Not New Unlock Packages, just bringing them back to the front of the line… ~~~Also an announcement regarding MioMap~~~

coffeeon.gif  Bringing the most recent Unlock & MioMap Menu packages  back to the front of the line in my Blog…

Unlocking the Mio C230 – Version 3.5 with Route, Theme, Screen, Settings & Skins Management


Upgrade of MioMap Menu to Ver 3.6 – Deleting individual entries from Location History & Dominique’s Skin Trick


coffeeon.gif  Just announced this week…

Nav N Go suspends deliveries to Mio

Nav N Go regretfully announces the immediate suspension of all business activities with one of its partners, Mio International Ltd., a 100%-owned subsidiary of Mitac International Corporation, as a result of continuous breaches of contract.

Nav N Go’s award-winning navigation software, iGO My Way [MioMap is Mio’s adaptation of this iGo title], had been included in all Mio devices for Europe, North America and other regions. Mio, always considered a strategic partner by Nav N Go, has dramatically increased its market share in the last few years as a result of using Nav N Go solutions.

Nav N Go, out of respect for its current and potential future partners, does not wish to go into the details of its decision, and asserts that every effort will be made to resolve the situation amicably.

Nav N Go, as one of the main software providers to the navigation industry, still predicts major growth in turnover compared to previous years, based on its current contracts with leading market players.

I think it is safe to assume that there probably won’t be any iGo updates to MioMap for our C230 units, nor any official updates to the TeleAtlas maps that are paired with MioMap, making the enhanced skins and MioMap menus that we have developed that much more valuable!

If you are pleased with the helpfulness of my Blog Site and the capabilities of your Unlocked Mio C230 using my downloads, and haven’t already done so, kindly consider a small donation to my coffee fund by clicking on the cup.


Thank you!!



  1. c230 said

    Sorry about all of the pingbacks while I was editing, everyone. I think I found where to turn that stupid option off now.

  2. Shri said

    Was that the reason C230s were going so cheap for last few weeks? Did Mio knew this and tried to dump the inventory of C230?

  3. c230 said

    I tend to think that retailers were just discounting the price to move inventory, as they do any item not moving off the shelves quickly enough.

    And I’d like to think that just because iGo software won’t be updated, whatever new software is choosen for Mio’s GPS units will be offered as an “upgrade” to current and pending owners. I imagine that once a new Navigation software package is paired with the current Mio hardware, the model numbers will reflect the change somehow. Mio C230B?

    That said, I think the C230 as-is will meet my needs for some time to come anyways. It really is a great little unit, especially unlocked!

  4. c230 said

    There is a good discussion of this issue here:

    And an interview with the President of Mio here:


    Here is one promising excerpt :

    “Mr. Notteboom (President of Mio Europe)…informed us that all customers updating their software or maps in the future will receive the new software supplied by Navman and the maps provided by their partner, TeleAtlas.”

  5. Dana Hartsock said

    The promising excerpt means you get to work on a new unlock for the new Mio software if it makes its appearance.

    If the new software does show up I hope it is fast and responsive. I like the speed of the current software.

  6. c230 said

    Time will tell. Depending on the circumstances, as you said, many of us may just stay with our tweaked Unlocked Mio until we make our repalcement purchase, or upgrade to a superior software package not even sold by Mio.

  7. Leo said

    Hi, thanks for your great work about C230. The biggest problem about Mio230 I think is the POI. There are nearly no POI on it. How can we add a lot of POI, such as all the safeway…… Thanks.

  8. c230 said


    You can add all the POIs you want, the only sacrifice will be performance. The more you add, the slower the performance. One very important item is the speed of your SD card, if you are going to add a significant amount of POIs.

    This is the <a href=”SDHC“>card I would recommend in that case.

  9. murphyfields said

    Did you try the links on adding 12M POIs?

  10. c230 said

    Thanks murphy, I forgot about that option, thinking that they were not level 2007.1, which are the only legal maps I will recommend.

    You’ll find a link here and others with Google.

  11. Bulldog said

    I added Illinois and all the states I’m likely to go to including Canada. The gentleman who put together the 12M Poi maps really did a great job on them. I had to move some of my “never-go” states to my SD card to make room but I’m happy to say that I’ve seen absolutly no loss in performance in the Mio and that it accesses the states on the SD card perfectly. With the 3.3Lite mod and some of the tweeks that I’ve found here and elsewhere, one would never know that this unit is “hacked”. It looks and acts like a OEM product but we all know that it is better…

    So far, with the expanded POI maps, almost every place that I’m looking for when on business has been found. Those that are not, I add to the SD card using the CSV to KMI POI conversion program on the Mio website. Works like a charm.

    I will be looking at upgrading my SD card from a 2gb to a SDHC card when the opportunity arises. Not that I need the room but if it speeds up the accessing of the POI’s from the SD card, then I’m all for it. Currently with all the maps and other stuff on my SD card, I’m only at 25% capacity.

  12. c230 said

    The performance issue I spoke of only arises for manually added POIs. Since the POIs included with the maps are processed by proximity, the quantity doesn’t noticeably degrade performance. Thanks for helping to clear that up bulldog!

