QuickSilver CarLocator ~ Version 1.47

(The title screen artwork is by Art Fitzpatrick and can be purchased here.   I just felt that a link would be the right thing to do, in return for borrowing part of this great painting – ’69 Pontiac GTO at Hydra Island  ) )

coffeeon.gif  Clicking on the Save Car Location button saves 4 clicks…


coffeeon.gif  and takes you right to this screen…


coffeeon.gif  Click on Coordinates, then Done, and your Car’s present parked location is in memory.


coffeeon.gif  To locate your parked car…


coffeeon.gif  QuickSilver CarLocator  ~ Version 1.47

  1. Reincorporated the additional Pin/Unpin feature of the Map cursor popup menu that Mio had removed for the C220 and C230.  To add a thumbtack pin, tap the screen where you’d like it to appear and select Pin.    To delete a pin, tap the pin and select Unpin.
  2. OP’s incorporation of the Binocular button (Fit Route view on screen) and the Route calculator button (Recalculate toggling method each time, also known as the trip computer) borrowed from the Olivercp Skin (GREAT JOB OP!!) in the Browse Map screen.   I tweaked the placement of these buttons to make them easier to access with your finger.   Note that these buttons only appear if there is a route in memory.
  3. OP’s incorporation of the POI button in the Cockpit screen and his subsequent button added in version 1.47 in the Map Settings menu to toggle it’s display on the map screen.
  4. I took the liberty of upgrading OP’s POI button so that it matches the other POI buttons in this package.
  5. CD’s improved Browse Map and Cockpit View icons, with matching toggle buttons while in Map View and Cockpit View.
  6. Ameridan’s revised flyover button, again just to be unique and replace the fly with a biplane.
  7. Ameridan’s  revised Coordinates button (trail boots).
  8. Ameridan’s revised Address button (mailbox).
  9. Name change to “Quicksilver CarLocator”.
  10. Reincorporated the factory Message Panel, along with my own buttons, since I felt the Quicksilver version was too bland.
  11. I’ve also revised screens and icons to give this skin it’s own look (Version 1.42 was CD’s Quicksilver ’66 skin) and tweaked some of the original code that basically named the favorites Home and Work on some of the screens, regardless of any renaming you may have done, so that they reflect your changes as much as possible.

This skin by default names the two favorites Home and Car, and the main screen has a new button to program your current location and assigns it to Car, the intent being that it will facilitate finding your Car later.

This is a skin alternative, not an Unlock package, and can be used as a new skin without unlocking – just don’t use the Exit button.

To avoid a lot of confusion when doing Route preplanning, stay in Browse Map mode with Auto-Recalculation turned off, since Cockpit mode is always focused on your current location and will appear to be ignoring your route.

 coffeeon.gif  Version Log…

QuickSilver Reborn – A MioMap 3.3 Skin
Created By Ashwin Wavde
Inspired by Quicksilver for MioMap 3.2 by Matt Mullins (roscoe)

QuickSilver Reborn 1.0
* QuickSilver 1.0 for MioMap 3.2 modded for MioMap 3.3
* Added Cockpit Bar transparency
* Fixed turn distance guide visibility
* Various other improvements

QuickSilver Reborn 1.1
Compiled 2:56 PM 4/08/2007
*Adding compatability for split-screen data.zip

QuickSilver Reborn 1.3

*Added simple static car over arrow

Quicksilver ’66 for C230
*Icons redone by CD
*GTO car over cockpit arrow –  CD
*added toggle buttons cockpit view <-> browse map view – CD
*config folder fixed for C230 (roundabouts weren’t being announced) – ameridan

Quicksilver CarLocator for C230 1.45
Compiled 6:00 PM 2/15/2008
*2nd favorite tailored to Car location, rather than Work – ameridan
*All Favorite icons redone – ameridan
*New shortcut button on Main Screen to input location coordinates of parked car – ameridan

Quicksilver CarLocator for C230 1.46
Compiled 7:30 PM 2/27/2008
*added the the Binocular (Fit Route view on screen) and Route calculator (Recalculate toggling method each time) from the Olivercp Skin to the Browse Map screen – OP
*added POI button to cockpit screen – OP
*redid POI button to match others – ameridan

Quicksilver CarLocator 1.47
[probably the final version of CarLocator as community efforts to refine skin further will be without my dedicated CarLocator feature] – ameridan
Compiled 12:00 PM 3/6/2008
*toggle for displaying POI button added to Map Settings – OP
*redid flyover button – ameridan
*added pin/unpin button to browse_map cursor popup – ameridan

coffeeon.gif  Version 1.47 download is available HERE.    The file DATA.ZIP   should simply replace (after backing up your original) AS-IS (don’t unzip):
  •    \My Flash Disk\MioMap\MioMap2\DATA.ZIP, if C230 is unlocked
  •    \My Flash Disk\MioMap\MioMap\DATA.ZIP, if C230 is locked

OR if you are using my Menu with Skin Management, place DATA.ZIP into a folder in your SD card’s Skins folder named “Quicksilver CarLocator″ 

As an option to try out Dominique’s Skins trick in an unlocked C230, copy the “SKIN” folder from the  Version 1.46  download into \My Flash Disk\MioMap\MioMap2  (or the contents of DATA.ZIP within should be added into  \My Flash Disk\MioMap\MioMap2\SKIN\DATA.ZIP).    See the Blog on Version 1.46 for more on this.

diriconbig.jpgWhat I have in mind for a geocache / straight-line navigation screen…


By changing the value of compass_type in the [debug] section of SYS.TXT from the default of 0 to 1,2, or 3 [option 3 doesn’t appear to function in US units]- the compass arrow takes on a different appearance, as shown above.

I was hoping to find the bmp file that produces the compass images above, similiar to the diriconbig.bmp file that is used for visual indications in the cockpit screen (I’ve uncompressed it to see what it looks like  –  it is shown on the right).  

Using that as a guide, I wanted to produce a compass rose (like the one shown below) in various positions to produce a screen on this order.  If this doesn’t work out, perhaps we’ll just use #3 on a circular background instead.


Or just use the same strategy that’s used to create the speedometer screen…


Now as murphy mentioned, the other hurdle to clear is getting the navigation computations to occur without having to use road data.   You are able to avoid highways, dirt roads, toll-roads, etc.,  so we’ve just got to figure out how to also avoid all other roads and streets.  )

To be continued…

(Here’s an iGO 8 screenshot that’s close)


No stylus required with this skin!! 

[Update 4/1/2008]  Made some headway this past week.

Quicksilver CarLocator 1.48
Compiled 4/1/2008 – ameridan

*fixed the Stop Recording Track Log button on the map screen that resulted in an error – ameridan
*flyover button tweaked – ameridan
*cursor button text changes from “Cursor” to “Close” when menu bar is opened – ameridan
*back button changed from small pale green arrow to larger yellow arrow – ameridan
*added “Clear Pins” button to History screen, and changed Clear button text to “Clear All” – ameridan
*Cockpit screen & Map screen menu bars – back button changed from down arrow to left arrow – ameridan
*POI button on Cockpit screen (from ver 1.46) changed to Cockpit settings button for quick access to Settings
*display/hide toggle button in Cockpit settings menu in place of zoombar display/hide
*added toggle option in Cockpit settings for auto day/nite in double-button with manual toggle
*added toggle option for Cursor menu popup in double-button with Info show/hide toggle
*added track recording start/stop button  in double-button with Manage track logs button  – also serves as latge indicator that track logs are RECORDING.

When I think “Back” I expect a left arrow, so that’s what I’ve got now. This is what the normal Settings screen looks like now with the new “double-buttons” I’ve created.

clicking on the Settings icon (gear)…

gives you these options directly vs.



  1. opop said

    Well it took all day but I got it done. I added the POI Fav group icon to the POI manage pages. Now when you hit my POI button on the cockpit view it goes straight to the group of POIs you set as your favorite.

    I have a large group called Truck Stops. One click and I can see what’s closest. Very nice 😉

    I have not done the update to the new version yet. when I do I’ll upload the changes and post it for your review.

  2. c230 said


    That actually makes more sense than just going to Find POI screen.

    Don’t knew if you were aware of… ( I just stumbled on this myself this evening)

    In Cockpit mode,
    □ click on Speed = Find Menu, and there’s POI, so it was only one click more than your button.
    □ Click on Time = POI menu, including “Quick POI”? which I hadn’t heard of before. Not sure what “Quick POI”s are, but I’ve got 3 that show up that are 44 miles away and I’ve never entered them in??

    You might want to check into the “Quick POI” more. It actually numbers the POIs on the map to match the number in the “Quick POI” list. Could be an even better spot for your Favorite POIs. I’ll bet this coincides with some split screen option of displaying a list of POIs but it appears you can use the feature without adding the Split screen option.

    I’m thinking some real small icons should go on these “hidden” buttons we’re finding and maybe we’ll overlay the word FAV on your POI button. Maybe the POI button in Map Settings will do more than just toggle the POI button now – use it to manuever to a menu screen to set the Favorite folder, etc.

    Maybe CarLocator will “Rev Up” afterall 🙂

  3. CD said

    Quick POIs are the closest POIs in the categories that you have turned on. For example, if you have (in your manage POI screen) turned on Food, Gas and Hospitals, then the Quick POI button will tell you what the closest POI in that category is, how far away it is, and which direction it is. It will also display them based on their distances. Therefore, if the closest gas station is closer that the closest hospital, it will list it first.

  4. c230 said

    Thanks so much CD!! I couldn’t find much on this topic last night, and that also explains why there isn’t an edit capabilty for these.

    Only one probem – I’ve got Services and Food turned on (SHOW), yet it shows one restaurant, a Chevy dealer and a gas station 44 miles from my house? There are gas stations, car dealers and restaurants within 1-5 miles from me, yet the three Quick POIs are all 44 miles away?

