can agree upon? Or do we now have too divergent wants and needs to make that a reality? It seems that the skin is losing it’s universality and becoming narrowed to specific interests. Maybe we could start a page where we discuss this.

    Here’s my two cents: I like the idea of the CL in principle, but it seems like it became the foundation of the entire skin (loading page, about page, icons, words, etc.) rather than merely an option. If one chooses not to use that option then having ‘car’ everywhere really makes no sense. On the flip side, if you do use it, having ‘work’ everywhere makes no sense, either (this is what I was talking about above about losing it’s universality). Can it be remedied? What I now envision is leaving the CL function on the main page (above the exit) but changing the two favorites back to something generic in both name and icon. The original miomap software had that, and I am beginning to see it’s merit. A house, car or [fill in wok icon] robs the skin of it’s universal use and steers it into a specific direction. If we called them ‘Favorite 1’ and ‘Favorite 2’ then it would maintain the flexibility of using the CL function or using it for work (or anything else) without having to re-tool every UI file to compensate. It would then be up to the user to remember what he used that slot for. I would have to know my fav2 was work, where Dan would have to know it was his car. Then in the event I needed to mark my cars location, I could go to the main page and, use the CL function and not have to worry that my ‘fav 2’ slot said ‘work’ and had a hardhat icon.


  13. Quicksilver13 said

    This is a zipped file that will place OP’s incorporation of the Binocular button (Fit Route view on screen) and the Route calculator button (Recalculate toggling method each time, also known as the trip computer) borrowed from the Olivercp Skin, into the current versions of the Quicksilver skins for the C230.
    Place the zipped file into the "\My Flash Disk\MioMap\MioMap2\SKIN\" folder and keep the Quicksilver Data.zip in the "\My Flash Disk\MioMap\MioMap2\" folder.
    It might be usefull to individuals that just want to look at the code that changed or just only want the Route modifications.


  14. opop said

    Well i think he needs his own forum. there are free ones out there. Would be easier to keep up. As for the CL add on I don’t use it . Much like my POI button its not really useful for most people .

    Are we not working on the same version ??? I have been updating the CL 1.46
    I just thought he would update my changes in the next version if he liked the changes i made .

    CD …. I now feel out of the too .

  15. opop said

    You don’t have to retool all the UI’s ..just replace the car icon with your icon .
    Rename it hs2.bmp .

    I dont see way we can’t release 2 versions. One with CL and one without.

    Later tonight i will setup a free forum. i like wordpress,but i don’t think it made for this kind of info sharing.

  16. CD said

    I think two versions doubles the work. Changes would need to be made to both skins at the same time.

    To be clear, it’s not that I dislike the CL function. It certainly has it’s practical application. I just think it overpowered the skin. Now I feel obligated to embrace it if I want your contributions. Or… remake the skin it’s based on (if I even could) at twice the effort.

    It seems that we, with very little concession, could all agree on a single version of the skin that meets everyone’s needs. I was just wondering if the players would want this. If the answer is ‘yes’, then we can move in that direction.

  17. CD said


    I am not making changes to CL 1.46. I am making changes to QuickSilver ’66 1.42 (on which CL 1.46 is based). And I found that it takes a lot more work to make CL 1.46 ‘generic’. Not only do you have to change the icons, but there are several other places that have been made to specifically designate the skin as ‘car locator’. It’s on the loading page, about page, top of the main page and the word ‘car’ is embedded into several other places instead of ‘work’ (which should also be removed to maintain the skin’s generic use.)

  18. c230 said

    Hi guys,

    Just got online and see that a lot of discussion occured this morning!! One comment from Quicksilver was awaiting moderation ( I just approved it) and it has what CD was looking for. I didn’t think CarLocator was such a negative, although I agree the name isn’t that great. You rename Car to Work or whatever ONE TIME and everything is back to normal (other than the heart icons which I never liked). I haven’t thoroughly read all of this morning’s posts, but I hope we can all agree on where this skin activity should go.

