Unlocking the EU Mio-C230 and the Mio-C230s

Although the Unlock packages on this website are written for the US version of the Mio-C230  (because that’s what I have),  they have also been installed by some adventurous souls on both Canadian and European versions of this great GPS unit, and I’m happy to report that we’ve identified the one change needed for total compatibility (other than some language issues perhaps) only for the European users.

The folder \My Flash Disk\Script  contains one or both of the following files, depending on your version:

MAIN.INI  and  MAIN_ALT.INI   that will contain a string

Command = \Windows\MioUtility.exe

This string will need to be changed to 

Command = \Windows\Settings.exe

NOTE:    If you are using my 3.3 LITE version, this same change is done instead in the TOOLS.INI file found in the \My Flash Disk\Script\SysInfo  folder.

As pointed out in the instructions, DATA.ZIP differs between the EU and other versions of the Mio C230, so the file modification to unhide the Exit door should be done manually, rather than copied from the noted source.   See Note 4 in the Installation Instructions.   

<I will provide a link to an EU version of an enhanced Mio skin with the Exit Door button, when someone sends me a link.>

Mio C230s

The Canadian version appears to be the same as the US version, regarding the MioMap software.   My guess is the S in C230s stands for Small, because the Candian version only has 512MB of RAM since the Canadian map file is so much smaller than the USA map files, which are installed on the 1GB of RAM.   In either case the map license included is for North America + Puerto Rico, so once you find a source for the remaining maps, you can install those you need to your SD card per the instructions here.


  1. Steve said

    If anyone reading this has the European version, please email me, I would like to work something out, I need some European maps for an upcoming trip. And please – Donate to his Coffee Fund to keep the work going.

  2. dominique said

    Hi Steve,
    I’m from France and I just got a brand new c230 (european version), i will pleased to help you, just tell me what do you want …

  3. Steve said

    Thanks – my email is sjaffe@cfl.rr.com. Would love to know what maps come on the European model. We can figure out from there. I have an upcoming trip across England and a few other countries.

  4. haco81 said

    I don’t understand it. I don’t have MioUtility.exe or Setup.exe in my Windows folder, so both wouldn’t work for me.

  5. c230 said


    What program(s) do you have? What version of C230 do you have? (Not the Euro?) Maybe, someone has already figured it out if you give us more to go on. Unless you’re using the LITE version, the MioUtility tool isn’t really that useful anyways.

  6. Steve said

    OK, for anyone reading….. I have a copy of EU maps and a license, but still cannot figure out how to make them work on my C230. I am sure its something simple. So if someone can help, please email me (sjaffe@cfl.rr.com).

  7. Menox said

    Hi I have a Europe version (Holland). The correction is wrong for
    me. It should be Settings.exe i.s.o. Setup.exe. See the example

    MAIN.INI and MAIN_ALT.INI that will contain a string

    Command = \Windows\MioUtility.exe

    This string will need to be changed to

    Command = \Windows\Settings.exe

  8. c230 said


    Thank you (dank u in Holland?) so much for pointing out the error! Franz had told me correctly but somehow I typed it up wrong. I’ve just fixed it.


  9. AV said

    After copying the DATA.Zip file into my Canadian 230s I get the exit door but it freezes. after using yes to exit, any tip to get this going?

    cheers from canada

  10. AceFx said


    I have a c230 with Destinator 7,is possible to unlock it ?

    Cheers fron México

  11. c230 said

    WIll need to know more, but it sounds like it already is unlocked 🙂

  12. AceFx said

    Not is unlocked.

    I bought it in Mexico and brought by defect Destinator 7, already tries to follow the indications, but as it does not bring the folders Called Miomap,

    I tried renamed the folders but the result is the same

    Is there anyway to do it ?

  13. c230 said

    Does Mio manufacture this unit with Destinator? It almost sounds like you bought a hacked GPS, in order to navigate in Mexico, as I am not aware of TeleAtlas maps for Mexico. If so, perhaps you can restore it with the factory DVD first, then unlock it.

    The Unlock packages are for C230 units with MioMap installed. The key to the unlock is that our MortScript program is running as the default program in ROM – miomap.exe

    I am not familiar with Destinator, so I can not help you, but what you would have to do in general terms is Rename the folder that Destinator resides in, and then rename your Unlock folder MioMap, MioMap.exe and MioMap.mscr so that they replace the default folder and program names.

    I only say this to help if you are familiar with this type of hacking. if not you’ll have to obtain help from another source. Even if you were successful, you would have a desktop and access to your games, etc., but now you would have to revise all links to MioMap so that they instead point to the new location of Destinator. Note: Do not use my MioMap Menu program (Routes) as it only works in conjunction with MioMap.