    Also, I think the Quick POI list is only 5 items long, so although OP may find the option useful, I guess it isn’t going to alter his work on focusing on a Favorite POI group afterall.

  5. c230 said

    This suggestion isn’t unique to this skin, however …

    I was surprised yesterday morning to see that DST didn’t work as intended this morning, so I implemented teddy_b’s suggestion here http://www.gpspassion.com/forumsen/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=87762&whichpage=230 and now it seems to work so well that I can engage the automatic time sync option again. After a hard reset, you may have to start and exit MioMap once for the DST changes to actually engage though. Hasn’t been an hour off since!

    Boy will that be nice not to have to set the date and time after hard resets!

  6. CD said

    Can you change the reference of the Quick POI? It may be justfied to a place or a cursor or something. Mine work as they are supposed to.

    Quick POIs are somewhat of a holdover from the Riks skin.

    Where are we on a generic skin? Is that going to come into fruition or do I need to master the are of “re-skinning” every new version of a skin that comes out?

    I like the car locator feature (as is accessed from the main screen). I just want it to be a feature, though. Where are people on this? Is the need to locate one’s car in huge demand? I try to think of when I might use it… coming out of Disney Wolrd, Six Flags, the mall at Christmas time… I tend to believe that I could remember where I parked, but for arguments sake, let’s say I did use it for all those (and any related) times… how many times would that be? Enough to have my whole skin dedicated to it (named on multiple screens, “car” on multiple screens, etc.)? To me, it’s like my wife’s fine China. A lot of expense for something that’s used, tops, twice a year. I may be in the minority on this, though. I would like to know what the communtiy low-down is.

  7. c230 said


    I’m not disagreeing with you, but I had so many other tweaks in there as well, and when I looked at the Quicksilver ’66 you posted lasted week, it just seemed like too much work to redo them all. I’ve got many hours invested already and it’s just one icon on the main screen in place of a blank spot, so what is the big deal? Go into Rename Favorites and name it back to Work again and you’re done. We’ve all got to be working on the same version, and I like that feature.

    OP has decided to use CarLocator as his base even though he probably knows where his truck is parked all of the time too, but as I said, we’ve got to have a common base and every day the gap keeps widening. Today, I got the pedestrian icon working, a new 3D compass arrow, DST working right…

    Don’t forget, it is still your Quicksilver ’66 skin that’s the basis for the CarLocator skin, and as you surely can understand, I don’t want to go backwards.

    I bet your wife won’t let you get rid of the fine china either… Hope we’re still BlogBuddies yet 🙂

    PS ~ It might be easier to make the CarLocator skin “generic”. Now that we have the Pins option, I could just as easily add a Pin where the car is parked if you all decide that is the way to go…

  8. CD said

    Whether or not I take back the China has no bearing on the fact that those plates are about the happiness of one person. Everyone else uses them very little. 🙂

    Don’t get me wrong! I like the feature!!! Since we’ve been corresponding for a while, and really had a history of working well together, I hope you’ll indulge my observations.

    I get them impression that you got really excited when you delved into “skinning” and that enthusiasm took what might have been merely an additional feature to a skin many had contributed to and suddenly consumed said skin… You made changes everywhere… words, icons, screens… all tailored to your specific needs. And whether intending to or not, you simultaneously pushed out users (I would be one) who don’t need a entire skin devoted to finding a car. As a result, none of us can have the great changes OP made, etc. without embracing a skin designed for your personal needs that may run counter to what the majority uses or wants. I agree that we should all be working on the same version, but I read that as “Dan’s Version.” I worked on the skin with the approach that I was making a generic skin for everyone, knowing I could tweak mine for my individual needs. Your approach seems more where you made the skin for you and the masses have to work around it. I definitely get a sense of “take it or leave it.”

    If it were as easy as you said, it would be no biggie. But I also have to change the name on the main page, loading page, about page, etc. Then find the places where the word “car” is permanent and change them, too, as anyone who is not centered on that feature would not want it to say that. Then I would have to go back and fix all of the “car” icons, which are in at least 4 places. That becomes quite a hassle. I know all too well what you mean when you say you don’t want to work backwards.

  9. c230 said

    Just for the record Craig, what I’ve been saying all along is that I had added the code in bold to main_menu.ui to try and make all of the code changes from Work to Car irrelevant in that whatever Favorite2 was actually named would overide, rather than what was changed in the code.

    <state st_PNA_FAVOURITES>
    <uselayer ui_mio_favourites/>

    <script init>
    lbl_pna_fav1.set sHotSpot1Label
    runif sHotSpot1Label “” ‘lbl_pna_fav1.set “Home”‘
    else_run ‘lbl_pna_fav1.set input_settings_userhotspot1’
    lbl_pna_fav2.set sHotSpot2Label
    runif sHotSpot2Label “” ‘lbl_pna_fav2.set “Car”‘
    else_run ‘lbl_pna_fav2.set input_settings_userhotspot2’

    All of the other changes in the code from Work to Car were just an attempt to find out why one screen didn’t use the value in input_settings_userhotspot2 for the Fav2 label.

    Yes, I guess it did turn into “Dan’s skin”, but as you may have noted, I was willing to stop work on the skin if you brought a new skin in as the new base to work on (with most of the prior “generic” tweaks already incorporated). I’ll start another thread if that helps you for the Quicksilver ’66 skin, but I’m hesitant to start from scratch again as other projects keep presenting themselves.

  10. murphyfields said

    A few comments for whatever they are worth.

    As a new user, I have not had extensive use of either any of the skins. Just play a little here and there to try to figure out what I like.

    Since I may be interested in one day working on my own skins, it is nice to have a set of minor sequential changes to follow and see what those changes do and how they were implemented.

    Personally, I doubt that I would use the car locater as a car locater, but I look forward to possibly using it for geocaching. Set up a current geocache icon and enter it, then use my mio to get close. Upping the dream a little, if there is a simple way to find where the coordinates for the car/work/geocache are stored, then exit miomap and somehow send the coords to noni and start searching. May all be pipe dreams at the moment, but then again I think all of this started as pipe dreams at one time.

    So, for the NOOB, can you outline what all the differences are so maybe we can make some more informed comments?


  11. c230 said

    Well if the script changes had all been documented properly…

    The Version Log above is probably as good an outline as you’ll get 🙂


    Having just discovered how to change the compass arrow this morning, my ultimate goal too is to create a new GeoCaching / Straight-Line Navigation screen similiar to that shown here http://www.jeensee.com/GPSimply/ or a variation of the split screen, but with a compass instead of a speedometer. Falls in line with your pipe dream – doesn’t it?

    That is what I’m spending most of my time on now. Oh CD, we could start with your skin again for that project as it has nothing to do with CarLocator.

  12. c230 said

    Quicksilver / CD / anybody,

    Could someone uncompress northlock.bmp so we could take a look to see if that is the “compass” file?

    Whatever the compass strategy is in MioMap, I’d like to duplicate it using a compass looking like the one shown in the link above.


    After the compass is done, I’d like to develop a new split (or full) screen centered around that compass that would navigate as the crow flies, as MioMap is supposed to do in pedestrian mode if no roads are nearby. Why use another program with it’s own set of maps if we can get MioMap to do this?

  13. murphyfields said

    Oh baby! Thank you thank you thank you!

    How can I help?

  14. c230 said

    Umm, let’s see…

    1) Recruit Riks or Joedoum, or Oliver as this would be for all MioMap 3.3 users 🙂

    2) Donate to my Coffee Fund (shameless plug, but March has been a very bad month for me donation-wise) 🙂

    3) Tell CD how you can’t live without CarLocator 🙂

  15. murphyfields said

    1. OK, I don’t know these people but recognize their skins (boy that sounds strange). How do I go about recruiting?

    2. I have a new list of financial obligations…a bunch of people I plan on making donations to. Just need to prioritize them. But you are definitely on the list. Just need to wait for some birthday money. (along with premium membership to geocaching.com, a videopoker tutorial to play on my mio, you, amida, possibly nonigpsplot but you’ll get his 10 euros if you get this working, buying some SD cards for experimentation…)

    3. CD…the CarLocator is SOOOOOO COOOOOOOOOOL. I don’t see how I ever made it through life without it. (hows that?)

  16. c230 said

    Good job! Actually on #1, I’ll just post the request at GPSpassion once I do a little more research on the compass strategy. They are happy to help, but ‘ya gotta give them something to work with.

  17. opop said

    WOW So much to read up on . GeoCaching, bold to main_menu.ui ,DST ,Quick POI, CarLocator or no CarLocator.
    Ok I’ll start with my poi update. My new changes. Every POI group page has a fav poi button on it .Clicking it will set that group as a fav. When you hit my poi icon on the cockpit it will goto that group. I find this very useful. I will add it to any new or old version you like and post it a.s.a.p. You guys can keep or commit it out . Not all of the things we added i find useful. Dont use CarLocator much. But that doesn’t mean I wont in the future. As I said befor I dont see why we cant have 2 versions. the code is not that different. I know double the work!

    CD , If you need me to do anything on your side of the code please ask. I”m starting to get the hang of this 🙂

    I’m back on the road so I have little time weekdays.

    I will try to get up to speed on everything and see what I can do to help.

    Keep it up.. we are not done yet 😉

  18. opop said

    Dan , CD , Do you guys use and kind of IM , I have a file 😉 you guys may want.
    Don’t want to post it . If so drop me a email.

  19. c230 said


    I emailed you ‘cuz I wanna see what you got! I downloaded MioMapBMP today (Fred Lynx) which is a tool for your PC to view the compressed bmp files inside DATA.ZIP ( those files that say “No Preview Available” when you click on them) and haven’t been able to find the compass icon among the many files. Perhaps it’s a vector generated graphic instead?

