QuickSilver CarLocator for C230~Version 1.45 update


QuickSilver CarLocator for C230 ~ Version 1.45 update

[Version 1.45 download is no longer available as a newer version has replaced it.]  



  1. Andrew said

    One of the elements I like best about the Olivercp skin is the Route modification one can do right on the Map page itself, but this seems to be the only skin with this feature. Basically you can click on an icon on the left of the Map and it will switch the route right in front of you from Fast to Economical to Easy, etc. Is there any chance that this can be added to (or maybe I missed it) this skin and any other one that is currently being updated on a regular basis? The only thing the Olivercp skin is missing is an icon that will take you to the Cockpit view on the Map page, but I think it is pretty advanced for an early skin.


  2. c230 said

    If I can find a module to accomplish the route method toggle, I’ll give it my best shot.

    And Amida did add instructions to his DATA.ZIP tweaks blog for the switch view buttons that you might be able to use.

  3. Mike said

    I am not sure if this is being caused by these hacks or something else.
    If I click a point on the screen the coordinate will show “46/?57 123 Main st.” They are also listed like that in the PoI screens. The address is correct, but I am not sure what the corrupt or garbage characters are on the front of the address.
    At first I thought it was the extra PoI maps I installed but I reverted back to the original and still the same problem.

    Is anyone else seeing this?

  4. c230 said

    Have you been experimenting with SYS.TXT parameters?

    If any of these parmaters are in your file, set them to 0 (or remove). They are primarily for debugging and reporting problems to TeleAtlas.

    value: 0,1 – Whether to numerical mapid prefix before road in popup on map
    value: 0,1 – Whether to numerical segmentid prefix before road in popup on map
    value: 0,1 – Whether to numerical roadid prefix before road in popup on map

  5. Mike said

    You solved it, it wasn’t one of those options, but I didn’t think of checking the sys.txt file. I cleared out some entries I didn’t notice a change for and that fixed it.

  6. John said

    After using this skin I noticed any addition/deletion of waypoints didn’t recalculate the route when GPS is lost. changes through map/cockpit screens works fine. The problem is only when directly changing the list, like avoiding a road does not trigger the recalculation.

    Thanks for any help.

  7. c230 said


    Does Quicksilver ’66 skin not exhibit this? That was the basis for my skin, and I think my code changes only related to code involving Favorites.

    There are two Route options that could be intentionally affecting this behavior:

    Off-route sensitivity and Recalculation delay. Anything you can do to help determine if there really is a problem and how to duplicate it would be appreciated, as I am not experiencing that issue.

  8. benblue said


    I just downloaded CarLocator 1.45, and there is not SKINS folder. There are two zip files (DATA.zip and DATA.ZIP). I looked in both, and no SKINS folder in either one. Did you mean to copy the DATA.zip into a manually created SKINS folder under Miomap2?

  9. c230 said


    The “Quicksilver CarLocator for C230″ folder should be placed in your SD card’s Skins folder refers to the Skins folder that Ver 3.5 sets up for the Skin Management portion of my Unlock package
    OR the DATA.ZIP within should replace:
    \My Flash Disk\MioMap\MioMap2\DATA.ZIP, if C230 is unlocked
    \My Flash Disk\MioMap\MioMap\DATA.ZIP, if C230 is locked

    not the Skin folder in MioMap – that is for the optional DATA.ZIP file in the downloaded Skin folder.

    As an option to try out Dominique’s Skins trick in an unlocked C230, copy the “SKIN” folder into \My Flash Disk\MioMap\MioMap2\ (or the contents of DATA.ZIP within should be added into \My Flash Disk\MioMap\MioMap2\SKIN\DATA.ZIP). Otherwise, just disregard this folder.

    Otherwise, just install the DATA.ZIP in the CarLocator folder as a replacement for \My Flash Disk\MioMap\MioMap2\DATA.ZIP as you would for any other skin replacement.


  10. Mike said

    Had a laugh, I set where my car parked in the street in front of my house as a favorite (I am not using this mod to do it) when I got ready to leave I was still in the house and did a “route to” my car. It was literally out the front door, walk straight until you come to the street. I am using the “Easy” option and it had me go up the street to the end of the block, go south past the next street and onto a through street, take the through street down to a main street, back to another through street and then around back to my street. Basically around the block of streets in the neighborhood, and back to my car. It navigated me past the car in its route.

  11. c230 said

    Same here LOL. My car was in my driveway and my office is towards the backyard even further from the street, but closer to an unnamed private drive that shows up on the map. So trying out the CarLocator skin (in Car mode, not pedestrian), Mio routes me across my lawn, thru a fence with no gate to the private drive and then around the block to get to my car that is parked in my yard!

