Adding EASY route option to Mio-C230’s MioMap 3.3 software

Robb1 generously forwarded this Easy Button mod (original source unknown) that’s been talked about on other Mio forums, but until now was not tested and verified for the C230.

Many firmly believe that the computed route using this option is usually better than the others (Fastest, Shortest, and Most Economical) and it has now been verified that the tweak works for the C230.   Using this option, MioMap seems to compute a route involving the least turns and complexity.   This usually ends up being more distance but less turns.   Again, we unhide an option in the software that is probably intended for premium GPS units.

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  • Note1: your drive letter may be different
  • Note2: if you’re C230 is unlocked, the path will be “K:\MioMap\MioMap2\DATA.ZIP”

2) Make a backup copy of your K:\MioMap\MioMap\DATA.ZIP file or rename it.

3) Unzip the DATA.ZIP file into your work directory.

4) In the subdirectory “mio\320_240\ui” locate the file “route_settings_320_240.ui” and make a backup copy of it.

5) Edit the “route_settings_320_240.ui” and under the “<layer ui_settings_nav_routesearch>” section add the text       Easy|SIMPLE|     as shown below in red.


 <TEXT xxx text=”Route:” x=10 y=51 w=70 align=”left” fonttype=buttonlabel1> <SLIDER btn_config1 var=vRouteTypevalue=”Fastest|FAST|Shortest|SHORT|Economic|ECO” x=82 y=46 w=76

bmp=”sel_left.bmp#2″ fonttype=buttonlabel1

bmp2=”sel_right.bmp#2″ align=”center” valign=”center+5″



<TEXT xxx text=”Route:” x=10 y=51 w=70 align=”left”

fonttype=buttonlabel1> <SLIDER btn_config1 var=vRouteType


x=82 y=46 w=76 bmp=”sel_left.bmp#2″ fonttype=buttonlabel1

bmp2=”sel_right.bmp#2″ align=”center”

valign=”center+5″ enablekeys=0>


6) Re-Zip the DATA.ZIP file from the files in your work directory.

7) Copy the revised DATA.ZIP file into your K:\MioMap\MioMap

directory on the C230.

(“K:\MioMap\MioMap2\DATA.ZIP” if you’re C230 is unlocked)

8) There should now be an “EASY” route option in the Routing Parameters.



  1. Mike said

    I am sure there is more of these hidden features. I have worked with enough electronics to know that the chip set will be the same in each model, there might be hardware options that are different but the software is very close to being the same.
    I will give this a try within the hour as I am taking a familiar route that I have tested with the other options.

  2. Mike said

    I think you also have to add the “|” character between SIMPLE and Fastest. (You have it, it just isn’t highlighted in red)

    Anyone test what removing the hide in the line above does?

  3. robb1 said

    The EASY route is not necessarily the best or fastest route. On some routes I tried, the route was longer to my destination but contained fewer turns. I think this is what EASY will do, plot with fewest turns and least complications.

  4. Mike said

    The hard part about describing this is that the readers don’t know the area. The place I went to is less than three miles away, I usually take a different route to the location then I do returning just so I can avoid a left turn at a traffic light that doesn’t give a lot of time in my direction. It is a very simple route not a lot of turns, get on main road, get to street “B” take right, end of block and you are there.
    When I first set the route with the Mio it doesn’t seem to know what direction I am facing, and usually wants me to go in the opposite direction then I am facing. This time the route recalculation was different, it wanted me to go left and then turn onto what I would call a little busier street that goes through the neighborhood to the main road. Usually it recalculates two right turns, then a couple more turns to get back to the route it planned taking me to that traffic light I don’t like. So I thought the Easy option uses the busier or more direct through streets, which to me would be great. I didn’t follow the route it wanted although I did look at the track it wanted me to take and it was the same as Fast, shortest or economical. However it is so close and such a direct route there isn’t a lot of choice or variation on the options you can take..
    I went my usual route and the recalculations were the same, as fast or shortest, probably following shortest.
    When I returned the only difference I noticed was it wanted me to take that though street again instead of the first street into the neighborhood. This is one block further than my destination, and would require me to travel “back” to get to the street I wanted to be on.

    I will have to test it some more but if it takes more direct routes that would be a plus.

  5. Mike said

    I think Robb might have it, less turns.

    Does anyone else have a funky audio problem?
    The voice, female US will say, “Take the next…” then sound like it is distorted or failing for a second or two, but pick right up where it left off, “…right onto main street.”

  6. robb1 said

    Might be right Mike in that the route is small and close to you. I tried EASY for quite a few destinations about 10-15 miles away. It plotted different than the other routing options each time.

    I’ve experienced that funky audio too Mike. I think it might be because the gps software is lagging a bit(a hiccup). Not often enough that its of concern to me. Try turning Textured Polygons OFF to free up some resources.

