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For those of you wishing to procure maps for your Mio C230, Mio Europe has just announced that Australia, Eastern Europe and USA (with Canada) are available on sale on SD cards with the MioMap software included (in Euros) right now, and the exchange rate should help us out some.  Perhaps they want to get rid of them before a 2008 version comes out.   Anyways, here’s the link in case you’re interested;


MioMap v3 Maps - USA & Canada PND 2007 - 1GB



  1. Robb1 said

    SInce the C230 is a newer model I would guess that the USA maps are no different than the ones that come with the C230 USA version unless they’re not the smaller stripped down versions with less POI’s. I’ve seen different versions dates of USA maps for 2007 too. But since Mio Europe is selling them most likely they’d be for their users who plan to visit the USA or the other countries. One good thing is that it has the Canada map that SD. I feel they should have been included Canada on the USA version but since it would take up more memory they probably left it off however, they still could have included it on the DVD ROM that came with the C230 USA version since our license covers N. America and many states border Canada. I have acquired the Canada map from another source(thanks!)

    I do hope they come out with some 2008 USA maps soon because I’ve submitted a couple of errors to them already. One is a non-existant alley between the street I live on and the next street south of me. Many times when I start my C230 is has my location in that alley(behind my house) instead of on my street as it should be. They must have used really old data because this alley has been gone for about 30 years now!

  2. Mike said

    Our area has a lot of road construction and was surprised to see it up to date in a few areas I checked. We have a lot of those “alley” type of roads, or as Mio likes to call them “unnamed road” If it tells you take your third left, you would never notice these roads, in some cases they look more like a rear parking lot for businesses.
    When I was in Myrtle Beach, it wanted me to take a pedestrian walk way, and when I didn’t take that it wanted me to take the next right which looked like it might have had a road at one time, all the trees were cleared out, looked more like a fairway on a golf course, but it wasn’t a road.

    How much are the upgrade maps, or do you need to purchase them all over again?

  3. Ken W. said

    I agree that the MIO map is badly outdated. They should give us a free update…

    Example of how old it is… I live off county road 82 north of shugg-jordan pkwy. That road was paved prbably 20 years ago. I know it’s been a while, at least, 13 years ago it was, because I was on it then. But the MIO thinks this road is unpaved. This is really rediculous since it’s not only paved, but a main road now. They are even thinking of widening it. and the speed limit is 45.

    I love the things I can do on my C230 but I’m upset about the old maps. Garmin and NAVIGON units seem to have much newer maps, correctly showing this and many other roads in the right place and of the right type.

  4. Ken W. said

    Forgot to say Auburn, AL!

    there are also missing roads in Montgomery that have been there 10 years.

  5. c230 said

    TeleAtlas is known to have the better maps in Europe (where the company is located) so you won’t hear complaints from our European C230 users (or will we? 😀 )

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