  13. Mike said

    Just recently, when I go to switch skins to the C230 by Ameridan and open up the Cockpit view, I get an error about mio/320_240/diriconbig.spr not being found, which shuts down MioMap. I downloaded a fresh copy of the 3.5 package and tried again with that skin only to find the same problem. Just now I found a copy of the file in a different skin in the same spot, and placed that in the C230 skin and all is well. I am not sure why all of a sudden there is a problem everything seemed to work fine before, and all my other skins have been fine. I didn’t notice until now because I have been using OliverCP and Quicksilver 1.47 mostly now, but I wanted to get to the bottom of that mystery if I could. Is it supposed to work without that diriconbig.spr or was it just missing from the skin files by accident? Regardless, once it is in place, everything else seems to work just fine, so that was the only file MIA.

  14. Quicksilver13 said

    I had that happen when I switched to the newer 01/10/08 version of MioMap 3.3. I also heard that this happens to the Dec. version also.

  15. c230 said

    Sounds like that might be a good file to add into the file in the SKIN folder that overrides your regular file. This is an ideal tool when using Skin Management (skin changer) so that you don’t have to update your tweaks to all of the skins you try (unless you are using the dual-file method to split-screen skins).

    So far I’ve got the factory config folder that has been updated with Teddy_b’s updated timezones.ini file that addresses recent DST changes. Also, I’ve got the daytime and night versions of pedestrian.bmp in the mio\common folder,so that the hiker replaces the arrow when in pedestrian mode. Lastly, I’ve got my Home and Car menu and favorites buttons (included in the CarLocator 1.46 download) in the mio\320_240 folders, so that in many skins, I see those buttons consistently – but I may be the only one doing so. 🙂

    My suggestion, if using the SKIN folder as I do though, is to not add .ui files as you can mess up your trials of other skins.

  16. Pipe said


    I would love to see a list of apps people have gotten to work on the C230. I’ve been banging my head on my computer for several days with very little success in finding even the simplest apps that work.


  17. c230 said


    Sounds like a great idea! You’ll find that most programs that function are probably mentioned in either Amida’s or my blog somewhere, but that’s a lot of reading – a StickiNote list would be ideal.

  18. Pipe said


    How do we, uh, get that started?

  19. murphyfields said

    I agree…great idea. Also add in any special tricks needed to get the program to install.

    I’ll start with my single minor victory…pocket winpoker demo. This is a video poker tutor and player. The demo only runs Jacks or better VP, but there is a paid version (I don’t have it yet) that will play many different types.

    Download the program and run it. It will error because it can’t find activesynch. That’s OK. Go to C:\Program Files\PocketWinPoker and copy the .cab file to an SD card.

    Follow the instructions elsewhere to get WinCELoad working and registered.

    Next is a minor tricky part. On your unlocked C230, run the control panel, system, memory, and allocate some more memory (1 MB or so) and now the install should work fine.

  20. Pipe said

    Nice work, Murphy. This is exactly what I was thinking of. You even gave a link!

  21. c230 said


    When I get a chance I’ll try to work on a nice list. I’ve been dedicating my time to tweaking my CarLocator skin for the next Revision and getting a straight-line navigation program (geo-caching, etc.) to run on the C230 and I’m pleased to say that I’ve accomplished both today!!

  22. ginobe said

    does anybody know what happened to the easy unlock using sd card?

  23. c230 said

    Hi Ginobe,

    I haven’t gone that route yet, as I like the Unlock I’ve got, but it isn’t quite as easy to install as the SD version. Anyways, that Unlock is on Amida’s site, which is no longer part of You’ll find it here instead

    After you get your C230 unlocked, come back here and try out the CarLocator skin or one of the other downloads 🙂


  24. jfg69 said

    WOW, great site Dan. Just bought my Mio C230 and didnt even have any idea it could be unlocked. Was Googling for maps and came across your package and had it hacked in a matter of minutes. Thanks for all that hard work!

    Was just looking around and see I have a lot to learn… figures this is WinCE, I just dumped my WinXP install and have been teaching myself linux. Oh well, something else to learn.

    Love that GTO! I was wondering what files would I change out to add my own car pics (a ’66 Chevelle btw) to the wallpaper etc?

    Thanks for any info, I’m off to try and add some POI’s.


  25. c230 said

    Hi Jerry,

    Thanks for checking us out. There really isn’t much to learn regarding WinCE as we play more with the software that actually runs under it (MioMap skins, Mortscripts, other programs, etc) There really isn’t a wallpaper either, as we have a pseudo background that is pretty much covered up with icons.

    Easy to change the clock screen (which you can set as your default) to your Chevelle photo (edit to be a 320 x 240 bmp file) though. Change the line “\My Flash Disk\Script\back_mio.bmp” in Clock.ini (may be Clock_alt.ini depending on which is your current screen) to the path of your Chevelle shot.

    The GTO splash screen is part of the CarLocator skin and is actually only visible when starting up MioMap.


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