Mio C230 Hack – Version 3.2 released today

Today I’ve updated the Version 3 package to version 3.2 which incorporates the updated AYGSHELL.DLL and menus for updating and editing the SYS.TXT settings file for MioMap  and in particular making the changes necessary for the Route Management menus.  Rather than manually editing the settings file which might be a little overwhelming or confusing for some (it turns out I didn’t have it perfectly correct either), I’ve automated the procedure, which also has the advantage of being able to change flyover settings and show One-way street settings as often as you wish via easy menu selections and with no changes to the factory skins.

I’ve pulled Ver3.1 because the routepath wasn’t being written correctly into the settings file.




  1. thomastran said

    This version with the new aygshell causes iGuidance V4 to freeze on launch.

  2. c230 said

    To resolve these type issues, create a folder in \script with the executable for the app along with the older aygshell.dll (renamed to aygshell_orig.dll), and the program should use the older version instead.

  3. Mike said

    I saw this about adding the exit door to the top of the screen, you might want to include it in your hack.

    Now that is in the default files and not part of any hack so I wonder what it does if you don’t hack your Mio.

  4. c230 said

    Believe me, I noticed that within 5 minutes of his posting it!

    I’ll be trying Hack # 2 shortly and plan to work it into a new version to get away from BananaPC, but then we’re talking about asking users to hack the data.zip file whereas up till now we pretty much left the Mio software alone.

    Last couple of days, I’ve written and tweaked the Alarm Clock software, only to realize now that since Mio stripped out the Notification applet (Scheduled Tasks) out of the Control Panel, that won’t work because the RunAt command is really just adding to the Tasks Que (that doesn;t exist)

  5. c230 said


    To answer the second part of your question – I don’t believe it will do much for you in an unlocked unit, since you’ve nothing to exit to. MioMap 3.2 needed to Exit for MioUtility – to adjust general settings, which really is no longer needed and is why Mio hid the Exit button.

    It really serves as a graceful exit for performing Unlock functions including Route Management or other programs (including the psuedo desktop with shortcuts to those other programs).

  6. Mike said

    I figured you would notice it, was surprised when I didn’t see anything. My supervisor has the 220 and jokingly brags about how his has a nice little exit button.

    I have been going through the files and removing “hide” from a few things to see what it does, I don’t know what I did one time but it wouldn’t show any PoI. I think there is a lot more there then the unit lets you know about. This is true of electronics and software, the chip set is usually the same with a manufacturer’s line but the software is different per model.

  7. yoni0077 said


    Why I can’t use the Israel map in US C230 that I unlocked and copy the Israeli maps by the XP ?
    Please help

  8. c230 said

    If you have a legal map file along with it’s license file, no one is saying you can’t use it.

  9. yoni0077 said


    I don’t have a leagal one, however what should I do ?

  10. c230 said

    Sorry, I don’t have an answer for you – no experience with other non-North American maps. There are other “underground” forums that specialize in that area though.

  11. yoni0077 said

    Thanks anyway

  12. Donnie Johnson said

    Anyone figure out how to get Iguidance 4 to work with the new release? I have the latest and it will not run. Any help will be appreciated. megawayne@yahoo.com

  13. c230 said


    Did you see the 2nd comment? Did that help or not?

  14. yoni0077 said

    Hi C230

    Do you know what i need to do in order to open non north America maps in C230 works fine with NA maps ? If no, can you guide me when I can get help ?


  15. c230 said


    Perhaps you missed this post I did last month, specifically with you in mind, since you have been posing the question on every Mio forum out there. 🙂


    You’ll find that you are pretty much on your own regarding the installation of maps and software that requires a “hacked” license file.

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