Updated aygshell.dll for C230 Unlocks

[UPDATE] This driver is included in Version 3.3 of my Unlock and the other drivers in the script folder are all compatible with it; the Notepad issue no longer exists.

I’m making available for download an updated aygshell.dll  driver I found today (Thank you MoonBear) that works much better for the Mio C230 running Windows CE 5.0 and answers the many inquiries “Why can’t I get out of some programs?”, “Where are the options in XXX program to get out, install, etc.?”  Versions 3.0, 2.0 and 1.0 of my Unlock C230 scripts (and probably Amida’s as well) will work much better with this file replacing the existing file in the scripts folder.  It is already included starting with Versions 3.2 of my unlock packages.   I would recommend renaming the existing file to aygshell_old.dll first, in case you decide to switch back for a certain program.  A hard reset will be required after copying the file to your Flash Drive in order to place this file into memory.

  • The only degradation I’ve observed thus far is the program Pocket Notepad, and I believe that is due to a conflict with it’s driver, TGETFILE.DLL which is probably no longer needed.  Actually the Program works fine, you just aren’t able to browse folders outside of \My Documents unless you rename TGETFILE.DLL to perhaps TGETFILE.DLX    I’ve already tried updating this driver as well, but it still conflicted with the new “eggshell”.
  • There is a great program CECMD that will now work properly with this new driver that zips files, has it’s own text editor, and much more that I’m not even aware of yet. 
  • When I run CABINSTL.EXE, I see options to Install, Extract, About and Exit as we’ve always been expecting to find.
  • In Freecell, the Game Exit menu works properly, rather than having to tap just to the right of the “e”.
  • Now you’ll get a rotating wait cursor when it takes a few seconds for File Manager to open up a big folder for instance.
  • File associations actually work too.  Now if you click on a .wav file associated with Core Media Player, the file actually plays from within File Manager.

Again, this is optional, since the version you’ve got does function, but if others agree that this version is better, it will be part of future Unlock packages.



  1. […] Download MioC230_NXT_R3.zip from this site.  Also download the updated aygshell.dll discussed here. […]

  2. commit said

    Thanks for the good work! This’s a big improvement!

  3. Mike said

    What happens with Notepad? That program is one of the things I would use in the hack.

  4. c230 said

    It’s not mandatory that you try this new driver. Just a suggestion as we journey together in creating the ideal Unlock package specifically for the MioC230 (it’s called beta testing 🙂 ). Notepad works with this new driver, I just found it difficult to get to files not in My Documents folder until I renamed tGetFile.dll driver which seems to conflict with the new aygshell.dll, even after updating it at the software homepage. If you are simply creating notes, it will be fine, but don’t forget that upon hard reset, I’m thinking that the My Documents folder is wiped out (not sure right now until I try it).

  5. Mike said

    All right.
    I like RC3, I tried installing RC2 and had various problems, like putting the scripts directory in the MioMap directory, and running out of space. 🙂 I saw the latest version and decided to give it a try and it works well.
    NotePad is a program I would use so I don’t think I will add the dll file just yet.

    This along with the other mods makes the 230 unit nice…wish it had the head phone jack.

  6. c230 said

    Thanks Mike. And just for the record, if you compare step 7 of R2 and step 8 of R3, they are the same – scripts folder was never supposed to be in the MioMap directory. You just followed the directions better this time 🙂

    I agree about the headphone jack, especially since the C220 had one.

  7. Mike said

    The thing about hacks, you have to follow half of the instructions perfectly, and figure out what the author really means with the other half.
    I don’t know why I put it in the wrong directory I looked at it a few times and didn’t see that it was wrong. I just unzipped the two directories together. I kept getting interrupted when I was doing it, once I had some quite time I saw it.

    My boss has hacked the 220, he likes it because when he takes trips he puts movies on the storage card, plugs in the headphones and can watch a few movies. The battery will last longer on the GPS unit than a laptop’s battery and is a lot more portable.

  8. c230 said

    Just for the record, I’ve clarified the Unlock install instructions, so like Mike you won’t be surprised when scripts folder doesn’t fit. I think deleting Puerto Rico map file was enough for Version 1 file, but the package is a little larger (and better) now.

  9. CD said

    So… I got the c230 for Christmas from my father. He owns and loves the c220, so he bought the ‘upgrade’ for me. While the c230 has many nice features, one of the main reasons he bought his was the vast number of POIs. Needless to say, the 3+ million in his c220 have been stripped in the c230. Normally, I wouldn’t be too sad about a ‘few’ less… but my c230 is anemic in the POI department; not post offices, no stores (Target, WalMart…) no banks (Wachovia…)… you get the idea.

    So here’s my $1,000,000 question: Is there any way to get the POIs from the c220 and put them on the c230?

  10. c230 said

    Yes, but since those POIs are built into the map files, you’ll need to obtain the “enhanced” map files. There are 2007.1 version USA & Canada maps available in both 3 million POI and 12 million POI versions, so get Google cranking, they both work. Another alternative, since your C230 is already licensed for the newer 2007.1 maps, seems to me you could “downgrade” your maps with a copy of your Dad’s (2006.10?). Don’t install both versions though, not only for legal reasons, but because it won’t work. (Just try one state (along with the license file) first to see if it works)

    See this page for more details: https://c230.wordpress.com/adding-canada-maps-to-mio-c230/

    … $1,000,000 question? How about the price of a Starbucks coffee? 🙂

  11. CD said

    Sweet! I am excited to know it is possible. I read the link. Sadly, I do not know what it all means. I am new to all of this as I just got the Mio 3 days ago and it is my first GPS.

    I guess the first step, since it is the US POIs I am after, is to find the US maps?

  12. c230 said

    Yep, you might have to go “underground”. Just take your time. I was a noobie 1½ months ago. The fewer amount of POIs isn’t really that big a deal to me, but then I’m not currently driving to a new city either.

  13. CD said

    I am heading in the correct direction. I just can’t find the US maps with the 12 million POIs… only the Canada maps.

  14. jo said

    Thank you very much for this update!!!
    how can i put a message or my name on the alternate clock?

  15. c230 said

    type it in next to TEXT =

    on the bottommost section of either the clock.ini or clock_alt.ini file in the \Script\SYSINFO folder

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