Maybe Mio is listening after all!

I just received a newsletter via email from Mio Technology Europe today, and look what the headline item is…

Navigation TopTip: Plan and save a route in MioMap 2008
  Planning and saving your route in advance is one of the best ways to ensure a relaxed trip. MioMap 2008 on the C620, Mio Technology’s latest GPS navigation device, allows you to get this head start.

Look familiar?  Here’s the tutorial…

With MioMap 2008, it is possible to plan a route in advance (this means independently of your current GPS position). You can then save the route to re-use later on.

1) From the main menu, select Route/Planning.

2) Enter waypoints to the route by clicking on: .
You can select a waypoint in the same way as you can select a destination in a simple route.

3) After adding all the waypoints, make sure the start of the route is at the top of the list and the destination at the end of the list.
To let MioMap optimize the route, click on .

4) Save the route by clicking on .

5) Check the route by clicking on .
To view a simulation of the route, .

6) To open a route you saved earlier, click on .

Well, we don’t have to wait, we don’t have to upgrade, and it doesn’t sound like this upgrade will be offered for the Mio C230 model anyways, because the map files are much larger and require a better processor because of the 3D graphics.  Unless you are on a walking tour, do you really need a 3D representation of landmarks and buildings?


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