NoniGPSPlot for Mio-C230

I noticed that a freeware program NoniGPSPlot was installed by HaCo on a Mio C230 and he was able to get it functioning!   So, with help from Hannu, I’ve put together a download of the latest English revision (Ver 2.72d) that was released today that you install by simply extracting the folder to the root of your SD card.   This may be the straight-line navigation program we’ve been searching for!

[added 1/19/2008]  Here is a link to the English User Manual.    Some users are having issues with being forced to enter the coords. and the map width manually, but this is in fact a ‘feature’ of the free version.  You get a pop-up that at least tells you what to enter (a great improvement over figuring it out by yourself!)  but it won’t be automatically entered unless you are a paying user.    There is a  lot more information here on both the program and on using your Mio for geocaching (Static Navigation options).   I found this factoid interesting, but it may have been regarding the Sirf StarII chip, not the new and improved Sirf StarIII chip we have in the C230: 

The first thing that I do when geocacheing is to turn off Static Navigation.  This is not directly related to Noni but helps it to work much better.  Because the SIRF chip in the Mio units is used for driving mainly, they impose some limits on it that basically decrease sensitivity at slow speeds.  Effectively, if you are moving less than about 5 mph or within a radius of about 20 feet, it won’t show much movement, or if it does, it will be erratic.  This is why sometimes when you use MioMap or NoniMap for geacaching it doesn’t seem to register small movements once you get slowed down near the cache. 

You can call NoniGPSPlot.exe directly, or if you want to get the keyboard icon out of the way, click on the program I wrote named   111NoniGPS.exe.  You can point a desktop icon to this file if, like myself, you think this program has potential and is worth playing with.   As I said, it is freeware, but some of the options appear to be enhanced once you input a code from the author in exchange for a donation.  You’ll need to hold your stylus on the display to get to options and set the GPS port to COM2 and 4800.  


You’ll find a lot of information, tutorials, screenshots, etc on the author’s website.   If you know French, there is even more material.   You should use that site for updates, as well, as I am only kicking off this program in hopes of obtaining feedback as it relates to the C230 and wishing that it would someday interface with the TeleAtlas maps already in our Mio.

[added 2/18/2008]  Download updated with 2 icons to choose from for your desktop.

[added 3/18/2008]  Here is the procedure I use to run SirfTech, if using the program to change the Static Navigation setting:

Set to COM2 @ 38400, Open, Go to the Sirf tab and hit the last option, Switch to NMEA protocol, OK, and then Exit.   Now when you start the program back up, you’ll see the data filling the screen.  Until you see the white screen fill up with data, you are not in communication with the GPS chop.

Click on the Sirf tab again, click on Static Navigation and uncheck Static Navigation, Set, OK and then Exit.

When done and you want to return the GPS chip back to the settings ideal for MioMap, Start up SirfTech, click on the Sirf tab again, click on Static Navigation and check Static Navigation , Set, OK, Switch to NMEA protocol, OK, and then Exit.



  1. Dana Hartsock said

    This looks pretty sweet. Not sure I’m going to give it a go though.

    Nice things continue to happen on the Mio C230 front. I see today that the first skins for the C230 have popped up. Do you know if there are some gotchas when using skins with the unlocked Mio? I am guessing it is a case-by-case thing depending on the nature of the skin. I thought I was finished modifying my Mio, now I’m not so sure.


  2. c230 said

    Hi Dana,

    I’m personally holding off on new skins, until I’m convinced that any lurking bugs are worked out. Do these skins really give you more than what you’ve got with my Unlock package? I don’t want a big speedometer dial in place of half of my little map, but that’s just me. But now that they’ll work in a C230 (thanks Amida!!), there will be more feedback leading to more improvements. These skins have been worked on for a while, so any bugs (if there are any) should be minor at this point.

    By keeping the software in it’s own folder on your SD card, the NoniGPSPlot download is not going to interfere with your Mio setup at all, but then again, until you load some maps in, it won’t do too much for you either. This is more for the experimenters I agree, but so was unlocking the Mio GPSs at first.

    If you read this blog , now perhaps that skin will put my Route & Settings Management menu to pasture, but until then…

  3. Dana Hartsock said

    I must confess. I went ahead and installed the olivercp skin and it works just fine. Benefits over your unlock? Perhaps a few extra options in various settings. The split screen I can see using in certain situations, but certainly not often. The two fast flyover toggles fight with each other. If I choose it in the skin it does the regular flyover because I already used your unlock to toggle it on in sys.txt. That is easy enough to remedy. So I would say the unlock lite and the olivercp skin complement each other. Both bring useful things to the table for me. I’ll run the skin for a while to see if I want to keep it. At least new options are available. Choice is generally a good thing since we sometimes want different features.

