Adding Canada maps to Mio C230

Two different version 2007.1 Canada maps are available that work great with a Mio C230 purchased in the United States regardless of whether you unlock it or not and they are covered under the same North American license that you’ve purchased when buying the C230 (Europe and other regions of the world – you gotta buy additional SD disk(s) that come with their own licenses – be sure to copy the license.db file into the same directory holding your .fbl files).   If you are using a SD card, go for the large map file, which has many more Points of Interest (POIs) than the smaller version.   Create a MioMap folder at the root level of your SD card and within that folder create another folder maps where you’ll save your additional fbl file(s).   Otherwise you’ll have to make room on the flash drive by deleting the California map file or a couple of other states you are unlikely to visit, and should use the smaller file.  Remember you can always copy them back using your MioMap DVD.

A Canada map probably would have been included with the United States and Puerto Rico maps had there been space on the internal 1GB flash drive (that also includes the WindowsCE™ OS, the MioMap software, and the additional files needed for Text to Speech), as would the 3.5 million POIs that were originally released with the updated maps.   Now there are less than 1 million POIs  included.

There is a big plus to Mio not putting all of the map data on a SD card though – Now you can use the slot for storing “enhanced” map files with more POI data, MP3 files, movie files, viewing your camera photos, etc.   And don’t forget this an entry-level PND priced below $200!

UPDATE 5/1/2010, 4/9/2016

I see that the posted links were no longer available so I have removed the links and as a service to those still using the Mio C230 and wishing to add the Canada maps legally to their unit, I have uploaded the large 12M POI Canadian map (2007.01 version)  file to my MediaFire account, but rather than posting the link in this Blog, I will email the free download link to those that make any donation to my Coffee Fund.  (Send me an email after making your donation so that I know that you are expecting the Canadian map, since I can’t differentiate the donation from other blogs that I write.) 

The map file is legal and will only work for those that have purchased their Mio C230 in the United States (regardless of whether you unlock it or not) and they are covered under the same North American 2007.01 license that you’ve purchased when buying the C230.  Do not ask for a license file – if you aren’t licensed to use this file, then the Canada maps simply will not work!


If you decide to contribute, click on the cup-o-coffee and please donate at least $3.00 so PayPal doesn’t get it all.




  1. Mike said

    Does the Mio find the maps in the “G:\Storage Card\MioMap\maps” folder or is it just for temporary storage so you can easily swap the files. I have not been able to get it to find maps in the “G” drive.
    I removed California, and Tennessee from the “F” maps folder and placed them into “G:\Storage Card\MioMap\maps”, the Mio wasn’t able to find those files. (even after a hard reset)
    I do not have the hack installed at this time.

  2. c230 said

    The C230 should find those files permanently and regardless of whether your unit is unlocked or not. You should not have a folder named Storage Card though. That is the name of the directory when using File Manager within an unlocked C230. Move the MioMap folder to the root of G: and get rid of the folder “Storage Card”.

    I double checked my instructions to make sure they were correct in this regard –

    by creating a MioMap folder and within that folder a maps folder so that the path appears as G:\MioMap\maps.

  3. Mike said

    That worked, thanks! I don’t know where I came up with the “storage card” part of the path, I remember thinking it was odd when I saw it. It all works now!

  4. c230 said

    Don’t know whether this was the situation or not, but perhaps you mixed the versions.

    2007.1 Canada should be with 2007.1 files and anything else needs to be accompanied by it’s own license file.

  5. HeadCheese said

    It was that last comment that put me on the right track. I didn’t think to copy the license.db file into the directory with the .fbl file. Once I had done that, Canada popped up as an option.

    Maybe it should be mentioned with the instructions to save other feeble-minded folk, such as myself, any confusion. 😉

  6. c230 said


    Thanks for the feedback. I included your tip, which didn’t apply for me since the License that came with the USA maps covered the Canada map as well.

    Were you supplementing a C220 with MioMap 3.2 instead?

  7. Mike said

    Could have been the wrong map version, or perhaps I renamed it wrong when I moved it. I looked in the license file and that is where I saw I had the North American license so I figured I would try.

  8. Mike said

    I noticed today that the Canadian maps offer a few more PoI options in the menu. Under lodging there was campgrounds, there was also police and Fire Dept options as well as some others I can’t recall.