    Best of luck to you! If this just confused you, then just leave your unit locked and enjoy Destinator.

  14. AceFx said

    Thank you very much,for answer I´ll try that way and if that not work.
    I will be satisfied to having it locked and Destinator working.

    Thanks a lot again

  15. Hammer said

    I just bought a c230 last night at the local electronics store. after reading the blog I thought this would be easy to do. However, i ran into problems from the get go. the unit will not let me change the file name to begin the procedure. anyone run into this issue?

  16. peet said

    Hi C230

    Is there any skins that work with the C230 EU models???

  17. c230 said

    Not on my Blog. Truly sorry, but I’m told that the EU DATA.ZIP files are different enough so as to be incompatilble. That is probably why EU skin wizards have used the multiple file approach (an override file in \MioMap\Skin folder, leaving the original DATA.ZIP intact) to make their skins adaptable.

  18. peet said

    Thanx C230

  19. driesc said

    I want to unlock my C230 but I dont get it from the article above.
    To unlock my C220 I used an SD card and a program.
    But to unlock the european C230 I dont need a SD card with a program installed on it , right?
    I just need to find the MAIN_ALT.INI and the MAIN.INI files when I connect my GPS to my PC and change

    Command = \Windows\MioUtility.exe

    This string will need to be changed to

    Command = \Windows\Settings.exe

    Thats it right?

    greetings Dries

  20. c230 said

    Hi Dries,

    Not sure that I understand the question, but the settings.exe has nothing to do with the unlock. that is simply the name of the Utility program to change volume, time, backlighting, etc. The main.ini and main_alt.ini files control the desktop screens of your unlocked mio.

    My understanding of the EU units is that other than the Utility program name, you don’t want to replace a EU version data.zip with a US version data.zip.

  21. driesc said

    Hi C230,

    After posting my last comment, I did some more research and I was able to unlock my EU C230. You can delete my last post so people don’t get confused by it. 🙂
    BTW, I used the SD card method described on amida168’s blog.

    Greetings from Belgium!

  22. c230 said

    Glad all is well now. I’ve got to try his SD Unlock one of these days, but mine would have worked for you too. It’s just not as easy. 🙂

  23. BeterZ said


    I got the same C230, newspaper action 🙂
    So how exactly did you manage to get the hack done ?
    I dled the 14mb release 4 file for sd card, but do I need to do something else?


  24. DriesC said


    I got mine also via the newspaper action 🙂
    about your question:
    1) You have to extract (u can use winrar for example) the files to an SD card using a card reader
    2) switch your GPS off at the back
    3) insert the SD card and switch the GPS back on
    4) Recalibrate your touch screen then click:ok
    5)You are done (you can donate someting to the nice guy who created the SD hack)
    If you speak dutch: there is a MIO forum, you can find me there and other mio users to share information with. (click on my name to go there)


  25. Dave said

    I recently purchased a c230(US). When purchased I thought I would be able to get an SD card that would allow me to use it in Europe this summer. Now, Mio tells me I can not buy the SD card. Does any one have experience that could help me? I will confess in advance that I am not extremely computer literate. Any help is appreciated.

  26. c230 said

    There is no legal way to use the US C230 in Europe, atleast not with MioMap software. The license you procured is for North America only. The unlock in my Blog refers to allowing other legal software to run on the unit, and has nothing to do with the map files. Perhaps you might consider buying an EU C230 and then selling it when you return back to the states.

  27. C230s user said

    I bought a C230s in Canada.
    I am trying to install California map since I have to visit there.
    I requested help from the Mio website and they said I cannot use USA map with this machine. I believe that I can use USA map. If not, why it has expansionary slot for SD card?

    I justed copied a California map but it’s not work. “..map locked…” message is shown on the LCD and only Canadian map is available.

    Help please…


  28. c230 said

    Having a SD card slot has nothing to do with which map files your GPS unit is licensed to work with. Not being familiar with the Canadian model, I can only go with what other Blog readers have reported, and atleast for the models using 2007.1 maps, the license is for Noth America. It is quite possible that your unit is only licensed for Canadian maps only – you’ll have to read your license to determine that.

    Try clicking on the About button under Settings, and if you have a License tab (my CarLocator skin does), click on it and you’ll resolve the issue of what map files you are licensed to use.

