Mio Alarm clock anyone?

I’m just curious as to whether anyone is interested in a Mio alarm clock.   While experimenting with the System Information 1.6 software that the pseudo desktop is based on, I’ve come up with a separate Clock screen which could include a button or two to:

  • Set Alarm(s) with an assortment of sound files
  • Set Sleep Timer with some white noise files like Rain, Brook, Wind, Windchimes, etc.

either written in MortScript or perhaps interfacing with a CE program already written (the program included in other unlock packages doesn’t seem to be compatible with WinCE 5).




  1. Mike said

    Yes I would find that interesting, but would the battery last all night if you used it for an overnight alarm?

  2. c230 said

    No, but Walmart had these MusicPower units (I got the Duet for $13) that, along with your USB cable, will power the unit on AC charge (it works Great!).


    and if you were in your RV or car, it would be powered by the 12V charger.

    [tag: AC charger for Mio C230]

  3. c230 said

    If using the MusicPower USB power supply mentioned above, because of it’s unique circuitry designed for the iPod, you’re advised to only plug in the unit while powered off, since USB Connect kicks in if the power is on when linking the USB cable to the power supply.

  4. c230 said

    Last couple of days, I’ve written and tweaked the Alarm Clock software, only to realize now that since Mio stripped out the Notification applet (Scheduled Tasks) out of the Control Panel, that won’t work because the RunAt command is really just adding to the Tasks Que (that doesn;t exist)

    I tried adding the PHM Power Toy dlls and control panel applets to get the Notification database functioning so the RunAt command will function, but so far no luck.

    Any suggestions?

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