    Needless to say, but this is one instance where I did not follow the calculated route, so I walked 30 feet towards my car, it recalculated and announced “You have arrived at your destination.”

  12. opop said

    I have added the the binocular and calculator from the Olivercp Skin to Quicksliver . It does work somewhat . Crashes if you hit the brower view after loading . Cant see the text in night veiw . Sometimes crashes when you switch to night view. I would realy like to get this work for this skin. Probably missing a lot on code.

    I have a very slow connection at the truck stop I’m at. Cant seem to upload anything right now. I’ll post what i got asap.

  13. opop said

    I’m happy to say i got t to work . i was missing some code in the main_scheme.ui files . Its a very handy thing to have when planning routes . Ill post it as soon as i can…. right now I have about a 1 bit a min upload rate.

  14. c230 said


    That would be excellent!! I’m hoping you used the CarLocator version as your base 🙂 , but regardless, it sounds like you’re pretty good at this. Maybe you can give some thought to what we’re tring to do here too.

    And I thought you truckers ate and slept when you’re doing those mandated truck stops, not crankin’ out code 🙂

  15. benblue said


    Thanks for the clarification. I obviously hadn’t been keeping up with the latest developments, jumped into the middle on this thread, and got lost. It makes sense now. Very much appreciate all you effort.

  16. opop said

    Here is the one with the binocular and calculator from the Olivercp Skin.

    Im working on having the buttons not show when there is no route.
    also i added my POI button on the cockpit .Probably not useful to most. comment it out if you like.

    [link deleted – Ver 1.46 to be released with updated version.txt and about.bmp to document changes and author – as soon as CD gets me his icon upgrades]



  17. c230 said


    I get FFUIERROR: unknown object identifier = [sc_enablezoom] script [browse_hide_route] at tick 0 when I click on browse map.

    Very similiar to the track log error when you start record and click on the red dot button.

    When you get the package finished I’ll update the version file and the about page for you so that it will be published as it’s own version.

  18. opop said

    Try this one . I think its because of bad line breaks in the code. I been using this version about a hour now with no errors.
    Let me know if you get any errors, thanks

    [link deleted – Ver 1.46 to be released with updated version.txt and about.bmp to document changes and author – as soon as CD gets me his icon upgrades]

  19. c230 said

    Sweet!! No errors now. Would you be able to move the track record button to the left? Maybe that would fix that FFUI error that’s been there since the Reborn revision and we could release the whole thing as Version 1.46 (Track record works, it’s just that button – maybe it would be better to disable the button)

    You did a nice job op, including the night-time presentation. What’s the name of the POI button file?

  20. CD said

    Hello People of Earth.

    Sorry I’ve not been on in a while. I had a supply line give up the ghost in a top floor bathroom making my top floor my middle floor and my middle floor… you get the idea.

    I am glad to see these functions added to QS! I loved them in olivercp. I did get to work on the QS 66 skin a little before the debacle here, enhancing the icons a bit. Not changing them as much as making them easier to see.

    opop (or anyone who has figured this out)… if I wanted to add the binocs/calc to my existing skin, which files would I copy into the data.zip?

  21. CD said

    Or better yet, what lines of code would I add to which files?

  22. c230 said

    If it turns out opop’s mods are a mess to incorporate, I could fold in your icons into Version 1.45 instead, if that helps out. Then all you’d have to do is switch my ’69 GTO loading.bmp back to your ’66 GTO loading.bmp 🙂

    Hope the pipe that “gave up the ghost” just became plugged and not “sprang a major leak”, even though both are expensive to fix when they’re buried in the walls.

  23. CD said

    Oh no… it was a big ghost. We’re up to @ $11K in fixes. The ceiling was replaced today… floor tomorrow.

    I may take your suggestion… I was considering it. I am not sure, however, how the car locator would fit into my grand scheme. I would choose to leave the 2nd favorite as work, as I use it every day so the mio will recalc for me on the fly each morning should I turn off my typical route to avoid a wreck, etc. How would your version work for me. Could I essentially ignore that feature if I did not want to use it, allowing me to use the c230 as I have up to this point? What else would be different? I know that the default name on the find loactions page is now car, but other than that?

  24. c230 said

    Wow!! Ouch.

    Yes if you rename it back to work and never touch the save location button on the main screen – it will otherwise be no different (assuming I didn’t break anything).

  25. CD said

    That could work. I gave your feature a whirl. It works REALLY well. I can see where it might come in handy. My long commute just makes my needs lean more toward needing the 2nd fav to be work.

