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[UPDATE]  Version 3.3  Released Dec. 28, 2007 

OK, since I did all the work for an Alarm Clock Page with menus, etc. that it doesn’t look like I’ll be able to use, I thought I’d still like to publish the clock page anyways as part of the next version to be the simple default page, rather than the “green” desktop page.


There will be a faint icons (to return to the main desktop page or into the MioMap Route Management screen) that become more visible when pressed. 

My Questions:

  • What is your preference –  Have the clock page come up first after a hard reset or the “main” desktop page?   By clicking on the clock icon on the main page, you’ll be able to access this clock page.
  • Or does anyone else even care about a clock page?
  • Can we turn off the virtual keyboard in the SystemInformation ini files?




  1. robb1 said

    Well my $.02 is I am not interested in a solo clock page but I like the time showing on the unlocked screen. I’d like to see the date put back there too. I seen its deactivated currently.

    Regarding the virtual keyboard do you mean removing the small (ab)icon at the top left of the unlock screen? The virtual keyboard is needed isn’t it for pocketnotepad and other things? I like the (ab) icon because its a quick way to get to the keyboard without using the taskbar.

    But in all sincerity whatever you elect to do I am totally safisfied with. My main concern was route management. If thats all the unlock had, thats all I’d need.

  2. c230 said

    OK, thanks. I’m not planning on getting rid of the ab icon on the main desktop screen, just thought I would on the clock screen. If others side with you, I won’t make the clock screen the primary, because then you’d have to click one more time to get to the desktop and MioMap menu.

    I could just skip it too; I enjoyed learning how to do the screens and “transparent” icons. Added a hidden button in the entire taskbar area to toggle taskbar as well.

  3. c230 said

    Well, not much feedback yet, but this is the way I’m leaning towards…

    As robb1, Dana and others have implied that they don’t always want to SEE a busy desktop screen, my next rev will probably have a default Mio clock screen rather than the green desktop so that you are presented with a simple interface. From there you will be able to go to other desktop screens or right into the Route Management window and from there into MioMap. I’ll revise the screenshot above to show you what I have in mind. I’ll also have another line for text already setup, which will be empty by default, but if you want to type your name there… whatever. You can tweak this page with your own bmp file very easily too.

    I’m also keeping in mind that you shouldn’t need a stylus just to go into MioMap, so there will always be large “thumb” buttons for that.


  4. c230 said

    Just for the record, for those doing Google searches on getting the date to work properly in their Unlock desktop screen, I’ve verified that it does work correctly now in my Rev 3 package, due to the updated SystemInformation 1.6.1 program that is used to present the desktop screen(s).

    The older versions would toggle the date to the next day at GMT, which in my case would be 5 hours before midnight my time.

  5. c230 said

    Oh and robb1, since the date does work now, I’ve restored it on the regular desktop screen. It’s not working right before was the reason I had disabled it.

  6. robb1 said

    Sounds good C230 and THANKS!

    Here is something I’ve been thinking about. Don’t waste your time on it because its just something that entered my mind.

    What if you could password LOCK your c230? For instance, you press the power button and it comes to the main unlock screen. All the icons are nearly invisible. None of them function. You tap on a special UNLOCK icon and you are prompted for a password. When the correct password is entered the icons come to life in full color and the gps has full functionality. To further enhance this, someone might not like having to enter a password each time they use it so have a option where the user can toggle if he wants his GPS to start up FUNCTIONAL or PASSWORD PROTECTED. As one user mentioned, you can use your own background screen with you name, address and offer a reward for return of your lost or stolen c230. Or enter this info on the special text line you are incorporating. Well its just a thought I had but as I mentioned, don’t waste your time on it. You have a lot to do already.

  7. c230 said

    If you look in Control Panel, you’ll see that you can set a password for Power On. I tried it, but wasn’t presented with a means of inputing the password, so I had to hard reset. If we ever did get this working, we’d have to add the registry settings in autopatcher to retain the settings.

    Personally, I don’t see the need for password protecting the Mio C230, as it won’t have much personal information anyways.

  8. c230 said

    Just discovered that if you fill in Owner Information in the Control Panel and check Display at Power On, the info is presented before doing anything. You merely touch the screen to acknowledge and proceed. PITA to me though.

    Think I like Mike’s idea of displaying it right in the desktop screen better!

  9. robb1 said

    I wasn’t worried about personal information but just to render the GPS useless to a thief or if it got lost. Maybe they’d be more apt to return it.

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