SDIO Question

Question:  I’ve noticed that some European sites show that the C230 has a headphone jack and that the SD port is 4-bit SDIO compatible.  Is this in fact true?

SD cards with Wi-Fi built in came out in 2003 and are still available and it would be great to know whether these would enable the Mio C230 to browse the internet.



  1. robb1 said

    I did some checking and at a website in spain that sells the mio c230 in the specs it says it has a 3.5mm headphone jack, also look at this vendor in the uk: It says it has a headphone jack too. I downloaded some European device manuals(Netherlands, Spain, UK and France) None of them show a headphone jack. I guess the only way to be certain would be to send Mio tech some questions or asking someone who indeed is in one of those countries. If in fact they do have a headphone jack, my guess would be the circuit boards with and without headphone jack are indentical except the 3.5mm connector is not installed on the case and soldered to the pc board. Maybe someone has taken their c230 apart and can confirm this. It wouldn’t be hard to install the jack and solder the connections(if the pc board has them) but personally I have no need for a headjack and of course I’d wait until my gps was out of warranty.

    I wasn’t able to find out much regarding SDIO except a comparison chart of SD vs SDIO cards and they’re identical(pin, form factor, dimensions etc.)

  2. robb1 said

    Oh, thanks for v3.1 update! I “hope” to try it later tonight. If I see smoke after unlocking, I’ll let you know!(just joking)

  3. Mike said

    I have thought about taking my 230 apart and seeing if there was a place on the motherboard for a headphone jack.

    Thanks for your help on this 230, I did go back to the unhacked version, although I did keep the one way streets turned on in the SYS.TXT file.

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