    One interesting thing. Amida said he needed to modify the pocket_pc.ini to provide machine specific information. When I looked at my INI file, the C230 information was already there. The skin worked without any modification of the INI file. Maybe a difference in C230 production runs? I don’t know.

    I don’t think the Mio route managing is going to trickle down to the C230 so yours is a very nice option which I intend to make good use of.

    I hope you still have some coffee fund donations coming in. As I said before I think the unlock lite easily adds $50 value to the Mio. The full unlock must add at least $100 in value.


  4. Dana Hartsock said

    One thing I forgot. I removed all of the voices with the exception of the English ones, plus the Puerto Rico and Hawaii maps. Just to clear a little space for routes and track logs. Do you have any idea what a reasonable interval is for the track logs? One second is the default. I wonder if that is optimal, or not.


  5. CD said

    There are several great features in the olivercp skip. On the map view, there is now a calculator which allows you to change from easy to fast to short to economical on the fly. It also shows your time and distance to your destination right there. A set of binoculars allows you to put the whole route on the screen at the touch of a single button.

    In cockpit mode, there are two extra fields of info, speed and altitude. In the split screen, if you go to the ‘Route’ tab, you can see each individual maneuver with the ability to avoid it or the road it is on. This used to have to be accessed through the itinerary screen. Here’s my favorite… If you go to the ‘POI’ tab, for each type of POI you have shown in your Manage POI settings, it shows an entry. Then, o each line it shows you the name, distance and direction of the closest one in that category. So, for example, my line 1 is for gas. That line may say Shell, 1.36 miles and have and arrow pointing east. If I were to click on it, the POI information pops up with the street address and phone number. That’s pretty cool!

    For what it’s worth, I’ve used it for a few days now and there has not been so much as a hiccup.

  6. Ken W. said

    I have just installed the unlock [3.4] to my new c230, after having installed the RIKS1 split screen hack, and it’s working great! I did figure out that the speedometer is not right, so I edited the speedometer.ini basically doubling the numbers. I posted my current config on GPSpassion dot com…


    So, that is to say, the unlock and the skins can co-habitate.

    Also, smaller sized SD cards are so cheap right now, you can find 512MBs on sale at places for ~5-10 dollars, and it’s much easier to just copy some of the maps to \MioMap\MAPS then trying to move them to the PC and back when you need them… ESP since it’s unlocked, you can just use the built in file manager to copy back any you need if you’re out of town…

  7. c230 said


    Regarding the recording interval for track logs, it’s a trade-off between disk space (file size) and resolution (just like which megapixel setting you should use in your camera). It all depends what you plan to do with the data. Once-per-minute might be fine for a driving trip, whereas if you want to match up your hike in the mountains with a Google map later on, you might want to stick to the once-per-second setting.

    But since I’ve rarely used a recorded a track yet, hopefully someone else will pipe in with a real-life response.


    Thanks for the feedback. I never meant to imply that I expected the skins to “hiccup” (although I guess a new one could), it is good to know that the skins aren’t just a different look, but are actually trying to present data in a more useful fashion. I think I may have come across as being negative regarding the new skins, and that probably comes from reading the old threads at gpspassion that were written while the skins were being developed.


    If the folder is setup right, the maps on your SD card will work fine, without even having to copy them back to the Flash Disk. Thanks for the feedback!

  8. CD said

    I didn’t detect any negativity. I just thought, having tried it, I would offer up my experience for anyone who wondered if it worked.

  9. haco81 said

    I really love this tool. Today I configured an exported Google Earth image and now I could use it to navigate…

    I would prefer of course maps of 1:25000 to walk around in the woods or something like that. I will probably buy the DVD of Belgium and export the maps with that.

    Question: how long can the C230 operate without external power supply?

  10. c230 said


    I thought I answered that question somewhere here, but I see that the search tool here isn’t that great, because I couldn’t find it. As I recall, don’t expect more than about 3 hours, unless you turn off backlighting and perhaps the screen if you’re just recording a track log.

  11. Dana Hartsock said

    Another little thing in the olivercp skin…in the cockpit mode the turn indicator in the upper left corner is transparent so you can see the map behind the indicator. Just a nice little touch that I like. As was mentioned there is one touch access to a few things that would take several touches with the stock Mio interface. That is always welcome.