    Anyone familiar with this?

  20. opop said

    Email sent . Hope it helps. MioMapBMP is going to be useful. As for the compass bmp . I’m not sure. i would work on it some tonight. But i have a long day tomorrow that starts a 3 am 😦 .hopefully I will have some time in the afternoon.

  21. murphyfields said

    Curious how the map will work. I played with the mio a little, setting a point and then walking a short distance away. I turned of the road lock feature and set it to pedestrian mode. Mio wanted to rout me to the nearest street, around the block, and then to the target. How can we avoid this we just get the straight line distance to the target?

    And, can you share the compass secret? Or do you want to wait until you have a finished package? Either way I look forward to what you come up with.

  22. murphyfields said

    Did you ever get GPSimply to install on your c230?

  23. c230 said

    Got it installed on my iPaq (worthless since it has no GPS chip), but never on my Mio.

    I added a section to the bottom of the Blog above murphy to show what I had in mind. It’s no secret, it’s just so time-consuming trying to get all of these projects done 🙂

  24. murphyfields said

    OK, makes sense. I was hoping you already had that little hurdle of routing solved.

    Can you direct me to a few files and skins that might help me understand how the speedometer dial works? That seems like another possible direction (no pun intended).

  25. c230 said

    Great idea murphy. Download one of the 2 Split-screen skins on Amida’s site http://computerbits.wordpress.com/2008/01/09/miomap-33-skins-for-mio-c230/

    OliverCP or Riks. I’ve got to get into those more myself, but wanted to get the compass figured out first. Perhaps just modifying the speedo screen might just be the best way to go!

    Ready dominique?

  26. murphyfields said

    Also, you can get some basic directional info for the quick poi list. But how do we get to that info? I’ll play a little more and see if those actually work properly on nearby POIs

  27. c230 said

    I think the little compasses in the Quick POI list point in their direction from your current position. Or did you mean something else?

  28. opop said

    Dan , This is the update to my POI button.

    [link removed 3/16]

    If you use it in the next release please line up the poi fav button better. Had some trouble with it. i like the new compass 🙂 . The new rose compass page should not be that hard . Just make its own compasspage.ui or something . Take a look how the gps page is setup. Should hold lots of clues.

  29. c230 said

    OK, I’ll take care of the button (once it shows up for me). Since I don’t have any Favorite POIs, I’m not sure what happens yet. OP, in abbreviated form, how to do make a POI a favorite with the CarLocator skin? Seems like something’s missing?

    May have to see if it’s more obvious in another skin. Maybe I just need more coffee but I’m not seeing the option. You are probably LOL 🙂

    I’ve been playing with iGO 7 and iGO 8 today. If you like the iPhone look, iGO 7 has a whole lot of that and it uses your current 2007.1 maps. Have a look here http://my.opera.com/bupahs/blog/2008/03/06/igo-v7-navigator Don’t try to run the data.zip as another skin though – it doesn’t work.

    Both programs are reported to run right from a SD card. I could be wrong, but it sure seems like iGO 8 has a screen that is pretty close already done (see screenshot above), but I won’t be able to do much more research today (or tomorrow morning).

    Edited afterwards: I’ll bet you have to have some external POIs saved, you can’t have favorites among the internal POIs, right?

  30. opop said

    Dan, Click the POI button (not my button on the cockpit view) select a category.
    (example :My POI /????) and then at the bottom of the list you’ll see the POI FAV button. Click it. Now when you click on my POI button on the cockpit you will go to that page.

    One problem . Seems to only work in MY POI category. When i use say tranportion/airports. I get a error. I think i my have to hide in all pages but MYPOI ill work on it more when i have time.

  31. opop said

    i think if i add that script to the other pages it should fix that problem.

  32. CD said

    Where is the “new compass” that Op likes?

  33. murphyfields said

    c230 said,
    I think the little compasses in the Quick POI list point in their direction from your current position. Or did you mean something else?


    I have not seen any indication that bearing and distance are available for the destination on the current route, but it looks like it is available (somehow) for the items on the Quick POI list. So, perhaps we can take that info and use it for the compass. Of course, not having worked on any skins I have no idea how easy or difficult that may be. Just a thought to play with.

  34. murphyfields said

    Can you provide more information on opop’s POI fav feature? I was playing around with quick POI’s in Rik’s skin, but it won’t bring up any from My POI. So useless for geocaching.

    I will grab the carlocater skin and opop’s POI stuff and play around a little.

  35. opop said

    I took the code from another skin for the mio 570 3.2 (i think). and worked it in QS . As for now it works only for MY POI category. I have a large truckstop category in my POI”s . If i click on that category at the bottom is a new button (POI FAV). Clicking it will set that category as a favorite. Then when at the cockpit screen clicking on the poi button will bring you straight to FAv poi group. I find it useful because I can hit it quickly to see how far the next truck stop is .

    But like I said it only works for the ones in MY POI category. when i have more time I’ll fix it and post.

    As for the Quick POI on the qucik bar. I think it only shows you the POI closes around you. Or it lets you add a new POI quickly. really not sure don’t use it.

  36. opop said

    I hope I’m being clear on how to use it . Here a video to show how its used in the skin i took it from.


    Like i said you guys may not find it useful. You can decide if it is to added to the next versions release. It is what I aways intended for the POI button on the cockpit screen to do.

  37. opop said

    The igo 08 screen is sweet. I bet we can move it in to this skin. can you email me some code ??

  38. c230 said

    What makes you think I’ve got it? 🙂

    I’ve got to take a look at my bathroom sink ( it’s wet underneath there) first. Hope it doesn’t turn into a project like CD’s!

    Yes, I downloaded a Demo version yesterday and I’ll try to find it and email it to you. And I’ll see if I can locate the Favorite POI portion too. Looks like POIs and My Favorites are kept seperate.

    Maybe iGO 8 will soon be the way to go, only Mio won’t be selling it. Multiple Routes, Saved Searches, Load / Save Route, 3D topographical maps, …

    Lots of videos on You Tube.

  39. c230 said

    I haven’t read all today’s comments yet, but murphy thanks for thinking out loud – you may be onto something. Those Quick POIs are 44 miles away and the arrow points correctly, yet when I navigate to them it shows 53 mikes away using roads, so perhaps the 44 miles is straight-line. I sure wish there were more hours in the day, but my wife is buggin’ me to see why it’s wet in the cabinet under my bathroom sink.

  40. c230 said

    OK, that was easy. I don’t know what’s in DAILY SHOWER CLEANER (smells like bleach), but it ate right thru the spray bottle!
    In the garbage – problem solved.

    The iGO 8 I’ve got is a demo version that I installed on a SD card (for evaluation purposes only), along with one state map. Each state “file” actually consists of a .POI data file, the .FBL map file and another file that has the 3D data for buildings and elevated roads. Not sure which file the topographical data is in though.

    Anyways the program has an exit button, and the program doesn’t like the power to be turned off as currently installed on my C230 – it soft resets. I think the moderator for the C220 Forum at GPSpassion has his own site, and that is where I found the link “iGO8+TTS” that is near the bottom of the page in the NAV section. He’s fast; I see he’s got links to our CarLocator already on his site too!

    I think it’s best if I just make the link available so that I’m not holding up the process. We’re all anxious to advance the skin(s) and I think OP is getting GOOD at knowing what to look for. http://downloads.jlbn.net/mio220/mio220.html

    I did not follow any of the install instructions, which I think are aimed at the older C220. I’m not saying it’s perfect, but just putting the download into IGO folder on the SD card will get it running! I’ve read that the Demo version is “buggy” but it will sure give us an idea where iGo was headed and I found that with my Unlock with the Route Menu feature, along with the additional features that the alternative skins allow, would make one wonder what the real advantage(s) of upgrading to iGo 8 really are.

    Other than gaining updated maps (that could be the biggie), the 3D feature is the other “plus”. I hesitate to really call it an improvement, because when you are driving – is that really necessary, or could it be considered a distraction? Laws are in place to keep video screens out of driver’s sight while driving and I can see this being added to that list, once the first accident occurs where a driver insists they were studying the GPS screen rather than the road. I almost think that the 3D feature need only exist in pedestrian mode only.

    By the way, OP, your syntax file for EditPlus sure does help when looking at these UI files. 🙂 I will email you what I find, but I have a feeling you or murphy will beat me to the punch!!

  41. c230 said


    Regarding the question, which compass did OP like…

    I think it’s the same one I really like that is very close to the gyro compasses in airplanes ( the GPSimply screen). At first glance, it may not seem like much, but look closely

    The top arrow is the heading you need to take to get to your destination (your Course) and the inner arrow is (your Bearing) where you are actually heading. Using the screenshot as an example, you know right away that you are left of where you need to be (218 vs 225 degrees) and you need to turn to the right a little. Perfect for boaters and pilots!! In the woods, you’ve got to dodge trees, but you still know right where you’ve got to head. North isn’t as important as your course when your heading to a destination, but there is an indicator on the compass to easily find North as well.

    Sorry for rambling on, but I used to be a pilot so I appreciate the simplicity and functionality of that compass.

  42. c230 said


    Dan, Click the POI button (not my button on the cockpit view) select a category.
    (example :My POI /????) and then at the bottom of the list you’ll see the POI FAV button. Click it. Now when you click on my POI button on the cockpit you will go to that page.

    One problem . Seems to only work in MY POI category. When i use say tranportion/airports. I get a error. I think i my have to hide in all pages but MYPOI ill work on it more when i have time.

