Merry Christmas…

… and may the hard reset switch live through another 7,000 cycles as I keep tweaking this great little GPS.

We sure got a lot done in 1½ months!


I liked this modified MioMap loading screen that I found somewhere on and in the spirit of the season, I thought I’d share it.   Again, it follows a similiar install as the Easy Button thread in that this file  replaces loading.bmp in\mio\320_240.


My compliments to the graphic artist that put this together!

Next rev, I’ll have another desktop screen (just for Tools) so you will have an example on creating multiple animated menu screens for Tools, Games, other GPS programs, etc.  The shortcuts will be ScreenRotate, DPMS, Suspend, ShowTaskbar, MoveWindow, TRE RegEditor, ITaskMgr, and SoftReset.

All of the software revisions resulting from the move from BananaPC to the Exit Door have already been completed.




  1. robb1 said

    Merry Xmas to you too C230, Amida168 and all other followers of these two excellent blogs. May your C230 keep you on course!

  2. Mike said

    Merry Christmas to you and yours, and thank you for all your work.

  3. Mike said

    I changed my loading bmp to a picture of me and contact information. It wont prevent it from being stolen, and if it is lost it may not get back to me but at least it IDs it as mine.

    I also changed the gps status background image. I thought the global showing a picture of Europe and Africa wasn’t right. I changed it to a smaller picture of the earth, with a few satellites over the milky way. You should to this for both the daylight and nite backgrounds.

  4. c230 said

    That’s a good idea Mike!

    This GPS was stolen from Mike ….
    Please see that it is returned to …

  5. robb1 said

    Its good unless the thief is a reader of this blog! I changed my globe awhile ago too.

  6. Wild Bill said

    Merry Christmas to all! I can’t wait for Santa to arrive so I can start to use my C230. Thanks for hosting this blog specifically for the C230.

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