    I enjoy the routing ability and access to additional tools in the lite version of unlock. Likewise the skin I have brings some nice interface things to the table. I don’t think I would want to be without either of them. The oliverpc skin adds some additional optional settings. I like the slider for controlling the routing conditions. I was using ECONOMICAL and was getting some pretty weird routing. I adusted the slider and “bingo,” much better results.

    One question. Is there an ability to reverse a route? So when you return home the navigation simply works in reverse.

  12. Jim Warters said

    Re: copying maps to an SD storage card (If you are using a SD card, create a MioMap folder and within that folder a maps folder so that the path appears as G:\Storage Card\MioMap\maps), Mio does indeed know where the relocated maps are, however, if I try to route to them, I get either “Cannot find path, maps are isolated” or “Your destination is unreachable with your preferences” My relocated maps are in L:\MioMap\maps. Have I done something wrong? Or is it only possible to navigate within the relocated map without returning them to J:\MioMap\MioMap2\MAPS? Thanks

  13. CD said


    Where is the “slider”?

  14. Dana Hartsock said


    Settings — Route

  15. c230 said


    It seems like this is the condition Dana reported a couple of weeks back where she was trying to get to Anchorage from California(?) but couldn’t until she loaded Canada. I think that is what “isolated” refers to; like trying to drive to Hawaii from the mainland. Where is it you’re trying to route to, and from where?

    Or perhaps you’re trying to get somewhere on a dirt road, and have set No Dirt Roads as a preference (or something similar)?

  16. c230 said


    Wouldn’t that be a great option?!! I’m not aware of any skin having that advantage , however I’ve just realized that with Route Management, atleast you can not only preplan your route, but by making a second copy named to represent your return trip, you just go into the Edit Route screen and reverse the order of your waypoints, Exit and Save once again – Voila – you’ve got your return trip without reinputing the waypointsl.

  17. Dana Hartsock said

    My old Garmin 12 let me reverse the route and just followed the waypoints in reverse. Seems like a simple option to implement.. Maybe there is a way hidden somewhere. Your suggestion works but it is more work than it needs to be.

    Of course my Garmin 12 doesn’t display maps, or talk to me.

  18. c230 said

    I’m glad you brought this up though. I’ve added this to the blogs in the Route Management sections:

    With the Route Management menu, you can not only preplan your routes, but by

    -Saving your route with a descriptive name
    -Restarting MioMap back up again with that route still in memory or loading that route into memory at a later time
    -Using the Edit Route screen and reversing the order of your waypoints
    -Exiting and Saving once again with a different name representing the return trip
    – Voila – you’ve got your return trip available in the menu without reinputing all of your waypoints.

    One advantage is that atleast you can customize your return trip to get home quicker / take the scenic route / whatever before saving which wouldn’t be so easy with a simple Reverse Route option. I’ll keep on the lookout for the option though, but since Mio actually erases route.dat once you reach your destination, I think that tells me there is no way they could offer the reverse course option.

  19. robb1 said

    I reversed a route and it took me on a different return course. It wasn’t the opposite of my TO course. Also in the case of one way streets it has to recalulate a new course so its not exactly a reverse of the original course.

  20. c230 said

    Well, that’s interesting Rob. You would think if the if the Route criteria (i.e. Fastest Route) and the waypoints were the same, that the calculated return route would pretty much be a mirror image (other than one-way streets).

    If you’re sure of a certain route, as you know, you can proceed that way, and the route will be recalculated accordingly. So prior to reaching your destination, simply Save that return route again to reflect your preferences for the next time you recall that route.

  21. robb1 said

    I only tried this with one route. The first thing I got was a message stating OFF COURSE(recalcuation disabled in settings). The plot took me on some secondary streets that I did not use to arrive to the original destination. I’ll do more experimenting and see what happens. Maybe try some simple routes. The one I tried used a One Way divided highway(like telegraph road), about 5-6 secondary roads and had 2-3 VIA’s in it.

    What I have been doing in making a return route is select the place where I want to return from(usually I set it as a POI, then set my destination with my HOME location.) The only problem with this is that when it acquires the sat signal it tells me my destination has been reached and the course is deleted without me being able to alter and/or save it. To alleviate this I made a POI of an address 1 block west of my actual house address and use it as the “ROUTE TO” in the function.

  22. c230 said

    Well I found a roundabout way of turning off the GPS while in MioMap – starting up GPSPlot to grab the com2 port, then using the taskbar to access the desktop, run MioMap. You don’t have to bother with the Off-Route Calculation setting, because MioMap will know that there is no signal, even indicating it on the satellite icon and satellite page.

