All NEW “iPhone-look” icons released

CD (Craig) started out wanting to modify one of his icons and ended up mastering the icon-design process.   For those running Version 3.4 of my Unlock package, he has created an entire ensemble of fantastic NEW icons (actually 2 sets), all packaged up in an Icons folder that can be installed by simply downloading, unzipping, and replacing your current Icons folder.   He has produced the icons in 2 flavors:

  • Each icon labelled with an English title  (similar to the original  Version 3.4 “iPhone-look” icons).

       Download here

  • OR, for those prefering to only see an icon without text, slightly larger icons that have no text labels.   This may be the preferred option for owners of the European C230 that are so well versed in other languages (in addition to English) or users that feel the icons fit the application so well, no explanation is necessary. 


    Download here

[added 1/19/2008]  NOTE:  For the DPMS icon to sit properly, change in main.ini or main_alt.ini (whichever one happens to have the iPhone data):

  • x = 256
  • y = 30  ààààààà change to 20
  • Command = \My Flash Disk\Script\DPMS.exe
  • SizeNormal = 64
  • SizePushed = 64
  • ScaleAlpha = 100
  • IconNormal = \My Flash Disk\Script\dpms1.ico
  • ScaleAlpha = 100
  • IconPushed = \My Flash Disk\Script\dpms1.ico  



if you act now and download within the next 24 hours…


Craig recognized that I have been using an icon featuring a TomTom device,  Rosie  and went out of his way, even enlisting the aid of family members, to produce an appropriate icon to activate MioMap –  that now features an actual MioC230!   No matter which version of the Unlock you are using, you might want to do your C230 proud by replacing the  Nav.ico file in your Script folder with the Nav.ico file that is included as a bonus in either download, to rectify this injustice.

We all thank you Craig, for sharing your work with this BlogCommunity!



  1. […] this post to upgrade the icons for this Update […]

  2. CD said

    Thanks, Dan, for the kind words. Truthfully, I have only seen by standing on the shoulders of Giants…

    Most of what I did was just copy, paste, resize and recolor things I found out on the web. I had several goals. 1. Make the icon ‘obvious’ to the function 2. Vary the colors as much as possible so that color and function could be associated at a glance (for those who touch while driving) and 3. Not use any true iPhone icons. (I never could verify if the LightsOn icon was Apple’s or not.)

    I thank you for all your feedback and help. I would also like to thank Amida for his inspiration in the first place and helping me with the font when I couldn’t log onto his blog. Thanks to anyone who posted your work on the web for others to use and a BIG thanks to the AG for the his photoshop and color expertise and the Mio c230 icon!

  3. GordonS said

    Can someone do me a quick favor. On your C230, do you have a plain tts folder inside your MioMap folder? This would be in addtion to the tts_ppc folder. If you do, how many files do you have inside this tts folder.


  4. c230 said


    No, there is no TTS folder in the factory C230 MioMap folder.

  5. op said

    i cant seem to download the new icons from mediafire. Dont know maybe the link is screwed up. am i the only one having this prob ??

  6. c230 said


    None of the MediaFire links seem to work at the moment. Suggest trying later and thanks in advance for checking them out.

  7. Mike said

    I haven’t been really paying detailed attention, I did the first few hacks but didn’t think they were of any use so I went back to the original Mio with a few changes in the SYS.TXT file. However with the headphones option I could see myself using the hack more.
    I have never understood the whole I-Phone craze, nor do I see the excitement of the look. (Although it does look good) Is it an option in this version of the hack or is that the new look of the hack.

  8. c230 said

    Version 3.4 allows you to toggle your preferred desktop and clock screens, so no, it isn’t the new look of the unlock, unless you want it to be, it is an option. This thread isn’t the new version though; the downloads in this thread make available new icons for the iPhone-look screen, so if you prefer the green desktop, the replacement Icons will not be referenced (other than the GPS icon).

    Version 3.3 is pretty much the same as 3.4, but without the “iPhone-look” screen and icons, and without the menu to toggle which screen you want to be your favorite – the Clock screen or the Desktop screen.

    When Version 3.5 is put together, the new icons will be part of the package.

  9. Mathew said

    Thanks for all of the efforts guys. I love working with my MIO 230s. I am happy I ended up not using the LG 730 and paying more for the “extra” features. I look forward version 3.5.

    Thanks! 😀

  10. c230 said

    You’re welcome Mathew. Depending on what else I come up with, it might be a little while, as Version 3.5 is going to be more than just new icons. That is why I published the icon updates as their own package in the interim.