  7. Mike said

    When I said the route is short I meant the destination I chose to test the easy option. Living in South Florida everything is a grid and routes don’t get overly complicated. Currently I live close to everything so it is all under a five mile trip on main roads.
    Next year (aka a few weeks from now) I will go visit a friend and try the easy option. When I used fastest the last time I visited it had some strange route that it took which screwed me up. The unit was fine, but there are a lot of twisting roads in this area and it made me cross the road it told me to get off of a few moments before. I would like to know how easy would handle this destination.

    I don’t have textured Polygons on so that isn’t causing the audio problems. I am not big into animations or fancy eye candy so I have that garbage turned off first. I was think it was relating to the TTS and processing how to pronounce the street names, that is when I think the most problems occur.

    Does the easy option button order from Staples? (that might be a regional joke)

  8. c230 said

    Got it Mike – Staples is everywhere! 8) Tweaked the coloring too. Wonder why I have green and red in mind…

    Think I saw a tweak to turn off Samantha reminding you 6 times to merge into traffic when you are on an entrance ramp to an expressway; like you have a choice. Next time I see it, I’ll make note of it for posting.

  9. Dana Hartsock said

    I can’t get this to work on the C230. After modifying the file Mio locks with a
    FFIE error… Code 8. Stupid user trick I am certain.

    I was able to do the modification to UNHIDE the Export button. But when I modify the “route_settings_320_240.ui” and try to save it, it tells me there is UNICODE and saving to ANSI will “be bad for my file’s health,” roughly speaking.If I save to UNICODE I get the lockup when the C230 starts up. Should I be saving to UTF-8? Right now I am out of my element.

  10. robb1 said

    What editor are you using? Use Notepad or any other editor and save as an ANSI text file. They’re just standard ASCII text files.

  11. CD said

    I tried to type this in manually and cut/paste, but I cannot get it to work. I get “Failed to open file: ctype.dat exiting application” Used Notepad and saved as .txt in ANSI.

  12. c230 said

    For now, download DATA.ZIP from Amida’s site: He claims that the only difference between the factory version and his is the Exit button fix.

    Don’t feel bad, I had the same problem and no one is sure what causes this yet. I’ve modified the file before successfully, so it seems to be random? My suggestion – keep the zip folder open, pull the file you’re working on and edit it, then drop it back in. This should re-zip just that file, rather than the entire package over again. Seems like the file ctype.dat is fussy about being compressed.

    Anyways, once you get it running, it will be reliable!

  13. CD said

    That worked as far as getting it in (thanks!) but I still only have economical, fast and short under my Route Parameters / Route:.

  14. CD said

    I just went back and looked at that line in Amida’s download. There is no “Smart” addition. I’ll try adding the line based on your instructions.

  15. CD said

    BINGO! That got it! Thanks for your help! Now I got a tough one for you. I’ll try to find a more appropriate page to post the question.

  16. c230 said

    Sorry I didn’t realize which mod you were attempting when I responded CD, but see what I mean? This time it worked for you. 🙂

  17. Steve said

    From this post above..
    December 28, 2007 @ 6:27 pm

    I tried this but the unit hangs on MAINSCREEN load. If someone has done the EASY Button mod, please email me the full zip file – I cant make it work 😦

  18. c230 said

    As Dana said, don’t cut and paste, just type in the additional text. I’ve just updated the instructions to hopefully clarify this.

  19. Frankyvee said

    “A tweak to turn off Samantha reminding you 6 times to merge into traffic when you are on an entrance ramp to an expressway; like you have a choice. ”

    I would almost pay money for this tweak. Man, that repetition is annoying. I sometimes will mute my Mio when I’m entering an interstate.

  20. c230 said

    I’m keeping my ear open for any ideas on this, as nothing popped out as being an obvious fix.

  21. Mike said

    Tried the “Easy” option again today when looking for… a Staples. I think it does try the most direct route with the least turns. I live very close to where I work and I drive by the office on my way around town just to keep and eye on the place. It is not out of the way, just not taking the main streets. With the easy option it wanted me to get back on to a different road to get to the Staples. The direction it wanted me to go would have taken me directly to the street, but through a rougher part of town. I took a more turns option to get to the same road.

    One thing the GPS doesn’t understand shopping centers or strip malls. It puts you on the street in front of the shopping center, but doesn’t understand how to get into the parking lot. Gives odd instructions for that, but it could be because of the divided highways here, it seems to want to go to the next intersection and “turn around” instead of taking the lot entrance.

    I went on a few chores on the way back but I routed home, at one point it said “Turn around, where ever possible, and take your next right”, never heard the “where ever possible” before.

    I hope they come up with some more TTS voices, this woman is getting annoying… although it cracks me up the way she says, “riiight”

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