Using MioMap 3.3 with Exit Door along with my C230 Unlock scripts

[UPDATE]  Version 3.4  Released Jan. 4, 2008

Rather than issue a new version of my Unlock package at this time, I’m making available the one file that needs to be changed*  if you wish to take advantage of the recently announced skin change on Amida’s site

Anyone using my Ver2.0 or 3.2 Unlock script packages that has downloaded Amida’s modified  (or modified the file itself using his Hack #2 instructions) for the Mio C230 with the Exit Door button restored on the main screen should download this file to replace their MioNav.mscr in the Script folder.   This will insure that:

  • The keyboard utility is handled properly
  • That BananaPC is no longer loaded
  • That the reminder message regarding the pending soft reset is no longer shown
  • That a soft reset is no longer triggered

By clicking on the Door icon in the top-right corner of the MioMap 3.3 Home page, it will now be very easy to return to your unlocked C230 for Route Management, SYS.TXT changes, or any of the other programs you’ve enabled. 





* Tasks for me to keep in mind for a future Rev. because of the revised skin:

  1. It should be noted that if you bypassed the Unlock and went directly to MioMap 3.3 from the first screen presented after a hard reset, you should not use the MioMap Exit Door, as you have nothing to exit to and you will simply need to do a hard reset anyways.  In future releases with the Exit Door strategy, we will simply proceed to the Unlocked C230 script automatically, rather than presenting a menu to the user.  I’m choosing to leave the menu in-place for now, in case “hackers” wish to proceed directly into the File Manager after a hard reset to see what they are working with.  This is what enabled Amida168 to develop the original C230 unlock last month. 
  2. Change BananaPC Help screen in the Menu (thanx robb1) to “Returning to the Desktop…” Help Screen.
  3. Possibly remove BananaPC program from scripts folder.


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  2. jo said

    just wondering….. can i use a earphone/headset or is there an adapter so i can use a headset for mio c230

  3. Wildpig said

    There is no way to use a head phone with c230 unfortunately ;(

  4. Mike said

    I am glad to see the exit door, I will retry the hack after the first of the year.

    Has anyone opened their 230 to see if there is solder points or an area on the motherboard for a headphone?

  5. Robert said

    I loaded the new MioNav.mscr file above and now my 230 hangs up on the miomap start up screen for 5 minutes before going to miomap? Any ideas? I did all the other unlock upgrades etc…



    Ontario, California

  6. c230 said


    Yes, see PAG’s comment on December 3rd here:

  7. c230 said


    I just double-checked the file and can think of nothing right now. What I would recommend doing is temporarily changing the line

    Errorlevel (“off”) to Errorlevel (“syntax”)

    so that if there is an error, you’ll see a message on your screen that may help us figure it out.

    About all this file does now is turn off the viirtual keyboard, point to the MioMap2 folder to find the MioMap.exe file and when finished with MioMap, turn on the virtual keyboard again.

    I’m leaning towards an issue with the mod; I did my own mod so I can’t vouch for Amida’s file 😉 You are running my script and not Amida’s, right?

  8. robb1 said

    It just keeps getting better! Thanks C230.

  9. robb1 said


    Are you using Amida168’s DATA.ZIP File? If so you might want to restore your own DATA.ZIP file and do hack #2 where you edit a file within your DATA.ZIP file.
    Maybe something within his DATA.ZIP(If you are indeed using it) might be conflicting with your c230.

  10. Jim Rose said

    After goofing something up first, finally got the exit door to work fine, and no Banana. Thanks

  11. Mio c230 SB said

    Any way to create the ROUTE FILE on the PC and transfer to MIO?

  12. c230 said

    Not until someone creates a program to do it, similiar in nature to POI Explorer

  13. Mio c230 SB said

    does anybody know the format of the routes.dat file ? seems its encrypted. if somebody can figure out the format, please post it, I can write the app if I know what format mio uses…

  14. mnkypzzl said


    I got the C230 as a gift and my son decided to *upgrade* it…the screen looks almost as your website shows however the GPS seems to be gone..and we have no pic of a door. When I looked in Explorer I don’t have two Mio Map folders. So should I think my MioMap program is gone?? I tapped the pic of the GPS and nothing happens. Any help you can offer would be great.


  15. c230 said

    Well, not knowing which upgrade package he used since you’re asking in this blog, hopefully he didn’t delete anything, so start over again with him paying close attention to the instructions in step 8. I’ve got illustrations and notes stating how important it is to slow down and follow the instructions for that step and it appears that didn’t happen. Also, if he did back up the original install, it can be restored easily so that you can reinstall the Unlock along with him this time. 🙂

    Don’t worry, it can all be fixed with the DVD and the Unlock package download.

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