Restore DVD for Mio C230

Although I’ve always refrained from doing so in the past,  it seems to me that there should no longer be any harm in providing a backup copy of this “outdated” software DVD (within the U.S. only though) in exchange for a $10 donation to my Coffee Fund (free S&H).  You will also be emailed a link to the Canadian map file that I feel should also have been on the DVD.

  • There seems to be no other means of obtaining this DVD for those wishing to restore their GPS unit
  • The Mio C230 is no longer available from retail stores
  • The iGo map data is 6 years old (as is the Canadian map file)
  • The software / maps are no longer supported by Mio, nor iGo
  • The ISO file is too large to upload / download in my Mediafire account
  • Since this blog is probably the only C230 information source remaining, I keep getting requests for a source of this DVD so that bricked units can be restored.

[UPDATE 5/9/2016] This offer no longer applies as I no longer have my Mio C230 nor the DVD disk.


  1. I’ve given a suitably large donation to your Cup-o-Joe fund. How do i get my mailing particulars to you? 🙂

    • ameridan said

      Thank you Gord. Look in your email for my Reply.

  2. Just bought a MIO C230 and found your website.
    I would like to update my maps. None of the streets in my neighborhood show up in the device!! Does your unlocking software provide a mechanism for upgrading the maps as well? Or are there other ways of updating the maps.

    • ameridan said

      I share your frustration, but the maps are not upgradable. Although i haven’t done so, you coúld replace the software and maps wth a new version of TomTom for instance, so indirectly the Unlock will allow you to upgrade the c230.

      • GIULIANO said


  3. ameridan said


    Using Google Translate “I lost the map dvd recover my c230 and I do not know how to restore it can you tell me how to do?”

    In theory, you can undo the changes you made if you followed the instructions, or if you really did mess things up, you’ll have to locate a copy of the European DVD needed to restore.

    Personally, I bought a TomTom GPS with free lifetime map updates and probably won’t be using my MIO any longer. I should probably put it on eBay.


  4. Rich said

    Still using mine. Got a Tom Tom 4 Xmas but I like my MIO better. Had a PC virus and lost some bookmarks I need. There were 2 interesting sites. One for C230 compatible POI files. One for 230 Unlocked compatible programs … IE: Games, Productivity and other assorted stuff.
    Can anyone provide me with the links? Thanks!

  5. raj said

    This blog is fairly old. Is the restore DVD still available for a “donation”?

    • ameridan said

      Yes, I just checked and I still have the iso file.

      • moskafim said

        How can I get the DVD ISO from you? Please… I really need this one to restore my Mio C230…

      • ameridan said

        The file is too large for me to host, so the ideal method is to mail the software DVD (within the U.S. only though) in exchange for a $10 donation to my Coffee Fund (free S&H).

  6. moskafim said

    The trouble is Im not in the US or Canada… The file is almost 1Gb… If you can put it into or another one, I ll be happy to donate the $10 for you!

  7. moskafim said

    Or, if you can split it into multiple parts and send me trough email… Im in Brazil… And sometimes the DVD cannot arrive here… And it will take at least 1 month to get here… Like I say, I will donate for you the US$ 10,00… not a trouble at all… I just need the ISO file 😀

  8. ameridan said

    Sorry, but I can’t get to that website and I don’t have the software to split a file, plus the DVD is for North America.

    • moskafim said

      Ok. I understand. No worries at all… I just tough that maybe you was able to help me… Anyway, I ll stay looking for the files… C ya!

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