    Since the feature isn’t really as useful as I intended, perhaps it would be best to stop work on it (just leave it at 1.46) and revert back to Quicksilver ’66 and move forward. I had already proposed this to CD, but hadn’t heard back from him ‘cuz his house was falling apart 😦

    So is that the action plan?

    Does everyone atleast like my icons more than the ’66 versions ( I like ‘dem boots)?

    Sorry OP, I just noticed your new download to try out and will do so. I also didn’t realize that your changes disabled the zoom buttons, I’ll try it out too.

  19. CD said

    Here’s a list of what I propose:

    1. Begin with the skin that currently has the CL function. Figure out the recalc dilema people are having and repair it.

    2. Make the skin generic
    a. One generic name for the skin (‘QuickSilver for c230’) to be used on the loading, about, main page. Credit all contrbutors on the about page
    b. Generic Icons for the two ‘Favorites’ – Hearts, Thumbs up, etc.
    c. Generic Names for the two ‘Favorites’ (although the skin lets you “name” them on one menu)

    3. Agreed upon icons/pictures for functions. I added some, Dan added others and OP others, still. For example, I have now seen 3 different POI buttons on the cockpit view (yikes). Colors (outside of the scheme) should be agreed upon, too. And then use the icon consistently throughout.

    This structure will allow full use of any or all of:

    The car locator function
    The binoculars button function
    The on-the-fly route calc button function
    The poi-from the cockpit button function

    etc., without pushing one set of functions over another.


  20. c230 said


    That sounds good, but even the factory skin uses Home and Work, rather than Favorite1 and Favorite2 to start, and I say we just go back to that then.

    Do you not consider my Home and Car (commute to work) icons generic enough? I think red/white hearts for one and white/red hearts for the other is worthy of a new strategy.

    I’ll be happy to change the name, although the moderator at GPSpassion.com thinks that we should even remove the C230 out of the name, so that others will be encouraged to try it. Of course, then we have to field any complaints they file, because it doesn’t work on their model, so maybe we should leave C230 in anyways. Afterall, my Blog was intended only for C230 users.


  21. c230 said


    the zoom buttons + & + work for me, but I’ll d/l your proposal and try it anyways.

  22. opop said

    does it toggle the zoom buttons on and off ??

  23. opop said

    WOW . I’m really confused now . i think you need to post a version and we can go from there . I’m not sure what version to work on. I just added the toggle for the POI button to hide it … its the check box in the setting. Replacing the check box to hide the zooms . Didn’t seem to work for the zooms.

  24. c230 said


    Are you the author of the original Quicksilver skin? If so, it is an honor to hear from you, and I imagine that is why you wanted to see how the olivercp changes were incorporated.

    I can only imagine that you’ve gone through what I’m starting to experience and wonder if you have any suggestions in keeping up with all the great contributions from various authors in order.

    P.S. The only thing we had to do to make your skin that was originally designed for the C220 compatible, is amend the pocket_pc.ini file and perhaps the text_guidance.csv, but I took the easy way out and simply overwrote the entire config folder from the C230. Roundabouts weren’t being announced and who knows what else really wasn’t working right.

  25. CD said

    Come 6pm, the house issue will be behind me! 🙂

    I like the boots. I also like the ‘addresses’ (mailbox) much better. What could be “favorites” without being hearts? Do you not like any heart or just those.

    I updated the POI and Manage POI to something I think is better… a push pin. The Manage POI is a push pin in a gear. They are really easy to see on the move. I also enhanced the colors of the compass (map view) to be more vivid. Only now the night view has a white surround and the day a black surround. REALLY easy to see!

    Based on your “revert back to Quicksilver ‘66 and move forward” comment….

    Posts QS ’66 with newest icons. We can drop the “66” if we feel it is not generic, although I don’t think it suggests any feature.

    Changes to the ‘Coordinates’ icon to the boots and ‘Address’ icon to the mailbox
    Adds the CL function to the main page (same icon and same place above the ‘exit’ sign.
    Change the about page to the ’69 GTO

    Add the binoculars and calculator functions to the map page.
    Add the POI button the cockpit mode.

