MioMap 3.3 DATA.ZIP file with ALL of the enhancements to-date

“Ameridan’s C230 Skin” 

There have been a lot of tweaks made available recently regarding the DATA.ZIP file, some of which are included in Amida’s latest unlock package.   I thought it would be nice to package these all up for those Unlocking their Mio C230 with my either my Version 3.3, Version 3.4, or Version 3.3 LITE script packages (or Amida’s 3.1 as well) and want all of the tweak improvements that have been hitting the blogs at a dizzy pace, but prefer not editing the various files within the DATA.ZIP compressed folder.   This skin is included in Version 3.5 released 2/1/2008.


The tweaks included in this download include:

  • Exit Door button needed if you are unlocking your C230.
  • Revised start screen identifying the source of the modified file.
  • Export Track button allowing you to export the track log into a gpx file directly described here.
  • Easy Route option described here.
  • GPS Screen with the globe rotated such that North America is proudly shown and the GPS Power button needed for uninterupted general map viewing and Route preplanning without Auto Route Recalculation kicking in.

Just backup the DATA.ZIP currently in your MioMap2 folder and drop the downloaded file in its place DIRECTLY (don’t unzip it; just paste it into the MioMap2 folder).

Although I consider this just an enhanced Mio skin, it is in fact a new skin which I’ll dub the C230 Skin.  After all, every other skin starts out as the factory skin too, yet some of them have been enhanced so nicely, they no longer look anything like the original.



  1. […] 1/17/08]  I have added a page to my Weblog making available a modified data.zip file that includes all of the tweaks mentioned […]

  2. Dana Hartsock said

    Since I am using the DATA.ZIP from the olivercp skin I’ve departed somewhat from your unlock lite. It looks as if the one thing I would like to have is
    “”GPS Screen with the globe rotated such that North America is proudly shown and the GPS Power button needed for uninterupted general map viewing and Route preplanning without Auto Route Recalculation kicking in.”” Where is that hack documented?

  3. Dana Hartsock said

    Never mind, I found it. Don’t know how it got by me. I “thought” I was paying attention.

  4. OP said

    Hey Dan

    i notice that you have C230_USB_ActiveSync.exe and C230_USB_MassStorage.exe in the 3.4 update . Does this mean i can use ActiveSync ??

    thanks for all your hard work..

  5. c230 said


    Those are there to easily change the USB mode, but I haven’t been able to get ActiveSync working. I thought if I left those there, someone else might be inspired enough to figure out how to replace the files missing from our WinCE, so that ActiveSync might be an option again. 😀

  6. Jim Rose said

    Works great! Thanks. Got my C230 back, they said nothing was wrong with it, they reflashed it; but it has a new screen which they didn’t mention.


  7. c230 said


    Good to hear of Mio’s good support in case we might need to call it into play someday. Doesn’t seem like it took too long either.

  8. haco81 said

    Could you tell me how you did “export the track log into a gpx file directly.” manually, I’m using EU DATA.ZIP… 🙂

  9. c230 said


    See the 2nd StickiNote in the right column at the top of this page.

  10. gr1ph0n said

    Thanks for all the posts (I’m another person who got a 230 cuz of you and amida)! I was able to find everything except where/how you changed the globe to North America. Can you please explain? (when i first got the 230, i kept thinking i can click somewhere on the globe to turn it…to no avail, haha)

  11. c230 said

    the bmp file just needs to be replaced with one you like; some have replaced Earth with Jupiter or Mars. 😕

  12. gatolives said

    Gr1ph0n, follow this link:


    Being that I live in Queens, NY, I use the World’s Fair Unisphere for my Daylight GPS Data Screen and the moon for the night setting! 😉


  13. c230 said


    thanks for the kind words by the way and


    thanks, that was the link I was looking for!

  14. CD said


    Here’s the globe I used on the QuickSilver update I posted. Not the fanciest ever created, but You can’t argue that North America is prominent!


  15. gr1ph0n said

    Thanks, thanks, and thanks!

  16. bulldog485 said

    This upgrade rocks. I loaded this with 3.3 Lite on my new Mio C230 and will be singing your praises to my friends. Turns my simple $150 Mio into the same as their expensive Garmins. Might try 3.4 next but for right now, I’m 100% satisfied…

    You da Man!!!

  17. timrude said

    Here’s how I got the globe shot I wanted on the GPS satellite screen:

    1) Install Google Earth.
    2) Look up your address.
    3) Zoom as far out as possible so that you see just a globe. Your address should be just about center of the circle. Don’t rotate or move the globe around.
    4) Turn off atmosphere and border highlighting and other any other stuff that displays on the globe so that you get a ‘clean’ look.
    5) Take a screen shot (PrntScrn) and paste it into Paint. Do a little clean up and resizing and then copy and paste the globe over the globe part of mio\320_240\daylight\gps_bg.bmp and mio\320_240\night\gps_bg.bmp inside DATA.ZIP.

    It was kind of a pain but I was able to get just what I wanted.