    Hey… maybe you could call it the ‘Retirement Function”! 🙂

  26. c230 said

    That’s why I like the car icon (that you helped me make) because in your case it will be a commute icon, rather than a parked car icon. Try it out tomorrow, or are you going to be pounding nails?

  27. CD said

    I will be supervising the pounding of nails. 🙂 But, I will test it Thursday.

  28. CD said

    Why is the text in the cockpit mode nav bar so bold/fuzzy/blurry. It’s not in the sys.txt… I checked. What got tweaked?

  29. c230 said

    I see what you mean – it’s in the night view, not day view which is what I normally use. Seems like the “glow” is cranked up too high.

  30. CD said

    Exactly! I just noticed it’s not in daymode, too.

    Any ideas where that is?

  31. c230 said

    That’s a change opop made (experimenting?) so I’m hoping he’ll chime in, but i say it needs to revert back to where it was.

  32. opop said

    Sorry about that glow ,didn’t notice it before. i”m trying to find out what is the cause.

  33. opop said

    Guys I realy cant take credit for the work. i just moved most of the code and did some cleaning 🙂 .

    P.S. im still looking in to that glow . not sure about the cause

  34. c230 said

    It’s knowing what code to move and where to move it to. You sure can take some credit for it! Of course, the original author needs to get credit too. 🙂

    I haven’t yet found a Glow parameter either that seems out-of-line, but it seems logical that this is the cause. What ui controls the night-mode changes?

    I know others used to complain that Route preplanning was messed up by the automatic recalculation routine entering current position unless GPS was turned off, or auto recalculation was disabled. The Route Calculator button seems to toggle Trip Recalculator without engaging the annoying auto-recalculation that adds your current location into the Route itinerary. This is a good thing! (Unless auto route recalculation doesn’t kick in when you stray off course)

    Well, CD will be putting it through a full evaluation tomorrow morning. 🙂

  35. opop said

    GOT IT !!! HEHEEEE !!! how long that take me ??

    Got to say it was all my fault. Had two lines the same.

    Now the bad news ..I am again at a crappy truck stop with a crappy connection. i will upload A.S.A.P.

    Again i am sorry for that glow.

  36. opop said

    I have the auto recalculate off . Cant take the chance it will route my big rig onto a restricted road. i have to plan carefully.

  37. opop said

    PS. if i do get credit for it . please give credit to OP.

    OPOP is just the wordpress logon name . it wont let me logon as OP

  38. c230 said

    Gotcha OP. What page was the double on? I can just fix it.

  39. opop said

    I was able to just upload the night\main_scheme.ui

    Just replace your “\mio\320_240\night\main_scheme.ui” with mine. Let me know if it works:)

    [link deleted – Ver 1.46 to be released with updated version.txt and about.bmp to document changes and author – as soon as CD gets me his icon upgrades]

  40. c230 said

    That did it. That ui was the one I was looking for and it is where it logically belongs, but buried in there with all those bmp files, I never realized an ui was hiding there.

    GOT IT !!! HEHEEEE !!! is right – Great job again.

  41. CD said

    It’s hard to say what happened. I had the GPS set to economical, as always, but it gave me a different route than normal. I double checked and all my settings were consistent with what I have used in the past.

    Additionally, auto recalc did kick in each time I (deliberately) went off course… about 7 times, total. So nothing seems to be broken 🙂

  42. c230 said


    thanks for the feedback. If all is working well, I’ll just erase all of the confusion. In essence, I wanted to verify that auto recalculate was working properly.

  43. c230 said

    [links to OP’s download were deleted to avoid confusion – Ver 1.46 will be published tonight with updated Version.txt, all of OP’s great changes including the updated night\main_scheme.ui, & my new about.bmp to document version and author, etc.]

  44. Mike said

    Didn’t know where else to put this. My boss has the 220 and he hacked it, when he travels he likes to watch movies on it. Much easier to drag along than a laptop and DVDs.
    While looking for something else I came across this site which has movies for the small screen. Some in the 320×240 Mio screen size. If you want some short movies to watch on your Mio (nice if he added the headset jack) you can start here:

  45. John said


    To reproduce the recalculate issue do the following,

    1. Make sure you are in GPA not available area.
    2. Do a find location and make a route to any address.
    3. Then click Menu and then Route(flag button)
    4. Now click edit and then Add ( + or plus sign)
    5. Select a new address and go back to your cockpit screen.
    6. Notice the original route disappeared and new route not calculated.

    This issue os only with car locator skin, QS 66 works fine.

    Thanks for your help,

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