CAB file Program installs on the C230

Hi, it’s not coffee, but i think it might be of interest …
Here you will find 3 files :

– wceload.exe : it is the windows cab installer
– unload.exe : it is the windows cab uninstaller (did not work for me)
– : a little game in a .cab to test with wceload.exe, and play 🙂
  ( aygshell.dll is missing, so it must be copied into the folder of the game )

[comment by ameridan – Or just install the Game into your Games folder with the other games.  I’ve taken the liberty of doing some additional minor editing of dominique’s comment as well. ]

To install a .cab file (which is normally deleted after install):

The installation creates a .unload file in the /windows folder and normally unload.exe is used to uninstall the program (did not work for me)

PS : still working on getting activesync to work …

  • c230 said,

  • Merci Dominique,

    Too bad WCELOAD doesn’t register itself like MortScript and TCPMP do.   I’ve just finished modifying autopatcher  [to be released at a later date] so that cabFiles will be associated with wceload.exe in the registry (took 2 hours to get the quote marks just right!), so that users will be able to just double-click on cab files to install!     

    As another trial, I double-clicked on and they all installed!   

    Another great find buddy – I owe YOU a coffee.

    We’ll carry on this topic here…

    I’d tried other WCELOADs before without success as well as cabinstl, which at-least ran but actually did nothing.   So this was a nice surprise in that the program(s) within the cabFile actually installs with registry settings and all using this version.

  • Here  is the cabFile.reg registry file I created for trial purposes that you can import into the registry using TRE RegEditor in your Extra Tools screen.  It also registers UNLOAD, which didn’t do anything for Dominique and myself, but heck, someone out there might figure it out 🙂
  • Both WCELOAD and UNLOAD must be copied into the Script folder to function properly (might as well copy cabFile.reg there too). 
  • Install CAB file to SD card, click on File\Properties\Change attributes\Read Only to prevent WCELOAD from deleting file.
  • WCELOAD default location for installing programs is  \Program Files; just select Storage Card folder instead, if you want the installs to survive hard resets.
  • When you get a message stating that there is not enough space, do you want to change location, answer NO.
  • You can just double-click on cab files to install after the registry patch.
  • You can just double-click on unload files to uninstall programs after the registry patch (in theory – as dominiques says, Unload doesn’t seem to do anything).
  • I’ve developed an easier automatic solution for release later, but this will satisfy some of you not wanting to wait until then.
  • The registry patch will be gone after a hard reset using the file import method above.
  • Since game scores and settings are often stored in the registry, just know that they will probably be gone after a hard reset as well.

  • I should be able to customize autopatcher even further, since it appears that this a Microsoft version of the program.    Courtesy of “Of Kings and Cabbage“, here are some tips and a list of command-line switches that wceload.exe supports:

    [When I click on WCELOAD.exe, the registry setting [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Apps\Microsoft Application Installer]
    is established, which is why I’m encouraged that we can take this further to eliminate the Not Enough Space message, the creation of an Uninstall (Unload) file, and the automatic deletion of the cabFile.]

    Dialog displayed by wceloadwhen /askdest  is specified

    The /noaskdest switch is the most interesting of them all. When you specify it, wceload ignores the rest of the command line. Instead it checks the following registry location – [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Apps\Microsoft Application Installer\Install]

    The key contents are key/value pairs:
    [CAB file path] = [CAB destination directory]
    e.g. \Storage Card\MyApp.CAB = \Storage Card\Program Files\My App

    wceload will try to install the cab specified in the value name to the location specified in the value value.


    1. amida168 said

      This is GREAT! I think it’s better than ActiveSync. BTW, you might want to have a post pointing to this page. I didn’t notice this page until I clicked on the tag.

    2. c230 said

      DONE – thanks for the suggestion. If the program(s) are compatible, WCELOAD seems to do a nice job installing them.

      Something tells me you’ll make good use of it in your new Version 4 😉

    3. Andrew said

      Ok, a puzzler for all you sleuths! There is a Poker game that I bought for my PDA which you can get at and apparently it should install on WinCE. I have tried two methods to get it to work and each time it tells me that it cannot find holdem or one of its components when I run it from the start menu or from the File Manager. The first method is the cab installer which I did get to run properly and I installed it on my Flash disk once and in Program Files after the latter didn’t work. I also tried the Windows CAB program that Dominique mentioned on another thread and just copied the files over. I am stumped; it is possible that it won’t ever work for this processor, but I thought it wouldn’t hurt to ask the great minds over on this forum. So if any of you would like to try to get the cab file work on your device, I would very much appreciate it!

      Thank you!

    4. murphyfields said


      Sounds a little like a problem I had before I copied WCELOAD to the SCRIPT folder. Until then, there was no way to find WCELOAD to process the cab file.

      Now here is my puzzler. The program I want to install appears to insist on being installed in the \Program Files folder. I try to change it to the storage card, but as soon as I hit OK I get the Not Enough Space message. I hit NO, it thinks for a while, then I get the File Not Copied error.

      When I checked, it had created a folder under Program Files and had tried to place an exe file there. It’s not all that big, around 294 KB. But is does not work. Any suggestions?