    Tim Rude

  18. c230 said


    Thanks for the positive feedback!


  19. UserX said

    Does anybody know the format of the file mio creates when you creat a route, FILENAME: ROUTE.DAT ??

    cant open w/ different apps including sqlite db …

    I would like to CREATE this file in my desktop and UPLOAD it to MIO.
    Would be great when you have many stops and all addresses are in your computer…

  20. c230 said


    It’s been discussed before and is on the Wish List. You may be able to enter POIs from your PC and create a track by linking those POIs. Not sure of you can then convert the track into a route in your Mio or not. I’m only answering as the moderator though; maybe there is a solution out there.

  21. Mike FFI said

    I have noticed a problem with most of the non-standard DATA.zip files. Samantha is strangely silent when approaching a “ROUNDABOUT”. This appears to be true for all but the original DATA.zip, and an early version of the DATA.zip with exit door. I suspect that there is some incompatibility with the guidance.dat file that was grafted in from MIO 3.2 to reduce the “chattiness”.

    Unfortunately the chattiness does not seem to be reduced in many situations, but it inhibts all advance “verbal” indications of what to do at an upcoming ROUNDABOUT.

    I noticed this problem because I had added a line in Samantha’s rules.ini to re-dub these traffic circles as “rotaries” as they are called in my neck of the woods.

    /(^|\s)?roundabout\b/i/–>” roe-ter-e ”

    I then started using alternate skins. When I noticed that I could no longer hear my “rotary” announcements I thought it was introduced by my change, but after backing my changes out, with no change evident, I found that I could get back to the rotary announcements by installing the original DATA.zip with exit door.

    Does anybody have any way of telling how we might bridge this apparent incompatibility?


  22. c230 said

    Hi Mike,

    Thanks for joining the blog! I’m really enjoying the skin management script you added. I’ve tweaked it some more and will be publishing it soon along with some other additions.

    You are correct, the roundabouts are ignored by Samantha. My wife made me mute her yesterday as we passed three of them, so I hadn’t realized this. She does pipe in properly with the skin offered here though, so that rules out the few parameters that one of the skins added to sys.txt (I think).

    I agree with you regarding the restoration of TTS behavior amongst the C230 skins. We should notify Amida too. Makes me think there might be more undiscovered quirks using modified C220 skins, rather than applying the mods to a facory C230 skin like I did. Maybe the fix is as simple as overwriting the guidance.dat with our C230 version.

  23. c230 said


    I’m happy to report that you were apparently on the right track. Rather than replace just the guidance.dat file though, I replaced the entire config folder from my C230 skin into CD’s enhanced Quicksilver Reborn skin (which was another former C220 skin that didn’t announce roundabouts properly) and all seems well now. I will report this to Amida, and perhaps he’ll just do the same for his skins and republish.

    This was probably the best way to insure we’ll get consistent behavior between the skins as well.


  24. Dana Hartsock said

    Do the skins that are popping up care about which unlock has been used?
    I’ve taken the olivercp skin which has the Exit door, switch view button, Easy routing, Export button, Overview button, change and recalculate route button, fast flyover… and I have moved the zoom in button to below the zoom out button, moved the switch view button to just below the speaker button, added the GPS power button and located it next to the Time Sync button, plus used a North America centered globe for the GPS page (daytime) and lunar globe for night. I like the GPS power button in the new location because it allows the TMC and Config buttons to remain in place.

    If I want to make the data.zip available with these mods, do I need to be specific about what unlock program I used?

  25. c230 said

    Hi Dana,

    No, I think as long as there is an Exit function, the data.zip is pretty much independent of the Unlock. The GPS power button and other features complement the Management menu, but again, the rest of the nice extras in the skins are independent of the unlock.

    I’m still working on the next versions of both my Unlock and Unlock LITE, which will complement the skins even better. You’ll be able to change city announcements, map text fonts, skins, settings and screen themes on the fly!

  26. Dana Hartsock said


    What does the exit door do if one is using such a skin for a locked Mio?

    After about a month with my Mio the thing that frustrates me most is how power is handled. The soft power off with the button continues to drain battery power on a device that is a bit battery-challenged anyway. And a hard power off ALWAYS has you recalibrating the screen every time you switch it back on. The latter is what bugs me the most.

    I am pretty happy with how my Mio works with the olivercp skin. The late nights playing with it have left me with a nasty virus. Routing is still disappointing. I get weird routes no matter what type of routing I choose. But when I used DeLorme mapping software in conjunction with my Garmin 12 and PDA or laptop the same thing happened. There needs to be more intelligence built into routing if that is possible.

  27. c230 said

    Mio hid the Exit door because there is normally nothing to Exit to with MioMap version 3.3. When we unlock the unit, of course all that changes. I’m betting that if you are not using the LITE version now, you will after the next version is released.