    I think the house and car icons are specific. My father in law uses his spots for places on the trail that have nothing to do with either.

    The +/- work on mine, too. I like the idea of a toggle… especially adding a button the the top of the POI page, opposite of the Manage POI button I added. The icon you put there, I believe, is too big. I made the Manage POI button to fit at the top, cocsistent with what was there. I could make something for the other side.

  26. c230 said


    I think I misunderstood you. I thought you meant the zoom buttons didn’t work, but you are talking about a toggle zoom button. Where is (was) that? If it’s in your download dated today, I’m just loading that now so haven’t looked at it yet.

  27. CD said

    It’s on the settings page with the night mode switch and 3D in cockpit mode switch. I do not know if the +\- button is supposed to toggle zoom on and off. I think it has to do with retaining your zoom settings.

  28. CD said

    Here are the icons. They include one for OP’s POI button on the cockpit view.


  29. CD said

    Here’s the latest QS with those icons added. Now it needs boots, mailbox, CL function, about page, binoculars and calculator functions to the map page and the POI button the cockpit mode.


  30. c230 said

    See additional proposals above and comment.


    I haven’t tried the QS yet, but I did like the icons. The rocket ship wasn’t immediately identifiable with flyover though – how about the biplane one I did above?


    Your change worked great. Better spot than what I had proposed. So that is settled – not sure what the button did that you replaced. 🙂

  31. opop said

    as far as i can tell it did nothing . in the oliver skin it removers the old zooms

  32. Quicksilver13 said

    No I’m not the author of the Quicksilver skins. The Name is one that I have used for years and is taken from the Model of an Ultralight aircraft that I owned. I made the QSROUTE.ZIP file as a learning tool. I would like to see it incorporated into other skins, mainly the Original Data.Zip file.I thought it might be useful to individuals that just wanted to look at the part of the files that changed, or just only wanted to add the Route modifications to their version of the Quicksilver skin. This method of adding modifications to the Mio’s skin could let users pick and choose what modifications they wanted to add to their Skins.
    I appreciate the work that you have done and continue to do for the C230 Community.

  33. c230 said


    I like the idea of a toggle… especially adding a button the the top of the POI page, opposite of the Manage POI button I added. The icon you put there, I believe, is too big. I made the Manage POI button to fit at the top, cocsistent with what was there. I could make something for the other side.

    It is an easy way to toggle the POI button off, but you’d either have to get to that screen the normal way or get to the settings screen and use OP’s setting to toggle the button back on, so I’m thinking OP’s is best without adding any confusion. As OP said, it’s probably not a setting you would change often – you either like having the POI shortcut or you don’t.

    [It might help to add a message screen you have to acknowledge explaining briefly what the setting change just selected actually did.]

  34. opop said


    what do we do with the QSroute.zip
    can you post it ??

  35. c230 said


    it might be ideal in this skin the way we’ve all got the creative juices flowing 🙂

  36. opop said


    how do you take the screens of the maps ??

    it never seems to work for me .

  37. c230 said

    Make sure task bar is active, fire up Screen capture and set to around 8 seconds & Storage Card, fire up MioMap and get close to the screens you are interested in, hit the taskbar (right edge) and select Screen Capture, select Capture, and you’ve got about 7 seconds to set up the screen. When you are on the last capture, click on Close after capture.

    Too bad we can’t add the jpgs to the comments. I know – change Blog programs; I’m concerned that I would have to use another web address and as you can see, I’ve got good traffic here 72,000+ hits in 4 months!

  38. opop said


  39. c230 said


    We’ll revert back to your “favorites” icons. With dominiques skin trick, I override them with mine (for all skins!) anyways. It’s the ideal way to customize a generic skin (as you prefer) to your liking without having to edit each revision!!

    In fact that is the way I originally released the package, but realized that if the optional skin trick wasn’t added, the skin would differ from the post.

    If you add ui files in there though, those could mess up other skins.

  40. opop said

    The one thing i liked about the olivercp skin was the pins.
    What do you think about adding it to the quicksilver?