  9. Namo said

    I put the Canada map on an SD card and it works on my C230. However, I noticed that when looking at POIs, the Canadian POIs do not show the city name. For example, for POIs in the province of Ontario, it would display

    Stree, , Ontario

    with a blank between the two commas.

    Any suggestions? Thanks.

  10. c230 said

    I just tried it out for locations in Toronto, and it worked properly.

  11. abc hf cheng said

    I know this was written for C230 but was hoping that it would also work on the C320. However, the MIO C320 reported a locked file after I added the 2007.01 3M Canada map to the machine. The maps in the MIO is 2006.10.

    Does that mean the Canada map not covered by the license on the M320? Do I need a Canada map of the 2006.10 version?

  12. c230 said

    Yes, that sounds correct, and perhaps if you google 2006.10 Canada.fbl, you’ll find them.

  13. CD said

    The 2007.07 maps will not run on my c230? Any ideas? I have the license (or so I believe.)

  14. Robere said

    I have tried to put the – Canada – 2007.01 – 070705 – 3M PO onto my SD card
    created MioMap/MAPS didn’t work
    created MioMap/maps didn’t work
    I keep getting an IO error with the Canada map listed
    I have a c 230 ver 3.3

    any ideas?

  15. Robere said

    I got it to work.
    I re-downloaded the Canada map.(other copy was corrupt)

    It works great now

  16. edmond said

    I brough the C230s during xmas . Canadian map is very detail, I guess my licence should able to use a detail version US map, where can I download a detail US map ?

  17. c230 said


    I can’t vouch for (and have not tried) this download package, but I’m going to assume this is a legal package that should match your license. If not, you’ll have to put Google to work, because all of the links I was aware of aren’t working now. I’ve added the links at the bottom of the actual blog.

  18. edmond said

    c230, thanks for the link of map. One more suggestion for playing audio especially when we drive on the road. In the media player window, all the buttons are very small and difficult to control or select the audio files. Will it possible to replace a large size button by using 3rd party media / audio player program ?

  19. c230 said


    I’m not aware of a Media player better than TCPMP that will work on the C230, play all the formats that it plays, is stable, and is open-source (read FREE and LEGAL). I don’t think it would even be legal to include the Mio player licensed for other models, which won’t play most of the formats that TCPMP will play anyways, but does have bigger buttons and shares the audio channel with MioMap nicely.

    Kinda sounds like you need an iPod 😀 or a step-up in Mio GPS model.

    You’ve got the BEST Unlock package available that has evolved thanks to the many Unlock & Skin pioneers before me, but if you find better program alternatives, we’ll get them into upcoming releases!

  20. edmond said

    I do agree the performance of the media player is working perfect. My issue is tried to find out a solution when the C230 mount on the windshield. A large size button will be nice for the purpose of adjust the volume, skip or play the MP3 music. The existing player’s button is rather small and a little difficult to ‘touch’ a correct button during driving on the road or my finger could be too fat ..

  21. Zepperdude said

    2 Questions:

    Love the Mio – but the street my new house is on is not on the map. Is there anything I can do to add it?

    Any alternative car/windshield/air filter mounts out there for the C230?

  22. c230 said

    All map deficiencies should be reported to TeleAtlas, but no, you aren’t able to edit the maps in the meantime.

    If you are using voice guidance as the primary means of navigation (short trips in semi-familiar territory), you might try just sitting the unit into the cup holder. It fits very nicely in my vehicle but it is no longer in the normal field of vision.

  23. c230 said


    Regarding the alternative mount for your Mio, check this out:

  24. shiner said

    I have the C230s (Canadian version). Its awesome!
    If I download the package above will I get all the detailed USA maps?
    Will my Canada map 2007.07 still be on the unit?

    I just got this GPS as a gift and after reading this blog and Amida’s, I see that its even cooler than I realized if I do the unlock.

    I dont want to unlock just yet, but I would really like to have all the US maps.

  25. c230 said

    If your Canada maps are at 2007.7, then the 2007.1 maps probably won’t work, but you should be able to find 2007.7 USA maps.

  26. shiner said

    can you advise on where to find 2007.7 US maps?