    Maybe this will lead us to a better way to setting up routes – setting up a menu script that grabs the GPS port before starting up MioMap for Route planning only. HMMM….

  23. robb1 said

    Thanks c230. That would be a neat trick to turn the GPS off for routing purposes from a destination to your home location(while you are at your home location). I haven’t tried it yet but I been thinking of surrounding a shoe box with aluminum foil, cutting a square in a portion of the box side and put the gps in there and the plot routes to my home destination from various locations. This would be to try to block the gps signal from being received. Maybe several layers of foil may be needed. I dunno, but making a POI a block away works good too.

  24. c230 said

    I haven’t hit on the right MortScript command yet, but running SirfTech or GPSPlot (configured for COM2 @ 4800) concurrently does do the trick.

  25. c230 said

    I’ll pose the question on gpspassion tonite to the Skin Doctors as to unhiding the button to deactivating the GPS chip.

  26. haco81 said

    Does anybody know how to hide the grid on the screen? Have been looking through the config, but was unable to find…

  27. c230 said

    I think, unless you load a map file in, you’re stuck with the grid, but we’ll see if someone else know otherwise.

  28. Jim Warters said

    C230 – Re: my post of January 12, 2008 @ 7:38 pm and your response of January 12, 2008 @ 11:05 pm.

    You were correct that Canada needed to be added to the SD. That was a step I had skipped not anticipating a trip north of the border until I get a new passport. Thanks!

    PS — is there a “good” way to use the search feature? I usually come up with nada even tho I “know” the info is there.

  29. c230 said

    The Search tool that WordPress uses doesn’t appear to be too useful. You will probably have better luck using Google! I tried everything to replace the search function with Google’s but wouldn’t you know – it didn’t work 😦

  30. haco81 said

    I’ve loaded a map file and the grid stays on… :s

  31. robb1 said

    I just installed this program and if you go to ADVANCED SETUP then DISPLAY there is a CHECKBOX to toggle the Grid On/Off. If thats what you mean.

  32. haco81 said

    robb1, exactly and that was actually not sooo hard to find, how stupid of me. 🙂

    Question, it can’t load gif files, although it supports it. Is something missing in our windows ce to do so?

  33. robb1 said

    Its not stupid, just overlooked. I overlook alot! I don’t know about the .gif files..I haven’t used it very much yet. C230 would probably know.

  34. c230 said

    What is the question? Whether you can view GIF files or whether GPSPlot will work with GIF files? Looking thru the file associations for TCPMP, there is no plugin supporting GIF files, but the PhotoViewer should be able to let you view the file.

  35. franz dur said

    I just installed NonIGPSPlot. It is a very pleasant and it works! It is well worth making a donation to the author, it unlocks some features which can be handy for saving traces or underlay traces from previous hikes.


  36. Nirapada said

    C230, I have tried this from desktop, it works. But I wanted to have an icon to invoke this. Is there a way I can generate an icon file, I tried with some icons off internet, but it is complaining about “32 bit icon”.. I am a newbie and I do not know anything about icon.


  37. c230 said


    I’ve updated the download package with 2 icons for you to choose from. Now you can buy me a coffee 🙂 Enjoy!


  38. murphyfields said

    I thought I left a comment here earlier, but can’t seem to find it.

    What is the status of the Static Navigation issue? Is it important? Is there an easy way to turn off static navigation on a C230? Has anyone tried this with or without success? Does it help with geocaching?

  39. c230 said

    I’m not advising this officially, as it can be destructive if you aren’t careful, but the best way i’ve found to change the GPS chip settings is to download the pocketPC version of SirfTech.

    Hopefully someone that’s already tried this recently on a C230 will report their results.

  40. murphyfields said

    So what are the risks of SirfTech?

  41. murphyfields said

    Also, are there safer alternatives to SirfTech. I can see it is incredibly powerful, but all I want to do is play with the static navigation feature.

    Also, do you know if Noni offers any command line options so perhaps it could be called up is a specific script and get everything set?

  42. c230 said


    It sounds like you’re wanting to try it, so go ahead. I’m just saying that you should read up on it first and take notes so that you know what you’ve changed and can return the settings. I’ve read that the default protocol should be NMEA and not SIRF, and that the GPS chip is at COM2 @ 4800, but I’m not so sure that this is proven to be the case for the C230. My experience tells me that COM2 @ 38400 and SIRF might actually be the preferred defaults for the C230.


  43. murphyfields said

    What settings did you use to get nonigpsplot to work? COM2 @4800 or @ 38400?

  44. c230 said

    COM2@38400. Exit, then restart the program, or you never seem to see anything. 🙂

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