  11. Mike said

    what is the ICBM icon for…?

  12. c230 said

    In case you use the ICBM game program from Amida’s package, although it is reported that it doesn’t behave too well.

  13. CD said

    Where can a fellow find a list of which 6-digit codes = what color (for changing the color of text, the clock, etc.)

  14. c230 said


    They’re known as hex codes (hexadecimal); here’s a link:

    If you Google for others, use “Color Hex codes”

  15. CD said


  16. B5Fan said


    I had posted before about modifying Amida’s original iPhone icons to different resolutions. Well, I got addicted to messing with the icons and I ended up redoing all of them. I used the standard iPhone style icons and inserted the icons for each program found in the exe file then added the name of the program to the icon. I categorized the programs into 4 categories and color coded the icons. Not sure how to include screen shots but here is a link to the icons. They are all 64×64 to match the original layout.

  17. Mike said

    I see some icons there for programs I don’t have….
    can you do i file for download with ubook, ukeditor, conquest, pacman, tetris, diamond, appointment, alarm clock, stop watch, pPaint, haali reader, and Mozilla?

  18. B5Fan said


    I have a different device but wanted to share my icons since I got the inspiration from here. The following is a link to all the programs plus a few extra I didn’t make icons for. I don’t guarantee they will work on the C230, but my device does use WinCE 4.2 net, which is the same OS, so it might work.

  19. Hmmm.... said

    hmm. the c230 os is wince5.0…

  20. B5Fan said

    Is the c230 on 5.0? I thought is was 4.2. Sorry about that. Either way, no guarantess these programs work. I took a few programs from here so I know that at least some will work. 🙂

  21. Mike said

    I tried out a few… Appointment will open up but not work properly,
    zebra is a fun game but it lacks an exit button… maybe we can get some help putting in an exit button? also calc 98 is good after you change the view around a bit, but again no quit button(it does have a hide button though). pPaint is very nice and works like a charm. alarm clock and mozilla didn’t work at all.
    I Recomend getting the pPaint program! I’ll report back when I’ve gone through more.

  22. CD said


    Didn’t I see you had a chess icon on one of your screen shots? Can you post it?

  23. Mike said Upgraded chess icon

  24. B5Fan said


    I have a few other programs that didn’t work on my device. Would yo ube interested in them to test out for the c230 community?

    For the programs that didn’t work, did you try running ExeCheck to see what the problem is. It just might be that you need a different dll.

  25. Mike said

    I’ll check into that program in the mean time the ones that worked were:
    cezebra(with 90-turn script), chessgenius,conquest(but it doesn’t run perfectly and its just a beta so it wont let you finish a game), diamond(with turn script), tetris (with turn script), freecell, calc98(awsome little scientific calc, but once it’s open you can only hide it. then go to task manager and close task from there), pPaint(see above), pocketXpdf(much better pdf viewer than the one included in the microsoft viewers), the microsoft viewers, X audio, ubook, notepad, haali reader, sirftech, and maybe appointment(I could get it open and running, but couldn’t really do anything with it, I’m not sure but I think it relys on managing other appointment programs so it might be useless until we have a couple)

  26. Mike said

    I also have quite a few programs I’m trying to work including 4 different language dictionary/translator/speaking programs. I still really want a calender program then I’ll be hapyp.

  27. B5Fan said


    Have you tried Agendus. Its a PIM including a calender or so its claimed. The company was giving it away some time ago due to a newer version coming out. It couldn’t get it to work on my device so I can’t comment on its features. I guess it doesn’t like CE 4.2. It’s a full fledged program, not a 1 file exe like a lot of the ones I sent. It might be more than you were looking for.

  28. CD said

    Thanks for the chess icon, Mike.

  29. nirapada said

    Mike, Can you please let me know if there is a way to exit the game CEZebra ? I could not find a button/way to exit out of this game.

  30. Davvinchi said

    the only way I found to get out is to go to the task manager and exit from there.

  31. chri said

    i cant figure out how to exit tetris. ive clicked everywhere and there is no way to minimize

  32. c230 said


    The taskbar is interfering. If you add these 2 lines into tetris.mscr just before Rotate 90, you should be all set. This will force the taskbar to disappear. If you use the copy and paste method, retype the quotes ( ” ) manually, as they get messed up in these postings.

    Run( “My Flash Disk\Script\ShowTaskbar.exe” )
    Run( “My Flash Disk\Script\Taskbar.exe” )

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