  27. c230 said

    By using Google, I probably could, but we’ll cut out the middle man and let you have a go at it. 🙂

    Install the additional files onto the SD card per the instructions above, and the maps are covered by your license, yes they’ll comingle with your existing Canadian maps.

  28. shiner said

    i have searched extensively and didnt come accross 2007.7 us maps. do you think i could try to use the 2007.1?
    if not, perhaps you could help me out a bit with the search?

  29. shiner said

    hi c230,

    i have managed to find a site to download the us maps 2007.1

    this site lists each state seperately so i was able to download one onto an sd card to try it out. it worked but when i put the card into the c230s it said “some of the map files are locked”. the map file does show up however in the list.

    i believe this is due to the license file which i should have already on my c230s, right?
    i think i need to put a license file into F:\MioMap\maps
    where can i find the license file that i should already have?

    thanks for helping out a newbie

  30. c230 said


    If your license file is for 2007.7 maps, then that is all that I can ethically recommend that you download. Sorry I’m not more familiar with the Canadian C230s model.

    I really think Mio should have put all the maps covered by the license on the resource DVD, like they did for the European edition.

  31. shiner said

    hi c230,

    im not sure if there are 2007.7 usa maps.
    the c520 is sold here in canada as well and i see that the maps for the us there are 2006.10+

    i dont know exactly what that means
    could there be a copy of my license file on my backup cd?

  32. shiner said

    also, previously, edmond seemed to be able to use the map package above which is 2007.1

  33. CD said


    USA 2007.1 Maps (12 million POI) and 2007.07 Maps can be found here:

    USA 2007.10 Maps are here:

    Their legal use is, however, incumbent upon the downloader.

  34. shiner said

    hi CD
    whats the difference between .rar and .fbl?

    if i d/l the whole package, can i still use my existing canada 2007.7?

  35. CD said

    .rar is kind of like a zip file. When a person has a large file (or files) to send they can use a program called WinRar. WinRar zips the files into a single file and then breaks that file into smaller pieces (.rar files) for downloading purposes.

    A downloader then uses WinRar to put the pieces back together and unzip.

    You MUST have ALL the pieces before you can rejoin/unzip the files. Then just point WinRar to the first file and tell it to “extract” them. BOOM! WinRar will join the pieces and unzip them.

    In this case, you would be left with a bunch of .fbl files. That is the file extention that Mio uses for their maps.

  36. shiner said

    very cool. i have managed to dl winrar.
    so if i dl all 8 parts of the us/can maps above, add them to winrar and extract the .fbl files should pop up?
    pls advise.

  37. CD said

    DL the 8 parts. Right click on the first one and go to ‘Extract’ Winrar will join the 8 pieces and unzip into the 50+ individual .fbl files that are your maps.

  38. Stan Sloan said

    I downloaded the Canada maps to my SD card following the directions at the top of this string and then inserted it in my Mio 230. The Mio hasn’t recognized the Canada files. Suggestions?

  39. c230 said

    Did you do a hard reset afterwards?

  40. Stan Sloan said

    Thanks for your response. I just did a hard reset but still no Canada. I installed the maps on the root of a 2gb Sandisk SD card, in a file called “maps” and that inside a file called “MioMaps” I copied the license file from the Mio and pasted it into MioMaps. Do you have any suggestions? This is a learning experience for me prior to trying your unlock skin.

  41. Stan Sloan said

    Got it! I figured it was something small, and I changed the name of my file from “MioMaps” to “MioMap” and now it works!


  42. susan peterson said

    Look, I don’t even know how I would go about hooking the MioMap to a computer.
    I would just like to buy one of those little cartridges you put into the slot which has the maps on it, which also has Canada, since I go there in the summer. Isn’t this possible? From the first sentence the directions you give are unintelligible to me to the point of sounding like nonsense. I know that is because I am ignorant. But I think I would need to study for a year…if there were someone around to teach me which there isn’t, to know what you are talking about.

    So for the rest of us…isn’t there something I can buy and put in the slot that will give me Canada?

  43. c230 said

    Hi Susan,

    I hadn’t considered that there might be those that don’t wish to (or are otherwise unable to – library computers, etc.) download files from the internet, but yes, I think I might be able to accomodate your request if you live in the United States and add $26.99 to whatever you were going to donate to my coffee fund (you don’t need a PayPal account; be sure to fill-in your name and address though).