  29. Wildcat said


    I have european model (bought in Germany) and its crashed down, all I get is message “Please use Map DVD to recover the software” only problem is that my kids lost my map DVD, so I can´t recover it. Is there some possebillity to recover software whitout DVD, or is it possible to download it somewere.


  30. Matias Avendaño said

    Hi C230,

    first thanks for al your time to help all io users, bery helpful information, my situation is that and sorr if I dont underestand well all info before.

    I have a US mio230, and I want add legal EU maps, based in what I read before and in conversation with Mio assistance they say that is not possible because both machines are incompatible.

    then my questions are:

    1. Your your system to unlock the Mio US c230 I can add legal (I buy the sd card from Mio), maps from EU?.

    2. If I buy a EU MIO c230 I can add legal mio maps form EEUU?.

    Thanks again

  31. c230 said


    I see nobody responded to your question – if you didn’t ave a DVD, then the backup of your files that is recommended is essential. Unless you really varied from the instructions, you should be able to follow the Undo instructions and start over. The EU model is (was) about the same as the US model, except for the utility program, the maps, and the DATA.ZIP file.


    I am not that familiar with the EU maps, but my understanding is that they are formatted differently than the US maps, have a different license file, and work with a different variation of MioMap (which is why the DATA.ZIP files aren’t interchangeable, so if you do prurchase another C230 of the European variety, you probably would be best off not trying to blend the software into one unit. If someone else with experience says otherwise (using legal means), I pre-defer to their expertise though.

  32. Graulie said


    Can anybody help us: we have some maps for our C230(Europe) and we want to run it on our GPS. We’ve copied the files in the right folder but when we start up our gps it says that some maps have been locked. How can we unlock these maps. Does anyone know? ‘we’re not really very accomplished in fooling around with our gps, we’de like a very basic answer:-))



  33. c230 said


    If you have the EU version of C230, then your licensed to install any of the European region maps included on your DVD.

  34. vilimas said


    that’s not true about the EU version and license.
    I have C220 from Denmark and there are only Scandinavian maps pre-installed. So I’m not allowed to put another map of EU. That’s a problem I can’t find how to solve it.
    Did somebody knows how to unlock other maps?
    I tried everything I can found in forums.
    Please, write me: vilimas@gmx.net

  35. c230 said

    OK, I stand corrected – I based the statement on what a reader told me a while back as I have no personal experience with the EU version.

  36. Jack said

    PLEASE HELP.I have unfortunelly erase my EU version MIO c230.I need i t’hinks only 2 or 3 files stored direct on disc on MIO c230 (no need MioMap) I don’t have DVD MAP(needed to restore software). Can somebady send me this files or stored on a server like rapidshare? My e-mail: jebak@happymany.net Sorry for my english.I comme from Belgium.E-MAIL CORRECTED

  37. WKL said

    Hi TIA

    re: your problem with adding US maps onto LEGAL canadian Mio c230.

    Go to:
    Premium maps:
    Regular maps

    That’s assuming you have the 2007.07 license for your Canadain Mio c230

    simply dl the required map file(s) — you could dl them all and place them onto a SD under MioMap\MAPS. That’s all.

    Hope these links help all ye folks looking for licensed maps for US

  38. Mohan said


    I have a mio c230 bought in the middle east and have only GCC maps. I would like to load Indian map on to it. I tried to unlock using the method but it does not unlock. The version is Mireo via GPS 3.0 Black Edition. I do not know which version to use it to unlock. Could anyone help me in unlocking it. Thanks

  39. c230 said

    The original blog was intended for the US version of the C230, but it soon became apparent that the Canadian and European models weren’t too much different. Sounds like other versions are quite unique in the software area, and may need a fresh start regarding unlocking activity though.

    As long as the discussions remain legal, feel free to expand your results here.

  40. 6izmo said

    Hi, I’ve copied US Data.zip over my EU data.zip & I haven’t a backup.

    Can anybody from EU send me his DATA.zip?


    Thanks in advance

  41. Bernard said


    Congratulations for your job on this site

    I have a C230 – EU and I still try to unlock it, but I got a real problem.

    Tested with R3.3 and then with 3.6 without success. Step by step I did operations (get the right file, modify Data.zip, install MioMap & Script, modify Main.ini as said), reboot and see the main screen. Right !

    I just tested a few fonctions : show pictures, play a video, use filemanager, .. with success, but GPS remains inacessible : I click to open the selection menu and any choice ie first line “Run MioMap 3.3 returns to the main menu without running MioMap, the minimum expected for a GPS, isn’t it ?

    I expect some help from you and the forum to setup a alternate method for EU. Some one has reach to unlock his C230 should have an idea.