    I finally found the button on the bottom of the 6th page in my case, but hitting it doesn’t seem to do anything yet, but I understand you’re workin’ on it some more, so meanwhile it time to peer into that new data.zip

    Thanx for clarifying though. I think we should point to the same button as on the cockpit page (POI.bmp – I’ve redone it with FAV embedded) we’ll have a message panel come up asking “Set this Group as your Favorite?”

  43. opop said

    Crap……Dan I know why the poi button does not work for you .I forgot to upload the navigate_320_240.ui

    [link removed 3/16]

    Im still have the problem with the poi fav button giving a error when you pick a category out side the My POI category. Not sure why yet . I hoping i can fix it so it will use any category. I have about 400 poi i install myself

  44. murphyfields said

    Any way to get the quick POI to work with My POI? It only seems to bring up internal POIs? Under Rik’s I tried to hide everything but My POI, and show them. But nothing comes up. That seems to be the case for POIs saved on the SD or POI’s stored in igo.db. What good are quick POIs if they won’t work with my POIs?

    Any chance with that this is the opposite side of opop’s problem?

  45. opop said

    Well thanks Murphy ..that explains why I never see anything in the quick poi window. it wont show the “MY POI” . I had to unhide some. I guess they work differently. probably the reason I can get my POI button working with them.

    Very good murphy. good clues there 😉

  46. c230 said

    OK, OP,

    The Fav POI button works for me now. I’ve updated everything now to where your currently at, so please install all of this so we’re at the same level for your additional tweaking. Redid button, button placement, button action, and the settings POI button as well. I think you’ll like! We’re getting there.


    This is a nice way to do the changes. CD, and others, can use these as modules to make changes to their skins too.

  47. murphyfields said

    A few questions…

    What should those of us on the sidelines do with Fav POI files? Are they usable skins right now, or do we need to unzip, modify, and rezip?

    What tools do you use for the skin work? Just a text editor, or something more detailed?

    Right now are you just putting the modified files into Data.zip, or creating a full data.zip? I would love it if future skins started from “core” skin and just put the mods in their own file. Much easier to follow the modification trail, but I suppose it would be much more difficult to have an official skin, since who knows what some people might have in their core. I am sure someone else has thought through all of this, but would love to hear from those with some experience.

  48. murphyfields said

    OK, more questions. Trying to play with the speedometer a little, but a quick ascii search of all the files in Rik’s and Oliver’s skins showed no obvious references to the speedometer or the pointer. Where else might I look? Must me coded in somewhere, but where and how?

  49. murphyfields said

    After a little bit of playing and searching, I am not too optimistic about straight-line navigation on the c230. Let me know if I am missing anything.

    First, I can’t get compass_type=3 to work…just 0-2. Dang. I really liked 3.

    Next, as far as I can tell, all of the skins and functions are modifications of something mio offered in the first place. The split-screen features (speedometer, Quick POI, TMC and itinerary) are probably taken from a more advanced model and adapted. So it looks like there may be a few nuggets out there where something new can be added, but it does not look promising. I just don’t think that cosmetic changes will give us the features we want.

    Only other options I can think of

    get GPSimply to work
    noniGPSplot (actually a very nice solution, but it would be nice if it could share POIs with miomap)
    A separate simple program that can run over the top of MioMap, sort of like the keyboard runs over the top of other programs.

    Anybody out there that can diminish my pessimism?

  50. c230 said


    I was away from the Blog a lot longer than I had planned today. So let’s take your comments / questions in order…

    What should those of us on the sidelines do with Fav POI files download?

    I would not incorporate them, as they are not fully working the way OP intended and will be changed some more. I’ll do another release as soon as it’s all done. If you want to poke around to help or just to learn, that’s fine.

    What tools do you use for the skin work? Just a text editor, or something more detailed?

    Notepad is fine, but dedicated script editors like EditPlus that OP provided a link for are much better.

    Right now are you just putting the modified files into Data.zip, or creating a full data.zip?

    Since we are working on future mods to the CarLocator skin, these files are replacements for current files in that skin as the basis. As you hinted, who know what happens when you paste these files into any other skin as they are all tied together within the skin.

    Trying to play with the speedometer a little, but a quick ascii search of all the files in Rik’s and Oliver’s skins showed no obvious references to the speedometer or the pointer. Where else might I look? Must me coded in somewhere, but where and how?

    sidepanel_320_240.ui has the build-up of the speedometer, but I haven’t had time to peer into it much yet.

    Only other options I can think of

    get GPSimply to work
    noniGPSplot (actually a very nice solution, but it would be nice if it could share POIs with miomap)
    A separate simple program that can run over the top of MioMap, sort of like the keyboard runs over the top of other programs.

    Anybody out there that can diminish my pessimism?

    You’ve got to think positive. The day Amida published the first unlock for the C230, I was off and running with the same gung-ho enthusiasm and I’m proud of what we’ve all accomplished thus far! I was a NOOB back in November of last year and I’ve just kept digging to learn more everyday. By organizing all of this activity in this blog, it’s really been the contributions of my blog readers that’s advanced us to where we are today. You are actually helping us all out by expressing your thoughts too, murphy. For instance, I worked very closely with the author of GPSimply to get the program to install on a C230, without success. I’ve written scripts to install as well, and feel that I got pretty close. Your prods have resulted in other things that I want to try now, but it all takes time. I tried the cab installer that I published without success, but perhaps you want to try some variations of that. As I said, WCELOAD does install it on other Windows CE devices like my iPaq.

    One thing that the author kept stressing is that on the Mio C710 WinCE 4.2), he got the program to install on, it had to be in the default directory. I was focused on installing to the SD card instead, but I did try his suggestions as well.

    I felt that we were stuck with BananaPC until BINGO, someone figured out how to add the Exit door to the factory skin and look at what we’re doing now.

    Think positive!! 🙂 You may be the one to get it running.

  51. opop said

    Hey guys , I like the new icon and confirm box.. nice . But I can’t get it to work with the stock poi’s ..shame. . Don’t think you should make it a part of the next release. Unless we can hide the the icon from the stock poi’s list. Tried it but it seems to be all or nothing. Maybe I’ll get it. I mean just look how far this little box has come.
    I will use it in my data.zip. Love having one click to MY POI . I really don’t use the stock ones. Maybe I’ll work on getting GPSimply install. Two heads better then one 🙂

  52. c230 said

    To help you out, I’m posting what the author sent me, now that we have WCELOAD working. Maybe it would be best to start fresh 🙂

    Dear Dan,

    I hope you will give GPSimply installation another chance…

    (a) My program is not in a self-contained .exe file because it has been developed in embedded Visual Basic. This imply that the real executable is pvbload.exe, to which the file GPSimply.gvb shall be passed as a parameter.

    (b) The way that my CAB file organizes everything is basically the following:
    – it stores everything (including pvbload.exe) in one directory,
    lets say \Path
    – registers the extension .gvb as a GVBCE.ProjectRun
    – registers \Path\pvbload.exe as the program to be called when a
    GVBCE.ProjectRun (i.e. a file with the extension .gvb) has to be
    “opened” (i.e. executed)
    – copies also the empty file pvbload.exe.local to \Path; this should force
    pvbload to look in \Path for the DLLs it needs (not sure this is necessary
    but certainly does not hurt)
    – registers the accompanying DLLs
    – creates a shortcut to GPSimply.gvb (which is now an extension known
    to the system).

    (c) It seems to me that you have NOT registered pvbform2.dll, which I think is

    (d) I have found that the correct handling of \Path\FileName, when blanks are
    contained therein, is often tricky since these things shall often pass trough
    more that one processing steps and a pair of double quotes is not always

    (e) the aygshell.dll is not needed

    In summary, if you want to give GPSimply one more chance, I suggest to divide the problem in two steps: FIRST make a “simple installation” and, if you can make that working THEN study what steps are necessary to change it as per your wishes:

    (A) the simple installation should be done in a directory, say \JeenseeVB,
    (this precludes “Storage Card”; but you should also make a directory
    “Storage Card\WP”)

    (B) put in \JeenseeVB all the files of the GPSimply package

    (C) register the DLLs (which are now under \JeenseeVB) listed in GPSimply.inf
    at the line CESelfRegister=…

    (D) don’t care of registering the extension .gvb nor the GVBCE.ProjectRun

    (E) manually (by means of a text editor) create a file
    containing one line:
    46#\JeenseeVB\pvbload.exe \JeenseeVB\GPSimply.gvb


  53. CD said

    I was looking at what it would take to make the newest (1.47) skin “generic” without un working what has been added. Here’s what I came up with:

    * “Car Locator” scratched from Loading screen. Keep the name generic. I could see scratching c230, too, if you wanted others to give it a whirl on whatever Mio they have, but if it doesn’t wok, you could have a disappointed group of c320 owners. You could also keep the ’69 GTO instead of the ’66, but I don’t really know why any true car lover would do that 🙂

    * Main Menu banner name change to “QuickSilver” rather that “QuickSilver CarLocator”. Since CL is just one feature, it shouldn’t need it’s own billing. Just like you wouldn’t call it “QuickSilver with Route Calc Button” or “QuickSilver with Map View Toggle Switch”, etc.

    * Names “Home” and “Car” renamed on Find Location page and POI page (did I miss one?) to something generic like “Favorite 1” and “Favorite 2”. Some folks use them for things that are not home, car or work.

    * Icons for “Home” and “Car” changed to something generic (hearts? thumbs up?) on Find Location page and POI page and the Rename Favorites page (did I miss one?) It would be up to the user of the skin to remember that “Favorite 2” was their car’s location if they used the CL feature. [The skin trick could be used to override any generic icons, but the generic ones would come with the skin]

    These are just surface changes that will not cause any of the code changes to have to be re-worked, but it will keep it ‘plain jane’ for everyone. What do you think?