    That should cover my costs to procure, and ship to you by insured mail, a brand new 1GB SD “cartridge” after I’ve installed (at no additional charge) the deluxe version of the Canada map file (from the 12-Million Points-of-Interests North American files) such that your Mio C230 will recognize the Canada map as soon as you insert the card. For obvious legal reasons, I will not include a license file, but if your Mio C230 has the 2007.1 USA maps in it, then you do not need an additional license file as your North American license file that is included with your USA and Puerto Rico map files will also grant you access to the Canada map file.

    Does that sound fair? 🙂 Click here and then on the coffee cup.

  44. Buvel said


    I have another version of c230. All the files are on my SD card and not as described above on the Mio device.

    The folders I have are:

    inside navigation I have a folder called maps

    Where do I need to place the unlock files?


  45. c230 said

    What maps are on the unit? I’m only aware of the US, Canada and Euro versions, so unless someone else is familiar with your version…

    I don’t know the answer.

  46. Gary said

    AS per instructions, I downloaded the 8 parts of “USA & Canada Map package – 2007.0″1 and right clicked on “USCAN0701.part1.rar”. Options presented where “Open”, “Extract files…”, “Extract here” and other options. Choosing any one of these options, prompted me to “Enter password for file: C:\MioMap\USCAN0701.part1.rar”. Not knowing any passwords I entered “” and then tried “BOOM!” and null. Each time I was giving WinRAR 3.71 Diagnostic message(s)

    “C:\MioMap\USCAN0701.part1.rar CRC failed in the encrypted file C:\MioMap\USCAN0701.part1.rar(wrong password?)”
    “C:\MioMap\USCAN0701.part1.rar:No files to extract”

    Am I missing something?. Am I running the wrong version of WinRAR? Or did someone not tell me the password?

    Thank you in advance

  47. murphyfields said


    I used the w w w . g p s ...

    password and it worked fine for me. Did you actually use the quotation marks? There should be none.

    And for the rest of the group…

    Is there a way to know which set of maps is being used. I think I have everything set up right, and it looks like I have Canada maps now (070216), but the US maps don’t seem to be any more detailed or have any more POIs. When I look, it appears to be using 070717 maps.

    Any suggestions?

  48. murphyfields said

    A few more details

    Deleting Colorado from the flash disk makes it switch to map 070216. I tried just renaming it from USA_Colorado to just US_Colorado and it still used the old one. Maybe a bigger change would have been sufficient.

    But shouldn’t there be a way to just stick in the SD and have it go directly to the new maps?


  49. c230 said


    I tried to clean up that comment for ya’ 🙂

    Regarding the USA maps, I think the only links in my Blog are for the same version that we are licensed for, so they should be no different. The link was provided for the C230S owners.

    The only way the maps on the SD card kick in is if they don’t exist in the Flash Drive period. Renaming does no good, as the data is within the file itself.

  50. murphyfields said


    Thanks for the cleanup.

    Regarding the maps…DANG! I was hoping I could just put the 12M POI files on the SD and presto…instant access. I tried a quick fix of renaming the maps folder to map, but that just locks things up. So, are there any other options short of deleting every US state? Seems like a tremendous pain. I would love to be able to automatically do this, even if it takes a script, but was hoping to do it with minimal adjustment to the internal files.

    Any suggestions?

  51. CD said

    To know which maps I have, I first look in the ‘about’ section under maps. If I have two of the same versions (date) and I want to know which is the 12 Mil POI set, I just look at the file size. Since POIs are inherent to the maps, they are much larger.

    At any rate, you can only have one version of a map loaded (both inside and outside) at a time.

  52. c230 said

    Rather than deleting every state, just Move the map files to your PC or another SD card. OR just rename the maps folder in your Flash Drive temporarily 🙂

  53. murphyfields said

    I tried renaming “maps” to “map” and things just froze the first time I tried it. I just tried it again and it worked perfectly.

    Now I need some suggestions from the haxperts here.

