Route Management in the Mio C230 (pre-Version 3)

[UPDATE]  Version 3.3  Released Dec. 28, 2007

Route Management

Now that we’ve unlocked the C230, we can start enhancing the capabilities of the MioMap software.  The older Mio units have a variety of alternate “skins” to choose from (what the various screens look like – colors, buttons, options, etc.) but very little has been published yet for the MioMap 3.3 software in the 320 X 240 format.

I happened to catch this posting by tweakradje where he developed a menu to manage multiple routes from within iGo and thought this would make a nice front-end in my next build.  Although I haven’t yet played with the skins, because we are able to exit MioMap using the BananaPC option, essentially we can utilize the same menu strategy.  In fact, I’ve already developed a modified version of the menu that will actually come up when clicking on the MioNav icon. 

Perhaps we’ll be able to use his strategy for starting an external application from within iGo (MioMap to us C230 owners) in the near future as a built-in “exit” button, but for now I’m happy to be gaining the other advantages gained in adapting his strategy.

Because you are unable to save multiple routes and because the default route.dat file is currently saved in \My Documents\MioMap folder (which is cleared out during a hard reset), just his tweak alone is great! >>> add routepath = “<a more appropriate folder in My Flash Disk or Storage Card>” to the [interface] section of SYS.TXT in \My Flash Disk\MioMap\MioMap2

Normally you don’t need to save a route on your Mio, since you can just create a POI for the destination and regenerate the route dynamically when you want to go there.   If you want to see where you actually drove along the way, you can record a track log.   However, there could be times when you have created a more complex route with multiple waypoints, and you want to save it.   This could be because:

  • you’ve imported the route as a set of waypoints from an online route planning site, and you don’t want to lose the effort of setting it up on the Mio
  • vacation pre-planning – you’ve set up a complex route for a vacation trip that doesn’t start from “home” and you want to load it into memory once you’ve arrived at the start point
  • you want to share your route with another Mio user. 

This will be part of my Rev 3 package, but I’m not quite ready yet.  When starting up MioMap, it will normally be just one additional click on the OK button.  You can also double click on the selection rather than selecting and hitting OK.   Meanwhile if you have any ideas or improvements on this, let me know.

I thought about adding a choice to change USB connection into ActiveSync mode, but it seems to be worthless at this point. 



  1. niloc22 said

    Excellent idea…looking forward to rev 3! 🙂

  2. c230 said

    Thanks, just give me a few more days (beta testing). A commentor on Amida’s blog seemed to be concerned when his C230 soft reset after exiting out of MioMap (not knowing that this is intentional), so R3 will display a message regarding the soft reset for 5 seconds prior to the reset as well as a BananaPC Help page since it takes getting used to.

    I’m hoping Chromenut will help us get an official EXIT button in the initial MioMap start screen, so we won’t really need BananaPC anymore.

  3. Mio c230 said

    can I create the file routes.DAT in my desktop computer then copy to mio c230?
    This will allow me to create the different routes (via points) the LOAD the route needed.
    what format does this file have?

  4. c230 said

    Sounds good to me, but I’m not familiar with software to do it. POI Explorer is beta from iGo, but that’s for POIs. Let us know if you figure it out.

  5. Mio c230 said

    If you can figure out the format expected for this routes.DAT file, I can write a windows xp/vista software application to read and create the routes (routes.dat) to be uploaded into the c230. In my case I have addresses that I have to visit daily already in my computer, would be greatto just upload to mio !!!

  6. c230 said

    Your addresses sound more like Points of Interests (POIs) to me, unless you have a dedicated “route” to see them all in one trip. You would go to POI screen, find the one you wish to visit next and let the Mio calculate the route to that address from whereever you are currently. Forgive me if you are already aware of this, but I got the impression that you may not be.

  7. Mio c230 said

    “via points” is what I’m talking about. Daily I have 10-20 via points (jobs) I have to complete, currently I enter them one by one by selecting city, street name, then number, then “optimize” to complete the route for the day. Wouldn’t it be nice to load them from a laptop into mio without typing all these via points?

  8. c230 said

    Mike had this comment in the next blog up (Version 3):

    …Took me forever to find the Mio PoI loader. For anyone else that is looking for it:
    I found out if you place your different categories into separate folders they will show up as separate poi selections in your “My POI” section of your Mio230..

    This would allow you to preload POIs, which might help you. I see what you mean though about actually creating a “Route for Today” beforehand, maybe someone else will pipe in with a suggestion.

  9. robb1 said

    As mio c230 mentioned, it would be cool to use some kind of mapping/routing software or website where you could make your route and save as a mio compatable route.dat file. Then import into the C230. I wonder if google, MS roads and streets or Delorme Street Atlas or something can do this on computer routing and exporting. Would be nice to have. I know many times generating a route with my c230 most times don’t generate a route I would like to fully take so it takes some tinkering to finally get it to a route I want to take.

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