    PS… the compass icons in the 1.47 release are not the newest ones. The newest ones are a lot easier to see.

  54. murphyfields said

    OK, maybe not pessimistic, but I was hoping someone could point out where I was wrong, like maybe where somebody added a feature that was not originally supplied by mio or igo. Or a way to get my POIs to show up under quick POIs.

    I still think there should be a way to get GPSimply to work, and noni looks very promising. I was just hoping someone would point out where I was wrong.

  55. murphyfields said

    Regarding GPSimply, how do we register the DLL files (I hate to reveal my ignorance so publicly, but don’t know how else to learn)

  56. c230 said


    I think you’ll find that the cab installer will do this for you, so this should serve as a checklist to verify. As I recall, the problem was getting PVBLOAD.exe to open up the gspimply.pvb


    The author of Quicksilver has asked on GPSpassion that something be added to the name when publishing, to differentiate it from his version and avoid confusion for all other Quicksilver users, so respectfully I won’t be changing the name to QuickSilver, however we could choose another name.

    Send me or post the compass icons you’d like me to incorporate and I’ll be happy to do so.

    Let me run this past you. Since there are so many POI icons, how about changing the code so that Fav1 and Fav2 icons could be choosen, just like you can for POI groups. The icon on the main page would follow thru with Fav2.

    Instead of going backwards to become generic, let’s evolve there. Of course the name would have to evolve to something better too.
    (QuickSilver ’69)?

  57. opop said

    As far as the name goes . I don’t care what you call it . As long as it works. I been looking at other skins for things we can add. I truly thing we have the best skin around .You could add the code so you can pick the icons you want. Seems like you can add choices for all the icons.
    But you can just add you own if you like with little effort. I add my own code and icons too each release. Stuff i use a lot . I keep a txt file with notes on what needs to be change. It takes minutes .

    Some stuff I added.



  58. c230 said


    I like the day/night view icon idea, but I think just having at the top left of the map view would be better myself. You might find yourself needing a stylus to make your choices in the cockpit screen, instead of your finger 🙂

    Personally, the skin is my favorite too. I feel like we’ve pretty much got the skin done (other than straight-line Nav screen), unless some more great ideas come to fruition, or the Fav POI issue gets fixed. I tried a bunch of things yesterday to hide the Fav POI button while in the Find POI screens for internal POIs, but it keeps showing up even though your code is only in the < state ST_POI_MANAGE_MYPOI_LEVEL_2 > section of POI.ui ???

    The more I play with Quick POIs (which are suddenly working for me today after changing skins and then changing back) the more I believe that the compass as well as the distance calculation are calculated straight-line, so I think that the scripts called out in that ui are going to be a key element!

  59. opop said

    You are right i always have to use a stylus.

    Quick POI’s never work for me. If they are hidden they don’t show up. unhiding them makes them show in the quick poi screen, MY POI’s don’t show at all.

    In what ui are you finding the compass callouts ??

  60. CD said

    A few things:

    How much can we abandon the name ‘QuickSilver’ without making it look like we stole it? I want to give credit, but if we have evolved it to the point that it is another skin, do we need a completely new name? Does keeping the ‘for c230’ in it help? How about ‘SlowGold’ 🙂

    Quick POIs always work for me. I do not know if it is straight-line, though. It always counts down for me when I am on the road of the POI, suggesting road distance, but I am not completely sure.

    What is the story on the FAV POI button? Working? I am still trying 1.47 where the button points directly to the main POI page.

    I like the idea of picking the icon, but what do we do about the names? You can only rename them in one place. The others are permanent.

  61. c230 said


    when we overwrote the button in Cockpit Settings for Toggling Fav POIs, what did we give up?

    < CHECKBOX btn_cockpit_zoombaronoff w=105 x=202 y=0 z=10 bmp=”btn_panel_check_0.bmp#2″ font=”tahomabd” valign=”BOTTOM-6″ ALIGN=”RIGHT-8″ fontsize=12 color=#444444 text=”” onselect=’btn_poi.show, vCompassXinNavigate.set 189′ ondeselect=’btn_poi.hide,vCompassXinNavigate.set 225′ onrelease=’run sc_close_quickmenu_now’ >

    I’m trying to figure out what the vCompassXinNavigate variable does. The default value is 225 and the option button changes it to 189.
    Instead of keeping the button name btn_cockpit_zoombaronoff, maybe it should just be xxx.

    The search function in EditPlus sure works nice, but I can’t find any callouts for the compass “icons” (spr_compass) in Quick POI.


    That’s the way mine behaved before I plugged the 3/12 @ 7:38pm changes in. Now it goes right to the My POI page that I assigned as Fav POI. If you only have one group in My POI, it might go there by default. What isn’t working is if you assign Services/Car Dealer/Chevrolet as your Favorite (as an example), the Fav POI button won’t take you there (YET). That is why we’re holding off.

    I already took C230 out of the name and I don’t see a problem with taking Quicksilver out of the name if we want to, as long as we leave the About page intact giving credit to the authors.

    I thought the name change in the Favorite Destinations/Rename was reflected in all of the screens but one. As I pointed out, I added code to try to get the Fav names to follow the assigned name – if you can finish tweaking this, that would be great. Mio never had that working right.

  62. opop said

    The changes I made to the POI button only work with MYPOI’s (the one you add in) . With stock POI’s the fav button will not work. Right now i see no way to fix this.
    I would not add it to any release. I use it ,But i don’t use the fav button with the stock poi.

    Dan I have found a good free editor http://www.rj-texted.se/index.html
    It has a crap load of features.We just need to make a Syntax highlighting file for it . let me know what you think.

  63. Quicksilver13 said

    I came across this skin (NUOVOSKIN) at an Italian site and though that some of you might like to look at what other skinners are doing. This skin is based on the adapted Riks spilt screen skin, for Miomap 3.3. I found that it is compatible with either version 1.0 or 4.6J. Version 1.0 is included in their zip file. This skin is a work in progress, and not finished, but it is highly functional. It incorporates some of the features of iGo 8 and a unique 3D user interface.
    The File consists of two zip files, the large file (newDATA.zip ) needs to be renamed to, data.zip and copied to the
    \My Flash Disk\MioMap\MioMap2 folder or the \My Flash Disk\MioMap\MioMap folder if your C230 is unlocked. It replaces the data.zip file that is there. The second, smaller file (_data_nuovoskin.zip) needs to be copied, as is, to the
    \My Flash Disk\MioMap\MioMap2\Skin folder or the \My Flash Disk\MioMap\MioMap\Skin
    folder if your C230 is unlocked. This file has all of the modifications to the skin.

    This is the link to the site

     This is the link to the Skin

  64. c230 said

    Very nice work! It’s more reliable than the Demo iGo 8 I tried too. Because I’ve already got Riks skin in my Skin Changer folder, I only had to load the overlay (data_nuovoskin.zip) to try it out. Thought I’d try the overlay on top of the CarLocator skin, but no dice. It’s good to know we’ll have some legal alternatives to advancing our C230 GPS units, if Mio doesn’t provide updates in the future.

    I thank you for sharing.

  65. opop said

    Dan. my notes show the name as btn_cockpit_poiicon on line 80, with out that vCompassXinNavigate.set 225′ stuff , its not needed for the toggle button.

    You must have a older verion in there. The original code was to toggle the old style zoom buttons . This skin has new bigger zoom buttons so the old code did nothing. Replace the old code to see what i mean. or unhide the old zooms and replace that zoom toggle.
    I also notice the the old zooms are call out in places the there is no need. Not sure why. But I would remove the vcompass stuff.

  66. opop said

    backup everything first. I hope you are using beta version numbering to keep on track.

  67. opop said


  68. opop said

    Sorry for the confusion . I have modified my version a lot since the 1.47 update. If you feel something was lost with the toggle set it back to the -/+ toggle. Since the POI button only goes to the main poi page it really only saves 1 click. My notes on it has the vCompassXinNavigate commands only because it was original to the -/+ toggle (btn_cockpit_zoombaronoff ). Only the command to “btn_poi.show” was changed. Again sorry for the confusion

  69. c230 said


    It took me longer to find that code this time. I thought it just might jar your memory in trying to find the Quick POI compass icons. Anyways the ui I found that in is map_layers_320_240 and the section is layer_ui_cockpit_quick.

    It’s no big deal, I just thought I might have found something noteworthy. When clicking on the Show Fav POI button, I’m not sure what the vCompassXinNavigate is doing, but I’ve left it alone.

  70. opop said

    Well I tried to remove it and it messes up the tools bar at the bottom.

    By the way did your try RJ TextEd? It has a great search tool.

  71. c230 said

    Just looked at the RJ TextEd screenshots for now, but I will download OP. By the way, Jerry (he’s the author of another skin) recommends this free program http://www.mythicsoft.com/agentransack for searching in files too.

    I’m still trying to find the compass callout in Quick POI listing, vs the text-only list in regular POI lists. I wonder if the code is part of the data, but is normally deactivated to increase POI output speed?

  72. murphyfields said

    OK, much more optimistic this morning despite a broken toe.

    I need to find a better file searcher…thought I would catch any mention of “speedometer” in any of the files, but it only caught filename and “speedometer” with no connecting characters. Definitely going to needs some better tools if I am going to get into this sort of thing again.

    I definitely need to study the sidepanel functions. Any guides for what has been learned so far?

  73. c230 said

    Well murphy,after spending a few days on this, I may be the one needing an optimistic kick. (That isn’t how you broke your toe, is it? 🙂 )

    The only speedometer items you’ll find are in the sidepanel_320_240.ui and the sidepanel.ui files (Riks skin). I spent hours yesterday trying to blend that into my skin, but have given up and erased the whole thing (sometimes you’re better off starting fresh again).