    My goal is to put all the detailed maps on an SD card. Then, using something similar to amida’s SD boot trick, switch to the SD maps. The hard part is that I would like the 230 to switch back to the internal maps if it gets turned on again with no SD.

    Can anyone think of a combination script commands, .ini commands, etc. that might work? Perhaps something as simple as changing the name, rebooting, then changing it back. I assume that once the mio looks for the internal maps, doesn’t find them, and grabs the SD maps, that the internal maps can be set right again without losing the SD maps.

    I would love to hear some ideas.

  54. K Sankara Rao said

    Two questions:
    The Canada map 111 MB has only Quebec, yukon and Saskachewan. Are they the only Provinces/territories in that se?

    Do I have to remove the maps from the internal drive if I want to use the maps downloaded from the 8 datasets? I do not see any difference in what I see for my hometown, vancouver, WA whether the SD card is IN or OUT.

  55. c230 said

    I know the large file has Ontario in it because I’ve looked at Toronto maps.

    You can only have one version of maps loaded, so if you have WA on your SD card, you need to offload the Flash Disk file; or if you aren’t using any of the Flash Drive maps because you’ve downloaded the 2007.1 maps with more POIs, I think you could just rename the maps directory so that MioMap doesn’t find them.

  56. jfg69 said

    Might anyone have a good version of Part 4, I seem to be getting a CRC error. I’ve downloaded it several times and keep getting the error.

  57. Kristin said

    Hi, I dl the 8 parts and put them all on my c230s, but for some reason, the us_montana map doesn’t work, it just keeps saying, fatal error g:storagecard/miomap/maps/usa_montana not found. It’s not stored as that, it’s stored as miomap/maps/usa_montana. so I’m not sure why it keeps saying that. All the rest of the maps work, just not the one I need. Thanks in advance

  58. Wild Bill said

    I seem to recall reading that all sources of the enhanced montana map are corrupted.

  59. Gj said

    I have the Mio C320

    I have the 2007 Canada.fbl file.

    I placed it in my storage card under Miomap\maps\

    I aalso copied the licence.db file to the same location.

    I get “some of the map files are locked”

    How can i fix this?


  60. c230 said

    GJ, I am not familiar with the C320, but the only maps you should be using are those that your current license allows, so you shouldn’t need to copy any license file.

  61. Kara said

    The RAR files you provided a link to are password protected and the password you provided ( w w w . g p s u n d e r g r o u n d . c o m ) doesn’t work. Any suggestions? I’ve got a C230s and I need US maps.


  62. c230 said

    If that password is no longer valid, review the iGo maps section of and review the threads there, and see what you can find. I haven’t dwonloaded anything from there in a while, and I’d just posted the link as a bonus at the time.

  63. Jack G said

    Created a G: MioMaps\MAPS folder. I copied the 12 M POI file to the location. I copied my license to the same folder.

    I did a hard reset on my C230.

    I’m not seeing Canada anywhere on the GPS. For example when I search address via POI – address it only says United States at the top of the page.

    How do I get Canada to show up?

    Somewhere along the line I saw something about having to type _off somewhere behind a file, but I can’t find that again.


  64. c230 said


    Click on Settings / About / Maps and see if Canada map shows up in the list. If so, then you are all set and simply need to click on Change Reference when in the Find screen.

  65. Jack G said

    Thanks, Canada is there on the list.

    I haven’t had the C230 long enough to figure everything out. I’m still not sure how to find a Canada address – I was able to use Canadian coordinates to get to a canadian map then I thought I was stuck in Canada but by going to my history link, I was able to get back to the US map… I just need to play around a little more. Thanks for the help w/ Canada… I’ll be passing thru there next month, so this map will help.

  66. joe said

    i have read all through this! and have a question . i have dl 2007.7 maps and put them on an sd card. all is well accept for the “some map files are locked” shows up! now i saw someone stated to put the lic.db file on the card. i tried but that didnt seem to work wither. so i am not sure if i am putting them in the right place. is it in the first file, where i see miomap. or is it in the maps, or is it in with the fb.files. or do i leave a copy in them all? also when i turn on my mio it says i have miomap v3.3 and its from august/08/2007. so i am guessing i have the 2007.07 maps. which according to everything i read so far means they should work! any help will be appreciated in this matter.

