Increasing TTS volume

I know, we normally don’t ask the ladies to be louder  )  , but when you are on the highway in a vehicle that doesn’t qualify as “Luxury Class”, or perhaps you’ve adaped your Mio C230 for motorcycle cruises, Samantha could be a little louder.   This blog will hopefully remedy that issue for you.   In fact, I found myself turning down the Master Volume from 100% down to about 80% for normal usage, which just about returns the voice command volume to where it was before the change.   Now, however you will have an additional 6dB of volume in reserve, which equates to two times (2x) louder than normal!    That’s worth another cup of coffee you say?   I agree…. 

See the new StickiNote I added today (they don’t get buried when they get older) for more…


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