    Thank for help

  42. c230 said


    At the time the blog was started,

    MAIN.INI and MAIN_ALT.INI that will contain a string

    Command = \Windows\MioUtility.exe

    This string will need to be changed to

    Command = \Windows\Settings.exe

    was the change needed. Look in your Windows folder to verify that Settings.exe exists. You may have a newer version that varies from this, but not having a EU unit, you are on your own, unless someone else offers an update. Keep us posted as this will help others in the same situation.

  43. Jughead said

    Hey what’s the deal – can’t I get a map (hopefully CAN & USA) update for my C230s? They don’t seem to sell them at the mio online store… is this thing obsolete?

  44. c230 said

    If you consider maps that are a couple of years old obsolete, then yes. Personally, I think the unit will serve me well for quite awhile yet.

  45. saurabhsinghvi said

    are GCC maps available for download somewhere and has anyone used the above procedure for them ?

  46. Narritu said

    I observed that nobody has replied to Mohan. I have bought Mio C230 in Kuwait quite recently. I have also the similar problem. Kindly reply.
    Thanks & Regards
    Mohan said
    October 26, 2008 @ 12:50 am


    I have a mio c230 bought in the middle east and have only GCC maps. I would like to load Indian map on to it. I tried to unlock using the method but it does not unlock. The version is Mireo via GPS 3.0 Black Edition. I do not know which version to use it to unlock. Could anyone help me in unlocking it. Thanks


    • Riaz said

      Hi Narritu / Mohan

      Have you guys find out a solution for the MIO C230. If yes, please can you let me know. I am also in GCC – Saudi Arabia and need to unlock my device. But not sure whether this will work for the equipments purchased outise US. Pls can you send me a mail at kmriaz at hotmail

      Thanks in advance.


  47. c230 said


    As I stated to Mohan, as long as the discussions remain legal, feel free to expand your results here.

    I was going to delete your comment, as I don’t think you understand what this blog means by unlock. It is illegal to load maps onto your GPS that are not covered by your license file. That is probably why there are no responses.

  48. Narritu said


    Thanks a lot for keeping my comment.
    Kindly tell me whether it is possible to unlock the Mio C230 bought at Kuwait. It does not have Data.zip file.

    It has ordinale.ini file. Other details are as follows:

    Rom Version:

    Mireo viaGPS 3.0
    Black Edition
    Build 2.3.3394522

    Kindly note that I have got the license file for India map. So I am not asking for that.

    Thanks & Regards

  49. Peter said

    Well i found a way to put EU maps on my US version C230 MIO, and beleive me it wasn’t easy… but I am looking now for a new update for 2009 w/speedcams. If anyone can point me to the right direction, would be nice.

    • Norman said

      Peter may I know how did you put EU maps in the c230 US version, I have one of this units and going next week to Europe and wish to have maps to navigate there right. By the way you can write my to nramirez@iteam.com.co

      Thanks a lot.

  50. Joe Curry said

    What SD cards are compatible with the C230 Unit?

  51. ameridan said


    As far as I know, any SD/MMC/SDHC card should work, but I don’t have any experience with SDHC cards beyond 8GB.

  52. Delia said

    i have a problem with unlocking my mio. If anyone could help, I’d really appreciate it.

    My email is deliabirtas@gmail.com

  53. william deaton said

    I don’t even know how to find The folder \My Flash Disk\Script I can hook it to the compture and open the g drive which is my mio c230. Is that where the folders at.

  54. ameridan said


    1.Turn on C230 and connect it to the computer using a 5-pin Mini-B USB 2.0 cable.
    2.C230 will show up as a flash drive in My Computer as Mio Device, which in your case is G drive.

  55. Gerry said


    you have a really nice blog here!

    I own an EU-C230 with miomap v3.3 and I tried to unlock it. I somehow did it and I installed the new maps but when I push the cockpit button I get a message that I can’t find the mio/320_240/diriconbig.spr file. Because I am stupid I didn’t kept a backup of my original DATA.ZIP file and I can’t get it to the original version. Can someone send the original DATA.ZIP file please??


    Thank you very much in advance.

  56. Attila said

    I have mio c230 and i used in dubie but now I am in europe and I need europe map can u help me?

  57. Gray Ghost said

    C 230 you are doing a wonderful job here, Many many thanks for you.

    I got my MIO C230 few months ago from Dubai with UAE & Oman maps Pre-Installed, How to Install EU Maps as I am regularly travel to EU ? and is there any way to add more applications ?

    ( MIO Version : 2010 R6.0.8)

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