  67. joe said

    when i go to settings,mio about,and maps, it seems all is open. i say this because i see the only one that has a “key” is a file called usa_guam2005.2_060921.fb. does this mean it is the only one that is locked and the rest are open? did i actualy manage to do this? or am i just jumping for joy to soon?
    thanks again, joe.

  68. joe said

    ok i feel like i am talking to myself here :-)) but i got it! i took out the usa_guam now and it no longer says that anything is locked!
    i dl this map from

  69. c230 said


    Since you were newly registered, I had to approve your comments this morning, so yes you were talking to yourself 🙂 I might not have helped much though anyways, as I’ve never worked with maps other than 2007.1

    Yes, it sounds as if the Guam file did not match the license file, and you probably won’t be driving there, so removing the file was a good option. I’m glad you got it all working and documented this to help others with a slightly newer version of the US C230 powered by MioMap. As you may have read, MioMap will no longer provide software to Mio, so if the model number continues, the software and maps will be completely different. I think the successor will in fact be the Mio Moov 200.


  70. joe said

    thanks c230! last question. i have downloded the israel 2007.07 maps. and am trying to make them work but they are saying it is locked as well. where can i find a lic. for israel maps?
    thanks again in advance for your help and this wonderful site!

  71. c230 said

    Sorry Joe, but since your license is for North America, you won’t find the answer in this Blog/Site which only entertains LEGAL unlocking / hacking activities.


  72. joe said

    legal? is it legal to unlock the c230s? if so why does mio tell you your warranty will void?
    thanks again, joe.

  73. c230 said

    Yes Joe, it is legal to unlock the C230. Mio even gives you a restore DVD to start over again if necessary.

    What voids the warranty is opening the physical case and disturbing the hardware.

    Loading an Israel map in when the license is only for North America, is illegal

  74. Gabe said

    I can’t seem to get the Canada maps to work on my C230. Here’s what I did:

    Downloaded the map file to an SD card in a folder on the root directory called MioMaps/Maps

    Put the SD card in my C230 and turned it on. Nothing happened, no new maps.

    Is there something else I need to do? My unit is not unlocked. I have 2007.1 maps


  75. c230 said

    The folder has to be MioMap\Maps (you’ve got an extra s in there). Then you need to insert the SD card with the power on (not off) or you’ll have to reset your unit.

  76. Frustrated c230s said

    Hi all

    I bought a MIO c230s ( canadian Unit) it only has canadian maps and U.S major roads, I downloaded the 8 parts of the USA maps and pur them on my SD card and I got the Some maps are locked window when I start my unit . I have tried everysingle website for solutions and nothing. I contacted mio to see if at least they would give me a solution but unfortunately according to them C230 units sold in Canada cannot have any complete US maps, they suggested me to buy a different unit if I wanted both Canadian and US maps, any help would be appreciated Thanks

  77. c230 said

    Based on other blog reader comments, you probably have 2007.7 Canada map file and North America license, so those are version USA maps you need to locate.

  78. abe said

    when does the new maps come out for the c230 ??

  79. c230 said

    Hi Abe,

    Don’t be surprised if no map updates ever appear, since iGo has reportedly cut off all software activities with Mio. What might occur instead is a discounted availabilty of a whole new software package with newer maps. We’ll just have to wait and see.

    My feeling is that once the maps really seem “old”, I’ll be ready for a new GPS anyways.

  80. You bring up a good question.

    What other GPS has an unlock package this cool or even comes close?

    Big shoes to fill!

  81. c230fan said

    So, I have been reading about adding the Canada map on the actual gps (not the sd card). I downloaded it and pasted it in the Map folder of the gps (it is inside the same folder where all U.S. maps are located).

    When I check the settings>about Mio.maps, I see the map there. However, when I follow a main highway all the way north (to Canada) the roads end at the border and there is nothing under Canadian territory.

    Could you confirm if you are able to see the roads in Canada?… or is it just blank (no roads)? I downloaded the 12M POI version. Perhaps I am doing something wrong.


  82. c230 said

    It seems like you are on the correct path. That is the file I’ve loaded.

    Have you you clicked on Cross-Border Planning in the Route Parameters Settings screen?

  83. c230Fan said

    i have try everything i have made change to route parameters and selected cross-border planning but i still nothing. Any advice?