    I get some weird routes too sometimes. That is where the SAVE feature comes in handy (unless you are not going to be using that route again). By driving the route your way on top of the Mio planned route (causing all of those recalculations along the way) and then saving the route just prior to reaching your destination (when it deletes itself), you will not have to endure those quirks the next time.

    I rarely use the hard reset anymore. When the battery is getting low, just submit to attaching the USB cable for a recharge once again…

  28. Vern said

    I just installed the update and now miomap won’t start. I keep getting fatal errors. Do I need to load my old data.zip file back up?

  29. Vern said

    Nope that didn’t work either. I guess my problem was when I added POI’s to the SD card looks like.

    If I change SD Cards do I need change anything with the software to recognize different SD Card?

  30. Vern said

    Ok one last post. My question and problem it seems if I add my own POI’s for example starbucks and walmart and Bank of America and they are large POI’s that it slows the miomap way down and causes it to give me fatal errors. I removed all the large POI’s and seems to be working fine. I upgraded to a 1 gig SD card instead of a smaller 16MB card so I could use more POI’s. Any suggestions or am I the only one with this problem.

  31. c230 said

    POI’s built into the map don’t seem to hinder performance, as do a high quantity of external POIs. There are some performance statistics in Amida’s blog from other users on this. I would advise only adding those that you’ll actually need.

    My guess is that the entire external database has to be processed at each inquiry, whereas the POIs built into the map file are only processed within a certain distance of your target location.

  32. Dana Hartsock said

    Guess the external POI loading problems will put an end new my new POI project. Thought I would mark all the road pot holes on my daily routes as POI, so I could remember to dodge them.

    Okay, just kidding, but boy it would be useful.

  33. bulldog485 said


    I tried a lot of POI files on my SD card (around 30,000) the first time I played around and found that the search feature was SLOW as heck. I tailored them down to where I might be actually traveling to and got it to around 3,000 or so. This includes all Walmarts in a 350 mile range from my house, all my bank’s locations, my gyms, all motorcycle dealerships within 400 miles of my house and so on. The POI search time is still a little slow, but not enough for me to want to pare it down anymore. I have not (knock on wood) gotten any fatal errors, so I think it might be your small card. I use a 2gig SD and have plenty of room.

    The POI conversion tool that is on the Mio website works great for converting my CSV files to the KML that the device requires. I do recommend that you catagorize your POI’s so that you can modify them later if needed. It also makes it easy to do specific searches. For example, I’ve got 4 KML files that I save into. Motorcycle, Stores, Food and Places. This way I can narrow down my searches if necessary and save a little time. If I should go on a trip, I create another file called Trip or something like that. I then drop all the POI’s into that KML file and when the trip is over, I just remove the file from my SD card.

    Da Bulldog…

  34. CD said

    I have ‘released’ the latest version of my work here:


    Please check it out.

    Thanks, a LOT Dan, and thanks to all of you who have contributed your work and ideas for this. I hope I gave all credit where it was due. If not, contact me and I will fix it immediately. If you have any others ideas, shout ’em out. Things will only get better!

  35. Gary said

    Is there a way of adding marine maps to the C230? I do a lot of boating and would like to use my 230 for the boat too if possible.

  36. c230 said

    Yes, but not for MioMap. You’ll have to find a program that will work with marine maps. I haven’t installed any other mapping software, so I’m not able to offer more advice.

  37. SukiS said

    Hello –

    Great website!

    I have a question regarding the offline Route Management feature – Is it possible to edit the .dat file using some Windows application? It does not seem to be a readable text file via Notepad. Reason is – I want to plan a trip in Alaska, but when I try to do that – the error is: “Cannot Find path, maps are isolated” The software is programmed to always plan the start from the current GPS position (or when no signal is available, the last location it had recorded). Any ideas/tricks to help me plan a trip under such circumstances? Also where is the current/last GPS position stored on the device – in the registry or some file?

    – SukiS

  38. c230 said

    Thank you suki!

    For Route planning you need to turn off Auto Recalculation and in your case you’ll want to load the Canada map, because “maps are isolated” is referring to the fact that all the Canadian maps are missing so Alaska is like an island. You don’t need to do anything in the dat file for this to work.

  39. SukiS said

    Thanks! The turn off Auto Recalculation does not seem to do it for me – it still defaults to my last GPS position for starting the route. The “blue” flag is set there as my starting point. Were you referring to the “Settings > General Settings > Off-route Recalculation = Disabled” option or some other setting in a different menu?

    Got the Canada map installed though 🙂

    – SukiS

  40. c230 said

    For Route preplanning not originating from current position, you’ll avoid much frustration by also going to the GPS screen and turning the GPS chip off. Then save the route when you are done. When you start MioMap again, the chip should turn itself back on, but if it doesn’t you know how to reactivate it 🙂

  41. vlad said

    Hello, I have a problem with my c230.I coppied the data.zip and the unlock software for it, it works fine, but I can only use the Map interface.When I tap the Cockpit icon this message appears: failed to open file:mio/320_240/diriconbig.spr , exiting application.
    If u can help me….

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