  41. c230 said

    I agree. I’ve still got some in my maps from trials of other skins. Can quicksilver13 dissect that too? Haven’t learned much about them though – are they just special POI’s?

  42. opop said

    There different from POI , I mostly use them to mark a spot that is not that important when planning routes. Like a good route my truck can take in a city.
    Its easy to select the pin and then add a via or something.
    i have got it to work but having a problem with the icon placement . Any suggestions?

  43. c230 said

    Actually, I like the way Riks skin handles pinpoints by making it part of the cursor menu. Found this in the iGo 2006 Manual:

    A Pin is visible at all zoom levels and remains in its position until you unpin it, or delete all Pins in Advanced Settings. The color of the pin is automatically selected and the different colors help you identify a Pin in the History list later. There they are shown together with their address and GPS coodinates.

    Quicksilver13 posted this on gpspassion recently and other than the screen looking too busy with all of the shortcuts, we can get a lot of ideas from this package!

    I found another Split Skin for MioMap 3.3. I made a few minor modifications to it for the C230. This is based on a skin called Joedoum 33-4.


  44. CD said

    The skin trick is a good way to customize.

    I have not seen the plane. The rocket is actually the new Lockheed Martin F-35. My buddy is the structural engineer for it. When it comes out, it will be the greatest fighter ever created. Plus I thought it looked cool, so I added it.

  45. c230 said

    I just did the plane icon yesterday. It is shown in the actual Blog (near the botttom) The rocket would work too, if it were in flying mode (horizontal).

  46. CD said

    I can see about that. I was trying to do a top-down like the bee it replaced. A bi-plane would be really cool, too.

  47. CD said

    What about the Spruce Goose?

  48. opop said

    I got the pins into back. I had problems with getting the night icon to work so i decided not to use a icon. See pic below.

  49. c230 said


    Whatever looks good; you didn’t like the one I already made, I take it?

    Here’s some of the buttons, etc. that I’ve already done: http://www.mediafire.com/?lyzjjdxipzf

    (I’ll be gone all afternoon, in case you are trying to flag me down later)


    That looks like it would work great. Probably better to modify whitestripe.bmp (if that is the background) go all the way across now and not even bother with the blue bar behind it. (Sorry for the confusion; I was answering CD while you were typing your comment)

  50. CD said

    I like the biplane. The clouds behind it kinda detract from the clarity. While I was looking to see if I had a biplane icon, I was thinking aout famous biplanes and the famouse planes in general. Spruce Goose popped into mind. A unique image, no doubt.

  51. CD said

    I should proofread.

  52. c230 said

    I redid the biplane and got rid of the clouds. Will overwrite the graphic above so you can see the results.

  53. opop said

    Can anyone tell me what language this code is ???

  54. c230 said

    Hey OP,

    Seems I read something about the engine being written by PDAmill, a company that normally writes Gaming programs. perhaps a Google search of pdamill and iGo will lead you to more on the subject.

    If you come across a manual, let us know! Here’s a tutorial to help with the structure of MioMap skins, but you’ve probably mastered much of this already 🙂


  55. opop said

    I use editplus when i do any editing to code. And i was trying to find a .stx file to use with the .ui’s. Couldn’t find one so i made my own. The .stx file color codes the code .For a lack of better words. After a long night of looking at code my head starts to spin. This makes it much easier to read. Check out the screen. I hope someone find it useful.

    screen: http://www.mediafire.com/imageview.php?quickkey=xv2njtydst8&thumb=4

    MIO.stx :

  56. c230 said


    Can you check your link for MIO.stx? Thx.

  57. opop said

    Sorry,I updated it.



  58. c230 said

    Thx OP. By the way your web address in the stx file isn’t correct. I’m evaluating the pgm right now and trying to guess where the stx file goes. and found that the syntax file (stx) goes into C:\Documents and Settings\your folder\Application Data\EditPlus 3.

    Then you need to go into Tools/Preferences and add Mio UI as a file type and point to OP’s MIO.stx in order to see the highlighting.

  59. opop said

    well you’ll have to set it up . put the stx file in the editplus root dir.