    I think you were correct when you said that we should solve the routing hurdle first. It’s going to take someone with a lot more skills than I’ve got to get this one solved. I used the EditPlus tool that OP posted a link to and attempted to find the pedestrian routing uniqueities (vehicle type 5) and nothing popped out for me.

    Wouldn’t that have been nice if there was a avoid_all_roads function? / PointA2B / Helicopter vehicle mode…

  74. murphyfields said

    Hey, think positive!

    I have a feeling that you have to start with a split screen skin to get split screen features (but absolutely nothing to base it on). It might be easier to start with a split-screen like Riks and convert it to your liking rather that start with a standard skin and get split-screen to work on QuickSilver.

    For routing purposes, it seems silly that pedestrian mode uses roads. I guess I can see some sense to it to avoid telling people to go through back yards, lakes, swamps and office buildings. But from 20 feet away, this is ridiculous. I wonder what would happen if I used vias along the route.

    I am almost certain that quick POIs give the proper distance information for straight line navigation…otherwise it would need to do route calculations for every item on the list, but why don’t they let it work with My POIs?

    For what it is worth, I have a native Italian student working with me that may be available for translations.

    Is it possible to write code that runs on MioMap, or just fiddle with with the UI? I see it has some script functions. Is there a list of available functions and what they might do somewhere?

  75. c230 said

    This is the closest thing I’ve found to a MioScript manual. http://mioscripting.over-blog.net/pages/Tuto_1_workplace_setup-179217.html

  76. murphyfields said

    I’ve seen that page and it is very interesting. But some of the skinmasters must have access to a list of functions, somehow. Seems to be a lot in other languages. What to they have the we don’t have?

  77. CD said

    Anyone know why the turn distance guide bar turns itself off constanly when you turn it on? I enable it and it always turns itself off, although I do not know what or what triggers it to do so.

  78. c230 said

    OP, [I’ve moved the question to CarLocator 1.47 Blog and closed the comments section on the 1.46 Blog to keep the flow and avoid some confusion]

    OP asked:

    I got a problem I want to solve. Every time I click on the map in the browse window I have to close the popup menu. I have been trying to find out what how to comment it out . When you click on the cursor tab in the bottom corner it runs the script onbrowsecursor_open ….witch will run the script open_browse_popup.
    But I can’t find what making it open when you click the map. What am i missing here ????

    I would like it to only open when I click on the cursor tab in the corner .

    This is where EditPlus really shines (thx for the link).

    When I search for open_browse_popup

    I get this:

    ———- Find in Files ———-
    “C:\Documents and Settings\Dan’s\Desktop\CarLocatoruncompressed\mio\common\ui\browse.ui”(22,7): run open_browse_popup
    “C:\Documents and Settings\Dan’s\Desktop\CarLocatoruncompressed\mio\common\ui\browse.ui”(28,8): term open_browse_popup
    “C:\Documents and Settings\Dan’s\Desktop\CarLocatoruncompressed\mio\common\ui\browse.ui”(97,10):
    “C:\Documents and Settings\Dan’s\Desktop\CarLocatoruncompressed\mio\common\ui\browse.ui”(100,31): termif vBrowsePopupMenuUp 1 open_browse_popup
    “C:\Documents and Settings\Dan’s\Desktop\CarLocatoruncompressed\mio\common\ui\browse.ui”(110,10): run sc_open_browse_popup_anim
    “C:\Documents and Settings\Dan’s\Desktop\CarLocatoruncompressed\mio\common\ui\browse.ui”(111,8): term open_browse_popup
    “C:\Documents and Settings\Dan’s\Desktop\CarLocatoruncompressed\mio\common\ui\browse.ui”(163,27): runif vNewCursorPoint 1 open_browse_popup
    7 occurrences have been found.

    and it seems to me that the last occurrence triggers it by cursor, so in theory that should be the line to comment out.

    I agree that the popup can get annoying when you are trying to use your finger to slide the map around and not necessarily activating the cursor feature.

    If we incorporate this option into CarLocator, we should probably add a checkbox option to suppress cursor menu popups for both open_browse_popup and open_navigate_popup so that they both behave the same.

    Let me know.

  79. c230 said


    It seems to me the Turn Distance Guide bar is a feature that isn’t very useful in that as you approach an intersection, you should be concentrating on the road/vehicle/traffic/pedestrians/etc and not watching the bar turn colors 🙂

    Samantha gives you plenty of nags that the turn is coming up anyways.

  80. CD said

    Firstly, I don’t use Samantha. That woman never shuts up. I use Jason. He doesn’t nag (good choice of words, btw) as much. Sometimes, however, I use no voice. Just visuals.

    At any rate, regardless of how useful one thinks the feature is or not, the fact remains that when you turn it on, it eventually turns itself off. I don’t know if it’s during a hard reset, a soft reset, going to the desktop and back…. who knows. I just thought someone might shed some light on why it does this. If we’re perfecting the skin, should we not try to fix all features that act squirrely?

  81. murphyfields said

    On GPSimply, what problems do you encounter?

    I get an error that says the cab file is not a valid Windows CE setup file. I have been able to install other cab files before. Any chance that this is incompatible with WCELoad. You mentioned being able to install on another platform. Anything special there, or just double-click on the cab file?

  82. c230 said


    I get that message on some other programs, that DO end up working, so my guess is the inf file isn’t quite what wceload is expecting. That file instructs how the install is supposed to proceed. I wouldn’t say the program isn’t compatible with wceload, as it does work on other devices, but rather some other quirk.


    You are right about getting things to behave as expected. I think the variable is vGuideDist, but I’m not sure where the variable data is saved. iGo.db?

    I erased my prior response to you since I realized that you weren’t asking how to get the Turn Distance Guide to work, but rather how to get the setting for it to be saved and/or used.

  83. opop said

    Dan any way to post code here ?

  84. c230 said

    Apparently not with the free version, sorry. The MediaFire link is probably the best alternative for now.

  85. murphyfields said

    So, what is the latest with GPSimply?

    Since you were able to get it to install on another system, what happens if you try to take those files and transfer them to your mio. I can’t try that because I can’t even get wceload to extract the files.

    I would be willing to try a more tedious install, but have nothing to work with.

  86. opop said

    Damn this was driving me nuts. But I think I found it .

    No more pop up in browser when clicking on map

    common/browse.ui line 154 comment out
    [ ;map.popupmenu “browse_popup” ]

    Now it only pops up when you hit the cursor tab. Not sure what else it may effect so ill test it for now.

  87. c230 said

    I’ll try it out too OP.

    By the way, to go along with that change, replace the action items of the Cursor button (Line 39 I think) of browse_320_240.ui with:

    onselect=’btn_route_inf.phase 0, btn_st_browse_menu2.text “Close”, run onbrowsecursor_open’ ondeselect=’btn_st_browse_menu2.text “Cursor”, run onbrowsecursor_close’

    and see if you like that better as well.

  88. c230 said


    I just realized what you were trying to ask me. I’ve already tried comparing the install differences and came up with nothing. I worked with the author of the program, and just as the author of Tracky told me, there isn’t enough of an audience to justify tweaking the program themselves,especially considering that they don’t have C230 units to do any testing on anyways.

    If you follow my instructions, you should get WCELOAD working, and it does follow the inf file included in the package to install the software, drivers and registry entries. So depending on how much beta testing the package underwent, as well as how well the author adhered to WIndows CE standards (which aren’t consistent through the versions), will affect the likelyhood of the program working on our crippled WinCE Core 5 OS.

    Ideally, what we need to find is a Geo-Cache or straight-line Nav program that is self-contained in one executable file, like many of the games (Sudoku) are.

  89. c230 said


    Your change seems to work well in conjunction with the button label tweak I provided. I think that one’s a keeper. The FAV POI isn’t though. It actually errors out on me if I select a built-in group as a FAV and then click on the shortcut button, so I think we’ll just save that button spot for something else.

    CarLocator skin users,

    Most users of CarLocator 1.47 are probably disabling the POI button as it really doesn’t save that many clicks, as OP stated. The intent was to enhance that button’s function to FAV POIs. Since that button is on the cockpit screen, perhaps a better use for that real-estate would be a daytime/nightime toggle switch instead. Feel free to make suggestions and/or enhancement submissions. 🙂

  90. opop said

    Well for what it’s worth. I don’t think people use the poi or night/day button as much as I do. I use my mio 12 to 14 hrs a day and have 712 poi’s in mypoi. I add 2 or 3 more daily. I use the POI button and the fav poi button only because it does what i need it to do. It may work with stock POI if I can write a script for it. But it’s a little over my head for now .

    As for the no pop up in browser mode . the info on the map won’t show unless the popup box is up. Not a big deal. But maybe i can fix it .

    Dan….The change you made to the button … can you post the file .cant seem to get it to work 😦

  91. c230 said


    It isn’t very significant, but here it is: http://www.mediafire.com/?0j2myfmvdmx

    I think I like having a clean map when the cursor menu is closed.

  92. opop said

    I like the clean map too . So heres a option. Only have it when you need it 🙂


    It works ..Going to test it out to make sure it does not effect anything.
    As you can see I’m not that great with evenly placing the icons 😦

  93. c230 said


    I think that is the information tied into the info toggle on the map settings page, so perhaps you should take what you’ve learned and applying it there instead, so the buttons don’t fight each other 🙂

    That button wouldn’t turn off all the info all of the time, only when using the cursor without the menu. It actually makes sense that when using the cursor menu, you’d want to see the information to go along with the options.

  94. opop said

    Yes it is.

    The main config page has the MASTER toggle for it . If you turn OFF the master it hides the new button and no “map info box” is shown .