  84. c230fan said

    The Canada map was deleted. Could anyone email it to me please?…. or is there an alternate link? thanks

  85. myMio said

    Need new links to downloads. When I try to download from, it prompts to save a rar file, but then saves a 12k htm file 😦 I tried with IE and Firefox, if I try again, it tells me I went over my limit, and to wait an hour.

  86. c230 said


    Those links were good once, but I’m not aware of others right now if you are not having luck. Try googling “Canada map 2007.01 fbl”

  87. trial said

    can anybody post the map for Niagara falls at Canadian side? Many thanks.

  88. James said

    I just got a new C230. I have an SD card. I loaded the approximately 112 MB Canada.FBL map onto the card with the following structure. Miomap/maps/canada.fbl. I can’t see the map when I go to the about section. What am I doing wrong?

  89. c230 said

    Nothing wrong James. Try a hard reset, or what I find is that you have to insert the SD card while the C230 is powered on so that changes are recognized without a hard reset.

  90. oscar said

    Can you re post the Canadian POI, and do I have to have the map separately on the C230 bought in US which does not have Canadian maps.

  91. MioFan said

    I am trying to download canada maps to my Mio 230 but none of the links seem to work? Can somebody please point me to where I can find them?
    Thanks in advance

  92. nismo said

    I too am looking for the Canadian map files. If you could kindly point me in a direction to locate them that would be great.


  93. c230 said

    The POIs (other than those manually entered) are part of the map files. I haven’t attempted to find the Canadian 2007.1 files lately, so I’m not able to post verified links.

  94. kathy said

    Can anyone tell me how to put canadian maps on a MIO 230 and where to downlad the maps? I have not been able ot find a single referenc link that is valid.


  95. Diane said

    How can I get full U.S. maps. My unit is canadian, and only shows some major U.S. road? HELP

  96. c230 said

    Diane and Kathy,

    If the links in the Blog are no longer valid (they were good a year ago), and if Google doesn’t result in new links, then I guess you might be out of luck.

  97. PCW said

    So is there a place to buy a Canadian map 2007.1 map? I tried’s site, but they indicate that they don’t ship to Canada. I’m in Canada enough that having the nav not go completely blank when I drive across the border would be a big plus.

  98. ameridan said

    I see that the posted links are no longer available so I am uploading the large 12M POI Canadian map (2007.01 version) file right now to my MediaFire account, and I will email the link to those that make any donation to my Coffee Fund. The file is legal and will only work for those that have purchased their Mio C230 in the United States (regardless of whether you unlock it or not) and they are covered under the same North American 2007.01 license that you’ve purchased when buying the C230.

  99. Sheldon said

    can you please email me the link to the Canadian map (2007.01 version) . I have made a donation. Thanks!

  100. Simon said

    I have made a donation to the coffee fund. Could you email me the link to the Canadian map and the unlocking scripts? Thanks

  101. ameridan said

    Thank you Simon, Peter & Sheldon for the donations. Enjoy the Canadian maps.

  102. amathcity said

    Could you please e-mail me the link to the Canadian maps 2007.1 . I will definitely for sure make a donation to your coffee fund via paypal.
    Thanks a ton

  103. amathcity said

    I just made the donation! thanks!

  104. eclipse785 said

    I could really use the Canadian maps, but I have a mio c310x. I think it should work, but not sure. Do you think I could get the maps from you to test? If they work, I will gladly buy you a coffee (make a donation).


  105. Nayab said

    Hi, I need canada maps, can you please send me? I will surely make donation.
    Leaving for canada and realized that my Mio c320 doesnt have Canada maps.


  106. Saurov said

    Hi , Please can you send me the link where I can download the Canada Maps . I bought Mio C230 from US and am currently in Canada. .
    Please help me out .

  107. ameridan said

    amathcity – thank you for your donation; I hope you’ve been enjoying the Canada maps! I will continue to email the link to those that make any donation to my Coffee Fund.

    The Canada maps will not work on a C310x or or a C320 (and I am only familiar with the C230), so I hadn’t replied to those requests.

    • Steve said

      Hey ameridan, do you have/know which canada maps work on the c310x?