    1.open editplus and goto tools , preferences.
    in the categories click file / settings & syntax

    2. were it says “file type” click add
    and type “mio_ui”

    3.in file extensions type “ui”

    4. for syntax file click the “…” button and browse to my mio.stx file.

    5. apply /ok /enjoy


  60. opop said

    One more thing. If this is the first time your using editplus you will soon notice that is saves a “.bak ” with the same name as the “ui” your editing when you save.
    This is so you have a backup of the file your working on. Pain in the ass if you ask me.

    On ‘Files’ page of the Preferences dialog box, please turn off ‘Create backup file when saving’ option.

    Delete and .bak ‘s it made. 🙂

  61. c230 said

    Thanks for all of the tips OP. I see I’ve got 29 days to decide on having to buy EditPlus.

    By the way, were you going to add Pins code to CarLocator? I’ve been holding off on the final? release in case you had already figured it out. You’d only have to give me the ui that changed as I’ve got everything else ready to go.

  62. opop said

    PINS, browse_320_240 , line 35

    It works fine.I had a problem with a icon for it. So I didnt use one. Keeps it clean looking.


    screen http://img132.imageshack.us/my.php?image=pinssceennf6.jpg

  63. opop said

    Favorite POI groups hmm……….

    This is what i was trying to do with my poi button from the start.
    Maybe only useful to me 😉 But ill be looking in to it.

    In miomap 3.2 you can have only 2 favorites shortcuts “Home” and “work”. With the new skin you can now define a Favorite POI group and access it as easy as the home shortcut… http://mioscripting.over-blog.net/pages/Video_Skin_phase_II_POI_group_fav-183036.html

    Anyone know were i can get that skin??? I need to look at that code… 🙂

  64. opop said

    ok , i found it thanks

  65. Mike said

    Can someone else confirm this.
    I used my Windows 2000 defragment tool to look at the Mio’s internal flash. It shouldn’t make much of a difference if anything at all. It told me it couldn’t run defrag because there is not enough space on the flash drive. Looking at the fragmented file list it said there were several files in the recycle bin. However looking at the Mio drive’s recycle bin it was empty.
    I restarted the Mio and went into the desktop side, into “File Mgr” (not Explorer) and then to “My Flash Disk/Recycled” and all the files from the defrag list were in there. I deleted those files using the menu (file->delete) and rebooted the device.
    Once I did that there was plenty of space on the flash drive and so far everything seems to work correctly. (so far)
    Can someone else back their data up and see if this is true. I went from 99% full on the flash drive to almost all of the space being available.

  66. Mike said

    Please note that it is “My Flash Disk/Recycled” not “/Recycled”

  67. c230 said

    Actually Mike, I think you were right the first time. Using File Manager as I type, it’s just \Recycled and I think like \My Documents and \Temp, those folders will empty themselves after a hard reset. If you have a Recycled folder in your Flash Disk, you must have created the folder or dragged it by mistake.

    Flash Disk and Storage Card show at the root level as well, but are seperate memory devices.

    If you are using my Unlock, there should be no Registry tweak to change this setting, which by default is to not save deleted files in the Recycled folder.

    The only two folders in your Flash Disk should be MioMap and Script. Hope this helps you. 🙂

  68. Mike said

    I had it right both times because I had the same place both times.
    When the Mio is hooked up to the PC and I explore the Mio with the PC it only MioMap and Script folders.
    When I use File Mgr from the Mio’s desktop and navigate to the folder “My Flash Disk/Recycled” there were files that were in there.

  69. opop said

    I got a problem I want to solve. Every time I click on the map in the browse window I have to close the popup menu. I have been trying to find out what how to comment it out . When you click on the cursor tab in the bottom corner it runs the script onbrowsecursor_open ….witch will run the script open_browse_popup.
    But I can’t find what making it open when you click the map. What am i missing here ????

    I would like it to only open when I click on the cursor tab in the corner .

  70. c230 said

    OP, [I’m moving the question to CarLocator 1.47 Blog and closing the comments section on this 1.46 Blog]

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