    With the MASTER toggle ON the new button is shown . The new button allow you to quickly toggle the “map info box” with out the popup menu showing.

    Using the cursor tab to pull up the popup menu with the master on will always show the map info box.

    I hope I’m being clear.

  95. opop said

    It allows you to show or hide the “map info box” with out the popupmenu.

    Damn that was hard .

  96. murphyfields said

    I have got wceload working, but it doesn’t work at all with GPSimply. So I can’t get it to uncompress any files.

  97. c230 said

    I agree, that package doesn’t behave nicely, so I’ve had to install manually instead, and once I can overcome the error code previously mentioned, I ‘ll be glad to package it for distribution.

    OP, I’ve redone CarLocator so that the cockpit button is a navigate settings button instead, which then immediately gives you access to the day/nite button, the info button (as well as 3D, manage POIs, and manage track logs).

    I think it is much neater than cramming all of those buttons directly onto the cockpit screen 🙂 plus I added a button to back out in addition to the hide button that was originally the hide zoom bar button.

    Seems easy after it’s done but that took me all afternoon (and evening…)

  98. c230 said

    So OP, have you got any code changes other than the couple of buttons?

    This is where I’m at right now (screenshots above):

    Quicksilver CarLocator 1.48
    Compiled 12:00 PM 3/23/2008 – ameridan
    *POI button on Cockpit screen changed to Cockpit settings button for quick access to day/nite and info toggle buttons
    *flyover button tweaked – ameridan
    *Cockpit screen & Map screen menu bars – back button changed from down arrow to left arrow – ameridan
    *display/hide toggle button in Cockpit settings menu in place of zoombar display/hide – ameridan
    *cursor button text changes from “Cursor” to “Close” when menu bar is opened – ameridan
    *back button changed from small pale green arrow to larger yellow arrow – ameridan
    *added “Clear Pins” button to History screen, and changed Clear button text to “Clear All”

    and CD, I took notes this time 🙂

  99. murphyfields said

    How are you installing manually? How are you extracting the files from the cab file?

  100. opop said


    Right now im at a crappy truckstop in KY. They have no wifi so i have to use my cellphone. Can’t really download anything right now. 😦

    I have made many changes to .1.47 in the last week. And have some testing to do . I think it would be easier if i post the version I use so you can test and see what you would like to added in to the next release 1.48 or 1.49 . As these versions change its getting hard to keep track of the many changes. So I’ll post a detail report of the changes I made.

  101. opop said

    added “Clear Pins” button to History screen, and changed Clear button text to “Clear All”

    Very nice update ameridan 🙂

  102. c230 said

    Thank you OP. Actually anyone wanting to add these two options to their skin probably can. I borrowed the Clear Pins code from the Joedoum skin and it was the easiest change, because the rest of the code is leftover from the iGo skin I think!

    The first line below is the modification of the last line in the layer ui_navhistory section of the history_320_240.ui file to change the “Clear” to “Clear All”

    Then the next three lines add the “Clear Pins” button and I should add that the button does not clear the entries from the history list / database as I was expecting it to, but rather just clears the pins from the map and cockpit screens, so I clarified the message so others won’t wonder what’s going on.

    Let’s see if this little code sample is worth a cup of coffee to anyone? 🙂

    <BUTTON btn_clear_hist fp=108 x=1 y=200 z=100 bmp=”btn_bott65.bmp#3″ w=58 font=”tahoma” valign=”CENTER+5″ text=”Clear\nAll” fonttype=buttonlabel1 fontsize=12 ph=2 onrelease=’run sc_clear_history’ color=#000000 twolineoffset=-8>

    ; added Clear Pins button – ameridan

    <SPRITE xxx x=70 y=200 z=50 bmp=”bottom.bmp”>

    <BUTTON btn_clear_pin fp=108 x=71 y=200 z=100 bmp=”btn_bott65.bmp#3″ w=58 font=”tahoma” valign=”CENTER+5″ text=”Clear\nPins” fonttype=buttonlabel1 fontsize=12 ph=2 onrelease=’INITMESSAGEBOX 1 “All your Pins will be removed from Maps only.” sc_advsettings_removepins_ok’ color=#000000 twolineoffset=-8>

    Don’t know if you can copy and paste though, as this blog site seems to mess-up the quote marks.

  103. c230 said


    The Sznyt23 skin you tweaked for the C230 and published is a great find!!

    That guy didn’t just tweak an existing skin, he (my assumption) really put a lot of original code in . Well, it’s got a very nice compass rose and I like the digital font he makes good use of too.

    Thanks for posting (found it on gpspassion) and I hope you don’t mind my republishing the link on my Blog.

  104. murphyfields said

    How the heck do they do that? Very nice skin, and I agree, I love the compass rose.

  105. Quicksilver13 said

    I thought of your project when I saw the Compass Rose. I had planed to post it on your site also, but ran short on time yesterday. I was surprised at the small file size, for a complete skin. I heard the skin described as unique and different, But could never find any working links or any pictures. I am still testing it out, but it has many impressive features.

  106. murphyfields said

    I just wanted to clarify the situation with GPSimply.

    I would like to volunteer to help get it running. I can extract the cab file to .000 thru .014 files on my PC, but that doesn’t help much. And I can’t extract it on the C230 because I get the message it is not a valid Windows CE setup file.

    How do I get the extracted files so I can start working on them. Otherwise I’ll be stuck waiting on a solution, and I would like a chance to actually contribute something to the development effort for a change.

  107. c230 said


    Thanks you for “bumping” me some more on this. I’m posting the folder right out of my SD card that includes the install script and the registry file that I wrote as a baseline for you.

    I’ve worked on this more than you realize, yet it doesn’t run. I wish you luck in getting over the final hurdle, whatever it might be. 🙂


    Copy the folder to the root of your SD card. The author had stated that the program only runs internally which is why my script installs to \TEMP, but try whatever you think might work. GPSimply.exe is supposed to install for you including the registry. Of course I did all this before we had WCELOAD working.

  108. murphyfields said

    It appears that part of the challenge registering the files. I will admit my ignorance here…but it appears that there are at least two ways to do this…

    Running RegEdit or RegSvrCE.

    As I understand it, RegEdit is tried and true on the c230, so is this the preferred method?

    Any suggestions for running this under a little more control so I might actually know what is happening?

    Also I notice to .reg files. It looks like the A version was designed for SD installation, so can be ignored for now.

    Any tips for using quote marks back slashes?


  109. amida168 said

    @Dan and murphyfields

    When I tried GPSimply, the major problem is not the program. I think the problem is the VB runtime. It’s not compatible with Mio C230. I have yet to find a compatible VB runtime.

  110. opop said

    Nice Sznyt23 skin . I like the compass page . Maybe i can add it .

    Ameridan. I added a large text toggle to the nav . were you press to hear the next command . Just need to work out a bug. ill post what changes i made with pics on my page . Cant post pics here 😦

  111. c230 said


    I thought about doing that too. In navigate_320_240.ui there’s a script – < script show_guidedist > that sets this all up as a guide. The small font was probably someone’s resolution to getting the top bar designed for the larger screen Mio to work at 320×240, but I’d almost rather just do away from the destination data in order to keep the destination street in large font.

    I tried expanding the Static_Navigate_Head by adding a duplicate of the green bar with y=12 rather than 0 and a lower z than the original, hoping I could display the ETA, distance to destination, etc data there instead so that the destination street could always remain in the large font.. Gave up on it though.

    Is that the text you mean, or are you talking about the map data text like street names? My routes.mscr makes that one easy.


    Thanks for the comment and for trying. I agree with you on the suspect problem. Like I said I’ve tried everything, including all of the combination of quote marks that murphy was talking about. Since it does install on my iPaq, I know I’m not too far off. Sure would be ideal if we could get a MioMap skin to give us what we need!

    I’m learning more every day, which is really my justification for tweaking with the CarLocator skin so much – trying to learn from the masters (who all seem to be in Europe) 🙂


    I wrote those reg files. I know I’ve got those right, as I’ve compared them to a working install. In fact here are the work files that the author sent me, but only use them as a guide since it is his entire registry.

  112. murphyfields said

    Any way to summarize what you have found and learned about installing GPSimply? Of course, it is always best to take that with a grain of salt, since I know I don’t always try the things I think I try, but it can give some guidance.

    Amida…why do you think it is the VB runtime?

  113. amida168 said

    After I registered all the dlls, the error message indicates a problem with VB runtime. Thus my conclusion.

  114. murphyfields said

    OK, admitting my ignorance yet again…

    What is a .c31 file? I assume it is a script file similar to a .mscr file, but what runs it and interprets it. I am having difficulty running even the basic commands on it like “copy.” Net search did not help much…I am sure it is not a drive image ace file.

  115. c230 said

    My understanding of c31 files are that they are a special add-on adaptation of Mortscript files. The script engine has many enhancements geared towards the automatic installs from SD cards. I haven’t taken the opportunity of trying amida’s version 4 unlock – but my guess is that he’s using a similiar strategy. gpsimply.exe is actually the engine add-on with a modified name (just as you do for the mortscript programs for games, etc.)

    Google search for c310Auto, but here’s a good starter guide…

    C310Auto.exe (Release 5) 3/11/2007

    When the Mio boots it starts a program called ST.EXE. One of the first things this does is runs the program \Storage Card\C310Auto.EXE if found. If not found it will continue with the normal Mio startup which in the end runs MainShell.exe. ST.EXE is the program responsible for checking if the Menu Key and Volume + is being held down to not start the MainShell.EXE and enable the taskbar.