      If you have the available canada maps (im going to visit for a week tomorrow!) I’d gladly donate.

      Thanks bro

      • ameridan said

        Once again…

        The Canada maps will not work on a C310x or or a C320 (and I am only familiar with the C230), so I hadn’t replied to those requests.

    • pancho said

      I am on vacation in the US, got the MIO C230 but need the canadian maps.
      how do i make the connection with you to donate and get the link to the download link?

  108. Nayab said

    Fortunately I found a torrent after much research, which works perfect. Which also requires unlocking the device.

  109. Sari Marks said

    Could you please give me the web address for the bit torrent for Canada maps? I do not need to unlock my Mio C230–I bought it and own it legit.

    Thanks very much for making this information available.

  110. Olga said


    Could you please send me a link to the Canada maps for Mio C230?

    I just made a donation to your coffee fund.

    Many thanks!

  111. ameridan said

    Thank you Olga- I sent you the link yesterday.

  112. Rob said

    I just donated to your coffee fund, could you send me the link?

    Thanks a bunch!

    • ameridan said

      Thank you Rob! – the link is on it’s way.

  113. ameridan said

    Thank you W. Liu for your donation – enjoy the Canada maps!

  114. Nelson said

    Have a great cup of Joe, look forward to your link

  115. ameridan said

    Thank you Nelson for your donation – enjoy the Canada maps!

  116. justin said

    just made a donation going to canada tomorrow. any chance I could get it tonight. thx..

    • ameridan said

      I had just left for vacation that day too 🙂 Sent the link today though, so hope that wasn’t your only trip to Canada.

      • justin said

        got it thanks, Im sure Ill use it next time.. havent loaded it yet but this will cover B.C. right…

  117. Deepak said

    Are you back from vacation? I was looking for Canada maps for my C230. I will fund that “Coffee” 🙂
    Do you possibly also have latest US maps. This thing has some ancient maps.

  118. ameridan said

    Yes, I am currently “vacationing” at home. 🙂

    SInce iGo pulled out with Mio, there are no newer maps (that will work with that software and license) since the 2007 level.

  119. Deepak said


    Funded the coffee. Please let me have the Canada maps. My c230 is so waiting for it… 🙂

    • ameridan said

      Thank you Deepak and enjoy the Canadian maps.

  120. shawn kunkle said

    making donation to the coffee fund, need canada maps for c230 asap
    thanks for the help

    • ameridan said

      Thank you Shawn and enjoy the Canadian maps

  121. Prateek said

    Hi, I am not sure if you are still available or not since this is very old post. I came across your blog because I am trying to get canada maps added to my c230. Can you please send me the latest US and canada maps? I don’t have any SD card on my c230 but can add it following your instructions above. I would really appreciate it if you can send me the map files.

    • ameridan said

      Give me a few days as I,m replying via a tablet. We are moving and my PC is packed away.

  122. Prateek said

    Thanks a lot. I really appreciate it. I was not sure if you were still available or if the coffee fund still existed, so just tried it out. I will definitely have to add more for the maps 🙂

  123. ken said

    i need link to canadian maps for c230

  124. ken said


  125. ameridan said

    I still get instant emails for every reply (which don’t happen too frequently on this old blog anymore) and still have the download available 🙂

    • ken swisher said

      I will be leaving at 5:00 am tomorrow on trip for 2 weeks in Nova Scotia and back to Ohio through Quebec.  Use DigiWalker Motorcycle through sound system of bike.  I have SD card with some poi on it but lots of room 

  126. Jeff Thompson said

    Any way I can get a current copy of the Canadian maps?

    • ameridan said

      Yes, the download is still available, but it is a few years old – not current.

      • Jeff Thompson said

        Can you point me to the download? I’m apparently a bit blind. Thanks
        Has anyone else done updates on these maps?
        Thanks for your support.

  127. ameridan said

    TeleAtlas never updated this file as Mio never renewed their contract with them after discontinuing the C230. Just click on the coffee cup to donate to my coffee fund Jeff, and I’ll email you the link. It’s the only thing encouraging me to keep this blog going 😉

    • Jeff Thompson said

      Just “donated” to your coffee fund (7DE48207VF463204B)

      • ameridan said

        Jeff, thank you! Link sent 🙂

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