    5. c230 said

      I think there might be that ol’ DOS restriction on the amount of files in the root level. Do you have a lot of screen captures or other files? I did and had to get rid of most of them to avoid that message. (I didn’t need them after posting them to the blog anyways or I would have just moved them to a subdirectory folder)

    6. murphyfields said

      Nothing new in the root level…pretty empty.

      But, when I check Resinfo, it says I have 512 kB of storage memory (dang small amount) of which about half is use by windows launcher, and the other half winds up getting filled up by my new program because I can’t get it to install anywhere else. Is that really all the storage memory this unit has available?

    7. c230 said


      It seems I misread your question, as I thought you were having problems installing to your Storage Card, not Storage Memory. Too many projects going on 🙂

      It’s all that’s allocated. My unit has 105 of 512 kB free in strorage memory right now.

      Program Memory: 48.1 of 59.5 MB free

      Flash Disk: 52.1 of 938.8 MB free

      I think there is a setting to change the allocated amount though.

    8. murphyfields said

      Actually, I think you read right. I want to install to my storage card, and have installed other programs there. But for some reason, this one insists on installing to My Programs which is in storage memory. It also seems to create the new directory where I want it. Perhaps it first creates it in My Programs then copies it somewhere else? That might explain the first error about not enough space.

    9. murphyfields said


      Went to control panel, system, memory, gave myself 1 MB of memory, and it installed with no problems. Unfortunately it installed to Program File, but I was able to move it afterwards. I’d have bought a PDA just to play this game (well, if I could find one cheap enough). This is great.

      Now I need to set up an icon and figure out how to rotate the screen before running.

      Thank you!

    10. c230 said

      For now use any spare icon and use my mscr files in the Games folder as an example for rotate screen and turning off the keyboard icon.


    11. Andrew said

      C230 – (I don’t know your real name) – Mind giving my question a try – installing the above link on your GPS – and seeing if it is just an isolated incident or a full incompatibility issue? I didn’t have trouble getting it to install, but I did have trouble when it came time to execute it from Explorer or File Manager (error message).


    12. c230 said

      OK Andrew, I’ve tried it out. I’m Dan by the way. Many of us get formally introduced thanks to PayPal when they donate to my Coffee Fund 🙂

      The quickest way to learn more (a real error message that actually says something) is to copy the exe file into the Script folder at least temporarily, so that it can play with every dll file that’s in there. By doing so, I got a message that the program version was only for 16-bit PocketPCs and SmartPhones, so it looks like you’ll have to put Google to work for you again.

      Like I said, there’s a lot of trial and error involved.

    13. Davvinchi said

      I thought more people might like subtitles on there tiny screens for watching anime… 😉

      put this plugin in the script folder the heading “subtitles” shows up under “settings” under “select page” for our tcpmp player.

    14. c230 said

      Thanks for the great plugin!! TCPMP has got to be the best CE Media Playeer out there.

    15. Davvinchi said

      I found out it only works with .smi format subtitles but even so….

    16. vaka said


      I tried to install .cab but I don t understand how. Where should I put the cab.reg?

    17. c230 said

      You don’t put the reg file anywhere, you use RegEdit to import it into your Registry. I think I have that in my instructions by I gotta run right now…

    18. K Sankara Rao said

      Thanks for the nice work. I am not yet courageous enough to run the script in c230 – this is the only GPS deviceI have. I have a question here. I want to be able to install destinator on this machine (unlocked). Will that be possible? How can I install the program on the unlocked C230 without Activesync. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    19. c230 said


      You are welcome and thank you for the kind words. It’s the only GPS device I have too. I have no experience with Destinator, but you can try any program you like by installing to your Storage Card and then trying it out. If it doesn’t work, perhaps others will chime in with assistance, but you can not hurt anything trying to run a program this way.

    20. mrbilshw said

      where can i get a copy of the map dvd

    21. platinum123 said

      i am new to the mio c230 , what do i need to install on a sd card so when i insert it in the device i see the map installed on it

    22. ameridan said

      If your SD card is G: then make sure your maps are in the G:\MioMap\maps folder.

    23. coverland said

      Mr. C230 – a proposition… 🙂

      You have a great site with lots of useful information but… I have a C230 that’s rock stock. I like it very well ‘as-is’ with the exception that I wish it had a few more POIs and it bugs me that my C230 is BLIND to newer neighborhood streets so I don’t know how old the unit is, but the maps are way too old in some geographic areas. You mentioned donations to the coffee fund. I suspect my problem is the leading reason for guys looking for sites like yours so please consider a comprehensive step-by-step process where people might get upgraded with basically their current system albeit newer maps. I’ll gladly take the risk and make a ‘name your price’ donation to your coffee fund. lol 😉 Thanks

    24. ameridan said

      According to the Mio website…

      Q11. I have a Mio C230, is the MAP update available for it? A: Unfortunately, this version of MAP update is not available for C230 and C310 series.

      there are no map updates available, so what you’ve got is it.

    25. Ocd said

      The link is dead…. where I can find WCELOAD.EXE for my c230 ??? Thanks

    26. Ocd said

      Up, nobody have this file ?

    27. Nemo said

      Dead like 😦
      rePost it Please 🙂

    28. ameridan said

      Microsoft still offers a download:

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