    The file C310Auto.c31 will contain your custom script. Put both C310Auto.Exe and C310Auto.c31 in the root directory of your SD card (\Storage Card).
    You can use the program for other reasons as well. You can pass it a script
    file name on the command line or if not it tries to open up a file in the same directory and name as the program with the extension of .c31.
    Execution Syntax
    C310Auto.Exe [Script{WS}[Label]]
    Script = File to use as script (must be quoted if it contains spaces)
    Label = Label to start execution at

    Script Syntax


    {} = Not optional
    [] = Optional
    WS = White Space = Tab(s) and/or Space(s)
    EOL = End of Line = CR LF
    Command = See below for supported commands
    P1 = Parameter 1 (If it contains spaces it must be quoted)
    P2 = Parameter 2 (Does not need quoting, P2 is everthing to the EOL)

    Comment lines start with the #.

    Goto p1
    Continues execution at Label name p1

    Message p1
    Displays popup box with p1 displayed.

    Restart [p1]
    Restarts the Mio. If p1 = hard does a hard restart.

    Call p1 p2
    Starts the program p1 with the arguments p2.
    Waits for the program to finish running before continuing.

    Run p1 p2
    Same as call but does not wait for program to finish running.

    Copy p1 p2
    Copies file(s) from p1 to p2. p1 may be a wildcard.

    rCopy p1 p2
    Same as Copy, but recurses down subdirectories.

    Desktop p1 p2
    Creates a shortcut called \Windows\Desktop\p1.lnk with p2 as the command.

    Favorties p1 p2
    Same as Desktop, but in \Windows\Favorties directory.

    Programs p1 p2
    Same as Desktop, but in the \Windows\Programs directory.

    Mkdir p1
    Make the directory p1.

    Rmdir p1
    Deletes the directory p1.

    Delete p1
    Delete the file p1.

    Screen p1 [p2]
    rotation use 0 90 180 270
    backlight use on off

    TaskBar [p1]
    use hide show
    no parameter toggles taskbar

    Power off Mio

    Sound a beep

    wait p1
    Wait for p1 milliseconds before continuing

    do nothing

    Exit script processing.

    Until I incorporate registry processing within the C310Auto program an external regedit program is needed.
    To tell C310Auto where this program is then use the extRegEdit command.
    I use Tascal RegEdit version 0.82.
    The latest version can be found http://www2r.biglobe.ne.jp/~tascal/download/pocketpc/tre_e.htm
    It is now called TRE (Tascal Reg Edit instead of RegEdit).

    ExtRegEdit p1
    Specifies where the regedit program is located for processing RegEdit and
    rRegEdit commands.

    RegEdit p1
    Process registry commands in the file p1. P1 may contain wildcards.

    rRegEdit p1
    Same as RegEdit, but will recurse down subdirectories.

  116. murphyfields said

    OK, makes sense, but my guess is that it might be an alternative to mortscript. I just deleted mortscript.exe from that directory and GPSimply.exe still runs (admittedly with errors, but they are the same errors I had with mortscript in the directory.

    I still get an Error #2 on copy command.

  117. c230 said

    The reason you don’t need mortscript in the folder, is because you’ve already run the program once during the unlock scripts, and that registers the program. I would try skipping the copy commands and just working from the Janzeen (might not be the correct name?) folder. I get the same error messages now and don’t recall why, but it seems that it did work back in December when I was dedicated to getting the install to work.

    Try xcopy as well, if that option is available. Thanks for your determination murphy. 🙂

  118. murphyfields said

    OK, I think I am almost up to where you were a few months ago. Able to run the .c31 script with no errors. Now I get the following error…

    Cannot open program file

    So I would assume a problem with PVBLoad or with some dll files.

    Was this where you stopped? (both c230 and amida)

  119. c230 said

    I’ve never stopped, murphy, I’ve just paused to rethink and try other strategies and programs. This was “simply” the first program I’d tried, and figured that someday we’ll strike gold with one that works.

    Everything but the A-B (straight-line) Course + Distance and the compass rose is already available within MioMap. Based on the small compass icons in the Quick POI list, maybe the Course and Distance are known as well.

  120. c230 said

    OK OP, check out the latest look for CarLocator 1.48 with some “double-buttons”. You can control all of the popup behavior here and all of the day/nite behavior as well.

    The screen shots and version log are just above the comments section.

    It would be pretty easy to do the double buttons on the Route screen for 2 of the buttons that we’d like some more options, such as Flyover Fast and Slow, or Route Information with the GPS chip ON or OFF, etc. Can’t think of any others for the Find screen right now though.

    Still waiting to see what you’ve come up with…

  121. opop said

    I dig it . I was thinking of doing a small popup for some of small buttons I put in lately. 1.48 should be the best yet.
    I’ll send you what I have done to 1.47 later to night.Test it for me.

    When we getting 1.48 ??

  122. c230 said


    I’m holding off on 1.48 to see what you’ve got that might make it even better. 🙂
    Besides, I’m still tweaking. Got the back button placed better and added a button for verifying and controlling Track Recording too. (Screen shots updated again)

    If I can hide the Destination bar (green bar) while Map Settings screen is up, then I can display the top row of buttons too. Doing all of this without an emulator is tedious, but a great learning experience for me!

    I’ve left the code for the FavPOI button in (but commented out) on the Navigate_320_240.ui but until we can figure out how to only have the Set FavPOI button appear in the MyPOI groups, that code is gone. Since you’ve already set a FavPOI group though, the display button would work for you.

  123. murphyfields said

    I am trying to make some noise on GPS passion that it would be very nice to have a standalone program for turning static navigation on and off. Maybe if enough people make their opinions heard, they might listen…


    From what I hear, static navigation really does not help all that much anymore.

  124. c230 said

    Hey murph – Doing a Google search on your topics lead me to a Geocache program that has the compass and altimeter I was wanting and it turns off static navigation automatically. I’ve finally figured out how to get it running on the C230, thanks in part to my WCELOAD package, so things are looking up this evening!

    Wouldn’t it be great if we found out a SYS.TXT command to control static navigation? I just found a Russian program that runs on the C230 this afternoon that analyzes program files and dll files so I’ll see what it tells me about mio.exe 🙂

    [looked for STATIC hoping I’d find a command, but only found references to the three layers ui_navigate_static…]

  125. c230 said

    Anyone that wishes to fix the Stop Recording Track Log button on the map screen that resulted in a FFUI error regarding NEXTSTATE STF_TRACKS_START in the QuickSilver skins needs to replace the first line in the < Layer ui_gpsstatusonmap > section of map_layers_320_240.ui file with

    <BUTTON btn_record_sprite2 x=245 y=128 z=0 alpha=20 bmp=”$circle.spr” onrelease=’run sc_stop_recording, NEXTSTATE STF_TRACKS’>

    as there is no such state. This will also save you the additional step of actually hitting the Stop Recording button.

    Also the position of the button overrides the recently added map/cockpit toggle button so the x and y values need to be changed as so around line 190 of the browse_320_240.ui file:

    btn_record_sprite.x 192
    btn_record_sprite.y 334
    btn_record_sprite2.x 186
    btn_record_sprite2.y 329

    I’ve just incorporated this fix in the upcoming ver 1.48 release of QuickSilver CarLocator skin as well.

  126. murphyfields said


    More details, please about the new compass/altimeter programs!

    I was noticing in the sznyt skin something about NMEA and Sirf logging, and was thinking about turning that on, then running SIRFTECH to turn SN on and off and see if I can figure out the commands to send…just need time to play.

  127. opop said

    Here the list of changes I made with the download. give it a test drive for me.

  128. c230 said


    Great way to share your mods OP! Lot of those sure look familiar 🙂

    I think my favorite that I’ll want to include in the next official release is the large font in the Destination bar – I was trying to do that myself. LIke how you left the Say next command button in the middle and used the right button for the large font. Many people have been asking for that feature! I had to turn the Left button off though for my next release – I forget what that triggered.

    Since you got the FavPOI button to only show up for MyPOIs, I’m going to incorporate that one too. I’m anxious to see how you did that, because I wasn’t having any luck.

    The mods I think I’ll not do are the Info button and the Day/Nite toggle as I’ve done my own version of those that are “thumb” buttons rather than stylus.

    Thanks for sharing!!!

  129. murphyfields said


    By any chance was it BeelineGPS that you got working? That looks great, worth the $30 but would not want to buy it unless I can get the demo working.

  130. c230 said

    Yes, murphy, great guess, probably because it may well be the best Geocache program out there. I’ve finally got it to run on the C230 and I’ve just got to put a package together for ya’ 🙂

  131. murphyfields said


    Well done, that will be an excellent addition. But you don’t have to package it for me. I would just love to hear how you got past the “Could not find beeline or one of its components” message. I am one of those “teach me to fish” type of people, (well, except for the facts that I don’t know how to fish and don’t like fish, that is).

  132. c230 said

    CarLocator 1.48 has been published.


  133. Carlos Andrade said

    In the “Cockpit View”, during a route, how to leave the values (Dis. to Destination, Time to Destination and Arrival at Destination) always visibles? It is possible?


    [ ]s

  134. c230 said

    Do you mean invisible? They are always visible unless you are close to your target street for the current segment of the route. In version 1.48 if you tap on the right side of the Navigation bar, you are able to hide those values to make room for the larger target street font size.

  135. Andrade said

    Thank you for your msg…
    Please tell me: in my idiom (PT-BR) the values disappear when less than 300 meters for the target… Its possible the this value for, for example, 40 meters?
    I will install 1.48 version tonight…

    Please excuse me fo my poor english, ok? 🙂
    Thanks again…

    [ ]s

  136. c230 said

    The english is good; I just didn’t quite comprehend your intended question 🙂

    I hope 1.48 solves your needs. We haven’t quite solved the distance trigger yet, for in many respects we agree with you – It would be nice to simply select the 3 extra data fields with small street font OR the large street font only and have that setting stick!


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