QuickSilver CarLocator for C230 Skin

Combining CD’s latest Quicksilver ’66 revisions & Ameridan’s (me) CarLocator revisions…

[Version 1.44 download is no longer available as a newer version has replaced it.]  

Another possible use for my modification?   Rename Car to Delivery.   Instead of creating POIs (and adding to the History log) each time a (Pizza) delivery person gets an order, just tap the Save Delivery Location button, input the address, and you are ready to Find your way to that location.   Update 2/18/2008:  Apparently, once you use the Find Location option, the History log does gain another entry similar to routing to a POI.

For you techies out there, what I had to do to fix the Exit issue was change the state to this screen first  (using the command NEXTSTATE STF_USERHOTSPOTSETTINGS, ) so that the back button will have a former state (main screen) to return to.

and then run the script to allow input of the Car’s geocoordinates (or address)
(using another command run sc_changehotspot2 )
resulting in:

 <BUTTON xxx x=278 y=140 z=170 bmp=”mio/320_240/car.bmp” color=#ffffff onrelease=’ NEXTSTATE STF_USERHOTSPOTSETTINGS, run sc_changehotspot2 ‘>

This being my first in-depth skin editing, it only took me all day   rosie.gif   and 3 pots of coffee   coffeeon.gif   to figure this out.  



  1. Mike said

    I couldn’t exit from the “favorites” screen, had to reset.

  2. c230 said

    Hey Mike,

    Which Favorites screen? Set Favorites?? Did you drop the DATA.ZIP into the MioMap2 folder or the SD card Skins folder? Did you do the optional Skin folder too? If so, rename that folder and try as I really want to fix the package if there are any issues.

  3. Mark said

    I’m seeing the same problem as Mike reported. Go into “Favorite Destinations” from main screen. After selecting coordinates to get current position, clicking done takes me back to “Favorite Destinations” where Rename and Change Address work fine. However the Exit arrow does not function. Requires a reset. I installed the larger data.zip under My Flash\MioMap\MioMap2. The smaller data.zip was put under My Flash\MioMap\MioMap2\skin. I renamed the skin folder as your suggested to Mike. Exit arrow still does not work. Only difference I noted was the favorite icons were both red hearts, rather than a blue car and house.

  4. Mike said

    I didn’t use the skins folder included in the archive.

  5. Glmwpg said

    Awesome.. I’m actually going to pick up a delivery job as a second source of income soon, so that delivery idea you have is right up my alley!

    Good luck resolving the above issue its just a matter of time before you folks get it!


  6. c230 said

    Mike and Mark, I thank you for the confirmation and the additional details. They definitely helped me recreate the problem and come up with a solution.

    UPDATED at 6:30 pm 2/17/2008 To the two individuals that downloaded, I’ve finally figured out how to fix the shortcut so that it saves 4 clicks as originally released, rather than only 3 clicks.

    So it’s being released again at 8:00 pm 2/17/2008 🙂

    Mark, I just caught the statement you made regarding the favorite icons being hearts when you didn’t have the optional skin folder in place and I realized that I counted on that folder to fix those icons even for this skin, yet my instructions state that the Skin folder is optional, so that too has been remedied.

  7. Mark said

    C230, I just finished a quick run through of the latest release with the EXIT fix. Everything seems to functioning properly. Thanks for your pesistence in tracking this issue down and for your awesome work in unlocking and opening up the C230 and MioMap.

  8. c230 said

    You are welcome, Mark. Until you described the issue, I didn’t really know what to fix. I believe the only known issues now with the Quicksilver skins are the placement of the track recording button and something about track recording messages are in French. I haven’t verified these issues though.

  9. amida168 said

    I think there is still a problem when you try to change the time zone other than Eastern time.

  10. c230 said

    OK, but those 2 or 3 issues are inherent to all Quicksilver skins and are worth overlooking for most of us. I’ve poked around attempting to fix the record button, but was not yet successful.

  11. Nathan said

    I’ve got 3.3 loaded on my Mio 230 now, how difficult is it to upgrade to the latest & greatest? Do I need to install each new update to keep it up to date, or can I simply jump from version 3.3 to 3.6?

  12. c230 said


    Welcome to the blog! Each package is complete in itself, so you can jump to whatever sounds like it meets your needs best.

    Now I’m going to contradict myself and state that Version 3.6 just updates the menu to the latest version (it is not a full Release package). If you want all of the viewers and games, go with 3.5, otherwise 3.4 will bring you closer to coinciding with the Ver 3.6 menu. And the Quicksilver CarLocator skin is a niche-mod/update to Quicksilver ’66 skin that was introduced with Ver 3.5.

    Did I clear things up – or confuse you more? 🙂

    P.S. In the end, you’re probably best off going right to 3.5, and then deleting anything you feel is overkill (if anything), then upgrade the menu to 3.6

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