Pleas’n everybody

[UPDATE]  Version 3.4  Released Jan. 4, 2008 

They say you can’t please everyone, but I think my next Rev (3.4)  will be close to doing so.     I was thinking, how am I going to have 2 different desktops and then it hit me – I’ll let the user choose their desktop and screen preferences via menu selection and toggle main.ini with main_alt.ini for the desktop screen and toggle clock.ini with clock_alt.ini for the clock screen.   So today I wrote another subroutine to automatically make the necessary file changes depending on your selections.  The new addition to my Route Management menu is “Screen Choices” leading you into 4 questions.

  • Would you like to make any changes to the desktop or clock Screens?  This gives you a chance to get out without going through the other questions.
  • Would you like a desktop screen to be the default screen?   No makes a clock screen the default instead.
  • Would you like to swap clock screens?    Your preference – the green one or the orange one.
  • Would you like to swap desktop screens?   Your preference – the green one or the “iPhone-look” one.

From either desktop screen, you’ll be able to click on an icon to access the  “More Tools” screen or another icon to access the chosen clock screen.   You might also choose a clock or desktop default screen and never access the others.

Also, per Robb1’s recommendation, you won’t have to acknowledge the route menu messages by hitting OK.  They’ll show for 5 seconds and continue to the next step.



  1. robb1 said

    I’m pleased! Have been with all your releases. It just keeps getting better! Thanks!

  2. kaymm said

    You’er the best! Would it be possible to have another screen of apps? like if I click on an icon, it brings me to another desktop with applications. Sort of like a second desktop where I can put the apps I use the least.

  3. c230 said

    Absolutely. that is what the “More Tools” screen is all about – an example of this principle. You can copy the tools.ini and modify, or you can just edit it and relabel it Misc Prgms, or whatever. You can have as many of these secondary screens as you like.

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